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Monday, 18 July 2016

Join In with #IamTeamGB at Lytham Sportfest

Hello Everybody!

You may remember that I did a post, a while back now, about a new festival that's coming to the little old town of Lytham - the Lytham Sportfest! My post actually did very well around our local area to help get some people's attention and gain some interest. I got noticed by a local Lytham supporter and owner of Lytham Life and Style who then asked if they could use the post on their website, I gladly agreed and since then I have wrote another post for her!

Since I published that post, I have also met with Mark Selby, the founder of Lytham Sportfest who has asked me to be a volunteer at the event helping to get it across social media by photographing everything and doing all that I can. I said that I would be more than happy to get involved in such an event. Only recently, I got another email from him asking if I could go down to our local park (Park View) and photograph everything that's going on as ITV Granada Reports were coming down to do some interviews as part of the #IamTeamGB campaign!

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Interview Day

14th July is the launch day of the #IamTeamGB campaign and around 11am, Park View was full of energetic school children and Lytham Sportfest supporters. It was such a great turn out! There were classes from two fairly local primary schools, one of which just happened to be there on a school trip but then wanted to get involved. A few ladies turned up ready to do a bit of tennis. Members from the local YMCA and the local news papers showed their support too. The kids began playing cricket and doing races showing their love of sports and being active creating the perfect atmosphere and back drop to the main interviews that were a little later on.

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Everyone getting photographed for the local papers, the Lytham St Annes Express and the Blackpool Gazette.
For starters, what a lovely day it was for everyone to be out doing a bit of exercise. Secondly, the enthusiasm everyone showed towards the festival and taking part in sports really was inspiring. All of the kids were happily dancing to the music and then arranging their own sports games to play. I noticed some having a go at the good old 'duck duck goose'! When the cameras turned up, they were more than happy to show off their bowling skills in a game of cricket or of course, some cartwheels. The ladies took part in some quick drills too, before getting their rackets out for some tennis rallies.

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Go to do your warm ups!

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Tennis time!
British pole vaulter Max Eaves turned up to say hello to the kids and encourage everyone to get involved in sport. He spoke about how no matter what ability you are, there is always a club somewhere that you can get involved in. Max himself has competed in many sporting events and only just missed out on the Rio 2016 qualifiers due to injury. He is still very determined and hopes to be competing in next years London World Championships, and we wish him the best of luck. He was a great inspiration to the kids who happily got down and did a few press ups with him in a photo opportunity! The journalist loved it!

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Photographer from the newspapers talking with the local school children and Max

Proud member and supporter of the Join In campaign, Clive Barley, was there to promote volunteering within sports. Join In is a charity that works to promote local sports clubs and groups by helping provide them with volunteers. It's all about getting involved with your local community. Currently they are also promoting the #IamTeamGB campaign to help people find sporting events across the country to keep them busy and active, especially on the 27th of August.

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The local YMCA, friends of Park View, and general sport fans turned up to support the campaign.
Lytham Sportfest shall be one of the events that you can attend on August 27th as part of the #IamTeamGB campaign and you can find it through Join In too as it is an entirely volunteer run event. #IamTeamGB is brought to you by the likes of the National Lottery and ITV, whilst being supported by the British Olympic Association (and of course Join In). If you watched ITV news on Thursday night, you will know that ITV shall be turning completely off for an hour on that day to encourage people to go out and be active. If you missed it you can watch the Lytham Sportfest coverage here.

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All together with Sportfest founder, Mark Selby, and pole vaulter, Max Eaves.

Interview time! In came Granada Reports who caught some footage of the children playing their cricket and winning their races and then interviewed 5 children from the different schools. Then it was onto Max Eaves, then Mark Selby, both telling the cameras what you can get up to down in Lytham on the 27th August (Lytham Sportfest is actually a two day event so you can come down on the Sunday too!).

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Interview, granada reports, news, itv, pole vault, british, olympics, fitness, sport

Interview, granada reports, news, itv, lytham sportfest, sports, fitness, iamteamgb, rio 2016

The entire day was a get success and a fantastic way to launch Lytham Sportfest and the #IamTeamGB campaign!

If your interested in getting involved, head over to Lytham Sportfest to find out what's on! 

Lytham Sportfest
August 27th & 28th

Hope to see you there!
- KC xx

Had you heard of the #IamTeamGB campaign? Will you be getting out to be active on August 27th?


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