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Friday, 15 January 2016

Beauty Things I Shouldn't Do

Yellow there everybody,

Today I thought I would list a few things beauty related that I am terrible for doing all the time that I most likely shouldn't be doing. Don't judge me because I'm sure many of you are just as bad in some ways! I know I'm not exactly one for being incredibly good with make-up or looking after my skin but I still know what I should and shouldn't do.

Here they are:

- Leaving my chipped nail varnish on for way too long after they were first painted.
- Doing my make-up in the morning and just thinking "that will do" and not actually taking any proper care to look half-decent.
- Putting my make-up on in bad lighting.
- Never cleaning my make-up brushes.
- Going to sleep with my make-up on.
- If I do take my make-up off then I only use a wipe and don't bother with cleanser.
- Using a foundation that isn't matched to my skin tone.
- Not using moisturiser or primer enough.
- Only ever buying make-up because it's cheap.
- Washing my hair everyday.
- Using cheap eyeliners that smudge easily.
- Not experimenting with different colours of eye shadow.
- Having my make-up exactly the same everyday.
- Not wearing perfume. Or putting some on once and expecting it to last all day or night.
- Picking my mascara off when it clumps and then accidentally pulling out a clump of eyelashes.
- Use my nails to pluck my eyebrows.
- I have never used a face mask.
- Not reapplying my lipstick and expecting it to somehow last a whole night.
- Not brushing my hair.
- Not getting my hair cut often enough.
So there are just some of the thing that I do but I probably shouldn't. Let me know if you do any of the things above! Or maybe you do some other things? Leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!
- KC xx


  1. There are a couple of things there that I am also guilty of! Such as not washing my makeup brushes often & putting my makeup on in bad lighting to the point where I realise I look like krusty the clown, ha!



    1. That genuinely made me laugh :'D I've got to the point where I just hope for the best because the lighting in my room is so bad!

  2. I am guilty to almost everything on this list, and I really shouldn't be doing it. This post has literally reminded me to go get off my arse after I've posted this comment and take my make-up off. AND cleanse.

  3. I'm pretty much guilty to everything on your list! At least I know I'm not the only one! Love your blog X

    1. Me too! Thanks for commenting and letting me know :') Love yours too!

  4. Oh wow, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get my hair cut enough! I even have several good friends who work at a salon literally around the corner from my house. I guess I always put it off thinking to myself I can just get it done

    1. I seriously need to get mine cut soon! I think it was June when I last got mine cut!