Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Save a Life, Give Blood!

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Going back to my Bucket List 2016, I decided I wanted to become a blood donor and then donate blood. You may remember in the update ( that I had registered and booked my appointment, and Monday 21st March was the day I was going to be able to tick it off the list.

Firstly I want to explain a few things about giving blood and why it is so important.

save a life, give blood, donate blood now

Why you should give blood?

In the England and Wales alone, over 6000 donations are needed every day to help others in serious need, survive. Donated blood can be a lifeline in an emergency, and for those who need long term treatment, for many reasons. Despite the thousands of donors already registered, still need hundreds of thousands of new donors each year due to the large number of people who find they can no longer give blood. It isn't just the general blood that's needed, often the platelets and plasma are needed for alternative reasons. Whether you are donating the blood or platelets, you can still save a life. There are many different blood types and whether your blood type is common or not, it is still very much needed.

 I truly believe that giving blood is a highly commendable thing to do and that everyone who can, should do it.

Who can give blood?

Most people can give blood so please do if you are:

- fit and healthy
- between the ages of 17 and 66
- over 70 and have given blood within the last two years

According to, men can give blood every 3 months and women can donate every 4 months.

Of course, there are factors that could stop you but if you think you are healthy, not pregnant, and are willing, do book an appointment. All blood is tested before the main donation to check your blood type and that you are healthy.

donate blood infographic

My Experience of Donating Blood:

I didn't have one... When I registered to give blood, everything seemed to go alright and I was fine to book an appointment. Monday 21st March came around and I arrived at my appointment at the correct time to be told there was a 25 minute delay which I said was fine. I drank the pint of water I was asked to and played a game or two on my phone before being called to go through my questionnaire with a nurse. Around 15 minutes later I was then told that I wasn't tall enough/don't weigh enough to be able to give blood.

According to the nurse, for women in particular, there are risk factors to take into consideration because these days they take the same amount of blood out of everyone. Being the age that I am, 18, I currently have three risks to look at. These three risks being: my age (I'm not over 20), height and weight. I was turned away because I personally have all three risks which, after donating blood, could possibly make me seriously ill. When I can get rid of one of those risks, I can donate. Basically I can either put on a stone in weight, grow taller, or wait until I'm 20. Since I've been going to the gym, I hope I won't put any weight on, I doubt I'm going to grow, so I guess I'll have to wait. Looks like I have one thing to add to my 2017 bucket list then! (Wow, I'm 20 next year!)

Either way, I am still registered to be a blood donor, so when I can, I will. And you should too!

Register now at!

Are you a blood donor yet?

See ya!
-KC xx


Friday, 18 March 2016

Lytham Sportfest - August 2016

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Hello all!

Today I want to introduce to you all a new festival coming to Lytham. We already have the Beer festivals and of course the Lytham Festival but this year, August 2016, we have a new festival coming to town. I'd like you all to welcome Lytham Sportfest!

Lytham Sportfest, founded by Mark Selby, is being run by a bunch of local "sports-obsessive" men and women who have the aim of improving all local sport facilities. In partnership with the local YMCA and other sport clubs, it will be taking place August 27th to 29th across Lytham. There will be Yoga on Lytham Green, running at Lytham Hall, roller derby at Lytham YMCA and all sorts going on at Park View 4U.

Here are their aims (taken from the website):

  • to hold annual multi-sports events in Lytham to include various local sports clubs & community groups
  • to encourage children and adults to take part or have a go at new sports
  • to increase public participation in exercise to improve health in the region
  • to support local sports groups with surplus income    

Here's a helpful infographic found on their website giving you plenty of information!

So far, things seem to be going very well and many people are showing their support, including popular shops in town like Stringers, and next on the agenda is to speak with the council. Hopefully all will go to plan!

Here's a list of some of the activities taking place:

List of activities. (Found on their Facebook page and Twitter - get liking and following!)
There are still many more activities to be announced and most times are to be confirmed but you can start booking your places on certain activities now by checking out their website! Many activities will be free and others are extremely inexpensive so make sure you book your place!

For all you kind hearted helpers out there, they are still looking for volunteers to help out over the weekend so get in contact here!

Are there any events like this near you? What would like to get involved in? - I can't wait for a good ol' game of tug of war, how fun will that be?!

Ciao for now!
- KC xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Advantages of having your Own Domain

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I'm feeling pretty excited right now as I can finally say that I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN! Welcome to! Ok, so nothing has changed on my actual blog but there is no longer that annoying (no offense blogspot/blogger). I had been putting off buying a domain since I started my blog because I wanted to be sure I would take my blog seriously before I committed to spending the money. Lucky for me, is a lot cheaper than I had expected so I looked into it further! I am happy in saying that I only paid £1.10 for the year and I get a free month of my own e-mail address too! After that it only goes up to around £8 for the year which I am happy to pay. After the year, the price of my domain also goes up to £7.99. £7.99 for the year though, that isn't bad at all!

I struggled a little getting it set up so I rang which wasn't much help as I don't think the American guy on the other end of the phone understood what I was saying. I then spoke to Leland over the online chat and he/she was very helpful and sorted it for me!

Advantages of having your own domain:

- Looks more professional.

- Helps get a better position in search engines.

- Easier for people to remember.

 -You can have your own professional contact e-mail (for example, mine is now

- It is easier to publicise and write out when you don't have to include the sub-domain (eg.

- It officially becomes a brand.

Obviously, I'm not an expert as I have only just got one myself but I like it as I actually feel like I can work on growing my domain authority and increase views on more of a business level. Blogging is something I really enjoy doing so as you can imagine, this excites me! Now it's time to focus on working with brands and maybe one day this will be a full time thing. It's a lot more exciting than my current day job!

What are your opinions on having your own domain?

Wish me luck!
- KC


Monday, 14 March 2016

X Ambassadors at Manchester Academy 3

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Hey there!

When I typed that I said it in an American accent because I am extremely excited to write about the X Ambassadors concert I was bought tickets for at Christmas. Edmond, my sometimes wonderful boyfriend (I only say that because I know he reads my blog and it will annoy him, mwhaha) bought me the tickets as my Christmas present and we have both loved theirs songs from the beginning. He was the one who introduced them to me over a year ago now when he wouldn't stop playing 'Love Songs, Drug Songs' on YouTube. Eventually I gave in and got their music on my phone too. Their debut album, VHS, was released and it now plays on repeat in my car. When we found out they were touring and were going to do a concert in Manchester, we knew it was fate!

Kyko (in the middle) and band members.

The support group was a young guy named Kyko and his band members. I must be honest, with the exception of 5 Seconds of Summer when they were supporting One Direction, I don't usually enjoy the support acts very often. You pay to see the main act and more often than not, the supporting band just aren't as good. Kyko and his band, on the other hand, were really good and got the whole crowd going. I had never heard of them before and the only downfall was that I didn't know their songs so I couldn't sing along, but we all still managed to dance along. I shall definitely be checking out more of their music!

X Ambassadors on stage at the Manchester Academy 3. Lead singer, guitarist and saxophone player, Sam taking centre stage in the middle.
There isn't really that much more to say other than the fact that X Ambassador completely stole the show, sorry Kyko, as they were absolutely phenomenal. I haven't been to many concerts or gigs in my life but by far they topped everyone I've ever seen, including One Direction and Ellie Goulding. I couldn't get a single non-blurry photo because the band were so full of energy, I really don't know how they managed it! They were all extremely talented and their entire performance was simply astonishing! Lucky for us, we were on the front row making everything ten times better. I think you get the gist of how great we thought they were. Both Ed and I loved every minute of it and even now Ed keeps going on about how amazing it was to be able to get to see them live.

Sam's exceptionally talented brother, Casey on keys.
Considering, at the moment, X Ambassadors aren't that well-known, the place was packed out. In fact, the gig was actually sold out, and I am not surprised after that performance. They deserve to be in the top 40 more regularly! Most people will know their song 'Jungle' because of the remix with Jay-Z on the track, and nowadays Renegades is up there because of many American TV shows playing it in the background, not to mention all the adverts.Thank goodness the UK radio presenters are finally starting to realise how good they are! I expect they will be a lot more known and famous in coming months. They'll be as big as Imagine Dragons, one of X Ambassadors' labelmates.

Good luck to them! I hope they do well in the future!

What was the best concert or gig you have been to?

See ya!
- KC xx

Photo is the same as before except this one has been edited specially for instagram! (


Friday, 11 March 2016

Y: Women Can International Women's Day Cycling Event

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Hello Everyone!

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, it was International Women's Day, an ideal day for the 'This Girl Can' campaign to be brought to everyone's attention. Jonas from my local YMCA is the 'Y:Women Can' coordinator and arranged an event for women only to come along for a leisurely cycle through Lytham Hall, free bike hire and bike checks, and cycle safety sessions. It was between 2pm and 5pm and from what we could gather, you could turn up at any time around then.

Myself and my friend Caitlin enjoy cycling and have both recently been trying to get in to doing a bit more exercise and so thought we'd check it out. After six or seven months, I finally got my bike out of the shed and took it for a spin. I think the front tire was a bit flat but it got me to Lytham Hall, just. We met with a few other ladies who were all lined up ready to get their bikes checked out and fixed and had a little chat about cycling.

I don't quite know what was properly planned but it wasn't quite what I expected as we didn't really do much cycling. However, as it turns out, my bike really did need a lot of work to it. All the brakes had to be reset and the front wheel cones needed tightening. It wasn't good, but thanks to James, it is all fixed. You should check out more of his work here on Facebook and on his website.

My bike after all the repairs, felt like riding a new bike! Thank you James! (Picture taken by James, and found on his Facebook page.)

Local members from British Cycling came along and set up a short cycling obstacle course for everyone to try out. Some were a little less confident on their bikes as other but this really helped out. No matter how confident I am on a bike, even I couldn't quite make it around the incredibly tight corners. Caitlin, however, managed to complete the course in 24 seconds which was joint first in the record table! I only got to try it twice so perhaps, with practice, I would have got better. I did spend most of my time waiting for my bike to fixed. I think mine took the longest.

Here is a picture of Caitlin (left) and me (right) stood behind Caitlin's slightly more fancier bike than mine. Caitlin's bike needed the new brake blocks as her were completely worn out. (Again, this photo was taken by James and found on his Facebook page.)

After slightly freezing to death outside, we did have a good laugh though, it was time to move on in to the warmth. Those of us that stayed went for "Coffee and Cake", as everyone kept saying, in the newly refurbished Lytham Hall tea rooms. I only had a hot chocolate but it was such a nice warm up after the cold weather outside. Peter Anthony and Paul Lomax (who is actually also the director Hi-de-Hi!) were appointed by the Heritage Trust for the North West to basically renovate it and bring it back to life. I will say straight away, they have done a fantastic job. I don't think I have ever been to such lovely, warm and cosy, tea rooms in my life! The vintage china cups and mahogany tables and chairs work perfectly in the old Georgian house. I think the rest of the building just needs some work doing to it now. As far as I know though, I think they are working on restoring the hall, building and parkland back to it's old grand self.

After a great day out, and a tiring one two as I had already completed a very intense workout at the gym, it was finally time to go home and chill out. Oh wait, no, I had to go to a rehearsal of Hi-de-Hi at half past 7. In fact, I didn't get to "chill out" until at least 11 O'clock. Ah well. I've got a busy week or so ahead of me now! (Especially since dress and tech rehearsals are Sunday to Tuesday and then it's show night for three nights - MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKETS!)

Are you involved in any local sport/fitness groups? Are there any ladies only groups? Let me know what your community does!


- KC xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Catch Up TV

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At the beginning of the year (wow, I can't believe we're actually into March already!) I wrote a post containing a list full of things I wish to do this year, my Bucket List. In this list I mentioned that I wanted to catch up on all the TV series' that I have begun watching and in order to actually do that and get my head around it all, I need to actually figure out what I need to catch up on, and it's a lot!

Back in high school I made a point of not watching any more TV until my exams were over so I could focus on revising and doing well. Then, because I'm quite lazy, I couldn't be bothered to try and figure out where I was up to and before I knew it, I was making the same pact for my A levels. It was a vicious cycle that I'm now struggling to get out of.

In the past two weeks I have completely caught up on Arrow which I always loved from the beginning. When I began watching it again I realised that I had only really watched the first season, although I did recognise some of the second but I couldn't remember what happened. Part way through season three there was a crossover or two with The Flash so I had to begin watching that too, but all's good because I have watched every single episode of each. I got seriously addicted to it. I pretty much binge watched it every night!

Now I have caught up with that, I can now move on to another old series I watched, but there are so many. To help myself get to grips with everything, I have decided to give a list of programmes that I have previously watched so that hopefully you guys can help me choose what to watch next!


Going to admit, I honestly thought there was more but that's all I can think of now. Problem is, I know there are now spin-offs of some of these so I shall also need to watch them too. I really want to start some other programmes too so maybe that will be another post sometime and you can help me decide what to watch then! 

Let me know in the comments what you think I should watch next!

See ya!
- KC xx


Monday, 7 March 2016

Hi-de-Hi Campers!

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As part of my attempt to do more things that I enjoy I decided to join a local amateur theatre group called Fylde Coast Players. Unfortunately I joined at a time where the rehearsals for their next production had already begun so there was no way to get a part on stage, however I'm still able to help out back stage. In the past few weeks I've been working on the props side of theatre and it's been fun using my knowledge from previous experiences, particularly my EPQ, to help get everything fully organised and now we are finally getting to grips with everything in time for the show.

The show all the members of Fylde Coast Players have been working on is a stage production of the hit 80s TV series, Hi-de-Hi! From the point of view of someone who didn't know what that was until now, I found this production very funny. The script, written by Paul Carpenter and Ian Gower, is hilarious and with the talented acting of the cast, this show is going to be fantastic!

Directed by Paul Lomax, Hi-de-Hi is the closest to a musical FCP have ever done with a three piece band and a bit of singing and dancing too, including the famous sand dance to "The Old Bazaar in Cairo"! Hi-de-Hi will be performed between the 16th and the 19th of March at the Lowther Pavilion in Lytham. General admission is £10.50 and on Friday night you can join in the fun by dressing up in your best 50s holiday gear! Obviously this is optional but if you wish to, you could win a prize!

What it says on the Lowther Pavilion Website:

"The yellow-coated hosts of notorious holiday camp Maplin's come to the Lowther Pavilion in this loving adaptation of the hit 1980's television series by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. 

Fylde Coast Players take to the stage for Paul Carpenter & Ian Gower's exciting and colourful stage adaptation that will be full of racey gags, old fashioned fun and naturally a xylophone or two. 

Join director Paul Lomax in donning the yellow blaser and be whisked away to sometimes sunny Crimpton-on-Sea."

Get your tickets now to choose your seats! Get there a little before half 7 and you can have your picture taken with the yellow coats! (In aid of LoveLowther charity!) Come and join us at Maplin's holiday camp and have a holiday of a lifetime! 

See you there!


- KC xx