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Sunday, 24 January 2016

An Unexciting Week - Sunday Photo


I say that because I have now officially paid for Babbel! If you don't know, it's an online course to help you learn a new language, my chosen language being Spanish. I wrote in my bucket list saying that I wanted to learn how to speak Spanish so, as long as I stick with it, I'm on my way! My Bucket List post is in need of a slight update!

Overall this week I haven't done much. I'm proud to say that I have regularly been going to the gym! Unfortunately, I did my back in on Friday whilst at work so I can't really say I've had a good week. Honestly, I've been feeling a bit confused, depressive and just generally down, I may get to that in another post when I'm fully ready to talk about it. I can't do that now because I don't know enough myself, hence the confusion.

As you'll know from last Sunday's post, I did go bowling and I was going to use a photo from that but I don't have the photos so I've had to wing it a little. I decided to use one of the photos I took of my 'The Giver' book the other day for my post, simply because it was my first time taking proper photos for my blog and using my studio lights! It's nice to know I'm starting to working on my goals for 2016, both on my bucket list and my blogging goals!

I know it's not exactly a particularly exciting photo for this week's Sunday Photo but it's the best I could do for this unexciting week. My books had their very own photo shoot as I tried every angle possible. My studio lights worked very well and I am very pleased and glad I bought them! Now onto using them to film videos...

This week I do have more exciting plans so on Sunday you can see what has gone on!

Plans for this week:
 - Go to the gym.
 - Get my haircut.
 - Get involved in a theatre company.
 - Learn some more Spanish, and log what I have achieved.
 - Go on a day trip out somewhere.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've had a much more exciting week! Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!

- KC xx

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