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Thursday, 1 September 2016

September Goals


And it all begins...

Welcome to September! Today is the day I begin posting blogs everyday for the next month! I must say I'm nervous and worried that I may not be able to do it but I'm going to give it my best shot.

To start the month off I'm going to do September Goals in hopes that it will help me get more organised and keep me on track!

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I'm going to break things down into smaller categories as I have a lot going on this month, and a lot to try and achieve!

Blogging and Social Media Goals

- Promote my blog and posts more on my Facebook page
- Work to gain sponsored posts and reviews
- Reply to all my comments
- Post everyday (obviously)
- Get to 3000 followers on Twitter (can I get 1000 followers in a month? - Please give me tips!)
- Get to 1000 followers on instagram
- Get to 500 likes on my Facebook page
- Film and make videos for YouTube

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Personal Goals

- Make sure I have some "me" time 
- Read more
- Relax more 
- Be open to new things 
- Go outside and explore
- Go for long walks in local parks

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Health and Fitness Goals

- Get outdoors and go for a run that's at least 5K, at least once a week
- Run a 10K by the end of the month
- Enter a 5K or 10K race / Get involved with Parkrun
- Eat plenty of fruit and veg
- Make smoothies for an on the go breakfast (look into meal replacements and protein powders)
- Stay away from the junk food
- Eat healthy snacks
- Do more abdominal exercises

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Things to do in September

- Work on my blog
- Post YouTube videos
- Leave my job
- Plan Freshers (including costumes)
- Finish packing the rest of my stuff, it's mainly clothes left now!
- Meet up with friends before I move (go to a Fylde Coast Players Rehearsal, etc.)
- Move out and move in to my new house

And most importantly

- Begin university life!

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Can't believe I move two weeks this Saturday and I will be leaving Lytham and moving to Hull! Just a bit of a distance and a change!

I am getting pretty excited now as I'm most definitely ready for a change, and everything changes this month!

Wish me luck on my goals!
- KC xx

Have you had a big change in your life recently? What are your September goals? 


  1. These are some great goals, good luck with all of them!

    Ella xx

  2. I find it so useful to write down my goals, it helps keep me on track. Good luck!

  3. wow thats a great list of goals I really admire your fitness goals of running 10k I really need to u my fitness game too k x

  4. That is a great list of goals, I need to write down my goals. xx

  5. That is a great list of goals and I am wishing you lots of luck x

  6. Great goals, I think I am going to write down mine for this month! Good luck with your goals! xo

  7. Good luck with the goals. I struggle to respond to all my comments it takes quite awhile although I'm pleased to have them.

  8. Good luck with the goals, I tried to post everyday for a week and failed miserably!

  9. Wishing you lots of luck with your goals for this month X

  10. You've set yourself some good goals! There's a lot! Good luck with them all! It will be great to look back at the end of the month and see what you have achieved!

  11. One of my goals is to relax more and have more 'me' time! :)

  12. I'll be going back to university soon too so I know that the blogging is going to slow down :( Good luck with all of your goals!

  13. Good luck on blogging everyday! I found it really hard but you can produce some great content.