Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Ultimate Bucket List - What I have done so far

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From previous posts (ie. What Inspires You?) it's clear I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do and how to get there etc. Not only that but I've properly sat down and wrote out my official bucket list! I was always one to write summer bucket lists and I wrote the odd one or two life ones when I was younger, but I always lost them and never had the time to complete them. So now is the time. I have it all written down on paper and to make sure I stick to it, I'm sharing it with you! Since I'm slowly transitioning my blog into a travel blog, I shall be adding a page to my menu above listing all of my bucket list ideas. You can see me cross things out and add even more things, as I add to it every day! There is so much I want to do but in the meantime, I want to share with you a few of the amazing things I've done so far!
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1. Write and direct a play
During my A levels I decided to take it upon myself to complete my EPQ (extended project qualification) and I chose to write and direct a play as a part of it. It wasn't anything I had to do and it became a lot of work but in the end I was incredibly proud. I came out with an A* and then during the summer I found myself self-publishing it in Kindle form, then later in paperback! It was something I never imagined myself to do ever. I would now like to be able to do something similar. Perhaps publish a story or a non-fictional book! (If you want to check out the script click here!)

2. Do an obstacle course race
I remember a time when these were just things you'd see on TV. Obviously nowadays they are much more popular and I was lucky enough to do my first, and definitely not last, one last year! It was only 5K (Adrenaline Rush) but I love every minute of it. If another one comes around near my area we'll definitely be signing up for the 10K this year!

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3. Raise over £1000 myself
Hopefully you've all seen my fundraising efforts recently and know that I'm now at £1420.29 thanks to raising £213.70 at my carboot last Sunday! I used to fundraising every Red Nose Day when I was a kid, each year trying to raise more than the last! I think the most I raised was just under £250 and never really imagined I would make much more. Obviously now I'm heading to Tanzania in August to climb Kilimanjaro, I've raised much more and have a higher target! I do still need to raise quite a bit so as usual, any help would be greatly appreciated!

4. Climb Coba!
To be fair, going to Mexico when I turned 18 was a major thing ticked off on my bucket list but being able to say I went there with my boyfriend and we climbed a pyramid was the best thing to come back with. So many fantastic memories have been made in Mexico. It is one of the best places to go exploring. So much so that we then went back a year later and explored Tulum! Mexico has ticked off so many things for me! Also, having Edmond there with me has made it even more special *cringgeeee*! Now we both want to travel even more together. Here's to our next trip to Dominican Republic!

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5. Create a blog and keep it going!
If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever create a blog and stick to it, I definitely wouldn't have thought so. I was blogging back then but it was once or twice every few months! It was only in my gap year that it became a proper thing in my life and only when I was heading off to uni did I realise how proud of it I was that I would openly say I am a blogger. I even changed it to say that I was a blogger/owner at on my Facebook! It's forever changing but I finally feel like my blog is becoming the thing I want it to be. It's still going to take time and hard work, but I have never been more motivated to get there! Bring on the future!

What's on your bucket list? What have you achieved and ticked off your bucket list?

- KC xx


Monday, 24 April 2017

Travel Items Wishlist

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Happy Monday!

I'm now back at university after the Easter holidays and those dreaded end of year assessments, or exams for most, are looming. I would be quite happy now for it to simply be the summer holidays! I don't actually start my lessons again until Wednesday but the usual uni adulthood has once again dawned on me - time to figure out what to cook for tea. Not only that but it's my last few days of being a teenager! Thursday is my birthday and I'm still shocked at how I shall be turning 20 years old! I still feel 18! I suppose what I keep on reminding myself that it means I'm a few days closer to going on holiday and a few years closer to being able to properly travel the world. My parents let me know they would just be giving me money for my birthday since they didn't know what to get me this year. I haven't exactly been at home much for me to be able to hint at things. Originally it was supposed to be a bunch of things for climbing Kilimanjaro in August but we've decided to hold back on that just in case the trip doesn't happen (eg. I don't raise enough money - please sponsor me!). I suggested just getting me a few little bits that I would be able to use for the Kili trip but also on my planned Around the World trip few in a few years time. It will all come in handy sooner or later, probably even for our Dominican Republic holiday. Which got me thinking, what do I need? What would I actually like for my travelling? Well, that's what this post is for... It's basically a backpackers birthday wishlist!

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(These are in no particular order.)

1. Stay Safe
It seems little and maybe daft to some but eventually at some point when you're travelling or trekking, a head torch will come in handy. It is on the list for Kilimanjaro and after watching a few 'What to pack when backpacking' videos, it seems like it's an essential piece of equipment. I've had a few before now but they've been really cheap and nasty ones from places like B&Ms or HomeBargains. Those are fine for jobs at home but if I want it to survive, a little bit more money is definitely going to need to be spent. Although, not too much! Something a bit like the Coleman CH10 Headtorch would be good as it is battery powered and has five different modes making it appropriate for camping, climbing or general outdoors use as it says online. Plus, it's on offer at the moment! If not this one, then something similar! Having a head torch can keep you safer for obvious reasons in the dark but having a card guard in countries you're not used to, and your own, would give your money that added security, as well as a combination lock to keep your things locked up when you're at a hostel.

2. Water Bladder/Bottle
Of course we all know how important it is to stay hydrated when travelling, especially in hotter countries when you're walking around exploring all day. It can get a bit annoying carrying a bottle or having to constantly get it out of your bag when you want a drink so most hikers, walkers, etc. will get a water bladder. This simply goes in your back pack and has a straw for you to drink from whenever you're thirsty. For Kili we've been advised to have 3L on us which can be split up between your main bag and your day bag. Perhaps a water bladder for the day bag so the water is easily accessible and then a bottle for the main bag. A bottle with a handle makes it easy to attach it to the outside of your bag just in case it won't fit inside. Again, making it easier to get to.

3. Easy packing
I've had a small stock of packing cubes for years and never known what to do with them so I think I began throwing them out, typical when I could do with them now! They are good to easily organise all you bits and pieces making it easier to get out exactly what you need without messing everything else up. Travel towel are essential as they save you from carrying round a large bath towel that takes forever to dry. Microfibre towels fold up into a small pouch, are quick dry, and extremely light weight. Perfect for travelling as you only need to take one! For what they are, the price isn't bad either.
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Coleman CH10 Headtorch - £25 £12, 2L Water Bladder - £14 £8, HiDay 7 Set Travel Cubes - £12.99, XXL Microfibre Travel Towel - £11.99, Camelbak Chute 1L bottle - £17 £16, YuHan Oxford Photography Travel Backpack - £49.99, Howard Leight Laser Lite Soft Foam Ear Plugs - £3.49 for 20 pairs, XCSOURCE 2pcs Combination Lock - £8.59, Go Travel RFID Card Guard - £5.72, 3 Way Adjustable Arm Grip Tripod/Monopod - £14.97
4. Sleep Well
Some hostels are notoriously loud and if you're sleeping outside, who knows what noises the wildlife may be making, so it's best to take some ear plugs to help you get as much as a peaceful sleep as you can. I did consider putting a travel neck pillow on the list but I'm fussy. That said, I would love one that I can just attach to the back of my backpack and use it when it's needed. I like those ones that you wear like a snood and you can rest your head in any direction but I'm not too sure just yet, we'll see. An eye mask would be good too but I need to see the light otherwise I probably would get up in the morning!

5. Camera Equipment
Edmond and I are lovers of photography and filmography so the ultimate goal is to be able to make travel documentaries and vlogs of our trips. I have a DSLR and we recently bought a Rode microphone for better quality videos and sound. I also have GoPro Hero3 and, after my selfie sticks disintegrated in the sea on our last holiday, I've just bought a Spivo Stick which I'm really excited to try out (I'll most likely do a review after Dom Rep). Between myself and Edmond, we are accumulating a pretty good collection of filming and photography equipment ready to use abroad. What we need next is a way of carrying that all round in a day bag. I have been doing some research and I found the YuHan Oxford Photography Travel Backpack which I absolutely love the look of. It's a bit on the expensive side at £49.99 but for what it is, I would say it's worth it (as long as it is actually that good in real life). It opens from the back for added security and you can rearrange all the pockets to fit your equipment in safely. There's also enough room for everything else you need in a day bag! When looking into a new monopod, I also found this 3 Way Adjustable Arm Grip Tripod/Monopod which I would love since it can be a monopod and a tripod. Handy! Some spare batteries and memory cards would help too (or a little travel size laptop that I can transfer them onto easily)!

For now that's just about it. Maybe I will get some birthday money and I can buy a few bits and pieces. However if I need to keep up the fundraising otherwise I won't be going to Tanzania at all! Can't wait to start doing my shopping for it though! Bring on summer 2017!

What's on your travel wishlist?

- KC xx

*This post contains affiliate links but I choose everything myself.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Healey Nab, Lancashire, UK

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Good morning!

I've been really needing to get into training for climbing Kilimanjaro. I've never done anything like it before and I know for a fact it is going to be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. I'm not going to know that much about how to prepare mentally until I'm there I suppose, which is slightly worrying but at least I can train as much as I can physically in the meantime. I've done a bit of research into how to train for something like this, which I may share with you soon, and it all comes back to hiking. Most places say the best thing you can do is simply do other climbs. A bit like running where you have to keep going until eventually on one run, you reach the distance of a marathon. Not that I've ever managed 10K, let alone a marathon. Since I've been back home for Easter, I've tried to up my fitness game. That was until I went for my first run and realised I hadn't recovered from a hockey injury. I've pulled a muscle in my groin and every time I run, even for the shortest of periods, it starts to ache. Continuing running leaves me unable to walk properly for the rest of the day. I knew it would just take time and a bit of exercise to make it better so I stuck to walking. I've been trying to do good on my April Goals list and make sure that I have got outside everyday. I don't exactly know if I've managed it but I've definitely been trying. Over this past week though, my muscle seems to have mostly healed and whilst visiting Edmond at his home, we went for a couple of little hikes to start off my training.

Edmond lives in Chorley. A typical northern, not particularly nice town (in my opinion). That said, where he lives is very picturesque that some would consider to be the countryside. His house was one of the first to be built in his area, so much so that they used to get cows wondering into their back garden. Of course that's all changed now as it's a whole housing estate but a lovely one at that. Together we've already been for a lot of walks in his area and right behind him is what is known as Healey Nab. It's a large hill, part of the West Pennine Moors, making it one hell of a view for all the houses and a lovely walk for the locals. We've attempted to reach it's peak before (elevation of 208m), and although we made it, it didn't seem to take so long to get up. This time, we took the longer route.

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Truth be told, it wasn't our initial plan to trek to the top. We were simply going for a little walk whilst the sun was still out. It wasn't until we got to a dead end of our current route and the only way to carry on was via the public foot path up. It think we did accidentally divert from the public foot path though, but we made our way back on track. 

The path is paved until that point, then it goes off onto fields and fields. You can clearly see where others have walked so it's a pretty simple route straight up. At the top you can see across most of Chorley. It's beautiful! There's a large pile of rocks at the top which have clearly been put there by mankind although I'm not so sure why. I've tried googling it but nothing seems to come up.

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The little building on top of the next hill is where we walked up to the next day! 
peak, hiking, kilimanjaro, training, walking, travel, fitness, healey nab, chorley
It's known as Rivington Pike

Getting back down was a different story altogether. We thought it would be logical to come up one way and go back down the other. That was until we got lost and trapped in by a barbed wire fence. This opposite side is a largely wooded area and there's even a mountain bike track through the tree. It looks a little dangerous with all the tree trunks in the way but I'm not going to deny that if I had a decent enough bike, I would give it a go!

kilimanjaro, healey nab, hiking, chorley, lancashire, trekking, walking, fitness, travel
View of Chorley Town from the peak of Healey Nab.
healey nab, the nab, peak, lancashire, chorley, hiking, walking, fitness, travel
This is the pile of rocks I mentioned. I really am not sure what it's supposed to be there for so if anyone does know please feel free to comment!
We ended up having to climb back up, almost to the peak again and ended up finding our way back towards the fields we walked through at the very beginning. Full circle! Definitely smashed my 10,000 steps target! It was a gorgeous day though so it made it all worth it, although if we had known we would end up going on such a walk, we would have taken some water! We did also get caught up in a massive muddy area which made me regret not wearing wellies or walking boots. Instead I was wearing Converse style canvas shoes. Amazingly though, there's mud all on the maroon canvas part of my shoes but nothing on the white toe caps! Got to go clean them now...

If you're in the area and fancy a nice afternoon walk out, I'd definitely recommend a trip up "The Nab". Don't forget to take your camera! You can get some stunning photos of the views, especially if it's a sunny day!

Is there anywhere near you that's like this? Where do you go for walks out? 

- KC xx

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I got slimed! - Fundraising Update

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I think it is about time for another little fundraising update since I've just read back over my last one, my second barefoot day, and a lot has happened since! It was only last month but in my fundraising calendar it seems like such a long time ago. I was close to reaching £600 but since then I have been able t more than double that so much so that I'm now on £1216.59! So how have I done it?

I mentioned a few of the things I was planning in that post, such as the pubic collections and a no sugar month, not all things went to plan but I'll get to that after. I also arranged a few extra things here and there to bump up my total. The 11th of April was our first deadline day. We had to reach £950 by midday otherwise we would have to defer or cancel our place on the trip. There were a few times where I was unsure I would actually make it but in the final week I was able to pull straight through and smash it!

So what have I done then?

The public collections went well. Firstly I took a trip to York to spend the day wearing my Supergirl costume collecting any spare change people were willing to give. Some apparently had a spare five pound note! It was such a lovely day, despite the forecast of pouring rain. Two lovely ladies offered to buy me a hot drink because it was pretty cold but I politely declined knowing I was having a break soon after. Later one though I didn''t really get the choice when a young Yorkshire lad donated all his change and had been to Greggs to get a hot chocolate for me without me even knowing! Not only that, Wagamama were going round offering free samosa samples - I was given two! Overall it was a fantastic day for fundraising and I raised an amazing £100.33!! A massive boost to my total. Not only that, I have done an afternoon in Hull City Centre (people aren't quite as nice and there were a lot of drunks) and most recently a day at Manchester Piccadilly Station together helping me raise at least another £150!

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I organised getting slimed outside my SU before we officially broke up for Easter and it was a slimey success! Initially I advertised it that for every £25 raised, another bucket of slime will be poured over my head, but it is very difficult to get people to donate before an event. Anyway, the time came and I had 4 buckets being poured over my head with quite a lot of people watching! I raised Just over £62 on the day from holding buckets during the event and then a friend who dared me to do it donated another £27.08 (making my total a whole number)! That was at least £50 more than I was planning!

fundraising, charity, childreach international, travel, kilimanjaro

In the week running up to my deadline, I was only £15 off reaching it and luckily the Ship & Royal Pub in Lytham allowed me to go round with my Grand National Sweepstake getting everyone involved, instead of just my family! The winner took half and the other half made went to charity! Another £40 raised, smashing my first deadline!

Finally, on the night of deadline day, I hosted a pub quiz at the Station Pub and Grill. After quite a few last minute complications, I was able to raise just under £80! It was a lot less than I had initially planned but a good bump up nonetheless!

Here's to continuing to increase that amount!

On the other side, I attempted the no sugar month but nobody was sponsoring me since I have been doing so many other things and the same with the 10K. I struggled to train for the 10K due to a hockey injury so I have given my place to a friend. Hopefully I will do one before I climb the mountain though! The £100 in 100 hours challenge kind of worked and kind of didn't. Again I was doing a lot of other things at the same time. I did do some live videos of me cracking eggs on my head and putting whipped cream all over my face but it didn't get me very far. On the plus side the first live video did create some more awareness!

fundraising, charity, childreach international, travel, kilimanjaro, hiking, trekking
It wasn't nice to put whipped cream all over my face or have eggs cracked on my head, even if I did it too myself! All for a good cause I suppose!

I'm nearly half way to my overall target now which is positive and I still have a few ideas up my sleeve so hopefully I will get there! Although any help you can give would be a massive help! (Please donate via!) This week I shall be doing a carboot with lots of donated items from neighbours and I'm selling things on eBay too. Fingers crossed that it will bump me up even more!

Have you got any ideas I could do?

- KC xx


Monday, 17 April 2017

What Inspires You? - Moving forward

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It's amazing how somethings can inspire you so much!

I have really been thinking, mostly to myself, this weekend about life and where I want to be in such and such years and the same answer keeps cropping up: EVERYWHERE! I've been doing so much fundraising lately, completely forgetting about uni work, and focusing on my trips abroad coming up this year. I am unbelievably excited for them, despite knowing how much work I have left to do before I can get on that plane.

In June I am heading off to the Dominican Republic and so far we have a pretty good idea of what sort of trips and exploring we want to do and trust me, it will be amazing. I can't tell you about them just yet as I'm saving it for another post but I will say that it involves a bit of history, a bit of fitness, and most of all, a lot of adventure! I think it will be my most adventurous holiday yet. That is until I head to Tanzania in August to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! (Please sponsor my climb!) Other than the climb, I have 6 days of independent travel time whilst I'm there and absolutely cannot wait to start properly planning that. I already have a rough idea but need to run it by a few others soon to see if they want to join!

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So yeah, whilst doing some fundraising, particularly public collections, I keep getting asked why I'm doing it and whether or not it hasn't anything to do with my course at uni. My answers are that I have always loved to do my bit for charity since I was a kid and to be able to do something like this is an incredible opportunity which I never believed I would do in my life. Second answer is no. It has absolutely nothing to do with my course. Which makes me wonder. I have enjoyed doing the fundraising and working hard towards being able to fly out to Tanzania and climb the worlds tallest free-standing mountain. My course... not so much. I have had constant ups and downs when it comes to my course. Don't get me wrong, it's a good course and I have been getting mostly firsts so it's not like I'm finding it too difficult or anything (I will add that I have worked my ass off for those grades). But when thinking more and more about it lately, what is it that is keeping me at university. I think I have genuinely come to the conclusion that it's simply so I can say I have been and got a degree, and I'm close to my boyfriend. It does make me worry if that should be the reason but either way, I plan on sticking with it.

Both Edmond and I have been talking a lot about our ideas and plans and we've both decided that as soon as we can, we want to explore the world, take photos, film, blog, edit, etc. That seems to be the current dream. Again, nothing to do with my degree but yanno. I'm not majorly sure where this post is going - I just felt the need to write. When it comes to blogging I want to be able to do what I have always aimed for with this blog - to do more travel posts. Obviously it isn't always possible because I'm not going anywhere but the long term plan is to always write about the world! Until then, I'll continue with the odd post here and there, and try step things up!

Back to the inspiration thing. I have been watching so many travel documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading books and magazines and everything is leading me in that direction. So from now on, you may see little changes here and there towards becoming an official travel blogger, if that is ever possible, but in the meantime I am still me and will still be doing my usual kinds of posts until I can get to that point. It's going to be hard work but right now, I am all for working for it!

What inspires you?

- KC xx


Friday, 7 April 2017

April Goals

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I've not been doing very well with blogging lately as I've been way too focused on fundraising. On the plus side, I have got a lot done in the past month and I've raised quite a bit more money, with lots up and coming! So, before I start explaining everything I've been doing, I am going to keep up with this year's tradition of doing my monthly goal post! On another note:


Firstly, let's see how I did last month:

- Hand in assignments early! Not yet, I plan on getting things done over Easter Holidays!
- Play more hockey! I definitely got a bit more involved and played more matches but seen as it's the end of the season, I couldn't so that much!
- Raise more money for Childreach International! ✔ As I've already mentioned, I definitely manged that!
- Sort out opticians! ✔ Yep I went to Optical Express and I am suitable for laser eye surgery, unfortunately they were expecting me to pay £4000 which I can't quite afford right now!
- Do more research! Nearly, I definitely feel like more has sunk in this month but I'm yet to finish the course I started.
- Pay off holiday! ✔ YES! We did it! I have also now paid for and booked the seats on the plane! Everything is done now, just to start buying some holiday clothes!

I've done better I suppose but I did spend most of March wrapping things up getting ready to come home for Easter! It was an incredibly hectic time but I'm glad I now have a bit of a break where I can get some work done and relax!

Onto my April goals! There's all sorts I know I need to get done so trying to narrow that down into 6 things is a little difficult, but here goes:

april, birthday, holiday, travel, lifestyle, goals, personal, university, student


- Catch up on uni work! 
I have a few things that need reading and then it would be really good to at least make a start on my assignments (they aren't really due in until June).

- Train Harder!
I have a 10K run coming up and I have never run 10K in my life so I'm slightly worried! I also need to train for Kilimanjaro and it would be nice to tone up before I go on holiday!

- Have a full plan for all events!
I have a fundraising plan but I haven't properly thought out every event so that's the aim! I also need to make sure I have venues sorted!

- Get outdoors everyday!
I'm forever having full day indoors at uni so I want to make a point of getting some fresh air, even if it's a light 10 minute walk!

- Save money!
My student loan comes through this month and there are a few things I want to buy, like maybe a new bike, so I want to make sure I'm putting some money aside for things that I really want (including holiday spending money)!

- Keep on fundraising! Reach £1500?!
I am £13 off my £950 deadline that is on Tuesday so if possible I would like to raise at least another £500 on top of that! Even better if I could raise another £1000!

Please donate if you can! You can text UNLOCK 193351 to 70007 to donate £3 or you can donate via!

Hopefully I will be able to achieve all of these, as long as I don't procrastinate! Wish me luck!

If you would like to donate then I am currently doing a Prize draw and it's £2 a ticket or £5 for three tickets so all you need to do is message me your address and email/phone number so you can be contacted if you win (you can either email me at or simply fill out this form)! There will be more info about it in my next post so look out for that!

Until then,

- KC xx

Friday, 24 March 2017

Exante Lemon Bar Review

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Hope your week has gone well! I've been so busy lately, it's been difficult to keep up with everything! So, today I'm back with another Exante diet review and this time it's the Lemon meal replacement bar!

I was definitely looking forward to this, almost as much as I'm looking forward to the chocolate pudding! I love pretty much anything lemon flavoured, especially if it's a quick and easy snack! First impressions were very good. It smelt deliciously lemony and looked like a normal breakfast bar you can often find. However when biting into it, I was a bit unsure about the texture. It was definitely unusual and I couldn't quite put my finger on whether or not I liked it. On the plus side, the lemon flavour was very nice. It wasn't too strong but instead gave the light and sweet lemon taste that I had hoped for. It was very similar to a lemon drizzle cake which is my favourite!

fitness, workout, meal replacement, lemon, flavours, foodie, recipes, exante

So far my favourite of the products I was sent to review has got to be the shake but this is a close second! I think it's the lemon flavour that did it for me. Yet again, it's perfect to have for lunch on a busy day or to simple assist you in cutting down and getting fit and healthy! Definitely worth the £2.20 that it cost when you buy online! There is always some kind of offer on, via the Exante website, so likelihood is, you can get it much cheaper!

Would probably rate it a 3/5 stars but would definitely recommend if you're looking for meal replacements! It was simply the texture that put me off a little but I know from previous experience, it's the added protein that will often do that!

- KC xx

What sort of flavours would you like to try? Would you pick a lemon flavoured bar?

Monday, 20 March 2017

Barefoot Day No.2 and other plans!

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Well I'm proud to say my fundraising is well off and on it's feet now! I already wrote about my Barefoot Day and mentioned how much I have going on in my fundraising plan post, but things keep on getting added to the list! 

After the first barefoot day, and it's successes I thought I could improve on the £30 that I raised by doing another, but when the weather was slightly different. We've had much nicer weather recently so I jumped on the chance and started preparing for a second Barefoot Day! I made posters and social media posts and started spreading them straight away. I had the date set as Wednesday 15th March so that I would see different people at uni and made sure I had the day planned so I could see as many people as possible! I knew I had to post more on social media and get more photos so on the morning of the 15th, the mission began!

barefeet, travel, fitness, charity, sponsor, fundraising, holiday, childreach international

The day didn't start off so well. I had a really rough night and I don't think I managed to get to sleep until around 4am. I had my socks off before 12 though! I had I few things that needed to be done, including printing stuff off and having a shower, before I headed off into uni for a 9am rehearsal. At 10am I was supposed to have an assessment, which is what the rehearsal was for, and then I was in lesson until 1pm. That didn't quite go to plan at all. Because of my stressful, late night, my alarm that I had set for 6:30am either didn't go off, or I slept through it. There was no one around to make sure I woke up either. I ended up waking up around half 9 due to one of my group ringing to find out where I was. Typical. Just the day where everything could go wrong. I quick got up and did what I could with my hair and face, put all the props for our assessment in a bag and ran. I felt seriously confused when it came to walking out the house without any shoes or socks. Obviously it hurt a lot more walking with barefeet so I was a bit slower than I had hoped when it came to getting into uni.

I got there with 5 minutes to spare for our assessment. I felt so bad for my group as we didn't have any time to rehearse. My day wasn't going well to say the least!

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When the lesson was finally over, still feeling like I was on a come down from a panic attack, I managed to get home for a shower and freshen up. It was well needed! By 2pm, I was sat in the university's pub with a bunch of mates ready to get some food. On the way there, I did a live video simply of me walking to the pub, I was surprised at how well it went down and how it managed to gain even more awareness of what I was doing! Eventually the day got better but it wasn't over... Around 8pm we headed off to the other side of the city for a Drunk Disney house party. Yes, of course this meant costumes as well! Fortunately, I was able to dress as a character that fit in well with the barefeet - Cinderella before she becomes the princess! It worked really well! I don't drink much but the idea was to drink whenever someone says 'honour' in Mulan, you can imagine how that went down for most!

Finally at midnight I was able to put my lovely socks back on before travelling back home. Seems ironic considering I was dressed as Cinderella!

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Over the weekend I was back home and whilst I was there I spent a few hours walking around town handing out letters asking for raffle prizes. I was lucky enough to get some really positive feedback from some shops, including being donated a chocolate bouquet from the lovely Sweet Lisa's (please go give their Facebook page a like as it's a new page and they are looking for some support)! It also gave me the idea of handing out a few letters up and down my street. So, Monday night consisted of writing, printing and posting a whole load of letters!

So, how much did I raise?!

Amazingly, I really proud to say that since the 11th March (the Saturday before Barefoot Day) I have raised £178!!! Just £22 off £200 in a week! Not only that, I'm now also £26 off reaching £600 in total which I would have loved to hit before the end of the week! There is also a possibility that I've managed to raise more as I'm not notified when I get text donates as they are only added just before my deadline. 

Massive thank you to everyone who donated, even if it was just a little bit of spare change! Every thing has been a massive help! 

Handing out letters to neighbours worked! One couple have generously donate £50 and offered for me to come round and collect some bits for a carboot, and another couple have donated £10 and have invited me round for tea and cake! It's very odd because normally we don't have much contact with our neighbours so it's lovely to have brought a few people together! Also, The Barefoot Backpacker donated a wonderful £20 which was a big boost, so I would just like to say a big thank you! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! 

If you have text donated please do let me know so I can say thank you to you!

What's next?!

I've got many events coming up and a lot more in planning process!

Today (Monday 20th) - I'm in York city centre all day doing a public collection dressed up as Supergirl!

Monday 27th March - I begin a no sugar month! 27th to the 27th (my birthday!). I will be working hard to cut out bad sugars and eat healthily. If I give in, I forfeit the money! 

Wednesday 29th March - Supergirl will be in Hull City Centre doing a public collection!

Friday 31st March - PAY DAY! I shall be doing a 100 in 100 challenge trying to raise £100 in 100 hours. There will be a number of live videos, including a raffle and possibly dares! Find me on facebook! I will also be attending a conference put on by Childreach International so add me on snapchat - kiralcurtis or Instagram -kiralcurtis to keep updated!

Tuesday 11th April - EASTER PUB QUIZ! I shall be hosting a charity pub quiz at the Station Pub and Grill in Lytham, £1 per person to enter! There will be prizes and of course, a raffle!

Sunday 23rd April - My first 10k! I shall be running the Blackpool 10k in aid of Childreach International!

Over the Easter holidays I will also be holding a carboot to raise some money and hopefully some public collections in my hometown areas, as long as I can get the permission!

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What else am I planning?

I have recently sent in permission applications for events on campus at university. One includes a lot of slime, and the other includes fish, eggs, cream pies, sauces, etc. So look out for more information on them across my social media! I hoping to do something with my local schools and I'm also in the process of arranging a family fitness day! I have so many other ideas, like a charity hockey tournament and a bingo night, but I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time. It can be a lot of hard work and I need all the help I can get. A lot of things require prizes which ends up costing a lot for me so of course I've got to work at getting businesses to donate what they can!

I've also been thinking about doing a charity blogger event either in Hull or perhaps in Blackpool as it's not very often I see them around. However, I would definitely need some help in arranging it as I'm not sure what to do! Any help you can give would be amazing! Or any tips you could give in arranging a blogger meet up would be a huge help!

If you would like to donate and help me reach my goals (£700 by the end of this week! Or I have an actual deadline of £950 by 11th April) then please don't hesitate to visit my donation page or text UNLOCK 193351 to 70007 which will donate £3! Don't forget that if you're buying your Mother's Day present online then please do it through my EasyFundraising link which will automatically donate a small percentage of your purchase free of charge to you!

- KC xx


Friday, 10 March 2017

Happy International Women's Day! Celebrating Women in Sport

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Well, for the other day any way. There has been a lot going on but in light of the celebrations of women this week I just wanted to do a quick post celebrating women in sport! I've always been one to get involved in sport since a young age and there was a point during college when I couldn't and it really made me realise how much I missed it. There just something about being part of a team or meeting a bunch of ladies who are in the same boat as you, they just want to get fit and have fun.

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The #thisgirlcan campaign is bigger than ever with more and more clubs and societies getting involved to support women in sport and encouraging even more to feel free and confident how ever they choose to keep fit. It's such a wonderful campaign and has got millions of women joining their local sports teams or simply going to a new fitness class at their local gym.

international women's day, womens rights, sport, fitness,

This time last year I remember attending my first local sports event for International Women's Day. I had already started working on my blog and I began writing about local events to show my support. It was how I began to get contacts and since then I have made so many more friends through blogging and going to similar events and simply getting involved.

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Soon after, I got involved in Lytham Sportfest and literally joined in with the 'Join In' campaign of volunteers for local sports. There was a mini event at Park View, Lytham and then on the last weekend of August 2016, Lytham Sportfest took place inviting everyone to come down and take part in a bunch of free events. It was amazing to see how many people turned up and had a fantastic weekend. I also felt proud to see a large number of women who jiggled and wiggled through every song and dance move. Including me!

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Throughout the summer I also got involved with Lytham Runhunt, a Sportivate initiative getting women into running. Similarly to Couch to 5k groups, each week the amount of km increased, aiming to reach 5k by the end of the 6 week programme. Instead we reached 8k! In between we'd solve clues and do sprint drills. If I hadn't get involved in Runhunt, I would never have believed that I could reach even 10km one day. I'm getting there and I now believe I can!

international women's day, sport, fitness, workout, hockey, thisgirlcan

Here I am now! Bottom right, showing off my new hockey stick! After the mad year that was 2016, I found myself beginning my first year at the University of Hull and got involved in the one sport I've always loved but never had the chance to do, hockey! This photo was taken after a match and I was knackered. I was asked to play mid field when usually I play forward so I struggled to breathe for a lot of it. But even though I can't be bothered going to training, once I get there, I love it. It is a brilliant stress reliever too and a nice change from the constant drama scene!

I recently bought new trainers so I can't wait to try them out and get back in to running. That and I really want to try out new sports!

Here's to all women in sport! You keep on doing what you love! Jiggle your hearts out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

- KC xx

Do you get involved in any fitness classes or sports? What would you like to try out?

Monday, 6 March 2017

Looking Further Back on Dominican Republic

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Happy Monday! I hope Monday isn't being to dreary for you!

To be honest there's not much going on in my life at the moment, just busy with uni stuff and fundraising. Looking forward to spending a long weekend at home celebrating my best friend's birthday! There's definitely always a point in the semester where you just know you're ready to go home, and I've been feeling it for the past two weeks. I get to go home on Thursday afternoon but sadly I have to drive on my own, and it's a long drive! I'll manage knowing that I'll be there sooner!

Since not much is going on, the fact that I'm going on holiday in  days is pressing on my mind more and more each day. We're nearly in double figures! My new passport has arrived, visas have been bought and are on their way and soon we'l be looking at exchange rates! I'm avoiding buying any clothes until I've checked what I already have at home and it's very likely that I'll have plenty. Doesn't mean I don't need a new bikini or top though. It's a tradition to get a few new bits!

A couple of weeks ago I did a photo diary kind of post looking back on Dominican Republic in 2011. I mentioned that that trip had it's ups and downs but the first time I went to Dom Rep was actually when I was six  months old, then again in 2004 and 2006. So I wanted to share a few extra photos. I mean, it's always good to have a little laugh at how much I've changed!

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Guess my parents taught me well from a young age! This is the photo that I attempt to reenact every time I've been, like this one. I got a few from different angles and I have finally found them all so once I've got the next one, I may do a post about how much I really have changed, and yet I find myself back at a place where my love for travel all began.

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beach, travel, dom rep, dominican republic, holiday, thomsons, riu, hotels, travel

I never really used to be one for beaches. I always loved the hot weather but I tended to stay around the pool and would only really go down to the beach once or twice. For the past few years I've stayed at the Riu Tequila which, although it's far, is not situated right on the beach so I actually miss having that complete ease to get to the sea. This time round, I intend to do more snorkeling. Who knows, there might be a chance that I will have managed to get my eyes lasered before I go so I won't have to worry about water getting in my contacts like I normally do!

sunset, beach, travel, holidays, dom rep, dominican republic, thomsons, riu

beach, holiday, travel, thomsons, riu, dom rep, dominican republic,
holidays, beach, travel, dom rep, domincan republic, riu, thomsons

I always end up being so busy on holidays, trying to make the most of all day and all night, that I rarely get to see sunsets and sunrises. They are always so beautiful that this time, I need to make sure I see both. What's better than watching the sunset laid down on the beach in the Caribbean?

These are really old pictures! It's amazing how much camera quality really has come on since then and on the other hand, it's amazing to think how good it actually was back then too! I think these photos were from out 2004 trip but I can't be too sure. I cannot wait to go back. I know both me and Edmond are both very excited. It's difficult not to think about it knowing that we still have quite a few weeks of uni left before summer! Bring on June!

Have you got anywhere booked? Where would you like to go?

- KC xx