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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hi There!

Hello everybody, welcome to my new blog!

So I do have a few other blogs but I will no longer be using them. Over the past year I have found my love for blogging. It all began after my and a few of my friends had some 'issues' which honestly resulted in many peaceful nights sleep lost to crying. I began blogging about the things that went wrong in my life and I found that it helped me handle everything so much easier. I continued to write about all kinds of personal things that got on my nerves as it was anonymous and I knew that I was actually getting views. I wanted to do it to show others around the world that they weren't alone. Sadly, I had to delete it last week due to judgemental idiots at my school finding out about it and making stupid rumours up about me and saying so many negative things. Luckily, a few came to me and said that they appreciated what I had done and how they loved it. I knew a while ago that I enjoyed blogging, but when I was actually getting praise like that I felt amazing, like I had made a difference. That was when I decided to spend a week or so to allow everything to hopefully blow over, although I know it will never completely blow over, and then I thought I'd start a blog up where I will write anything.

My other two blogs that I have will pretty much be being transferred over to this blog. I have my travel one, that very rarely gets used, and my normal one where I normally write about anything. I hardly ever use either of them so I decide to make a new one and combine them both and start blogging more about myself and everything I like.

I have recently come to terms with how much I like fashion so I will probably be posting about things I've bought, things I'd like to buy, what I'm wearing, etc. I will also be posting about things I've heard in the news, about music, films, books, and many more. Basically anything and everything. Beforehand I always prioritised my anon blog but now that that is gone, here I am!

Be ready more many posts to come as I have many planned. Look out for them!


    Kira Louella x

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