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Friday, 23 September 2016

Uni Room Tour


So this isn't quite YouTube, although if I can get my self sorted it might end up on there, but I fancied showing you what my room looks like. I have moved into student housing for my first year at university and I'm sharing with 4 other people. I mentioned a little bit about it in my First Impressions post a bit about the house but I'll say most of it again.

I have a large room downstairs with a big rounded window. When his building was an actual house, my room basically would have been the living room. Think traditional London, town house with high ceilings and big rooms. That's basically it. We have a small communal area by the kitchen and a downstairs toilets. Upstairs, there is three other bedrooms where some of my housemates live and a separate shower and toilet. It could do with some work (our landlords only just bought them off the university and haven't had the time to renovate them all but have said if there is anything wrong, ring us up and we'll sort it straight away) but overall it's a nice place to live and we've all been getting along very well.

On to my actual room!

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bookshelf, uni room, university, uni, halls, hull, books, working, desk

Being a book lover, it was a very tough decision when it came to choosing which books to take with me and which to leave at home. Eventually I chose but then sneakily added more as the packing went on. When I got here, I didn't realise how many I actually had! Oops! Oh well. I have plenty to keep me going. I just hope I find the time amongst everything I plan on doing at uni to actually read as I'm seriously slacking on my Reading Challenge!

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I love travelling so it only seemed right that I bought a massive world map for my wall. Best decision for decoration though! My boyfriend also bought me this large Harry Potter/Hogwarts poster to put up and I think it looks great! I plan on expanding what I now call my 'photo wall' as the year goes on. I have a printer with me so it won't cost to much to print some photos out or I'll look for online printing facilities. I know you can get some good deals. I'll probably end up updating you on this wall as the year progresses!

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desk, organisation, university, revision, learning, blogger, uni room

Below my shelves is my desk area. I love how big it actually is! I managed to buy some stick on hooks from Tesco to hang up my calendar and shopping list pad and I brought my own brown faux leather desk drawers to store all my stationary. Of course it doesn't all fit in there but I have boxes under my bed for that.

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I've just realised I forgot to get a picture of my bed, how annoying. I guess the show must go on (I'll do a full house post next week and I'll add it to that). I only have a single bed, that I pushed up against the wall, with a set of drawers at the end. On top of the drawers I have my TV and all my DVDs ready to be watched! I've already had a Smallville marathon and Step Up 3 was on last night! In the wash bag is my shampoo, condition, shower gel, and sponge, ready for my to just grab a towel out of my top drawer, pick up the bag and go for a shower. Sorted. I thought it would come in handy!

What do you think then? I quite like being in a nice large room in student housing compared to a small cramped room in halls. It's been great getting to settle in and getting to know my house mates. It already feels like I've been here for ages. Will be glad when I can get myself into a proper routine once my course starts though! 

Look out for more updates!
- KC xx

(If you went to university) What was your first accommodation like? (If you didn't go) What was you first place where you lived without parents like?


  1. I do think houses as opposed to halls are nice as you do get a lot more space x

  2. It looks like you have really made it like home. My first place was at 17 and was a bedsit and had posters all over the walls and it was very cramped. x

  3. Your room looks lovely! It looks so homely and cosy. I really like your shelves! I could use some of those for my books, hehe. xx

  4. My eldest daughters was in Uni accommodation in Bristol - a flat with 5 others. It was quite nice with private bathroom for her. Her house at the moment is ok - typical student accommodation. Kaz x

  5. I love what you've done with the place! It looks perfect.
    Love the harry potter poster, and the world map! I used to have the exact same one. I think everyone should have a world map in their home!

  6. Awwww it's so nice tohear that you are settling in and making your student house a home - it's so important and the more you add to it, the more your space will be a haven during student life! Loving the big map for all your adventures - the world is SO our oyster!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  7. It's great that you're settling in well and it looks like you are starting to make the place your own :) It definitely reminds me of my student accommodation with the big pin boards and bookshelves! x

  8. You look very organised and I love the Harry Potter poster. I never went to uni sadly.

  9. Your room looks really cool and well organised to make the most of the limited space. Makes me miss my uni days.

  10. Ah your uni rooms looks so cool, I love how organised it is :D x

  11. Like you said I'd much rather have a larger room in a house than a room in uni halls as they look so claustrophobic x

  12. wow your room looks so much nicer than other people's student homes haha

  13. I must say I enjoyed the experience of living in a small cramped up dorm in first year and remainder three years we rented proper houses so I can see it from both sides.

  14. Haha it is always good to pack more just in case anyway! Your room looks fab, I miss uni xxx

  15. I like the way your wall is decorated, with all the pictures and posters! I went to uni, but stayed at my parents' place while doing so (it was fairly close by), so I never lived in student housing.

  16. Your room looks brilliant! So many books too:)
    I've never been to uni but if I did I would probably bring loads of books too :D

  17. Your room looks brilliant and so homely. I didn't go to Uni, but your room is probably what I would have mine like if I did

    Laura x x x