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Monday, 20 May 2013

Ice Tea.


So, I have recently become OBSESSED with Ice Tea. I know that some people don't like it and others just think that it sounds disgusting so they won't even try it. Well trust me now, and thousands of others around the world, IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

I watch a lot of American YouTubers who I know all drink Arizona Iced Tea. Being British, I actually do drink tea and seeing all these Americans drinking iced tea it made me wonder why it's so popular over there but not as much over here. I spent months looking for some but, although I thought it would be easy, I found it so difficult. I couldn't find any for ages! Until I was out with a few friends and we decided to go into Sainsbury's for some reason and THERE IT WAS! FINALLY! So of course I bought a bottle of Peach flavoured Ice Tea as it was the only flavour they had (picture above was my first ever bottle of ice tea). It was AMAZING! I fell in love with it straight away.  

I told my parents about how much I love it and I came home from school, after a long, hot day and there was a giant bottle of Lipton lemon ice tea *shocked face*! That didn't last long at all.

Today I came home and there was this in our fridge (see above photo). Yes, I know it's rather big. It's not a well known make, as it's from Lidl, but it still tastes the same.

 Ok, so I better go now as my mum wants me to watch a movie with her, even though I should be revising for my exams in two weeks. Oh well. I think I might blog about braces next.

         Kira Louella xx

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