Wednesday, 30 September 2015


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I really don't know what it is but I've been using a lot of capital letters recently. Moving on...

          For quite some time now I have been looking at lamps and decorative lights in particular, mainly because my bedside lamp has somehow managed to fall off the side of my bed at least ten times by now so I have resorted to using an old ugly little thing. (Yes, I may have knocked it off but that's because I don't have a bedside table or shelf.) I spent the most of last night looking in fact, so I thought I would share some of my favourites from Next Home.

1. Wooden Tripod Table Lamp - You can get this in a bigger size as a floor lamp and I absolutely love them! They are so simple-looking yet so stylish, especially with the neutral colours keeping it fitting to all types of rooms. Most lamps will take up a lot of space on a bedside table, this doesn't however because of the tripod stand! Plus, the metallic hinges keep it unisex!

2. Heart Ceramic Table Lamp - Yet another cute and simple design. This is a must have in a bedroom! Imagine this on at night whilst you are all snuggled up, perhaps reading a book, whilst candles are burning elsewhere in your room. The cut-out design really gives of a warm nightly feeling despite the white colour. The white colour is helpful though as, again, it will match any colour wall paper or bedroom!

3. Heart Lit White Rose Tree - These are so adorable, and yes they are actually lights! If only I had a specific place wear I did my make-up because I imagine these would look gorgeous stood on, or next to, a mirrored dresser, not to mention be a great background piece for any beauty guru's or just generally female YouTubers. I'd love them in my background. Again, the white will make it stand out in any room, so they'd even be a nice addition to any living room. Next have really got their colour scheme spot on!

4. Lit Red Berry and Pinecone Garland - For the final two lights that I'm sharing with you I may have got distracted my the Christmas page. However, they aren't necessarily just for Christmas. This Lit Red Berry and Pinecone Garland is very Autumn which I love. If you've read my post, Things I love about Autumn, then you'll know that burgundy and maroon are my favourite colours to wear, so basically berry. I love anything that is a berry colour and this in particular stands out because of how warm it feels, even from simply looking at the picture! Put this up on your door now and it can stay there right through to January, and you can get away with it because it is simply Autumn colours that are "allowed" at Christmas too! It's a secret way to start celebrating Christmas early!

5. 50 Warm White Led Retro Lights - RETRO! Can't go wrong with a bit of retro and how great do these look?! Simple, smart and would most likely be very pretty hung up just about anywhere! From the pictures it looks as though the glass is slightly speckled giving each bulb and slight bit of subtle detail to add to the warm finish. I really like them! They are in the Christmas lights but I do think these could be used all year round, especially at parties and venues!

           Those are my top five lights I found on the Next website (they aren't in any particular order). I need to be purchasing a lamp very soon so the ones I have mentioned here will definitely be on my list to have a proper good nosey at! 

Thank you for reading!
-KC xx

Disclaimer - This post was in association with the Next Blogger Network and is to be put on their noticeboard, however all opinions and writing is my own as I very much enjoying looking at Next products! This is not a sponsored post or affiliate.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Beauty Formulars' Deep Action Pore Cleanser Review

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          I bought this product quite a few weeks back and it was mentioned in my 'MEGA NUDES' haul. At the time of the video I had already begun trying this out but today I'm going to give my proper opinion of it.

          I bought this Beauty Formulas Deep Action Pore Cleanser in an attempt at looking after my skin more. I am really bad at taking care of myself no matter my skin. I would usually only use a make-up wipe to take of my make-up which causes my skin to often dry out and begin to flake as I am constantly rubbing it. Plus I always leave my make-up on when I go to bed, which I know I shouldn't. Buying this product was all about me try not to do those things and it worked! For about a week until I had to stop using it.


1. It was 99p and therefore incredibly inexpensive, especially considering how much you get!

2. When you use it with some cotton wool, as it suggests, you can physically see it bringing all the traces of make-up showing that it really works!

3. ...there isn't a third one...


1. I bought the clear skin version as I very rarely break out in spots, however, after using it for a week I found that I was breaking out in spots all over my faces much more than I would normally.

2. Straight after using it I would feel cleaner but my face would also begin to sting. I'm not sure why but it wasn't particularly nice.

3. You do actually have to use a lot to get off all traces of make-up. I went through quite a few balls of cotton wool.

          I did try to continue using it as I loved the feeling of clean skin but it wasn't worth the pain. I will add that it wasn't the sort of pain where I was in agony, it just kind of hurt a bit, but it still wasn't worth it. I guess you get what you pay for, and in this case, a load of rubbish. Sophie commented on my video saying that she'd had a bad experience with it too so I know I'm not the only one. Honestly, I'd advise you to spend a little more money and I'm sure it will be worth it!

Let me know your opinions on this product! Please let me know of any other better cleansers that you like because I am desperate to get one!

Thanks for reading!
-KC xx


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Liverpool Day 3 - Museum of Liverpool

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Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too!

          It's about time you read about the third and final day of our trip to Liverpool! I shall be posting a fourth and final post giving an overall opinion of our trip and accommodation etc. For now here is the third post about our third day at the Museum of Liverpool.

          Our main worry was figuring out what time we had to get the train in order to get back home so not much was planned for our third day. After our little wanders from the previous days we decided that the best option would be to check out the Museum of Liverpool. It was a last minute decision but definitely one I'm glad we made.
          Yes, the Museum of Liverpool is back at the Albert Docks. If you're thinking about going to Liverpool, I would recommend getting some accommodation near there because you'll be in the center of almost everything. Then again, we stayed at the Liverpool One Premier Inn and we only ever had to walk for a maximum on ten minutes.

          The museum was big. Very big. What is it about Liverpool museums and having to make them so big? We started in the 'Global City' where I got dressed up in some oriental robes and managed to draw a very fancy peacock (watch the youtube video to find out what I mean).

          More impressively, the first floor had its own train! So to speak anyway. On the first floor is the Liverpool Overhead Railway which I had fun taking pictures in. It was honestly quite spectacular and pretty cool to be able to walk in to. The model people sat in the back half did give me the creeps a little though as it brought back memories of Mannequin Mania in Doctor Who. I also got to sit on some other old fashioned style train seats. They were actually very comfortable and my favourite colour too! 

          The third floor was fun. That's probably the best way of describing it. It was full of Liverpool culture: music, football, and most importantly, the superlambbanana! The entire place was full of bright colours, pop quizzes, karaoke machines and it was all topped off by a wonderful view over the docks. It was definitely a beautiful picture, especially since the weather wasn't too bad!

          Overall, I actually did think that this was the second best museum we went to on our trip, second to the World Museum. I loved how vibrant and generally enjoyable it was. There were so many little random things to do from sketches, games, quizzes and a complete step back in time! It is a whole new museum experience on each floor, something I strongly believe Liverpool do brilliantly. I have never been to museums that are so varied in my life! 

        That's the third post done, I mostly definitely enjoyed my time in Liverpool! Keep looking out for the next and final post! If you haven't seen the Liverpool video I did then please do check it out (click here!).

Thank you for reading!
- KC xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Triple Chocolate Sponge Cake

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          In my spare time I often enjoy baking, however I very rarely do it! I love to eat cakes so I tend to simply make a basic sponge cake if I actually decide to bake one. This way I know I can't really go wrong because the recipe I use is pretty perfect! As you can probably tell by the title, I actually decided to spice things up a little by making a chocolate cake! Ok, so maybe not exactly spiced up. The plan was to make chocolate sandwich cake with chocolate butter cream in the middle. The plan didn't quite succeed. On the other hand, I did manage to make a bloomin' beautiful chocolate cake so I thought I'd share with you how I did it!

Firstly, you're going to need the ingredients, so here they are! Obviously you're better off measuring everything out first so it's all done later! Oh, and don't forget to CLEAN AS YOU GO! It always makes things so much easier (I'd suggest cleaning everything that you can whilst the cake is in the oven, after you've made the butter cream).



6oz/175g margarine (suitable for baking)

6oz/175g caster sugar

3 large eggs (beaten)

5oz/150g self raising flour

1oz/25g cocoa powder

1 tbs warm water (optional)

Butter cream:

2 tbsp cocoa powder

4oz/100g softened butter (using the same margarine as above works as well)

4oz/100g icing sugar

milk (optional)


bar of chocolate (I used milk chocolate but you can use any)

sprinkles (optional)

other alternatives (optional)


1. Pre-heat oven at Gas mark 4/180C/350F.

2. Mix together the margarine and caster sugar (can use an electric mixer) in a large bowl.

3. Add in the eggs (already beaten) a little bit at a time.

4. Sift the flour and cocoa powder in to the bowl. If the mixture feels heavy then add in the warm water.

I actually did parts 3 and 4 at the same time. I added a bit of the eggs then sifted a bit of flour and mixed them together, then repeated this until everything is in the bowl.

5. Pour the mixture into a sandwich tin (to make it easier to get the cake out later, use grease-proof paper) and level with a knife.

6. Place the tin in the middle of the oven for around 25 minutes (this may be different in your oven son keep checking it after 20 minutes - you can tell it's ready when then cake is slightly pulling away from the edges of the tin).

7. Time to make the butter cream by mixing together the sifted icing sugar and cocoa powder with the butter or margarine. Beat it together until it's smooth. If it feels heavy, add a drop of milk and keep beating.

When the cake is ready

1. Take the cake out of the oven and place on to wire rack to cool down (make sure it is the right way up or else you will get grid marks on the top).

2. Spread the butter cream on top until the cake is covered. Cover the top and the edges. It doesn't matter if you make a mess because you can clean it up afterwards and it will be worth it!

3. Use a grater to grate the bar of chocolate on top. I used Dairy Milk and it worked a charm! Put as much on as you like. Also, add any extras like sprinkles or maybe strawberries on top!

There you go! A wonderfully beautiful triple chocolate cake. You can change the ingredients however you like. Maybe you want to use healthier versions or maybe add extras. You could make it a quadruple chocolate cake by adding chocolate chips to the mixture. Here is my picture below of how mine turned out!

The presentation isn't brilliant but who cares, it was still delicious. I had some whilst watching Captain America: The First Avenger last night in bed with some ice cream. Of course, it wasn't exactly what I had planned to make but it was most definitely a happy accident!

How about you try making your own! If you do, feel free to send me your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Or find my by typing in my name: Kira L Curtis and you're bound to find me! Use the hashtag #KCCakes on twitter and instagram! 

          I have enjoyed doing this kind of post. It had been different and fun, and don't forget YUMMY! I look forward to doing more recipes soon so look out for them! 

Thanks for reading!
- KC xx

Monday, 21 September 2015

Things I love about Autumn

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          A lot of bloggers are starting to write posts about Autumn so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same since I am actually really excited for it. Here's why:

What I love about Autumn!

Jumper from Select, it was £10.99 I think! Necklace was bought for me buy my boyfriend, Ed.

Long sleeve thin jumpers or tops - It might not be cold enough for the woolly jumpers, although I'm currently sat wearing one right now as I couldn't resist, but it is definitely too cold to simply wear a single t-shirt. I love to wear thin jumpers where you can either wear them on their own or perhaps with a small cami on underneath. Also, when wearing long sleeves, there's no need to be self-conscious about how my arms look so I can freely eat that extra piece of cake without worrying (I probably shouldn't but I do it anyway). I find long sleeves to be so comfy too.

Happy to be wearing my new turtle neck from Select! It was £9.99!

Turtle Necks - I absolutely love a good comfy turtle neck! Whether it's a top to go out at night in or a jumper for during the day, I find them to be so stylish yet simple. There's no need for flamboyant necklaces as your neck is covered up so that's one less thing to worry about. A good turtle neck will make you look elegant, sophisticated and generally a lot more grown up than a crew neck. I aiming on growing my collection of turtle necks this autumn/winter. 

Time to start getting your scarves out! I bought these three last year and now they are hung up by my bed so I can use them as blankets if I want to! Hung up on my new Elephant hooks that my parents bought me from Home Sense!

Autumnal Colours - If you know me in person or maybe if I did more fashion posts, you'd know how my favourite colour of clothing to wear is a burgundy or maroon. I will wear it all year round if I can! I especially love that when it comes to Autumn, the shops begin to sell it by the bucket load. By the time I've been shopping, my purse hurts. My parents and my boyfriend always say "Oh look, its the same colour of all your other clothes!" Yeah, well, I like it and I have blonde hair so it suits me! My boyfriend can't say much because he is the same. You wouldn't believe the amount of times we've gone out and someone has asked if we planned on colour coordinating. No, we didn't.

It's not quite autumn yet but we had these red leaves in our front garden!

Falling Leaves - There is something incredibly pretty about all the multicoloured leaves that have fallen off the trees. Browns, yellows, reds. It immediately makes me want to grab a scarf and some boots and go skipping through them all. Is that weird? It becomes a perfect picture. Plus, I do enjoy standing on as many leaves as I can to hear that satisfying crunch. I know I'm not the only one who does that!

My current read is Red Queen (if you've watched my youtube video then you'll know I've been reading this for a while) and I intend on reading a lot more as recently I haven't been reading much. Next read is Twenty Things by Bethany Jane Speight.

Autumn DIYs - In past years I have always been too busy with school or college but this year I have so many autumn DIYs I want to do. I have always loved crafts so it's about time I start doing some! Pinterest has really opened my eyes to how much you can do and I will be posting the things I do so you can try them yourself. I love how easy it is to change up your home, or maybe just your bedroom, to create a cosy atmosphere. You can buy decorations but it is much more awarding to make your own. Fallen leaves, acorns, conkers, pine cones etc. So many things you can shove in a bag when you go on a little walk and bring home to make all sorts of autumnal decorations to cosy up your home.

          Let me know what your favourite things about autumn are! I could probably carry on which makes me realise, autumn is probably my favourite season. As long as it doesn't rain, I shall be spending a lot of time outside collecting things for my decorations and then I will make a bunch of decorations and drink a hot chocolate with 'the works' on top! I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading!
See you later!
- KC xx

Friday, 18 September 2015

Blogging Goals

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          I wanted to do a quick post today simply about my plans and goals for my blogging over the next few months. I seem to say these kind of things in many posts so in order to stop that I decided it would be a decent idea to tell you about some of my blogging goals and how I plan on doing them and how, ultimately, I am going to get myself organised. Also, this post is a little helper to those who want to start blogging and aren't sure how to do it whilst doing everything else, that was the trouble I had.
Here goes:

 Goal 1 - I need to plan!

I have always planned out a number of blog posts that I could do. Even now, I have a bunch of posts that only consist of a title saved as drafts. At them moment it's my easy way to remind me of the posts I need to do soon. However it's starting to clog up my 'All Posts' page in my dashboard on blogger which is really starting to annoy me. I need to have a well structure plan. To do this I have in fact bought myself a planner! Well, I have only bought the cover (Filofax type cover) off Ebay. Until I am earning, it will do. It is a ring binder which gives me the freedom to add or take away pages as I go. It will probably take me a while before I start to properly use it though as I am firstly going to make myself the insides using Microsoft Office (Excel, publisher, word, etc.). I'm still waiting to receive it in the mail but I'm really looking forward to it arriving as it's a project that I can work on! Once I've started working on it, I will be able to plan when I'm writing posts, what posts are actually going to posted on what week and then feel a lot less like my brain is going to explode because of the information that is being stored up there.

Goal 2 - Write Lists!

In my new planner there will be lists of all sorts, from blog and YouTube ideas to things I need to buy and books that I have or will read. There is something satisfying about ticking off something that you have done on a list especially when eventually you find that the entire list has been ticked off. All those things that have been flying around your head bugging you about getting them done have suddenly flown away. It is very relieving. Knowing me, things wills constantly get added to my list so what I am going to do is have lists for every month and after a certain point, I am not allowed to write any more on there, instead it has to wait until the next month. I already have a massive list of things to do on my phone which needs organising. Once I have got my planner they will be organised straight away as I've found myself putting things off because it looks like there is so much.

Goal 3 - Post Regularly!

My new routine will keep me uploading YouTube videos consistently but it will also help keep the amount of posts I do up. I will plan when I am going to write posts and then I'm more likely to write more. In order to post more often I shall schedule my post as soon as it is written whereas normally I would write a post then upload it straight away. This way both myself and my readers will have more of a routine. I will be able to relax in between writing as I know I don't have to worry so much about getting it done and my readers will have some kind of idea as to when I shall post! At the moment (this may change depending on the job I get and how it goes) the plan is to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am not limiting myself to this, however,  as I have a lot of ideas so it is likely that I will post in between these but I will have at least those three days planned out in advance.

Goal 4 - Schedule my posts!

As I have mentioned, I shall be writing my posts in advance and then scheduling them. I was given this advice by a number of people in the UK Bloggers Facebook group. I had honestly never thought of it before but I have found that it is a must. It really does help arranging your blog around your life and other things. I shall give myself a set time to write and then I don't feel as pressured throughout the week. Not only this, but I am going to schedule in my new planner when certain posts need to be written and when they should be scheduled for. Of course I shall be scheduling it so that there are never two posts from the same topic next to each other during the week. For example, I will only be posting my next Liverpool post next week but in the meantime I have other things related to beauty and books etc.

Goal 5 -Promote my blog more and network with bloggers!

I have found that when I am on Facebook, I spend most of my time trying to promote my YouTube instead of my blog. My blog gets neglected. However, as much as I enjoy posting videos on YouTube, I have felt a lot more excited about my blog recently. I think it's something to do with the upgrade I gave myself. I do want to blog more and get it going a lot more but to do this I need readers but I don't promote it enough or network with other bloggers enough to do this. So my next goal is to make sure I'm sharing my posts, networking with people, getting involved and reading other peoples posts and overall trying to help myself grow a little bit more everyday. I have already found myself doing this a lot more since I got Pinterest and Bloglovin' (Follow me - kiralcurtis).

Comment below what your blogging goals are and your blog URL so I can start interacting with some of you! From now until the end of the year, these are my blogging, and personal, goals. I say until the end of the year because there will always be a New Years Resolution post! I have to admit I'm very excited to share with you all some of my ideas!

Thank you for reading!

See you later!
-KC xx


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Liverpool Day 2 - Maritime and International Slavery Museum

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Have you read my other posts about Liverpool? Check them out too! 

On to day two..

          As you can tell by the title, we visited the Maritime and International Slavery Museums. The original plan was to have a wonder around the Albert Docks and visit the International Slavery Museum but after walking around in circles a couple of times we eventually figured out that the museum was, in fact, inside another museum. The maritime museum wasn't really my sort of thing but we decided to venture around the whole thing anyway. Why not eh? It is free!

Here is a picture of me stood outside the museum! (Outfit: top from Primark £6, black skinny jeans from Peacocks £14, boots from Deichmann £19.99)

          Since this day did actually consist of the museums and then a walk around the Albert Docks, I am just going to start by showing you some pictures of the museums and talk a little about that.


          It wasn't a particularly great day for the weather as you can see from the photos. It was raining, windy and overall pretty glum, but of course a museum is probably perfect for a day like that as it is all indoors. These two especially as there is so much to look at. I think it was 4 floors, not including the basement. 

          Ships aren't my thing. History is, but for some reason ships and anything at sea has never interested me at all. However that doesn't stop me from admiring the model ships in their gas cases. Some of them were almost breath taking. Well, at least as breath taking as model ships can be. I definitely admire whoever made them purely because of the detail. 

          What I love the most about the museums in Liverpool is that they are very interactive. If you don't fancy reading all the information that is given on the large boards then there are many phone style headsets you can pick up to listen to an account by someone who was at the scene of something. They will describe it to you enough that you don't have to read anything.Unfortunately, the headsets don't always work as I found a few times. You press the button and yet nothing will begin to speak into your ears.

        This particular section shown above in the photos was highly interactive. As soon as you walk into it there is a film being shown of the 'Battle of the Atlantic'. There seems to be a lot less words and a lot more things to listen to or watch. There was also quite a few more artifacts to look at with brief descriptions as o not bore you so much.

          Luckily for me there was a whole exhibition about the Titanic. I have been to a Titanic exhibition before so I didn't stop to read everything but I definitely found it to be interesting. It was a lot different to the one I had been to. At the very start there was a collection of leaflet you were able to pick up. Each one had the name of a passenger and a little information. The idea is that as you go around the exhibition, you learn more about them. You may find their journal or tickets or just generally find out who they were. Of course there were lots of different ways to learn. Including trying on their clothes!

          Moving on to the International Slavery Museum. It wasn't as big as I had thought and honestly, it was a bit on a let down. I was expecting an entire different museum, as that is how it is described, but instead I got one floor. It did show a range of different types of slavery but I think I managed to learn more from the little research I did online for a drama production myself and 5 others created for our A level drama devised piece.

          African slavery and the slave trade has always been of great interest to me and I have done a lot of research into it over the years. I remember doing a project on it in year 8. I created leaflets, banners, flyers, and a CD all in aid of helping stop slavery. It had to be about the slave trade. In the drama production we created I played the African slave. Your probably thinking that I'm not exactly suited to that role, I am way too pale! It was only a drama production so why should skin colour matter. It shouldn't matter in normal life so why in a play? Anyway, that's getting a bit deep. Enough of that. So yes, I find it interesting but in the museum I didn't feel like I was actually interested in any of it as there wasn't enough. Maybe it was also because it was very dark in there so it was difficult to read things anyway.

           Overall, these museums weren't as good as the World Museum that I mentioned in my last post. There was an overwhelming amount of information about ships then barely anything about slavery. Plus it felt like there was no link between them and the International Slavery museum was just this random floor in the middle of more ships. Someone else might enjoy it but it wasn't for me I guess. I did like the small wall full of the public's notes about slavery and race, their opinions and views etc. It was quite emotional. I tried to get a picture of it but again the lighting was terrible in there; I could only just read them when I was closeup, and I'm short-sighted.

          Thank you for reading! That is it for now. I will continue with the Liverpool posts but for now this is it. I plan on posting more regularly and on certain days. I have bought myself a personal planner cover and I am going to create my own. I need to get more organised! The idea now is that I will post about different topics at least three times a week, so be sure to look out for them! Follow me on Bloglovin' (I have recently got it and I am obsessed!) or like my Facebook page to find out when I do post.

If you haven't already, check out my video on YouTube about our short trip to Liverpool here. Also, here is the first part of the trip in blog form.

Thanks for reading (again)! I shall be back soon!
- KC xx


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Liverpool Day 1 - World Museum

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Before I get started, you may be able to tell that I have been working on my blog recently and now I am finally happy with it. I think it looks a lot more professional and stylish and I plan on leaving as it is! The only thing I may change is the banner. I am also possibly working on the size of the pictures on the home page but I'm getting there. I would really like to welcome you to my new blog, I hope you have a look around and leave some feedback in the comments! Obviously there aren't any posts on the beauty and fashion pages just yet but there will be. Thank you!

Now onto the actual post:


          Around two weeks ago now my boyfriend, Ed, and I decided to go on a short two night trip to Liverpool. Since we got back from Mexico we have been dying to go away again and seen as he is off to uni very soon we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time away together. After a lot of research into the cheapest hotels, we finally chose to stay at the Premier Inn at Liverpool One. What a great decision! Honestly, I am so glad we choose to go there. As we both aren't earning enough money, this was the perfect place for us because we found it to be bang smack in between everything we wanted to do. It was £40 per night and so £40 each for the whole trip (not including travel and expenses there of course). We got the train from Preston station to Liverpool Lime Street at around £17 each, so over all it wasn't too bad cost wise. The idea of the trip was to spend as little as possible.

          On the first day, after travelling around an hour on the train, we were able to walk an extremely short distance to the World Museum. Luckily for us, all the museums had lockers where we could store our suitcases if we needed to. On this day, we did need to as we couldn't check in to our hotel until 2pm. 

At the World Museum there are 5 floors so it gave us plenty to do during the day. The main reason I wanted to go to Liverpool was because of the Mayas: revelation of an endless time exhibition that was on because I am in the midst of doing some research for my next play which I hope to be about Mayans considering how much I love Mexico and it's culture. I shall talk some more about the exhibition when I get to that floor. 

          On the first floor there is an aquarium which quite exciting for me to see as I haven't been to an aquarium for at least 15 years. It was no Sea Life Centre and the tanks didn't look the cleanest but overall there was a variety of sea life creatures and it is a place to takes the kids. As you can see from the picture above, the lighting was very dark but I liked it, it set quite a mysterious mood. You really didn't know what fish would be around the corner. Or as we found, an octopus playing with a Pokeball and some large Lego bricks.

          The second floor consists of the Clore Natural History Centre which, according to the website, holds and examine objects including plants, animals and rocks. When we went in there it was basically a bunch of shelves full of fossils. That doesn't exactly make it sound very exciting but it definitely took me back to my nerdy childhood. I used to be obessed with collecting fossils, rocks and stones. I still felt quite nerdy when I could remember the names of most of them. My collection is now in the attic. 
          It may not be one for many people but there was also the bug house filled with creepy crawlies! Don't worry though because they were all behind glass screens. What scared me the most was the giant spider hanging from the ceiling. It was only made out of felt and feathers, to give it the horrific hairy legs, but whenever the ceiling fan was turned on the whole thing would swing and I did not want that thing falling on my head. I was weary and trying to navigate my way around it.

          Onto the MEXICO exhibition (it was just Mexico)! My favourite part, although I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of Coba, the pyramid that we actually climbed. I began by taking picture of all the artifacts and their information then realised I probably would have enough space of the SD card. I did manage to get a fair few photos of the information that will really help me in my research and though that the exhibition was very well laid out with plenty of information. I loved how every piece of information said exactly who it was by and where the artifact had originally come from which will allow me to properly reference those people in my research journal.

What is great about the museum it that every department or exhibition has something for everyone regarding the way they learn. In the Maya exhibition, not only was there the artifacts, there was a screen around every corner showing clips of how the Mayans lived etc. There were large boards of information, interactive games, and of course the staff, well the majority of them, looked friendly enough to approach. I did notice some of the staff showing some kids some artifacts and telling them all about it which I thought was great.

          We're only on the third floor which shows you how much there is to do! On the third floor you'll find objects from different world cultures, more artifacts but this time about the Ancient World. I, particularly, was very glad to see a statue of the Ancient Greek God of Theatre, Dionysus. There is also the Weston Discovery Centre where you can actually touch and physically learn about different objects from around the world.

          After the first three floors, it was past lunch time so it was time to eat. We had taken a packed lunch with us in order to reduce the cost of the trip. I had already checked online that there was a picnic area although when we found it, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. The area was full of children and decorated for children making us feel really uncomfortable. It was a small room with some tables and chairs, none of them very clean and no staff in sight to keep them clean. I had imagined some benches in an area similar to the Natural World part we came to later. Fake trees and a fake grass area so you could literally have a picnic. Maybe with a part outside and a small tuck shop selling snacks and drinks. Instead we had to go up to the top floor to buy an extremely over priced Fanta. (£2 each!!! I have never spent so much on a bottle of pop before!)

Dinosaurs aren't really my thing unless they are in a movie or they are mechanical and moving around. Staring at man-made still versions just isn't very exciting for me. My boyfriend enjoying guessing the names of them all as he went around and any kids we saw were fascinated by them. I love the Natural World though, I love how you could go up to the top of the tree to see what would live up there. It was different and nothing I had seen before. Plus, they had a coati.

It's not exactly the same as seeing the live ones in Mexico sneaking around stealing a child's burger but it was nice to see a mention of one so we could reminisce a little.

          Other than the over-priced drinks in the cafe on the top floor, it stank of baked beans. I honestly hate baked beans and just the smell of them makes me sick. Again, the cafe was full of kids running around and screaming. I would recommend you stick to the ground floor cafe, we didn't go in it but it did look a lot quieter, cleaner and less cramped.
          The final floor wasn't really that interesting, I expected it to be bigger and there to be more about the different planets as it was the space and time section. There was a bunch on stop watches, and clocks showing "watch craftmanship from 1500s to the 1960s" (from the website). Nothing that appealed to me, especially since I wanted to get away from the stench of baked beans.

          Overall I thought that the museum was one of the best museums I have ever been to! There is so much to do and something for everyone. It was great for my research and a great day out! There were a few things I thought that could have been better as I've mentioned, but isn't there everywhere! If I ever go back to Liverpool I would definitely revisit!

          I planned to do one post on my trip to Liverpool but it looks like there are going to be multiple posts. I will do one for each day so be sure to check back for more! If you want to be notified when they are up, follow my blog (button is on the right-hand side) or like my facebook page (button is also on the right-hand side).

          In the meantime, I posted a youtube video with a bunch of clips giving a little insight into our trip so how about you watch that! Please subscribe if you like it, thumbs up, feel free to leave a comment and if you're feeling extra nice, why not share it with your friends (same with this post ;P). 

Thank you for reading and I shall be back soon with another Liverpool post!
See you later!
- KC xx

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

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I'VE BEEN NOMINATED/AWARDED THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! (I used the '/' because if you are nominated, you're awarded it.)

Well, it's not an official award but I still feel quite honoured as it just means I got noticed, even if it is just a little bit. Some of you are probably thinking, "Oh, well that's a bit of a let down" but honestly this award is just a nice way to spread the love by sharing other blogs that are out there. Ultimately, the award then becomes a tag because of the rules regarding it, however I am still going to do it because I think it is a nice and simple way to share and help out other people's blogs.

Here are the rules. It's simple really.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. I'd like to say a big thank you to Coral for the nomination. (Here's the link to the post - She posts a lot of different things from her new found love of adult colouring books to more personal thing like her experiences with jobs and emotional break downs. If you'd like to check her blog out then click here. I chose to link you to the magazine style of her blog as I really like how it's different to the classic style that I and many others use. Something I do love about her blog is that she does give you the option to use different designs like the magazine. If you prefer you can change it back to the classic blog style or you could switch it up and look at snapshots of her posts. Also the background give you an immediate good feel with the bright summery colours of a turquoise blue with pink flamingos. After you've checked out her blog, don't forget to give her Facebook page a like (her name will send you straight there) so that it is easier for you to be informed when she uploads a new post. She has also begun posting videos on YouTube so why not check her out and leave a comment saying I sent you :D
  2. Select 15 Bloggers that you nominate. I'm going to be honest here. 15 bloggers is a lot to select for an award, especially when normally only one person is selected for a normal award. So instead of selecting 15, I am going to choose 5.
  • Monologuing by soapymerry (Sophie) - Sophie is a friend of mine I know from my drama class at college. Since I started up my YouTube and blogging properly again she has been nothing but supportive in everything I have done! I want to thank her so much. Not only is she supportive of blogging, she recently started her own blog which I think you should all check out. She posts film reviews, logs of her babysitting days, and updates on her new Uni life. Yes, Sophie has very recently moved into her house where she will spend part, if not all of her university life in. She has been posting updates about her university experience in Portsmouth. If any of you are interesting about university life then Sophie's blog is the one for you! Her reviews are also the best advertising the movie companies can get as she manages to even make me watch a film that I would usually have absolutely no interest in. 
  • The Clique by ThatSoBekaah (Rebecca) - Rebecca, or Bekah, also has another blog that is however that blog is mainly for beauty, fashion and lifestyle sort of posts. What I love about her Clique blog is that it is complete random stuff, almost anyway. She gives advice, talks about her life and goals, talks about her favourite music and travels... She talks about everything! I love when blogs post about anything and everything because, not only does it give you more of an insight into that person's life, it also lets you have a little surprise every time a post goes up because you are never fully sure of what the post may be about. I am going to take inspiration from The Clique as every post has it's own picture or photo. I love how it brightens up a post and catches your eye. It makes me want to read the post more so I think that is something I need to start doing. I need to add more pictures, even if it is just a title in some fancy fonts and colours. Finally, Bekah is part of the CreatiCon team (check out their Facebook page for more information on that) and what I think that they are doing it amazing. It's a great way for us small (and big) YouTubers to meet up, share our work and advice and just generally have a great time. Even better, it's local to me so I can go!
  • Made From Beauty by Sam - Now, although Sam's blog is mostly beauty related, she does also post about her travels, homeware and general life. Let's start with the design of her blog. I absolutely love it. I love the simplicity of the black and white, how easy it is to get to a certain genre or post and overall it looks incredibly professional. I think I need to spend some more time on the design of mine after looking at hers. Again, much like ThatSoBekaah's blog, I love the use of photos. This time though, Sam uses her's throughout and has them to be very specific and completely shows what her blog post is about. Think of your favourite beauty vlogger on YouTube. Sam is basically that in written form. She posts everything from wish list's to picture diaries (I think I shall be using her London Picture Diary post as inspiration for some of my own because I love the idea and I love her style!). Not only is she a great blogger, I reckon she has a great eye for photography too because all her photos are simply beautiful! Although I have only recently found her page, I love it already and can't wait to read more!
  • Ronnie Diaries by Weronica - Yet again, Weronica makes me realise how important pictures are to a blog. I definitely need to start using them. I've noticed my blog is kinda just a place I like to write random stuff, but seen as so many other people take it so seriously, I think I need to. At least a little more than I already do. I basically need to make my blog look more professional. It looks so much more prettier like that, as Weronica's blog shows! Her posts are heavily based around beauty but she does delve into her own life a little every now and a again with posts all about her Instagram photos etc. The Instagram mixes, I think, are a great way to spread your social media and link them all together, I think I need to do that more. Something in particular about Weronica's blog that I love so much is how not only does she post in English, in many of her posts, she also writes the Polish translation. I admire anyone who can speak two languages! One of my goals at the moment is to learn another language (probably Spanish though because they didn't do it at my school). 
  • All Things Amrit by Amrit - Unlike the previous blogs I talked about, Amrit posts about food which I don't often see a lot of. As soon as you click on her 'Food' page you see a beautifully colourful picture of a plate of fruit. I love pictures like that because they make me want to eat a lot healthier just from one simple look. She also posts advice for other bloggers making life a lot cheaper and easier for us. I shall definitely be using some of her tricks! I've spoke about the design of the others so I'll speak about the design of All Things Amrit. It's stylish, simple and sophisticated. Three S's! The black, grey and white colour scheme with the dash of pinks adds a professional girly touch to her beauty blogging but also keeps it bright and summery for other posts creating a positive feel!

What I have learnt from these blogs:
- I need to use more photos and pictures in my posts (as if I hadn't already mentioned that enough already)
- I need to work on making the design of my blog more professional and stylish
- I need to post more and be more serious about posting, just as I am with my YouTube
- Work on getting followers on google+ as I have 2 followers and honestly just doesn't look that great to show on your page, no matter how many views you may actually get (I have never bothered about it much before)
- I have noticed a lot of people have a bloglovin' follow button on their blogs and I honestly had no idea what this was but I have now downloaded the app to figure it all out (so follow me on there and leave me a comment explaining what it really is)
- I should change up my pages on my blog to separate the different posts that I do into different categories
- I should work on doing more specific posts rather than just saying what I'm going to go or rambling 

Now of course it's not necessary that you pass it on but I suppose it's a nice way to show some support and appreciation for your favourite bloggers whether they are big or small (seriously though, if you decide to nominate a big blogger like Zoella for example, I very much doubt that they will give you thanks and little promo on their blog, and I suppose that is what this is about)!

I have actually really enjoyed writing this post. It has inspired me and made more even more excited to get on with what I have planned! I suppose I better get my camera out!

Hope you guys like this post and check out some of my favourite bloggers and maybe they will become your favourites too!

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!
See you all very soon! (NEW VIDEO TOMORROW)
-KC xx