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Friday, 17 May 2013



I have being doing some maintenance on this blog over the past two days and I must say that I am quite proud of how it has turned out. I like the colour scheme and I like the layout. Wow, I actually like something that I have done, I guess there is a first for everything. So the point of this post is that, seen as this is only the second post, I wanted to talk about my dreams, aspirations and more about what this blog I going to be about. Here goes...

Ever since I was little I always loved singing but I was always a shy girl. I used to sing with my family whenever me and my parents went to stay at my cousins or they came to ours. Most of the time we sang at around midnight when they were drunk and I just happened to stay awake as there was very little chance of me actually getting some sleep. We used to singing songs from musicals and then go around in circles each choosing a song we wanted to sing. Despite neither of my parents ,or the rest of my family for that matter, being able to play an instrument, we were always a very musical family. My dad brought me up listening to music from all different genres and all different years. I would listen to songs from when they were little to songs from Busted, Steps and Robbie Williams who were my childhood musical memories. My parents would take me on holiday every year so I also have a good knowledge of different cultures and their musical preferences. Basically, as I grew up and started to realise that I had to choose something that I would like to do when I was older. In year 3 I started learning to play the recorder and flute and in year 6 I started learning to play the piano. At the same time, in year 3, I began to realise I had a passion for music and musicals. Me and my cousin used to put on little plays and our own interpretations of classic fairy tales for our parents and any other family members that were round. I remember one time when we were doing Little Red Riding Hood, I played Little Red with my red dressing gown that I had at the time, I sat on a stool at the end and sang a song that I made up at the end. I was really embarrassed but I did it anyway and I vaguely remember someone in our little audience crying, hopefully tears of joy. I think it was when I was in year 4 when High School Musical came out and I decided that, as I already knew I loved musicals, I wanted to go in to musical theatre. I wanted to be in a dance where everyone is doing the same thing at the same time in one big chorus. My mum had always tried to get me in to ballet as a child, like most parents, but I always ran out screaming. I joined a musical theatre class at my local YMCA and that was where my love for acting came from. We used to improvise our own TV advertisements as warm ups and perform musical numbers in the annual showcase. I had found my love for performing. Obviously as I got older I began to love it even more as I performed in more shows. I started another dance class in year 8 and since then I have even choreographed two winning dances merged into one for our college (like a house in some schools) in our school talent show.

My main ultimate dream is to be known for my performances, whether it's singing, acting or dancing. I know I will never be a professional dancer and I am not very flexible, but I hope to one day be able to be on TV or on stage acting and maybe even be doing a bit of solo singing and a bit of dancing. I hate saying that I want to be an actress because so many people want to do the same thing, but honestly I feel as though I want to do so much more. As I was saying, I want to be known for it and be able to earn enough money to live well. I'd like to use my 'fame' to raise money for charity and I'd love to be able to travel the world and help build schools in third world countries. When I say I'd like to help, I don't just mean money wise, I'd actually like to help, whether that means laying bricks down or painting walls. My parents are self-employed property developers so I have often been to their houses that they are decorating or whatever. I pretty much know the basics of what to do so I'd like to be able to apply this to help build those schools. Once the schools have been built, I'd like to stay in the area for a while and meet some of the locals. I'd like to teach some subjects, like music, drama, dance, the English language, and maths, at the schools. That is my ultimate dream.

Compared to a lot of people, I have my life planned out ahead of me. I know what I want to do, I know where I want to go, and I think I know how to get there. At the moment, of course, I am focusing on my studies. At college I will be studying A level Drama and Theatre Studies, Maths, Further Maths, and hopefully BTEC Performing Arts. Although it means me taking five subjects, which means no free periods and a lot of work, but I am determined to do it! Yes, I know that drama and maths are weird subjects to put together, everyone has said it but as I want to go down the road of performing I'm doing the drama and because I like challenging maths and I'd like to teach kids in third world countries it, I'm doing maths and further maths. No other subjects appeal to me.

I few years ago I decided to film myself singing some covers and post them on YouTube. I hated each of the videos so I took them down. Plus there were other reasons for taking them down as people from my school found them and kept coming up to me and mocking me, it wasn't a good feeling. Being a few years younger than I am now, I wasn't as self aware, if that's the right word. Basically after the problems I had last year and after I started blogging I found myself. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true. I learnt so much about myself. I love giving advice to people and letting them know they aren't alone. I have made some friends with people who have simply asked me for a piece of advice and it feels amazing to make someone smile.

Just over a year ago I found my love for the Internet when I began watching a few different YouTubers. I love the idea that someone could stand and speak to a camera for about 5 minutes and they would be able to earn a living from it. I always wanted to post videos just for the fun but every time I did it, I would end up taking it down about 2 weeks later out of embarrassment. At the moment on my YouTube channel, I have 5 videos up, 3 of them are videos of me singing on stage our at weddings, the other 2 are basically slideshows of holiday pictures from my trip to Cuba last year. For years I have wanted to just generally post videos about anything and everything, so I have officially decided to start making videos this summer. I have an extra long summer this year as I break up after my last exam on the 24th June. So I have decided to make at least one video a week of what I have been doing and hope that people take a liking to my embarrassing myself. I don't have DSLR camera so the quality won't be as good, and I don't have one of those microphones either. I only have Windows Movie Maker for Windows 8, which keeps crashing, so my editing isn't exactly top notch, but you've got to start somewhere I guess. I have been editing together a few videos that I have been taking of my last few weeks of high school which I will be uploading on a new channel that I will make, after I have finished.

As you can see, I have also started this new blog where I will be writing about my life, travelling, performances, and fashion. I mentioned in the welcome post that I have recently found my love for fashion so I will be posting about that. I enjoy shopping so everything like that will be on here. I have never really been one of those girls who is really creative and has an amazing fashion sense and knows about every beauty product you can imagine so you are going to have to bare with while I come to terms with everything I need to know. I just bought some new high-waisted shorts so I would like to 'model' in them to show you guys some different outfits that they would go with. I'm not a really skinny girl so sometimes I find it difficult to get something to really suit me, that's probably one of the main reasons I was never into fashion. I was always a tom-boy as a kid and I always wear converses. I'm not a very rich person so I can't to go on massive shopping sprees all the time so I usually shop in Primark. I sometimes shop in New Look but I don't get much further than that.

I have said what I will be posting about. Fashion, life, passions. Fashion being what I was just talking about. Life being all different things from what is going on in my life, things I like (eg. books, music, movies), to my thoughts, feelings and opinions. And then passions being my passions of performing, travelling, YouTube, charity, and finally blogging.

Thank you for reading and checking out my blog,

                                             KC x

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