Lytham Sportfest - August 2016 - Kira L Curtis

Friday, 18 March 2016

Lytham Sportfest - August 2016

Hello all!

Today I want to introduce to you all a new festival coming to Lytham. We already have the Beer festivals and of course the Lytham Festival but this year, August 2016, we have a new festival coming to town. I'd like you all to welcome Lytham Sportfest!

Lytham Sportfest, founded by Mark Selby, is being run by a bunch of local "sports-obsessive" men and women who have the aim of improving all local sport facilities. In partnership with the local YMCA and other sport clubs, it will be taking place August 27th to 29th across Lytham. There will be Yoga on Lytham Green, running at Lytham Hall, roller derby at Lytham YMCA and all sorts going on at Park View 4U.

Here are their aims (taken from the website):

  • to hold annual multi-sports events in Lytham to include various local sports clubs & community groups
  • to encourage children and adults to take part or have a go at new sports
  • to increase public participation in exercise to improve health in the region
  • to support local sports groups with surplus income    

Here's a helpful infographic found on their website giving you plenty of information!

So far, things seem to be going very well and many people are showing their support, including popular shops in town like Stringers, and next on the agenda is to speak with the council. Hopefully all will go to plan!

Here's a list of some of the activities taking place:

List of activities. (Found on their Facebook page and Twitter - get liking and following!)
There are still many more activities to be announced and most times are to be confirmed but you can start booking your places on certain activities now by checking out their website! Many activities will be free and others are extremely inexpensive so make sure you book your place!

For all you kind hearted helpers out there, they are still looking for volunteers to help out over the weekend so get in contact here!

Are there any events like this near you? What would like to get involved in? - I can't wait for a good ol' game of tug of war, how fun will that be?!

Ciao for now!
- KC xx


  1. Some awesome activities happening! It's always nice to see communities do things like this :)

  2. Interesting! I like that the sports are all varied, junior yoga! Awesome!