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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Stationery Shopping

Hello everyone!

It's time to admit your darkest secret...

You're obsessed with stationery.

Or at least I am...

Ever since I was a kid, a new set of colouring pencils or pens and funky rubbers were what I wished for at Christmas. Stamp sets, new pencil cases, bendy rulers. I've lost count of how many notebooks I actually own. I can't help it. If I see something bright, colourful and unusual, I have to buy it. Or maybe it's a smart, sophisticated leather-look journal. I have a whole collection that still needs to grow. Of course pencils and pens don't last forever and notebooks do fill up (eventually) so it just makes a fantastic excuse to go buy more.

Hopefully you'll know by now that come September, I am off to university. What could be more of a perfect time to be buying more stationery. I'll been on the look out for some of my favourite items. They've got to be weird and wonderful, completely unique. Stylish comedy is a good way to go. Meaning I like it when I have some things that are pretty stylish and some that make you giggle a little!


I find that notebooks are always needed in everyday life, whether it's to jot down ideas or full on revision and studying. I have a notebook for everything. There's one for blog ideas, book lists, Spanish phrases, general writing, etc. I always make sure I have a stack of unused ones just in case. I prefer to keep different topics of my life separate. I'm all for different designs. It's how one topic stands out from another!

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Magical Notebook - £3.16

I love little quirky sayings and quotes, especially if they link to the topic I plan on writing about inside. For example, I'd most likely write book lists in the JK Rowling quoted "Magical" notebook. I often use actual journals for research of a particular topic. Research journals were my specialty in college and I'm hoping they still are at university!


Ring-binders, folders, stationary, work, office, lifestyle, university

Ring-binders - the staple college-life item. They are the one thing, among books, you will see every high school student in American movies carrying. There is just something about carrying them in yours arms, opposed to in your bag, that makes a person look that bit more intelligent. Am I right? Just me? Oh well. It's always satisfying to have an empty folder at the start of term then having to completely reorganise it at the end of term when it's completely full. No need for something too fancy though as it's bound to get damaged. Sometimes the best folders are the plain coloured ones.

Sticky Notes

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Reminders - £12.50

My favourite. I have a whole tub full of different types of sticky notes. Index tabs are the most important for studying but general sticky notes come in handy for all kinds of lifestyle. They are handy as quick memo pads that you can stick up on your wall or around your computer to remind you to do things. The ultimate reminder. Quirky sticky notes are always fun to use, plus you're more likely to see something if it's a bright colour or has large bold font on it!

Bits & Bobs (Pens, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, etc.)

stationary, novelty, home, work, office, highlighters, pens, organisation

Flamingo Pens - £3.49

You can't deny that it's always a bit of fun to have some daft, novelty pieces of stationery. Not only are they great conversation starters but it makes organising your life and studying much more fun. Even when planning blog posts I use my fineliners all the time! Writing in alternative colours helps keep me focused and I feel more awake compared to using a black pen all the time!

It's about time we freshen up our pencil cases and stationery organiser and brighten up our lives! It's summer (well it's supposed to be) and we need some colour around us! It's also amazing how much more motivated I get once I bought new stationery. Similar thing happens when I buy new fitness gear too! Let's just all go shopping and we'll be the most productive we could ever be!

Hope you enjoy stationary shopping!
- KC xx

How often do you buy new stationery? Do you feel like buying new stuff helps keep you motivated?


  1. I love this post, I tend to buy way more stationary than is necessary! I love the flamingo pen and I need all of those notebooks! xo

  2. I love shopping for stationary! I even have a loyalty card for Paperchase! Their notebooks with plastic covers are so pretty and perfect for my work in the lab!

  3. Oh I do love a good bit of stationary shopping! I loved your picks!

  4. I love this stationary, so sweet! I love the "crap I gotta get done" notepad!

  5. I definitely agree that new stuff helps me keep motivated! I love notepads and pens in particular!

  6. I have a slight stationary addiction too. Love getting new pens & notebooks in particular.

  7. This makes me miss scrapbooking. Love the vintage leaf journal and the notebook with the world map cover. :)

  8. I love stationery, I have an unhealthy habit of buying pretty notebooks... I love the blue and copper one in your list :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE stationery. I'm forever buying notebooks and other bits, it's an obsession. I really like the ASAP notes!

  10. When I was younger the best thing about the school holidays was generally going to buy all new stationary ready to start back in September. I have so many notebooks and pens now I don't know what to do with them but I can't stop buying them haha x

  11. We get through loads of stationary at mine, great choices.

  12. I love shopping for note books a lot. Love the ones you got here.

  13. I swear I could spend all of my money on stationary haha everything looks lovely x

  14. I have those nail polish highlighters and I love them. Great picks.

  15. I love shopping for stationary but lately not had the excuse to do it until I got approved on a master's course so I will be doing some required shopping soon

  16. Me too! Absolutely love stationary. Just wish I used it more than I do now.

  17. I love stationery so much! I always buy far too many notebooks, and have to stop myself from buying a load of bits for myself when I'm stocking up for my sons ;-)

  18. I definitely have a stationary addiction. When I was younger I was obsessed with buying pencils on school trips haha xxx

  19. I need those Flamingo Pens and Sticky Notes in my office like right now! Yes im ordering

  20. Ohmigod, you've just destroyed my bank account! LOL. I've added a ton of stuff to my list of things to get Stacey for when she starts back at school in September. She'll be your BFF when she sees everything. Hehe

    Louise x