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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bucket List 2016 Half-Year Update


As a blogger it seems only right that I do a half-year update on my bucket list. It's a thing we bloggers do when July comes around. Can you believe it's July?! This is the first year I've had off from education and it seems to have gone pretty fast. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that I feel like I've got nothing done...

Well now is the time to find out what I have actually accomplished.

So here is my 2016 bucket list and notes on how much I have actually achieved:

- Go to Mexico! - Number one on the list, done. I was so glad that I could actually make this happen! I still have more posts to come about Mexico but for the time being you can read about Tulum here!

- Visit the theatre to see at least three musicals. - So far I have seen two out of three. Earlier in the year, back in February, I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and a musical called Miss Nightingale. Both of them were fantastic and it was great to see Joe McElderry perform live - he has an amazing voice. I didn't know what to expect with Miss Nightingale. I read the synopsis and liked the sound of it but I was completely blown away by the whole production. Unfortunately one of my cats passed away that very same day so I was distraught but the show did cheer me up. The cast were phenomenally talented!

- Catch up on all TV series' that I have watched. - I caught up on Vampire Diaries at the beginning of the year, and Arrow, but now I am slightly behind again. I also only have a few episodes of Once Upon a Time episodes to watch then I'm all caught up. If the episodes aren't on Netflix then I think the rest will have to wait for a bit.

- Write a book. - I doubt this is going to happen. I initially thought I would have a lot more time where I could sit down and just write but I have been so focused on my blog and working that I just haven't had the time. Now I'm off to uni in September I doubt I will have much time then too. I will definitely make an effort to read over what I wrote and see where things go.

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- Read at least 60 books. - Oh dear. I wish I had. According to my Goodreads, I have only managed to read 2 books. WHAT?! I could've sworn I had read at least 5! Either way, that is still pretty bad and I'm trying my best to make that change. If I work really hard I reckon I could still manage it but who knows what my life will be like when I'm at uni. I am currently 31 books behind schedule apparently. Wish me luck!

- Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. - No, I haven't yet completed this. Instead I have watched all the Harry Potter films again. Oh well. I can see a couple of movie nights with my housemates in the near future. Popcorn at the ready!

- Start other TV programmes from the start. - I starts The Flash at the beginning of the year and now only have the last couple of episodes to watch. I already can't wait for season 3, especially since Tom Felton is going to be a regular! I also started and finished Gossip Girl. I can't believe I had never watched it before. I loved every second of it. I will admit that I got obsessed and was devastated that it finished. That said, I really did love the ending! I start 90210 from the beginning too. I have actually seen season 3 and 4 of it but I need to watch the rest. So me and my mum keep having little 90210 nights. 

- Research and write a play. - I did start the research, bought some books and everything. So far I haven't gone any further with it but it really does interest me so, like the book, I'd like to make and effort to sit down and carry it on!

- Get a job somewhere that I find really interesting. - No need now. I wrote this one with no intention of going to uni and now here I am doing my kitchen shopping at IKEA (next week hopefully)!

- Go to see at least 10 shows.- I have been to see those two musicals, worked back stage helping with props during another show, been to a concert and also starred in a show. Do the shows we saw on holiday count too? There was a show on in Mexico every night and they were all fantastic. I do also have tickets to see an outdoor production of The Hobbit tomorrow night and a lecture by Brian Cox later in the year (hopefully I can make it). Doing a drama course, I do expect I will be able to push that number through the roof!

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- Make time where I look after myself. - I have been trying. I have had more baths this year than I have done in the past 10 years so that is a plus. I also received a 7-day face mask set to review that I shall be trying out next week!

- Become a blood donor. - Done. You can read about the whole experience here!

- Raise money for at least three different charities. - You can sponsor me for my 5K Adrenaline Rush over on justgiving! I also hope that while I'm at university, I can get involved in some charity work.

- Enter a fitness obstacle course race-type event. - I have entered the 5K Adrenaline Rush that takes place in Manchester on August 6th!

- Keep my fitness up! - You can keep updated with my fitness journey over on my fitness page

- Creat my own recipe book full of healthy recipes to try. - Before I go to university this will definitely be on the list of top things to do. That way I will also have a list of things I can make close by!

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- Experiment with baking. - I have done a bit more baking this year but it's mostly been chocolate cakes so I think it's about time I tried something new! I can't wait for sugar cookies at Christmas!

- Do some home decorating. - The intention for this one was to help my parents redecorate the kitchen, but I was always at work when they did it. I have changed around my bedroom a couple of times though!

- Paint and frame my own painting. - I'm not very artistic so this is going very far...

- Start a scrapbook. - Pictures are in the process of getting printed out. I have my scrapbook and random crafty things. Time to start sticking!

- Attend a craft fair. - I have a few booked in my diary!

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- Make more time for promoting my YouTube channel and blog. - I've been doing well with my blog. I post regularly. I promote it across my social media pages etc. YouTube however has taken a massive turn for the worst. I haven't even been filming anything, let alone uploading it. It's about time I get back to it!

- Play my piano. - My piano has become a bedside table...

- Learn Spanish. - I did pay for an online course with babbel but due to the lack of time I've had recently I've had to cancel it. I did learn a lot in the time I had it though and wrote everything down so I could look back at a later date. I have every intention of restarting the course once I have a bit more time!

- Learn to play the guitar. - I did start to learn a song at one point but now it has also become a piece of bedroom furniture.

- Get involved in a dance/theatre school to help out and volunteer. - I became a member of Fylde Coast Players. I joined part way through a production so I helped out back stage in props and then I went on the read for a role in The Miser. As of last Saturday, we have now finished the production! It was an outdoor play in which I played the role of Marianne!

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- Travel to at least 3 places in England where I have never been before. - I stayed in Essex for two nights earlier on in the year and during that trip we got to spend some more time in London doing more touristy things which I have never done before! Whilst at uni, I intend to explore Hull and the surrounding areas in Yorkshire some more too!

- Get all my library books back or renewed before they are due. - I was terrible at getting my books back on time but finally they are all back and I currently don't have any out at all.

- Go on 5 cycling routes in the local area. - I did go to a cycling event down at Lytham Hall on International Women's day and I have done a bit of cycling. However, my front tire is being funny. I think it has a slow puncture. Either way, something isn't right and it needs to get fixed before I take it to uni.

- Plan a party. - I planned a fancy girls night in with my two best friends. I prepared loads of food, got the drinks ready and then we watch High School Musical. What a perfect night?!

- Have a Harry Potter Marathon. - It might not be a marathon, but I have being watching all of the Harry Potter films over the past two weeks. I only have the final one to watch now. I forgot how much I loved these films!

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There we go then. I have failed quite miserably... So far. I know it's only half way through the year but I do know for a fact that quite a few of these won't get done at all before the end of the year. I guess it's because of the change in circumstance. When I came up with this bucket list, I had no intention whatsoever in going to university this year. All that has now changed in such a hurry so I think it's probably best that I rethink these bucket list ideas. Look out for a new 2016 bucket list coming your way over the next few weeks! 

All in all, I guess I haven't done too bad this year. I have got involved in my local community much more, including the local gym, Lytham Sportfest, Lytham Life and Style, and Fylde Coast Players. All of which I didn't expect myself to be doing. I'm very glad I did though because I have made some fantastic friends along the way! Of course I didn't expect to be going to university either, so here's to the unexpected things. Cheers to that!

Hope you've all done much better than I have at achieving your goals!
See you soon!
- KC xx

How have your goals changed over the year? Are you keeping up with your bucket list?


  1. This is a great list! 60 books!? Wow impressive target, I set myself 20 and I don't think I'll reach it. I don't have an official bucket list but really think I should write one!

  2. That's an amazing list. 2 or 5 is still better than me. With my little girl I'm lucky to get through a leaflet haha.

  3. I think you've done great! That was quite some bucket list! Good luck with the rest. Kaz x

  4. Sorry to hear about your kitty :( glad that the show helped you feel a bit better though and your bucket list is perfect x

  5. I am wishing you luck with the rest of your goals, I love using Goodreads to keep track of what I have and havent read x

  6. Sounds like you're doing so well! I've been to the theatre quite a lot this year, definitely something I'm getting back into :)

  7. wow thats an impressive bucket list and it sounds like you have got lots done already! Good luck on ticking off lots more over the next 6months ! xx

  8. It's great that you have shared how you have got on half way through, I would love to do something like this for myself too!


  9. I've love to go to Mexico too. I was looking at flight packages yesterday! I also want to see all of the LOTR films! Great post :)


  10. Sorry to hear about your cat :( you've done pretty well with your bucket list though. I've only seen one of the LOTR films x

  11. Well done for ticking so much off your list! I love Mexico, and I can't wait to go back one day.

  12. Sounds like you've made a good dent on your list, I recommend going to see school of rock later this year when it comes out. x

  13. Wow, it sounds like you've been super busy with all your goals! I'm so jealous of your trip to Mexico, my brother is going in September and it looks amazing ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  14. Gosh, your bucket list is awesome. I'd love to do some of those things too. It's great that you've been working on them!

  15. WOW your bucket list is huge - it's nice to have a mid-year catch up with your goals I think - congrats on the ones you've achieved so far x

  16. "my piano has become a bedside table" hahah this made me laugh so much!!! TO be fair, you've achieved quite a lot so you're doing well. Sometimes some goals just have to wait that bit longer, especially if life changes like you going to uni.

  17. You've made amazing progress but boy was your bucket list long! Good luck!

  18. Good luck with all your goals. I hope you meet everyone of them.

  19. I really need to make a bucket list, I'd definitely have some of these on mine!

  20. Your dough so well! I need to write my bucket list x

  21. What a great list and you've made amazing progress!

  22. good luck with the goals! I need to do mine soon :)

  23. What a super bucket list! Best of luck with the second half of the year - you can do it! :)

  24. One of my dreams has been to write a book since I was so young and I still have faith that one day I'll do it! Great bucket list - I love going to the theatre so that's another great one! :)

  25. Good luck with your goals. I planned to write a book, it was a horror, I wrote less than a page, freaked myself out and that was the end of that lol.

  26. You have quiet a lot of goals and done a lot more than you realise. I have monthly goals which I work on monthly then my bucketlist is travel and also done with the 10+ countries to visit this year

  27. You're doing quite well! One of my plans was to visit Mexico but I've unfortunately had to push that back but I'm getting further with writing my own book and catching up on all TV! x

  28. You're doing great at this! I wish I had made an actual list at the beginning of the year hah x