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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Knee Cramps and Updating Pains

Well my plans for the last hour didn't exactly go to plan...

Good evening!
(It's night time now but I don't like saying good night until myself or someone else is going to bed, it just doesn't feel right.)

          It has been Saturday today. So, like any other Saturday, I have been working and although I don't hate working where I do, I almost hate what I have to do. I have to admit, my job is relatively easy, but I struggle with what should be the easiest part - standing up. I know to stand behind a counter is pretty easy for the majority of people, however when you're stood behind that counter for 8 consecutive hours, it gets a little more difficult. You'd think after two years of working there I'd be used to it. Well, apparently not. I had planned to right a little blog tonight, read some of my book etcetera etcetera. But when it came round to getting my laptop out, my plans came to a halt.
          Firstly, my laptop. Does anyone else absolutely hate a Windows update? Yes? I thought so. Usually, as much as I dislike it, it does normally take that long on my laptop. Today, however, the configuration kept failing so it managed to restart itself at least 10 to 15 times. Along with that, whilst I was patiently waiting, my leg begins to cramp up. Now I get cramp probably more than the average person because apparently, according to a foot doctor, I have something wrong with my synovial fluid in my knee which causes the bones in my leg to rub a little more than they should. It's a genetic thing. I have been know to get cramp since I was a kid. When your parents told you that the cramp you felt was growing pains, it was a LIE! As I mentioned, I spend every Saturday standing up for pretty much 8 consecutive hours. I do get a break but I reckon I get a maximum of 15 minutes actually sat down. So tonight, whilst my laptop was trying and failing to update properly, my knees were beginning with my weekly Saturday cramp until I was led on my bed crying in agony. If you've never had it, it's like period pains but in a part of your body you can't curl over and push inwards in hopes to make it go away. A single move of the leg and I get a shock straight into my foot. Tonight it was my right knee that had the problem and it can only be cured by a glass of water to help two paracetamol go down. While I wait for them to kick in, I continue to lie horribly still.

          Annoyingly, that was not what I had planned to blog tonight. I was going to talk about what's to come. I have a Mexico video on it's way and the corresponding review, there is also a number of blog lined up that I wish to do from various other reviews (books, CDs, movies, etc.) to talks about general life. As you may know by now, I am not going to university this year so be prepared for numerous blogs about random crap. Plus, since I'm not going to uni, the job applications have begun to be sent off so let us see where that takes us.

          Between this week just gone and the next, I reckon everyone will be on their summer holidays (unless of course you work in a full-time job that isn't at a school, college or uni) so I am going to wish you all a happy, fun-filled summer holidays. I hope you all have wonderful holidays abroad, in England or just generally enjoy yourself, whatever you're doing!

See you later!
- KC :D xx

PS. YouTube videos will be starting up again this week at some point, so watch out for them! (

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