Sunday, 24 January 2016

An Unexciting Week - Sunday Photo

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I say that because I have now officially paid for Babbel! If you don't know, it's an online course to help you learn a new language, my chosen language being Spanish. I wrote in my bucket list saying that I wanted to learn how to speak Spanish so, as long as I stick with it, I'm on my way! My Bucket List post is in need of a slight update!

Overall this week I haven't done much. I'm proud to say that I have regularly been going to the gym! Unfortunately, I did my back in on Friday whilst at work so I can't really say I've had a good week. Honestly, I've been feeling a bit confused, depressive and just generally down, I may get to that in another post when I'm fully ready to talk about it. I can't do that now because I don't know enough myself, hence the confusion.

As you'll know from last Sunday's post, I did go bowling and I was going to use a photo from that but I don't have the photos so I've had to wing it a little. I decided to use one of the photos I took of my 'The Giver' book the other day for my post, simply because it was my first time taking proper photos for my blog and using my studio lights! It's nice to know I'm starting to working on my goals for 2016, both on my bucket list and my blogging goals!

I know it's not exactly a particularly exciting photo for this week's Sunday Photo but it's the best I could do for this unexciting week. My books had their very own photo shoot as I tried every angle possible. My studio lights worked very well and I am very pleased and glad I bought them! Now onto using them to film videos...

This week I do have more exciting plans so on Sunday you can see what has gone on!

Plans for this week:
 - Go to the gym.
 - Get my haircut.
 - Get involved in a theatre company.
 - Learn some more Spanish, and log what I have achieved.
 - Go on a day trip out somewhere.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've had a much more exciting week! Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!

- KC xx

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Giver by Lois Lowry REVIEW

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As of last night, I have officially finished reading my first book of 2016! Considering on my bucket list I wanted to read at least 60 books in the year, I'm expecting my Goodreads reading challenge is already telling me I am so many books behind. It's a good thing I've got the rest of the year to catch up on!

Since The Giver movie came out my mum has been begging me to read the series but I only just got them this Christmas so because I'm one of those traditional people who prefers to read the actual book, I have only just had the chance to start reading it! My mum is quite happy because she'll be able to watch the movie soon as she read the books over a year ago now.

So far I have only read the first book in the series of four so I just wanted to do a little post on my thoughts and opinions of that book, and then we can see how it might change throughout the series.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

According to Amazon:

"THE GIVER is the classic award-winning novel that inspired the dystopian genre and a major motion picture adaptation for 2014 starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift.
It is the future. There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in the community wants for anything. Everything needed is provided. And at twelve years old, each member of the community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders.
Twelve-year old Jonas has never thought there was anything wrong with his world. But from the moment he is selected as the Receiver of Memory, Jonas discovers that their community is not as perfect as it seems.
It is only with the help of the Giver, that Jonas can find what has been lost. And it is only through his personal courage that Jonas finds the strength to do what is right…
The Giver is the award-winning classic of bravery and adventure that has inspired countless dystopian writers as the forerunner of this genre." (

I did watch the trailer when it cam out but I hadn't since so going into reading the book now, I had no kind of clue as to what was in store for me. I'm so glad about that! PS. There are really spoilers in this, not really...

First Thoughts:

I was a bit shocked at the age of Jonas. They talk about their age like 'Ones' and 'Twos' and 'Twelves' so at first I misunderstood this to be more like a year group as I did expect him to be around 16 and 17 years old. Finding out he was only 12 was a bit confusing. However, he is a very mature 12 for his age but that was the nature of his world. I was also a bit unsure as to how the story would unfold. That's a good thing really as I was hooked.

What did I like about it?

Lois Lowry has one hell of an imagination to create the world that she did. Immediately I was telling other people to read the book because of how clever it was and despite it actually being aimed at children, it was a highly intelligent book. It definitely needed some thinking towards it. When you start to realise how and why the apple changed in front of Jonas, you start to fully understand the story. The descriptions of colour and temperature made you feel as if you were receiving the memory too. The ending was a bit different than I expected. *Mini Spoiler* I was expecting a big uproar as Jonas tries to change everything but none of that particularly happen. Instead Jonas disappears and the story ends. I kind of liked that it was different though. It was nice to read a story where there was a relatively happy ending and no complications in between. Finally, I liked the relationship between Jonas and the Giver. Their bond is so unusual compared to the rest of the characters, simply because of their world, but it creates and nice relieving contrast. I did expect the Giver to be all mean and horrible but he wasn't at all, instead he was what you'd called a tortured soul and you feel for him.

What did I not like about it?

Going to be honest, I was expecting some romance but it never came. There was suggestions of it here and there but nothing ever happened. I did say that I liked the ending but I reckon there should have been a bit more rebellion from Jonas before he left. There were a few times when I had hoped Jonas would make small changes here and there, like with his friends. Nothing much changes though but I guess the story is more about how Jonas changes and almost becomes what we would call a real boy, and not in the sense of Pinocchio. Plus, I don't know what happens in the next three book yet. All I have been told is that they are different stories but then all come together in the end and you go 'Oh'. I have that to look forward to now!


I enjoyed this book. It wasn't long so it didn't take me long to read at all and sometimes it's nice to read a short book. I'm definitely going to start reading the second one next and I can see it's going to be a series that I can't put down until it's finished. I loved the characters, the world and the descriptions. This is my first Lois Lowry book and I think that she is already an exceptional talent! I'm 18 and she has made me want to carry on reading a book that was originally aimed at a much younger generation.

Who would I recommend it to?

I'd recommend this book to anybody over the age of 11. It's a great adventure book for the younger ones and a pleasant, short, intelligent read for some one who is around my age. My mum is in her 50s and she only read it within the past few years and she enjoyed it too! So it's a great book for everyone! Males and females!


I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

If you have read this book, what did you think? If you haven't, would you give it a try? What books have you been reading? Any recommendations for me?

See you!
- KC xx


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mini Guide to Short Breaks Away on a Low Budget

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Hola!  - That definitely seems appropriate for this post!

Guess who's been looking at holidays again? Surprise, surprise, it's me! I feel like I'm always looking at holidays, which is exactly why I need a job at a travel agents, at least that way I would get paid for doing it. If you've read most of my posts from this year then you'll already know that I'm planning on going to Mexico, but my friends and I would like to go on a short girls holiday! Since I've been looking into it a lot recently I'm going to give you the low-down (is that suppose to be hyphenated or is it actually two words?) on what to look for if you're planning on going on a short break away!


Step 1 - Be Open-minded!

You'd be surprised what you can pay for a few nights away but if you look carefully and in the right places you can get some great deals but you must realise that you probably won't be able to afford a five night stay in Australia simply because of the price of the flights alone. Choosing somewhere like the Balearics, for example, is a great place to start but you must be flexible about the type of hotel you stay in. Whether it's all inclusive or not, don't expect it to be amazing when you've paid so little.

Step 2 - Look Around!

The first site you land on might not be the best place to look at and sometimes you're better off buying a package holiday instead of separate flights to the hotel. If you look at Thomson, then check First Choice as well. If you look at Thomas Cook, look at Direct Holidays as well. They are the same company but different websites, every now and again they may have cheaper deals on one or the other. For holiday suppliers like those, make sure you go and speak to a rep in one of their shops as they might be able to throw something in for you! I'd recommend checking other sites like Teletext Holidays for much cheaper deals but be careful because transfers and luggage won't be a part of the cost but all you have to do is ring up and find out more.

Step 3 - Find Accommodation/Hotel!

It's up to you what board you choose. You can get accommodation and flights unbelievably cheap if you go for room only but remember you'll have to go out all the time to get food and you'll have to pay for it. If you get self-catering then you will still have to buy and cook he food. Work out how big your budget is first because sometimes you won't realise how much money you'll spend on food and drink. In a hot country you'll need to keep hydrated! I prefer to go all inclusive because at least then I know that if I somehow happen to run out of money, I can still get all my food and drink for the rest of the trip! Don't worry yourself about the cost of an all inclusive because if you look in the right places you'll pay for the holiday in one weeks wage!

Step 4 - Check TripAdvisor!

TripAdvisor is the best place to find out what the hotel you've choose is like. Look at the guest photos, read reviews and find out what is in the surrounding area. Don't always listen to the bad reviews though because some people are just pathetic. If you're going to Europe, expect the pool to be cold. If it isn't when you get there then that's a bonus! Look at as many pictures as possible because it gets you more and more excited to go! Your best bet is to make sure that it is given at least 3 stars on TripAdivsor and check that the food isn't constantly making people ill!

Step 5 - What is there to see?

Unless you want to just laze around in the sun, short breaks are the best to sight-see and go exploring! Find where the hotel is and what it is near to and begin writing a list of everything there is to see and do. You want to make the most of you holiday but remember to try check prices.

Step 6 - Plan your days!

You might not have booked it yet but you should know roughly when you'll be going and for how long. You can spend the first and last day on the beach or lazing around as you will be flying but in the middle you'll need to cram as much in as possible to see all that you can. Remember you aren't there for long so workout what you can and can't do, and what you can and can't afford. Don't just stick to one thing per day as you have the morning, afternoon, evening and night time! Check what's at your hotel because you might want to stay there for one night to watch some nightly entertainment or maybe you just want to go out to all the bars. You choose but do as much as you can! Also workout how much spending money to take with you and save up!


You've pretty much done everything so now you know what you're doing you've got to book it and finalise everything! This is the time when you can fully begin getting excited. Get it paid and then you have that weight taken off your shoulders! Get your time booked off at work and now the real planning starts!

Step 8 - What to wear?!

Of course you're going to need some new holiday clothes so go splash out a little and get yourself a new pair of sandals and a nice bright bikini! Think about all the activities you be doing and what you might need to wear - sandals aren't always the best when you're walking around all day! Find out what your luggage restrictions are and remember you're only going for a couple of nights but make sure you've got something for every activity. Oh, and don't forget to take that gorgeous party dress that you've never worn because you never had a reason to. Make this holiday your reason to!

Step 9 - Transfers!

You need to get to the airport somehow. Work out train times or the cost of a taxi, or perhaps you can beg your parents. However you get there, make sure you are there with plenty of time to get through security and for you to wander around Duty Free! You'll also need to find out if you'll have transfers from the airport to your hotel when you get there. If you do then that's great! If not then try book a taxi or simply make sure you know you will need to get a bus, get in a taxi or maybe even walk to your hotel if it isn't that far away.


Everything has been sorted and it's time to leave for the airport! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Let me know if you're planning a short break away and where to!

Happy Travels!
- KC


Monday, 18 January 2016

Beginner Obstacle Race Training

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I am proud to say that I have officially bought my gym membership and have actually been to the gym. Last Friday I used my free one-day membership to have an induction at the gym. YMCA Team member, Shaun, helped me out by giving me a refresher on the machines I've used before and showing me how to use other machines that I've never used. With my target and goal in mind (5K Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Race), he gave me a workout to stick to for the next couple of weeks to help me build up muscle and get back in to fitness completely. The workout he has given me lasts between an hour and an hour and half and gives my entire body a full workout. When I have finished I always feel like I have fully worked out and that I'm definitely in need of a rest.

Having a planned out workout actually makes me want to keep going back to the gym so that I can improve. In a couple of weeks time I will be increasing the sets and times and doing more cardio but for now this is a great starter for someone like me who has a large goal in mind but has no idea where or how to start.

I have created an infographic for you to follow. Whether you have an obstacle course in mind or you simply want to build muscle and burn calories, this is a great workout for the gym!

Feel free to pass it on! Let me know what workouts you're doing and what your fitness goals are this year! Leave a comment below!

- KC xx

Sunday, 17 January 2016

WINNERS - Sunday Photo

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Good evening!

I've just got back from a great night out bowling and I'm actually quite tired but that's not going to stop me from keeping up my regular posts! I'm very proud of myself for keeping up this whole 4 posts a week thing. I really don't know how some people post every day. I know, of course you can schedule posts, but I prefer to write at most two posts a day and schedule them! They must write everyday! I guess if you've got the time then it's a great thing to be able to do!

Here I am with my Sunday photo! This week I have chosen I picture I took on Friday at the local pier amusements. Where I live it's difficult to find something exciting to do but when we got there we found out they had got a load of new arcade games! NEW TICKET MACHINES! They've never had ticket machines before! With what little money we already had, we tried our best to make it last and to win as many tickets as we could before it closed! We did manage to win 211 tickets! We were very proud! I got a fancy pen and mini notebook and Ed, who I was with, got a packet of Haribo and lolly. I know Ed will be reading this so I better mention that this day was kind of a little celebration date thingy for our 2 years. As of the 14th of January, we have officially been together for two years, so happy 2 years Ed!
You can already see the tickets adding up!

And there's the evidence of the full 211!

See ya!
- KC xx


Friday, 15 January 2016

Beauty Things I Shouldn't Do

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Yellow there everybody,

Today I thought I would list a few things beauty related that I am terrible for doing all the time that I most likely shouldn't be doing. Don't judge me because I'm sure many of you are just as bad in some ways! I know I'm not exactly one for being incredibly good with make-up or looking after my skin but I still know what I should and shouldn't do.

Here they are:

- Leaving my chipped nail varnish on for way too long after they were first painted.
- Doing my make-up in the morning and just thinking "that will do" and not actually taking any proper care to look half-decent.
- Putting my make-up on in bad lighting.
- Never cleaning my make-up brushes.
- Going to sleep with my make-up on.
- If I do take my make-up off then I only use a wipe and don't bother with cleanser.
- Using a foundation that isn't matched to my skin tone.
- Not using moisturiser or primer enough.
- Only ever buying make-up because it's cheap.
- Washing my hair everyday.
- Using cheap eyeliners that smudge easily.
- Not experimenting with different colours of eye shadow.
- Having my make-up exactly the same everyday.
- Not wearing perfume. Or putting some on once and expecting it to last all day or night.
- Picking my mascara off when it clumps and then accidentally pulling out a clump of eyelashes.
- Use my nails to pluck my eyebrows.
- I have never used a face mask.
- Not reapplying my lipstick and expecting it to somehow last a whole night.
- Not brushing my hair.
- Not getting my hair cut often enough.
So there are just some of the thing that I do but I probably shouldn't. Let me know if you do any of the things above! Or maybe you do some other things? Leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!
- KC xx


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

10 Steps to Get Yourself Fit!

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At this time of year we're all trying to do good regarding our New Year resolutions and I reckon at least 90% of us have said that we want to be healthier and get fit, tone up, and lose those few pounds the chocolate gave us over Christmas. It's a cliche but very true. Plus, why wouldn't we?! The new year is an ideal time to have a fresh start and if that means wanting to treat your body better then all the best to you. The reason why that type of resolution is so cliche is because many people won't actually stick to their goals. Myself included! "Life just gets in the way and there's not much we can do about it!" we tell ourselves so we feel better about eating another cupcake. It is only true to some extent. Mostly it isn't true at all because there's nothing stopping us other than ourselves.

In today's post I wanted to give a brief step-by-step guide to get us achieving our goals, and particularly losing those pounds! I'm no expert but I have really been working on this over the past week making sure that I don't let myself down again so let's hope this guide helps you too! 

STEP 1 - Why?

You need to prove to yourself that this is what you need and want to do! Write a list of all the reasons you want to get fit and healthy. It may be because you envy other girls (or guys) or it may simply be because you regret eating that large box of maltesers last week - I sure did! Since I have registered for the 5K Adrenaline Rush, I know that I want to train for that to be able to give it my best whilst also getting my 'summer body' ready for my trip to Mexico!

STEP 2 - Get motivated!

You may have all the reasons in the world but none of that is getting you off the couch or out of bed. You need to find something that's going to motivate you and the best thing for that is to find other people who love exercising and love being healthy. I have a separate Twitter account just for that and I spend a little time everyday retweeting pictures and quotes from fitness motivation accounts. It seems daft but it really does make me want to be one of them so I'm more likely to do it myself! I don't normally advertise that account but if you need some extra motivation follow me! It works the same on Pinterest and tumblr!

STEP 3 - Go Shopping!

I never used to be one to admit this but everyone loves to shop. It's just about finding the right thing to shop for! Making shopping part of your preparation makes the actual exercise all that more exciting. I don't mean buying another pair of heels or a new handbag, like my mum does every other weekend, I mean buy some new trainers, running gear, perhaps a swimming costume. New fitness clothes immediately make me want to go out and get good use out of them, especially considering the price of some! You can of course find cheaper alternatives at supermarkets and shops like Primark but it's up to you what you choose. I tend to mix and match my Primark running top with a pair of Karrimor or Nike joggers.

STEP 4 - Home workouts!

Many will disagree with the whole working out at home thing but really it can be a great way to start you off. I did it for most of last year but then began to struggle when I'd rather just get straight into bed. If you have enough space in a room other than your bedroom, you may be able to last longer than I did. However, it did really show me how much of a stress reliever a little workout can be making me want to do more. I knew that, not only my body but, my mind was benefiting from it. I have Dumbbells, ankle weights and a yoga mat for home workouts which I never regret buying! There are also plenty of apps out there that can help you keep up with your daily workouts.

STEP 5 - Gym searching time!

If you now feel like you know you are definitely going to want to stick to it and want to start working harder, which is what you should work up to, it's time to find yourself a gym. You could just continue to work out at home but I myself can never find the motivation to do it. If you can, then I applaud you. You may know of a local gym but before you rush into things, search around online for others in your local area. You need to consider price, facilities, benefits of a membership, and of course how far away it is. The gym I have joined is a YMCA and my membership allows me to use all of their gyms in the Fylde Coast! There's even a bowling alley that I can get discount at! You should also look at what the age range of their customers is because I looked at one in my local area, thought it sounded good and was a good price then noticed it was basically a room full of 80 year olds, not for me I don't think!

STEP 6 - Find a friend!

It's not necessary to have a gym buddy but it really does help! Planning a time every week where you and a friend will go to the gym will make you more likely to not want to let them down by not going. My plan is to also go on my own but going with a friend, at least when you start, will help you get used to the surroundings and feel more comfortable using the machines. If you really want, you can be competitive with your friend, but just remember that everyone has different fitness abilities. So don't get too cocky if you can lift more than she/he can. On the other hand, don't be upset if she/he beats you.

STEP 7 - Join the Gym!

Finally time to join the gym! Look around for free trials or free one-day memberships. (If you live in the Fylde Coast of England, here is a free one-day membership voucher! Get it before it runs out!  Always speak to the staff before you start because they will be able to give you an induction to show you the ropes. They'll explain how to use all of the machines and will set you up on a programme, if you wish, to help you plan your workouts. They will be your very own personal trainer for the hour for free! Once you've been a couple of times, they can also have review sessions with you, as part of your membership, to see how far you have come and how you could possibly improve. Most of the hardwork is done for you! All you need to do is the exercise... But once you've got into a routine you'll start enjoying it and it won't be such a burden to keep going back! Paying for your membership a couple of months in advance will also keep you motivated because you don't want to be wasting all that money!

STEP 8 - Music Motivation!

Everyone knows how much music helps us at every point in our lives and now it's going to help us yet again. You need to make a playlist. I have 4 different playlists and even then I still like to change them up. Ideally you should have a playlist for each intensity of workout: low, medium and high. I also have one that's quite mixed. Upbeat songs are the best and in this day and age it's easy to find ones you'll like. Even Justin Bieber, of all people, is throwing them into the charts. I also like to have a folder full of songs that would be good to run along to then when I plan my workout, I plan my songs to go with it. A great idea is to have a playlist that will last as long as your entire workout. When you reach the last song you know it nearly the end of your work out!

STEP 9 - Plan your workouts.

Make sure you have set days you are going to the gym so you don't start telling yourself that you'll go tomorrow instead. Know that you'll be going this day, this day and that day and then if you feel like going in between those days as well, you're welcome too! Make sure that is an 'as well' though. Before you get to the gym, make sure you know what you're doing so there's no faffing around wondering what to go on next! Don't get bored of the same routine, change it up a bit by going swimming one day or go cycling and get some fresh air instead of staying in the gym all the time! Remember you have already paid for the membership though! Many gyms will have a swimming pool as one of the facilities you can use as part of your membership so you might as well make use of it!

STEP 10 - Keep Going!

You've done it! This year is your year and you will look amazing! The gym is your second home and your favourite hangout! Ok, so you might not be that enthusiastic but be proud that you've stuck it out! Now you just need to stay motivated and not give up! Keep repeating the steps and I promise you'll have never felt any better! Of course you'll need to be eating healthier as abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym. It's a two-part process but you'll get there and you won't want to go back!

I hope these 10 steps have helped and motivated you to stick to your resolutions! Feel free to share this post with a friend! Let me know how you're getting on with your new year goals!

Happy Workouts!
-KC xx


Monday, 11 January 2016

Bucket List Update Already?!

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That was in caps because I am rather excited to tell you something! As you can see by the title this is going to be an update on my Bucket List, and yes, already. I know it was only last week when I actually posted my bucket list but as I want to be more productive this year I have already started to work on some of the things.

          Firstly, I became a blood donor! One thing has already been ticked off. What I forgot to include on the list is that I wanted to actually donate blood, of course. You can register to be a blood donor but then you also need to find somewhere local to actually donate blood. Lucky for me, every year they change our local theatre into a small hall where people can pop by to donate a little of their blood. There are very few slot where you can simply walk-in so to make sure I keep to my word, I have booked an appointment for Monday 22nd March this year at 6:05pm (after work)! This already made me extremely excited because for once it's nice to know that I am going to get stuff done that I have been wanting to do! My mum has offered to come with me for moral support but needles don't really bother me so we shall just be enjoying the tea and biscuits that I have been told you get afterwards! I shall also get her to record it as proof! If you want to donate blood visit this website to find out more!

          Secondly, making good on the whole wanting to do more exercise thing and also allowing me to tick off something else on my bucket list, I have registered to take part in the 5K Adrenaline Rush which is an obstacle race! It's not quite Tough Mudder at 10K but I thought that I better start small then work up to that. Myself and Edmond have both registered for the Manchester race in August. It might seem like a long time away but I shall need time to build my fitness up and fully train for it as it something I have never done before. Now I have something to look forward to and something to work towards. If you're thinking about doing something like this check the website out here and let me know because we need at least two more people to join our team! Also, if you're thinking of doing something similar, I have gathered lots of information about the types of training you can do to be prepared so I shall be sharing it with you guys soon. I will also contain lots of handy tips to help you get fit and healthy and get that summer body that we all want!

          A great thing about this race is that everyone does it in aid of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support charity so if you would like to sponsor me please text DREN50 £(amount) to 70070 or visit my justgiving page here, I would be very grateful! Any amount you'd be able to give is worth it! If you do donate a little money then THANK YOU!

I am excited to be able to say that I am beginning to tick of things on my bucket list already this early in the year and hopefully I shall continue to tick things off throughout the year!

Thank you for all the support you can give!
- KC xx


Sunday, 10 January 2016

THE SUN IS ALIVE! - Sunday Photo

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It's Sunday again which means time for my second ever Sunday photo! I took this photo on purpose for my Sunday Photo blog post just to show people that the sun does exist and it isn't always raining. Ok, yes I somehow managed to go out for a walk and get home just before it started to rain again but whilst on the walk the weather was surprising lovely, or at least lovely in comparison. It was still cold but the sun was trying to come out and the wind was holding off. Finally I managed to get myself a bit of fresh air!

The sun piercing through the clouds! I thought this photo was quite beautiful in a way as the windmill is almost in silhouette, and I'm sure it would be if I decided to edit the photo a little but I decided not to.  
Hope you're ready for some more listography this week! I have a few posts planned and then we're fully into what will be a healthy, fulfilling year!

See you soon!
- KC xx

Friday, 8 January 2016

Blogging Goals 2016

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Yet again I'm here to give you a list. To be honest I do actually find these kind of posts interesting to read myself and typing this stuff out not only gets it off my chest, but makes me more likely to try achieve it!

Since I have already done a bucket list, and most of those things are more general, I thought I'd do a blogging, YouTubing and general social media goals and things to do. The blogging goals part is more of an update on one of my earlier posts last year.

Blogging Goals

 - Work to receive more comments and more user interaction.
 - Increase my view count.
 - Write some guest posts and get others to guest post on my blog.
 - Do more sponsored posts.
 - Do more reviews.
 - Plan posts ahead of time to give a good range of topics throughout the week.
 - Schedule posts. (I've actually been doing a lot of that recently so good to know I'm working on it!)
 - Set a time to promote my blog and posts.
 - Use my blog to support local businesses.
 - Improve my photography skills.

YouTube Goals

Well, just before Christmas I managed to reach 1000 subscribers which I was extremely pleased about as that was a goal of mine to reach before the end of the year. Considering I haven't posted any videos over the past month because I have found it very difficult to juggle everything that was going on and that I hadn't been posting videos for that long, I think that was a great achievement to make as these days it is very hard for a small YouTube to progress. So, thank you very much to everyone that has subscribed to me! Please do continue subscribing (!

 - Reach 3000 subscribers.
 - Get to at least 1000 views on average per video.
 - Produce more varied content.
 - Experiment with filming.
 - Collaborate with other YouTubers. (Ideally this would be with both big and small.)
 - Interview people.
 - Schedule uploads.
 - Make thumbnails before I upload the video.
 - Keep to regular day. (Think I shall be changing this to a Wednesday because of my normal work schedule.)
 - Update my channel art.
 - Watch and comment on other videos more.
 - Set a time to promote my videos and channel.

Social Media Goals

It's kind of sad that I'm setting actual social media. People do always say how much social media affects my generation's lives. It affects my life that much that I'm setting goals for it. In my defence, social media is a great way of self promotion for my blog and YouTube so growing my social media also means growing my views, etc.

 - Reach 1000 followers on instagram.
 - Work to have more interactive followers on instagram. (It's nice when people actually comment on your photos.)
 - Post at least 4 photos a week. (I'm used to doing one a week so it may take some time for me to consistently post 4.)
 - Reach 3000 followers on twitter.
 - Schedule tweets to promote my YouTube and blog more.
 - Follow more accounts similar to mine. (YouTubers and bloggers to help support each other.)
 - Get 1000 likes on my Facebook page.
 - Be active in Facebook groups.
 - Gain more followers on bloglovin'.
 - Gain more followers on Pinterest.
 - Interact with other people more.

I have a lot of work to do to try and achieve these goals. I hope I can find the time. My point is that i need to make time so that's the first thing I'm going to work on. Only a week ago I bought two softbox lights to give me better lighting for my videos. I can now film at any time of day which takes a lot of pressure off me to make sure I get everything done during the day. Hopefully this will help me stick to my chosen video day and I can stop complaining about the lighting being bad! It was safe to say that I was rather excited to finally put it all together!

Do any of you have social media goals? Let me know in the comments below!

- KC xx


Wednesday, 6 January 2016


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I can already see that this month or at least the next few weeks are going to be blog posts about things I want to do, places I want to see, and other general lists for this year. I need to get myself one of those listography books, I'm sure it would be right up my street!

As I'm sure you've already guessed by the title, today I wanted to give you a list of things I want to do in 2016. I know I've already done the whole New Year resolution thing but they were very general and now I want to give you a proper list. Lists are a lot more easier to read and I'll probably print it out afterwards to make sure I do the tasks. For some reason, I feel like if I publish this list to the world, I'm more likely to do get it done and I'm normally terrible at procrastinating.

This is a to do list, or bucket list if you like, for 2016. I called them tasks before but they are actually things that I really want to do (in no particular order)! Throughout the year I shall tick off any that get completed so if you're reading this later on in the year you can see my progress!


 - Go to Mexico! (of course this was going to be first, I talk about it all the time! First, however, I need to book it and plan the holiday before I can even begin to pack my clothes!) IT'S BOOKED! Going 7th June!

 - Visit the theatre to see at least three musicals. 2/3

 - Catch up on all TV series' that I have watched. (eg. The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and NCIS LA) I am up to do with The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and Once Upon a Time!

 - Write a book. (I have two started so I will continue with both and hope that I finish at least one)

 - Read at least 60 books. (At least one a week then some other smaller books. Ideally I'd like to read more as I have so many books on my TBR pile!) 1/60 

 - Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. (I have only ever seen the first one and I fell asleep during that)

 - Start other TV programmes from the start. (Leave any suggestions below) I have started The Flash, Gossip Girl and Shadowhunters!

 - Research and write a play.

 - Get a job somewhere that I find really interesting. (eg. something to do with performance or travel)

 - Go to see at least 10 shows. 2/10 

 - Make time where I look after myself. (Have a nice bath and wear a face mask)

 - Become a blood donor. 

 - Raise money for at least three different charities. I'm currently fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support, please help me by sponsoring me!

 - Enter a fitness obstacle course race-type event like Tough Mudder. I have entered the 5k Adrenaline Rush!

 - Keep my fitness up! I  have joined the gym and have been going regularly!

 - Create my own recipe book full of healthy recipes to try.

 - Experiment with baking.

 - Do some home decorating.

 - Paint and frame my own painting.

 - Start a scrapbook.

 - Attend a craft fair.

 - Make more time for promoting my YouTube channel and blog. Been working hard to promote my blog!

 - Play my piano.

 - Learn Spanish.  I have paid for an online course, babbel, and so far I'm loving it!

 - Learn to play the guitar.

 - Get involved in a dance/theatre school to help out and volunteer. Been in contact with a bunch of theatre companies! Update 2 - I'm a member of Fylde Coast Players!

 - Travel to at least 3 places in England where I have never been before. Been to Essex and spent more time in London!

 - Get all my library books back or renewed before they are due. All library books are back and now our library is closing so I don't think I'll be getting any more out any time soon!

 - Go on 5 cycling routes in the local area.

 - Plan a party.

 - Have a Harry Potter marathon.

That's all I can think of for now. I wrote that like it wasn't a lot but clearly it is. I have all year for this though and I am going to get them all done! I am going to print this out now and then if I somehow think of any others along the way I shall add them on to the bottom in italics so you can see which are the late editions. For certain ones I shall do a whole post about them to give you a bit of an update on how they went on etc.

Wish me luck!
-KC xx


Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year's Resolution 2016

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           Over the past month or so I have really been struggling to get on top of my life. In December I was also working every Sunday up to Christmas in an attempt to earn and save up some money. That I have done, but it meant I had little time to spend with my friends and family and no time at all to do any of the things I've been wanting to do, unfortunately causing my blogging and YouTubing to come to a halt at the worst time possible. Now that the festive season has passed and we are in to the new year, it seems logical to jot down some New Year Resolutions!


Get fit and healthy -  I know, I know, it's the typical 'girly' resolution of the world. I only say it because I've been trying to keep myself fit for a long time now since I haven't been able to do any kind of proper dancing in at least a year. I was getting somewhere last spring and summer. Over Christmas I made a promise to myself to that I would eat all that I pleased and would make up for it in the New Year. Now it the time to burn of those extra calories from the Oreo Cheesecake I made for Christmas day. I also wanted to take part in an event like Tough Mudder before the end of my gap year too so let's begin the training for that!

Do the things that I want to do - I have been trying to write a book and have been wanting to write another script since finishing college. I never have the time or energy to do it so I think it is about time I make the time! As it should, doing the things I want to do makes my feel better. Reading and writing has always been a passion so I intend to do as much as possible.

See more of the world -  I love to travel and learn about different cultures and in the past year I was lucky enough to go to Mexico for the third time but with my boyfriend this time. Together we also visited Liverpool and it's museums. I would like to be able to visit more places and ultimately take pictures, videos and learn. I have already been looking at prices and dates for when myself and Edmond can go back to Mexico!

Build up my bank account -  Between my 18th Birthday (April) and November, literally no money entered my bank account. Instead I was constantly transferring it out of one account into the other to attempt to fill it up. By early December I was left with £5 and maybe the odd 10p and 20p in my polar bear money box. Since then I have been trying to put as much money back into my account to save up. I need money for Mexico!!! And probably for uni if I manage to get in...

Get on top of my life! - I need to get myself organised. A surprising amount of people think I am actually a very organised person but in my own mind I have no idea what I am doing. I have a mini handbag diary now that I shall be using more to keep on top of dates and over the next week I need to sort out my planner. Jotting things down all in one place usually helps keep my life together. I need to make sure I making time for the writing, reading, crafting, training, and QI repeats. Of course, I have to work too but I think I'm going to start looking for a little more something that gives me experience in something else other than cards and gifts. I'm thinking Thomsons would be a great place to start, and perhaps get a discount on the Mexico holiday (only kidding, I would genuinely love to work at Thomsons, the discount would just be an added bonus)!

Those are just five rather broad topics that show my resolutions of the new year. Wish me luck because I'm very bad at keeping to them!

Hope 2016 is your year!
- KC xx


Sunday, 3 January 2016

NEW YEAR'S EVE - Sunday Photo

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I keep seeing people saying "Starting the year as I mean to go on" so I guess this is me doing the same!

Welcome to 2016! Hopefully this year will be the year I go to university, I shall be 19 years old, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 2 years together in just 11 days from now and ideally I shall be visiting the Caribbean coast of Mexico for the fourth time. I have a lot to look forward to if all goes to plan. For that to happen I have got to work hard!

To begin the New Year I have decided to start the #MySundayPhoto, in my own way of course. The plan is to post a photo every Sunday (duh!) and give a brief description of why I chose it as my Sunday photo of the week. Some weeks I may post more than one photo but I will probably mostly stick to just the one. On certain weeks I may use an older picture and that's probably because I have a boring life. If anything exciting happens I will be sure to show you!

Today I have two photos to start the whole thing off and what better way of starting it off than with photos from New Year's Eve itself:

Edmond and I celebrating the first festive season where he is actually in England and making the most of it at my make-shift New Year's Eve party at my house!

I love this photo of me, Caitlin and Halle - my two best friends that I have known since primary school! The party was just for myself, Ed, Caitlin, Halle and our friend Stan. My parents came home later on too ready for the midnight countdown. It turned out to be a ready good night and we were all knackered in the morning!

- KC xx