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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Spend Time in Savannah


As part of my Blog-a-Day month I have decided that every Tuesday is Travel Tuesday and every Friday is Fitness Friday and then every other day is mixed. Each Saturday you can also find a weekly fitness update too!

So to start off my Travel Tuesdays, I have a guest post from Frank Lee telling us all about how you can spend your time in Savannah, Georgia. I am yet to go to the USA so it's great to find out what I can do and where I can eat so when I do go I can properly plan my trip. Also, Georgia isn't one of the usual states you may think of going to so this is a great post showing that there's something in all states to see!

Over to Frank!


How to Spend Time in Savannah
by Frank Lee

Savannah is the Capital of Georgia – one of the states of United States of America. It is present on the bank of Savannah River and most often is apt to floods. The city is famous for its cobblestone streets and historic buildings. This city is the representational city of the South and was formerly known as “Hostess City of the South”. It was also known as “forest city” because of its large growth of Oak trees. The title given to Savannah by Travel + Leisure is “America’s favorite City”. The city also has a port which was used strategically during American Civil War. This city is a perfect example of Southern-American values which at one time were a true example of strictness and orthodoxy. After the American Civil war and with the passage of time the city also underwent modernization: one no longer finds strict orthodoxy here but the concrete buildings and monuments which are still present and taken care of by the state are a glimpse into past. These buildings at one hand represent the graveness of old southern society and on the other the way and lifestyle of people who lived in this area. The city contains many buildings ranging from schools, historical buildings, and churches. Here is how to spend time in Savannah by visiting some of the gorgeous places in the area

Elegant Mansions

At one time Savannah has been the Capital of Colonial power of Britain and this fact is still reflected in the grand and high mansions in different areas of Savannah. The buildings are built in old classical styles with round staircases leading to upper floors, front lawn gardens and a balcony and chairs in the Veranda with curved legs. One can easily smell antiquity by different little decorative articles in the houses which are still preserved by new living families.

Oak Trees

The city is so much famous for oak trees and this is a good incentive spending some time seeing oak trees in different areas of the city. Historically oak trees were used to build ships and currently are used in highly admirable furniture.

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The city has plenty of squares and their construction date goes back to the days of British General James Oglethorpe. These are quiet places with full calmness and beauty of nature. On can spend some time sitting on a bench lost in his thoughts while listening to the hustle and bustle of the world as persons go by.

Wandering in the Cobblestone Streets

One can spend a lot of time wandering in the streets which are made of Cobblestones. The pedestrian view of different residential areas is noteworthy. If you want to experience Savannah, then you can get great deals from Groupon.

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Forsyth Park

This is another place for wandering and strolling. The park is covered by ancient oak trees with a white fountain in the middle. This fountain is the focus of some American Literature and the movies which adapted it.

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

  This is an outstanding spot for food lovers, especially for vegetarians. Even without meat chops, pieces of fried or grilled chicken and other meat edibles one can find plenty of things to choose from. There is a variety of things ranging from vegetable salads to boiled leaves and other nuts. But there is a problem with this place, not anything internal or unsophisticated but something that comes from the admiration of the people – that is to say you have to get in line to enter. President Barack Obama once ate from this hotel and most often there is a big line even before the place is open. But waiting outside is not useless, there are plenty of charming views in the surrounding worthy of spending some time.

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Cupcake Emporium

Another place which if once you have visited will obviously lead to mouth-watering whenever you will hear its name again. This place is Mabel Francis Potter’s Cupcake Emporium. There is a variety of cakes available here like coconut with buttercream or chocolate with buttercream.

Independent Choices

Like many places mentioned here, there are lots of places to choose from while one is moving in Savannah. Walking around, finding new things and having conversations with locals are things of great excitement.

Bonaventure Cemetery

A trip to Savannah is incomplete without visiting this cemetery. From downtown, it takes ten minutes to drive to the cemetery. This place is full of shrouded oak trees and Victorian headstones.


As you can see there is quite a lot to do in Savannah and there really is something for everyone! I really like the sound of that Cupcake emporium and you can't go wrong with a walk in the park so I'm sure you'd find me in Forsyth Park!

Thank you to Frank Lee for writing this fantastic post for my blog. Frank works at Rebates Zone and you can find him on twitter too as @franklee84!

Frank also wrote a "Top Travel Blogs" post for Artful Club which you can find here!

Tomorrow's post is all about Lytham Festival, one month on! I shall see you there!
- KC xx

Have you ever visited Savannah? Where in the USA would you like to visit?


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