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Monday, 20 June 2016

Summer To-Do List 2016

Hey there everyone!

Today is my final day in Mexico and it's got me thinking about what I want to do now that my holiday time is over. It's summer back in England and I'm not sure how nice it's been recently but if it's anything like it was before we left, we have a long hot summer ahead of us! I'm sure there will be lots of  rain too though!

I'd like to be able to make the most of my summer since Ed, my boyfriend, will be home from uni and I don't get out often enough. Here is just a brief list of things I want to do this summer:

(All photos are from my time here in Mexico and are taken on my iPad as they are the only photos I have at the moment - one or two may be updated when I am back home to something more appropriate to the topic!)

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- Go for long walks in the countryside

- Catch up on my tbr pile to help me in my reading challenge

- Go running outdoors

- Spend a couple of days at the caravan

- Go trekking/hiking in the Lake District

 - Host a bbq with some friends

- Get some work experience/new job

- Post photos on my Instagram regularly to show what I'm up to

- Go on days out to at least 3 new places within driving distance

- Try out at least 5 new recipes

- Write some more of my story that I begun writing

- Hire a beach hut with some friends and spend a day by the seaside

- Be a tourist in Blackpool (visit the tower, sea life centre, Madame Tussaud's, etc.)

- Go to Go Ape in Rivington

- Go canoeing

This summer, in August, I shall also be taking part in the 5K Adrenaline rush!

That is it, for the time being anyway. I hope that doing Hesse will help out my 2016 bucket list and my summer fitness goals. Might as well complete as much as I can! I don't want it to suddenly be winter and then be left feeling like I have done nothing! Here's to a fun-filled summer! Let's all hope we have nice t-shirt weather!

See you all soon, when I'm back in England!

- KC xx


  1. This is such a great To-Do list, I'm with you 100% on the going for long walks! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. My plan is to catch up on reading too. I have been really slacking recently, and I have a ton of books to read.

  3. I want to try out some new recipes too, I feel like I have recently become stuck in a rut with what we are eating. Also reading is high on my list of things to do, I used to read a new book every 3 days and now I'm lucky if it's every 3 months! xx

  4. You've got some lovely goals here! I love Go Ape, the one at Grizedale Forest is so much fun! <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. We have no plans for the summer at all, we will just take it one day at a time, there are a few things I want to do though x

  6. Great list, I'm planning on doing the long walks to they can be great to clear the mind.

  7. I'm very behind on my TBR pile already and hoping to make some progress on it too. What's on your list? :)

  8. Sounds like a great summer wishlist, I really want to go to go ape as well! x

  9. My TBR pile is currently at 8 books and I really want to make a dent in that x

  10. Wow I hope Mexico was good! This looks like a great list. Definitely like the idea of being a tourist

  11. Those are great activities. Simply walking in the countryside would be fantastic. I have lots of hiking activities this summer too. :)

  12. The weather is crap here lol but loving your to-do list for this summer. Hope you had fun in Mexico

  13. I live on to-do lists but they're always chore or work related so it's a great idea to make a goal list of fun activities. And these look totally achievable too!

  14. Fantastic summer to do list! I should really do one , especially with having a newborn on the way. I can't wait for summer holidays to start

  15. I have a summer to do list too with some fun activities and things I want to work on. I have already done some of them still have a few to go!

  16. What a wonderful list of great things to do. I hope you get to do same of it if not all.