THE SUN IS ALIVE! - Sunday Photo - Kira L Curtis

Sunday, 10 January 2016

THE SUN IS ALIVE! - Sunday Photo


It's Sunday again which means time for my second ever Sunday photo! I took this photo on purpose for my Sunday Photo blog post just to show people that the sun does exist and it isn't always raining. Ok, yes I somehow managed to go out for a walk and get home just before it started to rain again but whilst on the walk the weather was surprising lovely, or at least lovely in comparison. It was still cold but the sun was trying to come out and the wind was holding off. Finally I managed to get myself a bit of fresh air!

The sun piercing through the clouds! I thought this photo was quite beautiful in a way as the windmill is almost in silhouette, and I'm sure it would be if I decided to edit the photo a little but I decided not to.  
Hope you're ready for some more listography this week! I have a few posts planned and then we're fully into what will be a healthy, fulfilling year!

See you soon!
- KC xx

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