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Sunday, 17 January 2016

WINNERS - Sunday Photo

Good evening!

I've just got back from a great night out bowling and I'm actually quite tired but that's not going to stop me from keeping up my regular posts! I'm very proud of myself for keeping up this whole 4 posts a week thing. I really don't know how some people post every day. I know, of course you can schedule posts, but I prefer to write at most two posts a day and schedule them! They must write everyday! I guess if you've got the time then it's a great thing to be able to do!

Here I am with my Sunday photo! This week I have chosen I picture I took on Friday at the local pier amusements. Where I live it's difficult to find something exciting to do but when we got there we found out they had got a load of new arcade games! NEW TICKET MACHINES! They've never had ticket machines before! With what little money we already had, we tried our best to make it last and to win as many tickets as we could before it closed! We did manage to win 211 tickets! We were very proud! I got a fancy pen and mini notebook and Ed, who I was with, got a packet of Haribo and lolly. I know Ed will be reading this so I better mention that this day was kind of a little celebration date thingy for our 2 years. As of the 14th of January, we have officially been together for two years, so happy 2 years Ed!
You can already see the tickets adding up!

And there's the evidence of the full 211!

See ya!
- KC xx

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