Friday, 27 May 2016

Fitness Fashion

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Hi all!

As you will probably know from my Fitness Goals post, I'm working on getting fitter and healthier, as I'm sure most of us are, or at least want to. Well yet again, life got in the way and I struggled to go to the gym last week. This week I've been working harder though! I managed to go once... 

I know, I know, that's pretty pathetic. I went yesterday and that was it. I shall be going again tomorrow though and I have a home 'Drop 10' workout I will do tonight! I don't know where the drop 10 workout is from, it was a random photo I found on twitter. Supposedly if you do it every night you can drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I now have 10 days until I go on holiday so let's hope it works.

It says at the bottom of the photo but when I try follow that link, it doesn't work so I guess you can have the workout yourself!

Drop 10 - 
100 crunches
90 jumping jacks
80 lunges
70 squats
60 seconds running on the spot
50 second plank
40 jumping jacks
30 squats
20 high knees
10 push ups

I've decided at the end of each week I'm going to force myself to write a round up post on how I'm doing with my fitness, so wish me luck.

Now, in the spirit of trying to motivate myself to workout, I thought I'd show you some of my top pics of workout clothes. Does anyone else feel a lot more motivated just by looking at fitness clothes. I would be motivated even more if I could buy them!

fashion, fitness, clothes, workout, weightloss, running, motivation, inspiration

Sports Bras

Piece of advice, don't forget to put your sports bra on if you intend on doing a hard core workout. I did that the other day and I have to say, I now know exactly why sports bras are so important, it hurts without them. Literally!

Workout Tops

I love being able to have enough workout tops so I can change each time I do actually go to the gym. Although I'll be the first to admit that I avoid getting my arms out but I'm trying and I have two vest style work out tops so far! Got to love a bit of colour too!

Workout Bottoms

All my bottoms are plain old boring black. Oh no, sorry, one pair has a pink stripe down the side! So I recently bought a pair of monochrome patterned three quarters which I actually really love but I think they'll have to wait until the sun comes out a bit more before I wear them regularly.

Workout Jackets and Hoodies

I intend on doing some more running outdoors. It's difficult as I have asthma but it's better to try than not right? Jackets are a must for being outdoors in this country though!

Workout Accessories

Whether you're working out at home or at the gym, I wish you all the luck with your fitness goals and regimes!

Blog to you all next week!
- KC xx

What motivates you to do fitness? What are your fitness goals?


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Looking back on Mexico 2015

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Hola amigos!

I'm on countdown mode! Well, I've been counting down for ages but now it is less than two weeks until I'm jetting off back to Mexico! You would not believe how excited I am!

This shall be my 4th visit to Playa del Carmen and I definitely don't think it will be the last. There is still so much to see and do! Over the past couple of months I have been scrolling through all my photos and videos from my last trip and I can't quite keep my excitement in. I have 12 days to go so I thought I'd share some photos of my last trip.

I went at the end of June with my boyfriend and it was our first proper holiday both together and without parents. It was the most amazing experience and one of the best holidays I've ever had. 

Here are some of my favourite photos from the trip:

palm trees, travelling, travel, mexico, holiday, thomsons, sun
You've got to love the classic palm tree photo! I have hundreds of them!

coati, wildlife, traveling, travel, mexico, holiday, trip, abroad,
Coatis run free around the hotel and they are so cute, as long as you don't feed them!

mexico, travel, traveling, thomsons, dreamliner, holiday, boyfriend, halloween,
Ed making friends down 5th Avenue!

golden, metal, fifth avenue, 5th ave, mexico, playa del carmen, cancun, travel, traveling
Golden boy over here likes to hog the bench. He is also very hot to touch!

travel, holiday, mexico, maya, mayan, aztec, ruin, playa del carmen, 5th ave, fifth avenue,
I made a Mayan friend!

travel, traveling, mexico, playa del carmen, 5th ave, fifth avenue, cancun, holiday
Then Ed stole him away from me!

holiday, mexico, travel, traveling, playa del carmen, 5th ave, fifth avenue
Beach front at 5th Ave

shows, nightlife, mexico, theatre, stage, playa del carmen, 5th ave, fifth avenue
The shows at the hotel are always fantastic!

mexico, food, buffet, travel, traveling, holiday, playa del carmen, playacar
Mexican theme at the main buffet restaurant!

travel, traveling, playa del carmen, playacar, mexico, holiday, all inclusive, riu
These little fellas hide away but the second I take a photograph it looks as though they are posing with a smile!

monkey, travel, traveling, holiday, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar, riu
Got to love the amount of wildlife hanging around!

cycling, fitness, travel, traveling, holiday, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar, riu
We took a trip to Coba and hired bikes, this was mine! Such an adventure and I loved riding this rickety old orange bike!

pyramid, climbing, mexico, mayan ruins, aztec, playa del carmen, holiday, travel, traveling, backpacking,
Yes, we climbed that thing!

pyramid, coba, mayan ruins, aztec, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar,
Here's the evidence! I told you we did it!
It may seem a lot but those are just a few of my favourite photos I took last year. I must have taken thousands! Hopefully I will take even more this time round! 

I still have 12 days so expect many more Mexico posts, before and after the trip! I love being able to  write about such an amazing place!

Until then..
- KC xx

Check out the YouTube video I uploaded!

Is there a place you like to visit over and over again? Ever thought about going to Mexico?


Monday, 23 May 2016

Cake in the mail?! ***GIVEAWAY***

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Hey all!

We all love cake right? No, you don't? Well go eat an apple because you're boring! Yes, you do? We can be friends.

If there's a desert I love, it's got to be cake, preferably with some ice cream! So when I was offered the chance to review BakerDays' Cake by Post service I jumped at the chance! Free cake, what is better? Nothing, that's what!

BakerDays specialise in personalised cakes for any occasion. Available for delivery 6 days a week, BakerDays claim to produce top quality and delicious recipes. If you order before 2pm you also get next day delivery. They have recently released their new 'Letterbox Cakes' and they are just about exactly what you are thinking. It's a 5 inch cake that is made to fit perfectly through your letterbox making the delivery process even easier. Not only that but it makes them perfect as gifts for all your friends and family!

cake, delivery, vanilla, bakerdays, bakerdays review, review, food, deserts, pudding,

After being contacted by BakerDays and choosing the letterbox cake design that I wanted, my cake was dispatched on the Monday and the next day there was a loud crash that came through the door. I honestly had no idea what it was until I opened the box. I couldn't quite figure out why a cake made such a loud noise so I wasn't sure it even was my cake. Opening the box was pretty amazing. I instantly could smell the vanilla (I choose a vanilla sponge cake for the cake part). I may be exaggerated because I was hungry but still. It smelt gorgeous! The cake came in a cute 'Just for you' tin (as seen above) with a packet of love hearts, an information sheet about BakerDays and an adorable little card with candles on the front wishing that I enjoy my cake! I thought it was a very lovely little touch!

congratulations, occasion, birthday cake, birthday candles, cake, vanilla cake, bakerdays, cake by post,

On to the part I'm sure you're all wondering about, how was the cake? Firstly I'll say that the design of it was better than I expected. I choose a simple, unpersonalised Congratulations cake, mainly for blog photo purposes. Plus, I didn't really fancy uploading a photo of myself, and I don't think my parents would have appreciated their face on a cake either. Especially not when I needed to take photos for this post. So it was handy that they also have cakes that you don't have to personalise too! I don't think the photo above quite does it justice.

cake, cake by post, vanilla cake, congratulations, celebration, occasion, delivery, food, desert, pudding,

Since it is only a 5 inch cake, it's perfect as a present for someone. It's bigger than giving a cupcake but not too big to have to share it with anyone, perfect right? I don't want to have to share cake either. That said, I did share this one with my mum so I could get a second opinion. We had half each and both of us really liked it. It was very tasty, not dry at all and even the icing was lovely. Normally icing can be too sweet for me and there's only so much that I can have but this icing was just right! I could eat it all!

The service by the company was very good! They were very polite when I was in contact with them too. The cake was delicious, all of it! The designs available are also very diverse and there is something for every occasion. Piece of advise Brits, it's fathers day in June so this would make a perfect gift!

One thing I would suggest to BakerDays is that they should probably put a fragile sticker on the box so the postman takes more care when putting it through the letterbox!

cake, cake by post, delivery, vanilla cake, food, desert, pudding, icing, congratulations, celebrations

This post isn't over yet! I have a giveaway for you!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win your very own Letterbox cake! If you win, you could treat one of your best friends, or even your parents. Or you could just treat yourself!

T&Cs: This competition is open to UK and Ireland only and is run, through me, by BakerDays. There will only be one winner who will receive a letterbox gift cake in a design and flavour of the winner's choice! Anyone who cheats will be disqualified!

Visit BakerDays on Facebook and Twitter!

Good luck to all those that enter!

- KC xx

Who would you get one of these cakes for? Are you celebrating anything soon?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nude Fashion

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Good evening! (More like the next day now...)

Well, today has been a long, stressful, and pretty much horrific day! If only I could blog about it... I can't though so I'm sorry if I got you wondering what has been going on. Maybe one day you can find out but seriously, you don't want to. 

I had plans to blog yesterday and get things scheduled but that didn't quite happen. Season two of Gossip Girl did though, oops! I have never watched it before and I must say that I'm loving it! I also started watching 90210 from the beginning and I'm loving that so far too! I have seen season 3 and 4 of 90210 but never from the beginning so my mum and I are watching it together! 

Moving on...

In order for me to actually get a post up tonight, I thought I'd do something a bit simpler and simply give you a lust list type of thing, similar to my Top Design Trends post but a little different. As always I like to write about things I love and I've started to notice that I point out every piece of nude clothing or nude accessories I pass by. Am I seriously becoming one of those girls?! Oh well, I like it!

Nude Designs

nude, design, Fashion, pink, pastels, baby pink, asos, shopping, going out, party

There is just something sophisticated and simply pretty about each of these dresses. You'd expect them to be much dearer than they are. Of course the first one is more expensive but you can understand why. They are perfect for any kind of event but put on a light denim jacket and you're ready for an average walk in the park, literally!

nude, shoes, fashion, designs, high heels, platform, converse, gladiator sandals, sandals, wedges

Womens Nude Patent Platform Sandals at River Island - £55 £30
Doodle Slip On Trainers at ASOS - £18

A shoe for every occasion! Is it just me or do nude coloured shoes go with everything? I tend to wear black because it goes with everything so wouldn't it be nice to have a bit of a change for the brighter?! I am a big fan of the gladiator style sandals, always have been and can't quite seem to be able to get away from them. That said, I never seem to wear that style of pumps or trainers at all. It's Converse for me and that's it (not real Converse I'll add, mine are from Deichmann), but I really like those and would love to try them with my black skinnies! 

nude, accessories, fashion, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, pink, pastels, salmon pink

You might have already been able to tell from my previous posts that I quite like sunglasses. Ok, I love them! I have so many pairs because I can never just stick to one. I buy them cheap (usually from Primark) because I tend to lose or break them easily but that still doesn't mean I wouldn't buy more expensive pairs if I could afford them. I couldn't believe these were from M&S of all places! Also from Primark, I recently bought a beautiful dainty necklace with a hint of the nude/pastel pink colour in it. It works so well with practically all of my clothes. The plus about this necklace (the one shown above) is that it's gold plated so, if you're anything like me, you won't go green! There's also a matching ear cuff that is gorgeous that you can find in the widget below. Now the bag I love because I have this thing for bags with slightly unusual shapes but are still big enough for a large book!

Can you tell where I've been shopping lately? If not, check back and realise how many of those were from ASOS!

Hopefully things will get better over this week and I will have my normal amount of time to write posts! I'm really looking forward to writing about Mexico and my fitness journey! I get excited about things like that!

Until then...
- KC xx

nude designs, fashion, blog title, blogger, dresses, skater dress, accessories, necklace, nude, trends, asos, dune london, river island

Do you like the nude colours? What designs are you loving? 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Fitness Goals for Summer

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Hi all!

It suddenly occurred to me about two days ago that I haven't actually done any fitness related posts in a while which annoyed me slightly because I enjoy doing them as it does actually motivate me to do physical exercise. Here I am today trying to get back into it!

One of my New Year Resolutions was to get fit and healthy and in my 2016 Bucket List I mentioned that I wanted to enter a 'fitness obstacle course race-type event'. I then mentioned in the update that I had applied for the 5K Adrenaline Rush being held in Manchester. I have also updated my actual bucket list to say that I have joined a gym and have been going regularly. However, recently that hasn't been so true.

trainers, running, athletics, exercise, fitness, training, health, sneakers, laces, gym

It must have been at least a month now since I last went to the gym and honestly, it frustrates me because going to the gym is a form of escapism for me; I forget about everything and simply focus on my workout. It relieves my stress levels (which are usually very high) and makes me proud to know I'm working hard. Despite my relatively good fitness level - I always did sports growing up, including athletics, hockey and football, and I have done dance for years - I face an extreme challenge when it comes to doing exercise which has only got worse over the years, particularly when running. I have exercise-induced asthma. Typical that I have such a thing when fitness it one of my favourite things to do. I have been told that it's only a mild form but it still prevents me from reaching my full potential. 

I know that going to the gym has been helping. At least I feel like it's helping. Going to the gym regularly makes me feel ten times better knowing that I'm trying to beat those challenges to do something I enjoy and train well for the 5K I have planned! 

Since I haven't been in a while due to my work schedule, going on holiday etc. I thought it was about time I set myself some proper goals.

summer, 2016, fitness, health, training, running, sports, athletics, events, goals, gym, exercise, asthma

Here are my fitness goals for the Summer months!

1. Work to improve my exercise-induced - Go to the doctors to find out more about it and try any prevention methods that may work.

2. Don't let my asthma stop me from exercising - I may need to slow down at times and take deep breaths but I need to make sure it doesn't make me stop all together.

3. Lose at least 1 stone - My body weight never really changed for years until this past year. I think I have gained around a stone and a half which I would like to lose.

4. Tone up my body - I'm not one for just exercising to lose weight. I genuinely want to get stronger and look more athletic.

5. Enter events - I have already entered the 5K Adrenaline rush but I've been thinking about doing some extra events. I'd like to do a few 5Ks and hopefully 10Ks. I know this definitely will be a challenge for me as I struggle to run but I'd like to work at it. Even if I have to walk most of the races, I don't mind. Ultimately, the goal would be to do half marathons and triathlons next year and possibly an actual marathon within the next year or so!

6. Take part in classes - Go to some spinning classes and see what else is available.

7. Take advantage of my gym membership - I can go to the gym anytime I want off peak (before 3:30pm and weekends) but I can also go to multiple other gyms using my membership. These other gyms have more facilities, like the Spartan Rig and Synrgy.

fitness, tension ropes, spartan rig, exercise, muscles, training, running, sports, athletics, weights

8. Cycle more - I love to cycle but currently my bike has been sat in the shed for too long. Time to do good on my bucket list and go on those cycle routes!

9. Go swimming - My gym membership includes some swimming pools where there are open swimming sessions and classes.

10. Find other forms of sport and exercise - I know there is a trampoline centre that is supposed to give you a good work out but I'd also like to try other sports like golf and tennis. I haven't played tennis since high school, or many sports in fact!

11. Go outdoors - There are a lot of local cycling routes, forests and beautiful places to explore near where I live and I'd like to be able to both traveling and training at the same time!

cycle, cycling, routes, running, fitness, travelling, traveling, explorer, exploring, mountains, helmet

12. Walk more - Since I've got my car, I barely walk anywhere. That said, I don't why I can't drive and walk some more! I could drive to the Lake District and I could go for walks and hikes up there!

13. Eat healthier - During the summer we tend to eat more salads and fruit anyway but I want to make it a regular thing. I'd also explore more with my cooking and baking to create healthier dishes.

14. Set myself long-term fitness goals - I already know I want to get fitter, slimmer, and more toned. I also want to be able to possibly work up to a marathon in the next year or two. These are more long-term goals to work towards.

15. Work to support the 'This Girl Can' campaign to get more women into fitness - I am already a proud supporter but I'd like to do more events and posts to show my support.

this girl can, fitness, running, exercise, athletics, gym, couch to 5k, support, supporter, health, goals,

Those are 15 goals I want to work on over the next few months. Let's hope for nicer weather this summer compared to what we had last year! I am very determined to complete all of these and hopefully I shall be able to get back to you with an update on how everything is going. Time to record my current weight so I know where I'm starting!

Wish me luck!
- KC xx

Read more fitness posts here:

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Aphrodite Beach Club, Crete

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Hola Amigos! 

That is probably very inappropriate for this post considering it's another one about Crete and I can assure you that they do not speak Spanish in Greece or in any of the Greek Islands! So yes, it's another post about Crete, mainly because I've had so much to say about it! Today I want to do a review of the hotel we stayed at and finally put to rest the mixed thoughts I've had about it. Don't worry, I think this shall be my last post on Crete, at least for a while, and then I'm going to move onto Mexico next week in keeping with the fact I shall be there in 26 days today... not that I'm counting or anything...!

Firstly, we booked everything online through which was really easy and simple to use, and a great price. I think we paid around £250 each for 4 nights, all inclusive in, what we were told was, a 4 star hotel, including flights. It made everything else much simpler as everything was done for us. We flew with Thomas Cook to Heraklion airport. It was a nice and easy flight with a great range of in-flight entertainment considering it was only a 4 and a half hour flight. I've already mentioned about how bad the return flight was in my first Crete post! That was not onthebeach's fault though, that was purely the fault of Easy Jet. But, I guess you get what you pay for and we didn't pay that much!

travel, travel blogger, crete, greece, greek island, travelling, view, ocean, beaches, beach, apartment, room, all inclusive
View from our room looking straight forward. Beautiful greenery and the sea in the background. You can also faintly see the island of Dia.

view, travel, travelling, greece, crete, balcony, greek islands, fitness, tennis, swim up bar, pool bar, water, swimming
View from the room when looking to our left. You can see the tennis courts and swim-up bar.
After a 15 minute transfer organised by with Avra Travel, I will add that our driver on the way there was lovely and I regret not tipping him, but the driver on the way back was rather miserable, we arrived at the hotel. We were the first drop off along with another English couple. Our first impressions were very positive as we were welcomed at the reception with cold towels to cool us down after the journey. The lobby area looked very posh; it was stylish and clean. We were given our all inclusive wristbands and told that we'd been upgraded to a superior room. Bonus! Before we came I had researched a lot into the hotel and saw that the superior rooms were newer and bigger rooms than what we had actually booked so we were happy with that!

bedroom, holiday, apartment, superior rooms, aphrodite beach club, hotel, greece, crete, travel, travelling, heraklion, greek islands
Two single beds pushed together. Blanket weren't originally on the bed but it got too cold at night to not have them on!
The rooms were ok. It was only supposed to be a place to sleep and we managed for the four nights we were there but had we stayed longer, I think we would have been complaining. You get given a single key card to unlock your door and to turn on the electricity, this was fine except for the fact that there is a fridge in the room which seemed pointless considering as soon as you walk out of the room, it will turn off. Same with the air con. Every time we came back to the room, it was boiling! That said, the air conditioning unit was  very good and managed to cool down the room pretty fast. 

The room was clean and tidy but the beds were rather small. Simply two singles pushed together. It was good that me and Caitlin could have a bed each but they weren't very big. Again, that was ok for the sort time we were there. The balcony was a reasonable size and had a beautifully peaceful view of loads of greenery and the sea in the background but we did find a cockroach once. I'm don't mind that so much - it's nature. 

The bathroom was the main problem. That and the TV. Firstly, the signal on the TV was terrible, it was very fuzzy and sometimes it didn't even pick up the channel. Secondly, there didn't seem to be any English channels whatsoever. We found one once that was showing movies we had never heard of but a day later, the whole channel was gone. Weird. Onto the bathroom, it was very small and cramped. There was no ventilation so no matter whether or not we wedged the door open and left the air con on, it never seemed to cool down. Also there was the odd broken tile and the shower doors wouldn't shut. Oh that shower, one of the most annoying showers I've had to deal with. One second it's a nice temperature and then without doing anything, it's freezing cold or scorching hot.

lobby, reception, bar, pool bar, swimming pool, holiday, beach, greece, crete, greek island, travel, travel blogger, travelling
Outside area of the Lobby bar with the pool in the background. Lots of sunbeds around the pool and plenty of seating near the bar.

pool, swimming, lobby, reception, hotel, aphrodite beach club, holiday, greece, crete, greek islands, travel, travelling
Pool by the Lobby bar. Nobody was sat around it as this photo was taken on our last day and it was very windy, too windy to actually go outside.
The hotel itself has four pools. One is by the lobby bar and is your bog-standard rectangular pool that most people seemed to sit around but then if you walked back out the main door and across the main entrance and car park, you come to a large kids pool and then the swim-up bar. Guess which pool we chose to sit by! There didn't seem to be many people by the swim-up bar pool and there was only one bar man serving both the bar in the pool and the bar behind. All drinks during the day were served in tiny plastic cups, but that was fine because we had all inclusive. The fourth pool was an indoor pool. None of the pools were even remotely warm. In fact they were freezing! Even the indoor pool! 

entertainment, animation, greece, crete, travel, travelling, mini disco, party, clubbing, theatre, amphitheater, ancient greece, shows, nightlife
Amphitheater where the animation team put on shows at night. Also the kids club during the day and mini disco at 8pm. 

kids, children, kids club, mini disco, greece, greek islands, crete, travel, travelling
Kids outdoor play/park area. Also where the beach volleyball and boccia ball are held (on the sand behind).
During the day there is an entertainment programme on run by all three members of the animation team. They get people involved in darts, volley ball, stretching, boccia ball (basically french boules) and some more activities. On days where it's raining or too windy to be outside, they get all the board games you can think of out for everyone to have a go at inside in the lobby bar area. We played a game of Jenga with them on our last day as it was extremely windy! At night time they put on shows down in the amphitheater. I like there use of an amphitheater because it links back to the Ancient Greek times but their's was a little awkward. It took us ages to find it, even though it was basically just downstairs (the first time we went down, just before the show, there was nobody there so we thought we had the wrong place). It was also just completely white with massive poles that restricted the view of the performance area that was just a floor. In saying that, they did well given that there was only three people performing.

food, drink, greece, greek islands, heraklion, aphrodite beach club, travel, crete, travelling, holiday, all inclusive

food, drink, greek food, cuisine, greek island, greece, crete, heraklion, gouves, holiday, aphrodite beach club, hotel, travel, travelling

The food was very samey. I found myself eating cold pasta every night. Oh yeah, the food was always cold. It was like it had been sitting there for a while and that's saying something because most nights we went for dinner at opening time, 7pm. Breakfast was lacking the traditional Greek yoghurt. There was something there that resembled it but whatever it was, it wasn't nice. I was really looking forward to some fresh fruit and yoghurt. Then again there wasn't really any fresh fruit either. I tried to stick to cereal but the "cold milk" wasn't cold so I had toast and butter instead. Drinks wise, there wasn't much choice. Considering it was an all inclusive, not much was inclusive. There were two lists of drinks and if you wanted anything off the longer list, you had to pay the full price. The wrist bands you wore didn't really get you much. There is a choice of 4 different cocktails you can have but if you want a Pina Colada, you have to pay an extra 6 euros. I love my Pina Colada so as you can imagine, I was pretty miffed.

beach, holiday, aphrodite beach club, hotel, greece, greek islands, crete, heraklion, gouves, travel, travelling,
Beach area that is seconds away from the hotel.
shops, shopping, fashion, converse, ray-ban, sunglasses, crete, greece, greek islands, aphrodite beach club, hotel, holiday, travel, travelling
Shops across from the hotel.
The hotel was in a good area. It's right by the beach, where if you want to lie on a sunbed you have to hire them at a price, even though there was nobody there. We just relaxed on the sand itself. It was very peaceful. There are also shops along the beach front and just across from the front of the hotel. All the shops sell all sorts of things from your traditional souvenirs to Ray-Bans, Converse and iPhones. The Converse and the iPhones were 15 euros each. Somehow I think they weren't real... You should've seen the state of the Converse boxes! There was the odd restaurant and bar around but they were practically empty so we didn't feel quite so safe to go to them. Apparently we went really out of season though so perhaps when the summer comes, more places will open and it may be a completely different scene.


Booking through - 7/10 Quick and easy, and good price.
Flight with Thomas Cook - 7/10 Friendly staff, slept well, good in-flight entertainment.
Flight with Easy Jet - 2/10 Bad air pressure, miserable staff, no room to move and really dirty.

Hotel room (Superior Room) - 5/10 We managed for our short stay but the bed were small and the bathroom was too hot!
Swimming Pools - 5/10 They were always cold and swim-up bar closed early and the actual pool felt slightly like it was in the middle of nowhere.
Bars - 6/10 Most of the staff were friendly but some didn't bother talking to you but spoke loads to the Germans and Belgian.
Entertainment - 6/10 Didn't get involved much because we went out on trips. The staff tried hard but the shows were very poor. In the comedy show that we saw they had to explain the joke in the final sketch.
Food - 4/10 Always cold and not much choice considering it was a buffet.
Drinks - 4/10 Not a lot to choose from when you're all inclusive. Most drinks are given in a tiny plastic cup.
Area around - 7/10 Lot's of shops. Most places weren't open but told they open when the main season starts. Beautiful views around the beach and a lovely place to go for a walk.

Overall I'd rate the hotel a 4/10. It might have been better had I not been expecting a bit more considering we'd paid for all inclusive. Luckily we weren't there for long and spent most of our time on trips and exploring rather than in the hotel. I would definitely without a doubt return to Crete but I would look around a choose a different hotel, possibly somewhere else too. We cycled through Sissi which looks really nice so I'd like to stay there instead of in Gouves. We did have a fantastic holiday and you can read more about it in this post and this post!

Next stop: MEXICO!

See you soon!
- KC xx

Monday, 9 May 2016

Avon Cosmetics Review - Part 2

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Hi there!

Just over a week ago now I posted a review of Avon Cosmetics, and called it part one and as you can probably tell by the title of this post, you've come to read part two! Read part one here if you didn't catch it!

avon cosmetics, offers, beauty, make up, nail varnish, lipstick, foundation, concealer
Find a review of the other items shown here in Part 1.

I mentioned in part one that Avon had a lot of great offers on and there's always something for everyone! But those offers don't last forever, just like the ones I got so if you're going to get something don't wait around because they could change before you know it!

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Color Trend Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in Amethyst, Lucky Kiss, and Poppy Love
When I bought these lipsticks online I got a fabulous offer of buy one and get two free. To buy one it was £3.75 so really I was getting three lipsticks at £1.25 each! Bargain, right? I have checked online recently and although the offer isn't on anymore, they are reduced to £2 each! I'm not one to wear lipsticks very often, mainly because I don't own many colours that I like, so I thought that because the price was so good, I'd at least try a couple of different colours. 

REVIEW - I'd give them a 2/5. I loved the colours and you can't really go wrong with a bright red but I found that they didn't seem to stay on for long. Each of the colours did seem to work with my skin tone which is often what I go for. I took the Amethyst (darker one) on holiday with me and it worked really well to dress up my going out clothes at night and make me seem that little bit more glamorous. However, I stopped being able to notice that I had it on after around an hour so I'd constantly have to reapply it. I have had other lipsticks that have stained my lips much better so they have lasted a lot longer. That said, I really do like the colours, I even mix the two pink/purple ones, so I will continue wearing them until they run out!

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Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Mambo Melon
Now this was one of my favourite purchases! I ended up buying two, one for me and one for my Mum. The offer was to choose three items in this list and you got a free nail related gift worth about £20-30 (I can't quite remember what it was exactly). I already have a lot of nail stuff so I asked my Mum to help me out as she wanted a few bits and pieces. This nail enamel was less than half price at the time too! What caught my eye at first was the fact that it's speed dry which I always love because knowing me I'll decide to do my nails at a bad time and then need to do something else but I can't because my nails won't have dried yet. The quicker they dry, the quicker I can do other stuff! Next was the colour. There were quite a few to choose from but I kept going back to this one. 'Mambo Melon', what a fantastic name! I love it. I used to stay at the RIU Mambo in Dominican Republic all the time when I was younger and melons always remind me of holidays, so it was a perfect name for me. I couldn't resist it!

REVIEW - 5/5 Yes! I absolutely love it! It dries fast like it says it does. They colour is beautiful and perfect for holidays! I did think it was a bit too bright for my fingers but it looks amazing on my toes. You don't need to use a lot for it to actually cover the nail fully either. One coat is enough but I put two on just because. It simply gives me a very happy feeling. It's bright and cheerful and gets my in a holiday mood! This Nail Enamel is currently reduced from £6 to £3.

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Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Nail Spray & Nail Experts Corrector pen.
These were two of the gifts you received when you'd chosen the three items. Along with a glass nail file not shown in the photo. The liquid freeze is a spray to spray on your nails after they are painted to help them dry much faster and the corrector pen is what it says it is. Both can be bought separately on the Avon website but of course I got them free with the offer. The liquid freeze is currently half price at £3 and the corrector pen is £7.

REVIEW - The liquid freeze deserves a 4/5. It seemed to work exactly as it says it does. Practically seconds after I had finished painting my nails and sprayed some of it on them, they were completely dry. Although I do think that the fact the nail enamel was quick dry also helped. The corrector pen deserves a 3/5. Again, it does exactly what it says it does and I love the idea, especially because I'm so terrible at actually getting nail varnish on my nails, but I was worried that it might only be useful once or twice then I'd have to throw it away because the nib is full of the nail varnish. I don't know if there's a way of cleaning it or getting refills but at £7 per pen, I don't think it's worth it. I'll stick to my cotton buds and 'Quickies'.

There we are. A finished Avon Cosmetics review. I will say that my Mum liked her products as well. She got the exact same Mambo Melon, as I mentioned, and a Nail Experts Peeling and Brittleness Solver which she seems very happy with. Her nails were really brittle but now they are actually feeling stronger, healthier and they are starting to grow!

Overall I was really impressed at what I managed to get, and for the price too! Many of you said in the comments on my last post that you thought Avon was a bit out of touch with modern day but I really think they are starting to bring things back around! I can't wait until I can get some money so I can have another little online shopping spree and get some more goodies. There are some fantastic holiday offers on at the moment for skincare, hair care and make up!

I shall see you all later!
- KC xx

Have you ever bought anything from Avon? What's your favourite lipstick?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Top Design Trends - Marble

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Hi all!

Lately I've slightly been obsessing over certain styles and trends, as we all do from time to time, and this weeks trend I'm particularly loving is marble! So I wanted to show off a few of my favourite things I've found, including homeware, clothes and accessories! 

I have found that, depending where you look of course, marble designs can really differ in price range so I thought I'd choose a few pieces suitable for each budget.

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Why Marble?
Honestly, I don't know where my love of marble has come from. Something to do with how good it looks as a background for blog photos, I think. Ultimately I ended up loving it because, particularly white marble, it's bright, unique and just generally makes something that's plain and boring (like blacks and whites) have some sort of expensive and quirky look about them! It works well with pretty much anything!

Items for a low budget:

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Rare Marble Print Plunge Bodycon Dress at Rare London - £49 £15
Womens Gold Tone Marble Earrings Pack at River Island - £8
iPhone 5 Marble Print Case in Multi at ASOS - £8
Linea Medium Marble Chopping Board at House of Fraser - £20 £8
Marbles Faux Stone Necklace at Forever 21 - £6
Marble Earring Pack at  USC - £4 £2
Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pack of 2 Earrings at ASOS - £9
Linea Set of 2 Marble Shakers at House of Fraser - £12 £7.20
Items for a medium budget:

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Gary Birks Marble Mug in Black at Amara - £11.50
White and Grey Marble Jar at John Lewis - £20
Pilgrim Marble Effect Necklace at ASOS - £44.99 £16
Marbletree Marble Ring Holder at - £24
Marble Face Watch at ASOS - £22
Marble iPhone 6 Case at Urban Outfitters - £16
Waterworks Studio White Marble Tray at Bloomingdale's - £54.22 £43.37

Items for a large budget:

marble, white marble, design, trend, fashion, homeware, kitchen, iphone, apple, candle, vase, decoration, fitness, activewear

Heal's Free-Range Coffee Table in Marble at Amara - £695
ComingB Vase/Candle Holder with Marble Finish at Amara - £50
Varley Gill Crop Top in Marble at John Lewis - £45
Marble Laptop Table at French Connection - £85
Hay Large Marble Tray at Luisviaroma - £223
Ruyi White Marble Leggings at Wolf & Badger - £185
Bloomingville 6 Edge Marble Tray 40cm at Amara - £53
Super by Retrosuperfuture Mona Pool Round Sunglasses in Marble at Neiman Marcus - £167.56
Native Union Clic Marble iPhone 6 Case at Lane Crawford - £50
Prouna Marble Vase at Bloomingdale's - £318.09

What's your favourite trend at the moment? Is there anything on here you like?
- KC xx

* This post features affiliate links. All opinions are my own.