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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award


I'VE BEEN NOMINATED/AWARDED THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! (I used the '/' because if you are nominated, you're awarded it.)

Well, it's not an official award but I still feel quite honoured as it just means I got noticed, even if it is just a little bit. Some of you are probably thinking, "Oh, well that's a bit of a let down" but honestly this award is just a nice way to spread the love by sharing other blogs that are out there. Ultimately, the award then becomes a tag because of the rules regarding it, however I am still going to do it because I think it is a nice and simple way to share and help out other people's blogs.

Here are the rules. It's simple really.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. I'd like to say a big thank you to Coral for the nomination. (Here's the link to the post - She posts a lot of different things from her new found love of adult colouring books to more personal thing like her experiences with jobs and emotional break downs. If you'd like to check her blog out then click here. I chose to link you to the magazine style of her blog as I really like how it's different to the classic style that I and many others use. Something I do love about her blog is that she does give you the option to use different designs like the magazine. If you prefer you can change it back to the classic blog style or you could switch it up and look at snapshots of her posts. Also the background give you an immediate good feel with the bright summery colours of a turquoise blue with pink flamingos. After you've checked out her blog, don't forget to give her Facebook page a like (her name will send you straight there) so that it is easier for you to be informed when she uploads a new post. She has also begun posting videos on YouTube so why not check her out and leave a comment saying I sent you :D
  2. Select 15 Bloggers that you nominate. I'm going to be honest here. 15 bloggers is a lot to select for an award, especially when normally only one person is selected for a normal award. So instead of selecting 15, I am going to choose 5.
  • Monologuing by soapymerry (Sophie) - Sophie is a friend of mine I know from my drama class at college. Since I started up my YouTube and blogging properly again she has been nothing but supportive in everything I have done! I want to thank her so much. Not only is she supportive of blogging, she recently started her own blog which I think you should all check out. She posts film reviews, logs of her babysitting days, and updates on her new Uni life. Yes, Sophie has very recently moved into her house where she will spend part, if not all of her university life in. She has been posting updates about her university experience in Portsmouth. If any of you are interesting about university life then Sophie's blog is the one for you! Her reviews are also the best advertising the movie companies can get as she manages to even make me watch a film that I would usually have absolutely no interest in. 
  • The Clique by ThatSoBekaah (Rebecca) - Rebecca, or Bekah, also has another blog that is however that blog is mainly for beauty, fashion and lifestyle sort of posts. What I love about her Clique blog is that it is complete random stuff, almost anyway. She gives advice, talks about her life and goals, talks about her favourite music and travels... She talks about everything! I love when blogs post about anything and everything because, not only does it give you more of an insight into that person's life, it also lets you have a little surprise every time a post goes up because you are never fully sure of what the post may be about. I am going to take inspiration from The Clique as every post has it's own picture or photo. I love how it brightens up a post and catches your eye. It makes me want to read the post more so I think that is something I need to start doing. I need to add more pictures, even if it is just a title in some fancy fonts and colours. Finally, Bekah is part of the CreatiCon team (check out their Facebook page for more information on that) and what I think that they are doing it amazing. It's a great way for us small (and big) YouTubers to meet up, share our work and advice and just generally have a great time. Even better, it's local to me so I can go!
  • Made From Beauty by Sam - Now, although Sam's blog is mostly beauty related, she does also post about her travels, homeware and general life. Let's start with the design of her blog. I absolutely love it. I love the simplicity of the black and white, how easy it is to get to a certain genre or post and overall it looks incredibly professional. I think I need to spend some more time on the design of mine after looking at hers. Again, much like ThatSoBekaah's blog, I love the use of photos. This time though, Sam uses her's throughout and has them to be very specific and completely shows what her blog post is about. Think of your favourite beauty vlogger on YouTube. Sam is basically that in written form. She posts everything from wish list's to picture diaries (I think I shall be using her London Picture Diary post as inspiration for some of my own because I love the idea and I love her style!). Not only is she a great blogger, I reckon she has a great eye for photography too because all her photos are simply beautiful! Although I have only recently found her page, I love it already and can't wait to read more!
  • Ronnie Diaries by Weronica - Yet again, Weronica makes me realise how important pictures are to a blog. I definitely need to start using them. I've noticed my blog is kinda just a place I like to write random stuff, but seen as so many other people take it so seriously, I think I need to. At least a little more than I already do. I basically need to make my blog look more professional. It looks so much more prettier like that, as Weronica's blog shows! Her posts are heavily based around beauty but she does delve into her own life a little every now and a again with posts all about her Instagram photos etc. The Instagram mixes, I think, are a great way to spread your social media and link them all together, I think I need to do that more. Something in particular about Weronica's blog that I love so much is how not only does she post in English, in many of her posts, she also writes the Polish translation. I admire anyone who can speak two languages! One of my goals at the moment is to learn another language (probably Spanish though because they didn't do it at my school). 
  • All Things Amrit by Amrit - Unlike the previous blogs I talked about, Amrit posts about food which I don't often see a lot of. As soon as you click on her 'Food' page you see a beautifully colourful picture of a plate of fruit. I love pictures like that because they make me want to eat a lot healthier just from one simple look. She also posts advice for other bloggers making life a lot cheaper and easier for us. I shall definitely be using some of her tricks! I've spoke about the design of the others so I'll speak about the design of All Things Amrit. It's stylish, simple and sophisticated. Three S's! The black, grey and white colour scheme with the dash of pinks adds a professional girly touch to her beauty blogging but also keeps it bright and summery for other posts creating a positive feel!

What I have learnt from these blogs:
- I need to use more photos and pictures in my posts (as if I hadn't already mentioned that enough already)
- I need to work on making the design of my blog more professional and stylish
- I need to post more and be more serious about posting, just as I am with my YouTube
- Work on getting followers on google+ as I have 2 followers and honestly just doesn't look that great to show on your page, no matter how many views you may actually get (I have never bothered about it much before)
- I have noticed a lot of people have a bloglovin' follow button on their blogs and I honestly had no idea what this was but I have now downloaded the app to figure it all out (so follow me on there and leave me a comment explaining what it really is)
- I should change up my pages on my blog to separate the different posts that I do into different categories
- I should work on doing more specific posts rather than just saying what I'm going to go or rambling 

Now of course it's not necessary that you pass it on but I suppose it's a nice way to show some support and appreciation for your favourite bloggers whether they are big or small (seriously though, if you decide to nominate a big blogger like Zoella for example, I very much doubt that they will give you thanks and little promo on their blog, and I suppose that is what this is about)!

I have actually really enjoyed writing this post. It has inspired me and made more even more excited to get on with what I have planned! I suppose I better get my camera out!

Hope you guys like this post and check out some of my favourite bloggers and maybe they will become your favourites too!

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!
See you all very soon! (NEW VIDEO TOMORROW)
-KC xx

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