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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Advantages of having your Own Domain


I'm feeling pretty excited right now as I can finally say that I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN! Welcome to! Ok, so nothing has changed on my actual blog but there is no longer that annoying (no offense blogspot/blogger). I had been putting off buying a domain since I started my blog because I wanted to be sure I would take my blog seriously before I committed to spending the money. Lucky for me, is a lot cheaper than I had expected so I looked into it further! I am happy in saying that I only paid £1.10 for the year and I get a free month of my own e-mail address too! After that it only goes up to around £8 for the year which I am happy to pay. After the year, the price of my domain also goes up to £7.99. £7.99 for the year though, that isn't bad at all!

I struggled a little getting it set up so I rang which wasn't much help as I don't think the American guy on the other end of the phone understood what I was saying. I then spoke to Leland over the online chat and he/she was very helpful and sorted it for me!

Advantages of having your own domain:

- Looks more professional.

- Helps get a better position in search engines.

- Easier for people to remember.

 -You can have your own professional contact e-mail (for example, mine is now

- It is easier to publicise and write out when you don't have to include the sub-domain (eg.

- It officially becomes a brand.

Obviously, I'm not an expert as I have only just got one myself but I like it as I actually feel like I can work on growing my domain authority and increase views on more of a business level. Blogging is something I really enjoy doing so as you can imagine, this excites me! Now it's time to focus on working with brands and maybe one day this will be a full time thing. It's a lot more exciting than my current day job!

What are your opinions on having your own domain?

Wish me luck!
- KC

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