Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mexico 2016 - Photo Diary Week 2

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I'm now back in England, which is very unfortunate given recent events! I miss being able to relax and not having to worry about anything but now we're back so back to the usual worrying! In the next couple of weeks I have a lot to do and sort out, and possibly some major changes to my life, so we'll see how that goes!

As I promised, there shall be lots more post regarding my holiday in Mexico. Oh my gosh, what another fantastic holiday! Could barely fault anything! We shall definitely be going back! For now though, here's a photo diary of week 2!

coati, nature, wildlife, photography, mexico, travel, traveling, holiday, playa del carmen

wildlife, nature, bird, holiday, mexico, playa del carmen, travel, traveling, trees, palm trees

beaches, sea, ocean, caribbean sea, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar, travel, traveling

mexico, playacar, playa del carmen, travel, holiday, beaches, beach, Caribbean, palm trees, traveling

iguana, wildlife, nature, beach, playa del carmen, mexico, playacar, mexico, holiady, travel, traveling

Coati, coatimundi, travel, wildlife, babies, travel, mexico, traveling, holiday, playa del carmen, playacar, riu tequila

playa del carmen, playacar, riu tequila, holiday, mexico, traveling, travel, 5th ave, shopping, day of the dead

If you didn't catch it, feel free to check out Week 1!

Also, while I was away I was trying to make sure I kept posting so here's what was posted:

I took an awful lot of photos so I will need to make sure I write plenty of post so I can show you them! We had an amazing time so I'm excited to tell you all about it!

Speak soon!
- KC xx 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Summer To-Do List 2016

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Hey there everyone!

Today is my final day in Mexico and it's got me thinking about what I want to do now that my holiday time is over. It's summer back in England and I'm not sure how nice it's been recently but if it's anything like it was before we left, we have a long hot summer ahead of us! I'm sure there will be lots of  rain too though!

I'd like to be able to make the most of my summer since Ed, my boyfriend, will be home from uni and I don't get out often enough. Here is just a brief list of things I want to do this summer:

(All photos are from my time here in Mexico and are taken on my iPad as they are the only photos I have at the moment - one or two may be updated when I am back home to something more appropriate to the topic!)

listography, summer, fitness, planning, traveling, traveller, adventure, holiday, spring, weather, sun

- Go for long walks in the countryside

- Catch up on my tbr pile to help me in my reading challenge

- Go running outdoors

- Spend a couple of days at the caravan

- Go trekking/hiking in the Lake District

 - Host a bbq with some friends

- Get some work experience/new job

- Post photos on my Instagram regularly to show what I'm up to

- Go on days out to at least 3 new places within driving distance

- Try out at least 5 new recipes

- Write some more of my story that I begun writing

- Hire a beach hut with some friends and spend a day by the seaside

- Be a tourist in Blackpool (visit the tower, sea life centre, Madame Tussaud's, etc.)

- Go to Go Ape in Rivington

- Go canoeing

This summer, in August, I shall also be taking part in the 5K Adrenaline rush!

That is it, for the time being anyway. I hope that doing Hesse will help out my 2016 bucket list and my summer fitness goals. Might as well complete as much as I can! I don't want it to suddenly be winter and then be left feeling like I have done nothing! Here's to a fun-filled summer! Let's all hope we have nice t-shirt weather!

See you all soon, when I'm back in England!

- KC xx


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Mexico 2016 - Photo Diary Week 1

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Well since I'm still in Mexico at the moment and I felt bad because I failed to schedule all my posts, I thought I'd give a little photo diary to show you what myself and my boyfriend have been up to so far! I shall also do a week 2 when I'm back.

Let's begin!

There we are then! A short photo diary of week one! Week two will now begin and it's going to be busy! Week two's photos shall be up next Wednesday and more Mexico posts shall be on there way soon after I get back! I have lots to tell you and show you!

So far we are having such an amazing time but it's hard to fit everything in to two weeks, and be able to afford it as well! This definitely won't be our final time in Mexico! We will be back!

- KC xx

What have you been up to this week?

Monday, 13 June 2016

Lacura Moisturising Face Wash Review

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Hello Everyone!

Quite some time ago now I did a review on a cleanser that I did not like. It was part of an attempt to look after my skin more but it didn't turn out too good because the cleanser left my skin hurting and very red. It was quite cheap so I took it to prove the infamous saying 'you get what you pay for' but lately, as I've been struggling a lot with money, I took the risk again and bought another face wash and cleanser. This one was  from Aldi and cost under £2 (I think it was £1.25 but I can't be sure that's exactly right).

lacura, aldi, face wash, skincare, review, superstore, shopping, beauty, cleanser

My skin has it's ups and downs all the time. One day it can be soft and spotless, other days I look like I have terrible acne and an oily complexion. On average, I don't have terrible skin but it can often be red and boltchy which can be annoying. Make up wise, I do alright wearing a thin layer of foundation and it smooths it out. As I mentioned in my 'Beauty things I shouldn't do', I'm terrible when it comes to taking my make up before I go to sleep so in another attempt at being better, I bought this face wash.

face wash, lacura, skin care, skincare, review, beauty, cleanser, make up remover, aldi, shopping, bargain

Lacura Moisturising Face Wash was well worth the risk. I used it every night and some mornings and it completely cleared off all my make up and left my skin feeling very soft and refreshed. For the amazing price, I thought it worked a charm! There have been no irritations, and my skin feels so much better. The bottle last a long time too because you don't need to use much. I simply fill the sink with warm water, squirt a bit on my fingertips, rub it across my face and then rinse it of after a minute or so. Quick and simple. I have now been back and bought another for both me and Ed to use on holiday! 

I shall definitely be checking out more Lacura Face Care products from Aldi since I was so impressed with this. They are all very cheaply priced so we shall see what other bargains I can get!

Ciao for now!
- KC xx

Have you tried any of Aldi's face care products before? What's your go-to cleanser/face wash?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Back To Hockey

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On the 22nd of June I took a trip back to my old high school with one of my best friends Caitlin. It was a very odd experience being back in a place where I spent so much of my 19 years. I choose to go to elsewhere for college so I haven't been to my high school in 3 years now. After spending 5 years there and then not going back, it was weird pulling up in the car park. The fact that I was driving myself was a big weird thing.

I wasn't returning for anything to do with the school though. It just happens that the grounds are very often used for other sports clubs and it is one of our local YMCAs. I was there for a session of 'Back to Hockey'!

hockey, england hockey, sport england, field hockey, sports, fitness, exercise, lytham, lytham st annes, high school, games,

Run by Lytham St Annes Hockey Club, Back To Hockey is a session to help them look for new members whilst helping us, the ones who attend, to have a go at getting back in to something we may not have done in a while. It's also open to those who may not have played it at all. It's open to everyone really. It's a nationwide scheme from England Hockey hoping to bring back old players to the sport.

I hadn't played hockey since I was in year 8, so I was only 12 maybe 13 years old. This was when I was back in high school, another reason I found it weird to be there. Hockey was the only sport I really did well in. I got in the A team and we won the local tournament! That was all in year 7 because then in year 8 our hockey team ended up being dismantled due to a lack of coach. That was unfortunate since I really loved hockey.

britain, england hockey, hockey, sport, fitness, sunny, england, lytham, field hockey

I never got rid of my hockey stick and ball. I was way too attached! During college, at a time when I was extremely stress out, I took my hockey stick and ball into my back garden and created some dents in the back wall in an attempt at letting off some steam.

At the first Back to Hockey session, we did a quick warm up and then got on with some easy drills, helping us all to get used to dribbling, passing and hitting the ball. Then it was on to boys versus girls in a game of Tic Tac Toe. A grid was laid out in cones and we had to each, in turn, place a ball (orange for the girls and white for the boys) in a square to try and get three in a row. I can't quite remember who won over all but it was a fun game.

hockey, field hockey, games, sports, sport england, england, hockey, cones

There was a great turn out! A few lads, a couple of girls my age, and some mums with their daughters. It wasn't too hot but it was still a lovely day. The perfect weather to play hockey. We finished with a 7-a-side game, our team winning, and paid our £3. I will admit that all my muscles were aching for the next three days even though I didn't feel like I had actually done a full workout. That's the best thing about taking part in team sports, you have so much fun that you don't realise you're working out!

Sunday just gone was the second session. Yet again, I had a great time but the weather was horrific. It wasn't like the usual British weather, instead it was blisteringly hot! Way too hot to be running around so much. I just wanted ice cream and a lie down. Being the extremely pale person that I am, I burnt my arms and a small ring around my neck. Reminder: put sun tan lotion on. I didn't expect it to be that sunny! That said, we still did some drills and played a game. There was a smaller turn out but new faces turned up so it was nice to meet some new people.

hockey, field hockey, games, sports, sport england, england hockey, match, running, exercise, fitnes

So far it has been a great thing to get involved in! Just waiting to hear when the next session will be and hopefully I'll be able to make it, as long as I'm not on holiday. It's been great to get some use out of my hockey stick and keep up my fitness whilst playing a sport I have always loved!

This is the start to me doing good on my summer fitness goals!

Good bye for now!
- KC xx

Did you play hockey? What sports did you used to like playing?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

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Hi all!

You may very well know that I shall be running a 5K Obstacle race on the 6th August in aid of Macmillan cancer! Of course, I need to raise some money. So far I haven't quite managed to raise anything, although I haven't exactly been trying. I have created my fundraising page but not much promoting for it has gone down. So it's about time I start to at least think about it and then when I'm back from my holiday the fundraising begins. 

I always enjoy raising money for charity but I often struggle to think of something to do. I have not yet decided but I had filed together an A to Z list to help me with some ideas and maybe it will even help some of you in you fundraising adventures!

fundraising, charity, food, competitions, karaoke, a to z, list, listography

Here's a few I came up with. Some are weird and random, some completely normal and obvious!

A - Abseiling - Find the highest building and let everyone know you're going to climb down it! Impressive right?!

 B - Bake off  - Oh so British! Get your local community involved, or maybe just some friends, and fight it out! Who can make the best jam tart or victoria sponge?

C - Colouring Competition - Find a theme, create some posters and then get everyone involved! Similar to this one I did for Stand up to Cancer around Halloween.

cake sale, cakes, baking, charity, fundraising, food, foodie,

D - Dress Up - Got a favourite Disney Princess? Become her for the day! Who cares if you're at work or school! I once dressed up as Captain America for the day during high school! Remember to ask you boss first to make sure you won't get fired for it!

E - 'Eat Everything' Competition - Grab a bunch of people to eat as much food as possible in 5 minutes or even 60 seconds! Do it with the kids too and you can invite and charge people entrance. All proceeds go to charity though!

F - Football Tournament - Score that hat-trick! Families against families. Businesses against businesses. No matter who plays, get them to pay a fee and then put them to the test and see which team can raise the most money!

G - Get Gunged! - Get the recipe for gunge online, invite people to come see it and post all the pictures and videos online!

gunge, charity, fundraising, money, food, youtube, raise money,
Here's one of me getting gunged, by myself, for a YouTube video

H - Hiking - Whether it's height or distance, get people to sponsor you to hike across the countryside or up a mountain!

I - Igloo making - Find whatever crafty things you can and put every to the test and see who can build the best igloo under a time limit!

J - Jousting - It might sound dangerous but there are easier ways to do this at home. Make the sticks with cushions and either run at each other or get your local stables involved.

K - Knitathon - Now this is one for my Mum! Get all the grannies, mums and kids to knit for as long as they can! Let's see who can make the most different items. Then you can sell the jumpers and cushions and raise more money! Or give them to the homeless!

knitting, crafts, gifts, art, arts and crafts, charity, fundraising, raise money,

L - Lemonade Stand - Most definitely one to get the kids involved in! It's not very often seen in this country these days so it's always lovely to see that home-made sign in front of a small table full of plastic cups and jugs or home-made lemonade!

M - Masquerade Ball - It's always been a dream of mine to go to a proper masquerade ball! There is so much class behind the whole idea of it and it reminds me so much of Phantom of the Opera! Invite everyone to buy their tickets and have a timeless night!

N - Nordic Walking - This is a new sporting craze that seems to be hitting all the clubs and what a challenge it is too! Pick a distance and get family, friends, and the world to sponsor you to walk with your sticks!

O - Orange Peeling - Sounds daft I know but who can peel the most oranges in a minute? Not me, I could probably barely even manage one but it's all about the fun in fundraising!

oranges, food, fruit, healthy, charity, fundraising, lifestyle, raise money, cooking, baking, fitness

P - Ping Pong Tournament - Who doesn't love a good ol' game of ping pong? It's often a good laugh and an easy way to get a lot of people involved!

Q - Quiz Night - Get in touch with your local pub and see if you can host a night or even invite all your friends and family round to yours and make sure you have that music round at the ready!

R - Running - Obvious but it seems to be one of the most popular ways of raising money for charity, especially with the marathon!

S - Sing-a-long - Karaoke night! Or even a High School Musical marathon. Take your pick and don't forget to warm up you vocal chords!

singing, vocals, charity, karaoke, sing-a-long, high school musical, sing, music, musician, fundraising, raise money

T - Tug of war - Let's see if those men really are as strong as they think they are!

U - Unicycling - If you can find them and actually managed to get on one, who can stay on it for hte longest?

V - Viking Boat Races - Again, if you can get hold of them, it can be such an amazing thing to get involved in and such a great and funny day out for all the spectators!

W - Wellington Throwing - I loved a good wellington throwing competition when I was younger. You always think you're going to do well and then the welly doesn't quite get very far, but it's always good fun!

X - Xylophone Orchestra - X and Z are always going to be difficult! But why not get a job lot of Xylophones and create an entire orchestra with them? You could even do a concert!

Y - Yodel - I just thought it would be funny to see a yodelling competition. Can you yodel? You never know, you might become the next biggest yodeler! Is that a thing?

Z - Zoolander Style Catwalk - Get some fabrics, make those costumes and strut your stuff. Charge for tickets, snacks and drinks and maybe even be cheeky ask for money if someone wants a photo with one of the models!

My choice of fundraising this time is to be sponsored for this 5K Obstacle Course race so my next job is to promote it online and around the family and the friends! If you would like to help me raise money please visit my Just Giving page and donate! Any shares of that page would also be gratefully appreciated!

Wish me luck in raising money!
 - KC xx

Have you done any fundraising recently? Got any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sparkle Azure Perfume Review

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Before I go on holidays, I find myself constantly shopping. You've got to get toiletries, new clothes, make up, more new clothes, etc. Whilst on one of my big shops, in Next at the time, I thought I'd be nosey at their smellies. I walked round taking in all of the aromas they sold. I probably looked like a bit of a weirdo. When I can to the perfumes, this one immediately stood out to me. 

perfume, next, review, beauty, white musk, notes, floral, bright, holiday, aquatic, fresh

At first I think I spotted the palm tree leaves on the bright blue packaging. I loved it. Brilliantly colourful and being in the holiday mood, that was exactly what I was looking for. Of course I can't stop there as it's perfume, I had to try it out! One spritz and I was taken abroad, imagining nights out along the beach. First impressions = very good! I then moved on to test out the other perfumes available. Not so impressed. They were nice but nothing stood out to me as much as this one did. As if I needed to spend more money, I couldn't resist buying it!

The box says that Sparkle Azure is 'a beautiful fresh bright floral accord with aquatic and white musk notes' and that it is. It is perfect for the summer and perfect for a beach holiday. Here's what the box also says:

Smile - Mandarin, Bergamot
Heart - Jasmine, Tuberose
Soul - White Musk, Woods

I bought the 30ml bottle which it perfect for traveling. It's small enough not to be a lot of weight in my suitcase but it's also small enough to go in my hand luggage if I have to! At £8, I couldn't say no and I now can't wait to get spraying on holiday!

Now I'm off, dancing in these fresh, aquatic scents, see you next time!
- KC xx

Have you tried any perfumes from Next? What's your favourite scent?

Friday, 3 June 2016

Fitness Update - Introduction

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3 more days and I'm off!

It's been a busy week, a weird week to say the least. It's definitely had it's ups and downs but now we are finally at the end and I shall be jetting off in just 3 days. I am yet to pack but after my final day at work tomorrow, the suitcases shall be out!

Fitness wise, it's been a weird week too. I started off really well. After last week's fitness fashion post, I felt really determined. I had my trainers at the ready and I went to the gym whenever I could. Sunday came (bare in mind the post went up on Friday) and my gym closed. Typical. It has closed for a refurb. I'll admit that it was getting a bit run down and that the equipment could've done with an update but why now?! Not only that, but I came down with horrific stomach pains on Tuesday which didn't fully go away until yesterday. I'm not sure what it was, possibly food poisoning of some sort. Doesn't life just always get in the way?!

It must sound like I'm constantly making excuses because I'm sure there are other ways I could've exercised but among other things this week, it has been difficult. I don't feel like I've stopped!

fitness, motivation, inspiration, running, gym, exercise, update, introduction, cycling, round up, log

I said I was going to write a round up post at the end of each week, which I do think is a bit pointless considering I won't be posting for the next two weeks, but here is what I did this week. I guess this is just a little introduction.

Thursday 26th May
Cross Trainer - 15 minutes as warm up
Treadmill - 1.03km, 51 calories
Leg Press - 32kg, 3 sets of 15 reps with 45 sec rest in between
Leg Curl - 25kg, 3 sets of 15 reps with 45 sec rest in between

Saturday 28th May
Treadmill - 5K!!!
(This really was the main reason I choose write a little round up post!)

Sunday 29th May
Drop 10 Workout (extra 30 second plank instead of push ups because I have a bad wrist.)

And unfortunately that has been about it! I am still very proud of what I did and it's made me feel better all week! Very proud that I did 5K! I spoke about how difficult it is for me to run because of my asthma in my fitness goals post. So to be able to have actually done 5K shows how much working up to it and keeping fit and hydrated really does work. I was amazed that I didn't feel as exhausted as I thought I would! I wasn't weezing and I didn't constantly feel like I needed as much water as I would usually!

I believe that if I continue to keep up my fitness, I'll be doing 10K's and maybe even half marathons in no time!

I want to make sure I keep fit and healthy when I'm on holiday too but I won't be rushing to the gym every morning. I will be doing a lot of walking and activities like volleyball and basketball so hopefully when I get back it won't be like starting from the beginning again.

When I'm back, it will be full speed ahead! Full training more my obstacle course (and fundraising) and I will be entering other races! Let's do this!

Wish me luck!

- KC xx

How has your week been? Are you doing well with your fitness goals?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Good morning everyone!

Don't you just love it when you accidentally delete the entire start to a blog post that you actually really liked, so here is my attempt at rewriting it.

It's the 1st of June. Can you believe it's June already?! I hope you've all saved up your pennies since Mother's Day, which feels like just last month if not yesterday, because Father's day is just around the corner! In fact, it's on the 19th of June! You better get yourselves sorted because you have 18 days left!

All our dads are different so we all know that one present that is great for my Dad may not be good for yours so I'd like to give you a few ideas for every type of Dad, Daddy or Father. Or at least every type I can think of!

gifts, fathers day, celebration, mothers day, presents, dad, daddy, father, grandad, grandpa, cards, june 19th,

Lets start with the classic Father...

The Classic Father

On most gift sites that traditional father gift revolves around the classic business man: watches, cuff links, ties. I admit, you can't go wrong with a bit of suave and style but we know not every Dad is the business type. Every man likes to dress up in a suit every now and again though.

The Cute Daddy

This is a must for the young ones. How cute is it to see the little ones running up to their fathers, first thing Sunday morning with a ball of wrapping paper with an adorably cute pair of socks inside.

The Geek

My Dad is a geek. Star Trek to be exact, although I do often have full blown debates about Marvel movies and TV. That said, he'd probably watch the movie rather than playing Top Trumps and wearing the cuff links.

The Sports Dad

I'd say all dads like sport but my Dad would rather watch The One Show than the latest football game but I can't deny that I've learnt a lot from that programme! But most Dads do like sports especially if it means watching it with their boys.

The Golfer

Golf seems to be the sport that is ever increasing in popularity and without a doubt, a lot of our fathers are regular golfers. I say our like my Dad is but unfortunately when my parents moved to this town there was a very long waiting list at the local golf club!

The Rock Star Dad

This may be hinting on Rufus from Gossip Girl but we all know at least one Dad who teaches his kids how to play the guitar and longs to rock out on stage every night. Well why don't we make his dreams come true, or at least remind him of his dreams!

Beer Daddy

Definitely my Dad! He loves his beer, especially in a fancy glass, with a name like Corona. Buying him four bottles of Corona keeps him happy! Getting a beer related gift for your Father is both thoughtful and funny, so why not?

The Traveller Dad

Both of my parents love to travel, I wonder where I get it from, so travel related gifts go down a treat. Especially if it has anything to do with Mexico. Mexican rum and luggage tags are usually a good start.

Daddy Day Out

Now they might be more expensive but tickets to shows, football games or an exclusive Jaguar driving experience is something all Fathers would never think of but you'd be letting them live a dream and it will be a day they'd never forget!


Hope your Dads love your gifts and that you all have a great day! I know it's not quite yet but I won't actually be in the country, woop! Sorry Dad! He can't complain, he's in Mexico at the moment celebrating his 20th Wedding Anniversary with my Mum!


See you all later!
- KC xx