Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fitness Update - 1

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Hi guys...

I guess it's about time I did a fitness update...

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I feel ashamed. I wrote a post giving my 5 week fitness plan and I guess you could say I haven't done very well. I thought making and sharing a plan would keep me motivated and make me go do stuff. I thought wrong. 

Recently I feel like my whole life has changed and yet it isn't due to change until at least September 17th (I think that is going to be my moving date). I have quite some time yet but knowing that time goes fast when you don't want it to, my brain has been functioning as if I have no time left. Myself and my parents have been out shopping multiple times trying to make sure I have everything I need and I've been researching everything I can. It's honestly quite overwhelming, but I am getting really excited. I just want to be there already!

I can't quite remember where the making of the 5 week plan was in relation to the whole decision making but either way my head has been so full of all sorts of dates, places, plans, etc. It's been so hard to keep track! I'm still struggling. Currently my calendar and phone are my two best friends. (I'm dying today because my phone stopped working and I've had to take it in to get fixed - it's amazing how much of my life is on there!) Among all the planning, I thought actually keeping to a fitness routine would help me stay on track but then I remembered my gym has been close for refurbishment. It literally closed the week I was to begin the routine. It completely through me.

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Luckily my gym membership covers all classes available at my local YMCA and also at all the other YMCAs in the Fylde area. Because of their closing times though, I have been unable to get to some sessions after work and it has been a bit of a nuisance having to drive at least 15 minutes (instead of 2) to get to a place that I'm not very comfortable in. I was used to my gym but now I have to go to this much smaller one where all the machines seem the wrong way round and I can't get used to it.

On the plus side, I have been. Only recently though. I have finally managed to get off my arse and get moving. I've mostly been doing cardio, with a little resistance, just to get me back into things. 5K at a time. I'm actually quite proud of that since this time last year I wouldn't have been able to do anything close to that!

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For the past couple of years I have been struggling with my wrist. I kept thinking I had twisted it because it would get better but than slowly it started getting worse. This year has been horrible in comparison so I finally went to the doctors in January and after to being referred multiple times, I now find myself at physio every couple of weeks. This time round I have been told to do everything completely normal at the gym, including arm exercises, which I usually avoid. Being the wannabe fitness freak that I am, I have booked in at the YMCA for a personal training session for arm exercises. Now I have to go.

Despite my bad start, I'm feeling good about it all. I've started back at the gym and my mum has just bought a weighted hula hoop so I can have some fun with that at home! I'm very determined to keep this going. Especially with uni coming up. Where I'm going, they have a big athletic union and I'm really interested in getting involved with the hockey teams and the dance squad so I really do need to get my fitness levels up! More on that to come...

Things to do:
- buy more fitness clothes
- do more resistance and weight training
- do more ab workouts at home
- make healthy snacks

On the whole I'm doing better, and I'm more determined than ever!

I shall keep you updated from time to time!
See ya'll later!
- KC xx

How are you doing with your fitness goals? How often do you workout?

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Monday, 25 July 2016

A Hobbit's Adventure in Lancaster

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Hi Everyone!

It's summer time! The summer time brings us outdoor theatre. Where I live there is always a performance on somewhere nearby since outdoor theatre has become more and more popular. I don't know if it's our love of history as it's like being back in the old days before theatres were even built, or our love for being British. There is something very traditional and British about sitting outside with our picnic chairs and blankets munching on a good old sausage sandwich. I myself was in an outdoor performance a week ago which was great fun, despite the cold weather. Luckily there was no rain and the heat picked up for our final night. It seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by our audiences and we all had such an experience. I made some fantastic friends throughout the rehearsals and production too!

Being a drama student (I may only just be going to University in September but I did study drama and performing arts at college too) I think going to watch a production is a great way to take your mind off things, enjoy yourself and indulge in a little fantasy. I made it one of my top things on my bucket list of 2016 and so far I'm not doing too bad. Tickets can often cost quite a bit of money but with a bit of research you'll find something that really catches your fancy.

Around three weeks ago, Ed sent me a message letting me know that there was a production of The Hobbit on in Lancaster, which is about an hours drive away, and being a fan of the movies and the book I immediately bought the tickets!

Follow me on instagram for more photos! - @kiralcurtis 
After finding our way there (thank you google maps) the car park was already full at half past 6, despite the 7:15pm start. Everyone was already loading out their chairs and blankets and trotting off into the park. Luckily we found a parking space just around the corner which we didn't have to pay for like everyone else did who managed to get a space in the car park. We had a chair each and a bag with a blanket and umbrellas inside. Upon entrance, we purchased a programme between us and then we trotted off too.

I have been to Lancaster a few times but never noticed the park. Right in the middle of Williamson Park there is a large, grand-looking building. I now know that this is Ashton Memorial; I have never seen a memorial quite like it before. The performance took place all round the park. You begin on a sloped area which had a Hobbit's house down at the bottom. Obviously this house belongs to Bilbo Baggins of Bag End. Both myself and Ed had the same first impressions being that we thought the set was very impressive but were worried that the performance was going to be a little too much family and child orientated. There were also a few jokes that I had heard a thousand times before but that's just a problem of being a drama student. 

Ashton Memorial - Williamson Park
 Moving on through the story, you follow the characters on their adventure. After the scenes and songs at Bilbo's house, you move onto the forest, and I literally mean move. That means pick up your picnics and enter the forest (a pathway in the park that's covered over by trees. There were logs you can sit on at this point too). There were a couple of scenes and then you were up and moving again to a hilly section that was the last place you see before a 20 minute interval. The second act begins at the top, just to the side of the memorial and the last scene takes place deep down in the cave (lowest part of the park that is set out a bit more like an amphitheater). At times I thought the moving around took away that sense of being fully engrossed in the performance. I did enjoy it, however, as it was unusual and we got to see a bit more of the park, which is always good considering we'd come such a way. It did make you feel more involved in the performance itself, like you were on an adventure too. Particularly on the final move from the beside the memorial, all the way down to the amphitheater. They took us the long way down and everybody followed one another so there wasn't much chance to escape and go a different route, especially not at night and we didn't know where we were anyway. They had a few extras in the cast that played wood elves who would stand on trees and rocks making their noises as you passed them on the way down. That was a nice little touch.

I wish I could've taken some photos but there were strict rules against it. The sets were simplistic yet quite inspiring to someone like me who wants to study theatre. At first there was the house, as I mentioned, and then the forest scenes were just performed on the path with a few movable props. It was really interesting to see how the performance space itself can really change how you watch and take in a performance. Also that there are so many places outdoors that you wouldn't normally think of where you can create great drama. It's really made me want to write a script based outdoors! The costumes were also very good in showing you exactly who a person was which helped a lot because of the multiple roles a lot of the actors played.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the play and would recommend you go see it if you can. It's on until the 13th August and you can get your tickets from The Dukes website. All the actors did a phenomenal job, especially those that had more than one role to play. I appreciated the little lines about how some of the dwarfs would catch up when really those people were playing other characters. I've tried not to say too much just in case you do go see it. The element of surprise for me was the best thing about it. I had no idea how they would fit such a big adventure into a single play (I will say that at times I felt they rushed parts of it on so you didn't get the full story but it was definitely comprehensible) and when you are walking to the next scene, you have no idea where you are headed so I was often amazed by the scenery and costumes.

Let me know what you thought if you've already seen it, and if you go to see it!
Ciao for now!
- KC xx

Are you a Hobbit fan? What was the last play you went to see?

Friday, 22 July 2016

Avon Cosmetics Cream Concealer Review

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Around 2 months ago, I did two posts (a part one and part two) reviewing a few Avon Cosmetics products. I'm now back to review one of those products again in a little more detail.

Avon Cosmetics Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer

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Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer shades medium and light (not that you can tell very well in this photo).

When I first bought and tried out this cream concealer, my initial thoughts were that it was rather small. However, it was a good match to my skin tone and gave a good highlight underneath my eyes. I was rather impressed. Over a week or so of using it though, I found that, at certain times, it was a little too pale for my skin. Avon offer three shades: light, medium, and dark. Not much variety. Being very pale, I automatically chose the light shade and for the most it seemed to work. Just before my holiday, I began to run out and thought that it would be best to start a new one whilst I was away. This time, because of the offers, I decided to buy both light and medium.

What a great choice I made! In general the cream concealer blends extremely well, especially with my foundation. Trying out both of the shades helped me realised that most days, the light shade is actually perfect for me. That said, if I manage to get the slightest bit of a tan, like when I'm on holiday, something a bit darker works better. So far I mostly use the light shade.

shade, medium, light, dark, concealer, make up, beauty, products, cream, avon, cosmetics, review

I'm a firm believer that even though something might be labeled as one thing, that doesn't mean it can't be used as another, especially in make up. I very often use a lip brush to apply eye shadow as eye liner on a daily basis. It just works a lot better for me than an actual eye liner pencil or pen would do. With this cream concealer, I found I wasn't using the medium shade as much and didn't want to waste it. At £7 each, it seems quite a bit for such a small amount. I began experimenting and I have found that it works as a great contour product. It's the correct shade to lightly blend in and give me a slightly more sun-kissed and finished look. As I mentioned, they do blend very well with a sponge!

There you go, remember to try other ways of using some make up! I was very impressed on the whole. I also found that the little pot has actually been lasting me quite some time and you don't need to put a lot on to cover up everything. I shall definitely be purchasing both shades again when I next need to and recommend the products to everyone! Give them a go! Avon really do seem to be getting their s*** together and are producing some great products!

Hope you find them to be as great as I did!
- KC xx

Have you tried Avon yet? What's your go-to concealer?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bucket List 2016 Half-Year Update

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As a blogger it seems only right that I do a half-year update on my bucket list. It's a thing we bloggers do when July comes around. Can you believe it's July?! This is the first year I've had off from education and it seems to have gone pretty fast. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that I feel like I've got nothing done...

Well now is the time to find out what I have actually accomplished.

So here is my 2016 bucket list and notes on how much I have actually achieved:

- Go to Mexico! - Number one on the list, done. I was so glad that I could actually make this happen! I still have more posts to come about Mexico but for the time being you can read about Tulum here!

- Visit the theatre to see at least three musicals. - So far I have seen two out of three. Earlier in the year, back in February, I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and a musical called Miss Nightingale. Both of them were fantastic and it was great to see Joe McElderry perform live - he has an amazing voice. I didn't know what to expect with Miss Nightingale. I read the synopsis and liked the sound of it but I was completely blown away by the whole production. Unfortunately one of my cats passed away that very same day so I was distraught but the show did cheer me up. The cast were phenomenally talented!

- Catch up on all TV series' that I have watched. - I caught up on Vampire Diaries at the beginning of the year, and Arrow, but now I am slightly behind again. I also only have a few episodes of Once Upon a Time episodes to watch then I'm all caught up. If the episodes aren't on Netflix then I think the rest will have to wait for a bit.

- Write a book. - I doubt this is going to happen. I initially thought I would have a lot more time where I could sit down and just write but I have been so focused on my blog and working that I just haven't had the time. Now I'm off to uni in September I doubt I will have much time then too. I will definitely make an effort to read over what I wrote and see where things go.

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- Read at least 60 books. - Oh dear. I wish I had. According to my Goodreads, I have only managed to read 2 books. WHAT?! I could've sworn I had read at least 5! Either way, that is still pretty bad and I'm trying my best to make that change. If I work really hard I reckon I could still manage it but who knows what my life will be like when I'm at uni. I am currently 31 books behind schedule apparently. Wish me luck!

- Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. - No, I haven't yet completed this. Instead I have watched all the Harry Potter films again. Oh well. I can see a couple of movie nights with my housemates in the near future. Popcorn at the ready!

- Start other TV programmes from the start. - I starts The Flash at the beginning of the year and now only have the last couple of episodes to watch. I already can't wait for season 3, especially since Tom Felton is going to be a regular! I also started and finished Gossip Girl. I can't believe I had never watched it before. I loved every second of it. I will admit that I got obsessed and was devastated that it finished. That said, I really did love the ending! I start 90210 from the beginning too. I have actually seen season 3 and 4 of it but I need to watch the rest. So me and my mum keep having little 90210 nights. 

- Research and write a play. - I did start the research, bought some books and everything. So far I haven't gone any further with it but it really does interest me so, like the book, I'd like to make and effort to sit down and carry it on!

- Get a job somewhere that I find really interesting. - No need now. I wrote this one with no intention of going to uni and now here I am doing my kitchen shopping at IKEA (next week hopefully)!

- Go to see at least 10 shows.- I have been to see those two musicals, worked back stage helping with props during another show, been to a concert and also starred in a show. Do the shows we saw on holiday count too? There was a show on in Mexico every night and they were all fantastic. I do also have tickets to see an outdoor production of The Hobbit tomorrow night and a lecture by Brian Cox later in the year (hopefully I can make it). Doing a drama course, I do expect I will be able to push that number through the roof!

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- Make time where I look after myself. - I have been trying. I have had more baths this year than I have done in the past 10 years so that is a plus. I also received a 7-day face mask set to review that I shall be trying out next week!

- Become a blood donor. - Done. You can read about the whole experience here!

- Raise money for at least three different charities. - You can sponsor me for my 5K Adrenaline Rush over on justgiving! I also hope that while I'm at university, I can get involved in some charity work.

- Enter a fitness obstacle course race-type event. - I have entered the 5K Adrenaline Rush that takes place in Manchester on August 6th!

- Keep my fitness up! - You can keep updated with my fitness journey over on my fitness page

- Creat my own recipe book full of healthy recipes to try. - Before I go to university this will definitely be on the list of top things to do. That way I will also have a list of things I can make close by!

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- Experiment with baking. - I have done a bit more baking this year but it's mostly been chocolate cakes so I think it's about time I tried something new! I can't wait for sugar cookies at Christmas!

- Do some home decorating. - The intention for this one was to help my parents redecorate the kitchen, but I was always at work when they did it. I have changed around my bedroom a couple of times though!

- Paint and frame my own painting. - I'm not very artistic so this is going very far...

- Start a scrapbook. - Pictures are in the process of getting printed out. I have my scrapbook and random crafty things. Time to start sticking!

- Attend a craft fair. - I have a few booked in my diary!

scrapbook, crafts, crafting, diy, lifestyle, bucket list, making,

- Make more time for promoting my YouTube channel and blog. - I've been doing well with my blog. I post regularly. I promote it across my social media pages etc. YouTube however has taken a massive turn for the worst. I haven't even been filming anything, let alone uploading it. It's about time I get back to it!

- Play my piano. - My piano has become a bedside table...

- Learn Spanish. - I did pay for an online course with babbel but due to the lack of time I've had recently I've had to cancel it. I did learn a lot in the time I had it though and wrote everything down so I could look back at a later date. I have every intention of restarting the course once I have a bit more time!

- Learn to play the guitar. - I did start to learn a song at one point but now it has also become a piece of bedroom furniture.

- Get involved in a dance/theatre school to help out and volunteer. - I became a member of Fylde Coast Players. I joined part way through a production so I helped out back stage in props and then I went on the read for a role in The Miser. As of last Saturday, we have now finished the production! It was an outdoor play in which I played the role of Marianne!

music, musician, guitar, concert, lifestyle, bucket list, plans,

- Travel to at least 3 places in England where I have never been before. - I stayed in Essex for two nights earlier on in the year and during that trip we got to spend some more time in London doing more touristy things which I have never done before! Whilst at uni, I intend to explore Hull and the surrounding areas in Yorkshire some more too!

- Get all my library books back or renewed before they are due. - I was terrible at getting my books back on time but finally they are all back and I currently don't have any out at all.

- Go on 5 cycling routes in the local area. - I did go to a cycling event down at Lytham Hall on International Women's day and I have done a bit of cycling. However, my front tire is being funny. I think it has a slow puncture. Either way, something isn't right and it needs to get fixed before I take it to uni.

- Plan a party. - I planned a fancy girls night in with my two best friends. I prepared loads of food, got the drinks ready and then we watch High School Musical. What a perfect night?!

- Have a Harry Potter Marathon. - It might not be a marathon, but I have being watching all of the Harry Potter films over the past two weeks. I only have the final one to watch now. I forgot how much I loved these films!

movie, harry potter, party, high school musical, lifestyle, bucket list, popcorn

There we go then. I have failed quite miserably... So far. I know it's only half way through the year but I do know for a fact that quite a few of these won't get done at all before the end of the year. I guess it's because of the change in circumstance. When I came up with this bucket list, I had no intention whatsoever in going to university this year. All that has now changed in such a hurry so I think it's probably best that I rethink these bucket list ideas. Look out for a new 2016 bucket list coming your way over the next few weeks! 

All in all, I guess I haven't done too bad this year. I have got involved in my local community much more, including the local gym, Lytham Sportfest, Lytham Life and Style, and Fylde Coast Players. All of which I didn't expect myself to be doing. I'm very glad I did though because I have made some fantastic friends along the way! Of course I didn't expect to be going to university either, so here's to the unexpected things. Cheers to that!

Hope you've all done much better than I have at achieving your goals!
See you soon!
- KC xx

How have your goals changed over the year? Are you keeping up with your bucket list?

Monday, 18 July 2016

Join In with #IamTeamGB at Lytham Sportfest

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Hello Everybody!

You may remember that I did a post, a while back now, about a new festival that's coming to the little old town of Lytham - the Lytham Sportfest! My post actually did very well around our local area to help get some people's attention and gain some interest. I got noticed by a local Lytham supporter and owner of Lytham Life and Style who then asked if they could use the post on their website, I gladly agreed and since then I have wrote another post for her!

Since I published that post, I have also met with Mark Selby, the founder of Lytham Sportfest who has asked me to be a volunteer at the event helping to get it across social media by photographing everything and doing all that I can. I said that I would be more than happy to get involved in such an event. Only recently, I got another email from him asking if I could go down to our local park (Park View) and photograph everything that's going on as ITV Granada Reports were coming down to do some interviews as part of the #IamTeamGB campaign!

lytham, lifestyle, sports, fitness, events, local, nationwide, itv, tv, national, granada reports

Interview Day

14th July is the launch day of the #IamTeamGB campaign and around 11am, Park View was full of energetic school children and Lytham Sportfest supporters. It was such a great turn out! There were classes from two fairly local primary schools, one of which just happened to be there on a school trip but then wanted to get involved. A few ladies turned up ready to do a bit of tennis. Members from the local YMCA and the local news papers showed their support too. The kids began playing cricket and doing races showing their love of sports and being active creating the perfect atmosphere and back drop to the main interviews that were a little later on.

fitness, sport, iamteamgb, lytham, sportfest, photography, newspaper
Everyone getting photographed for the local papers, the Lytham St Annes Express and the Blackpool Gazette.
For starters, what a lovely day it was for everyone to be out doing a bit of exercise. Secondly, the enthusiasm everyone showed towards the festival and taking part in sports really was inspiring. All of the kids were happily dancing to the music and then arranging their own sports games to play. I noticed some having a go at the good old 'duck duck goose'! When the cameras turned up, they were more than happy to show off their bowling skills in a game of cricket or of course, some cartwheels. The ladies took part in some quick drills too, before getting their rackets out for some tennis rallies.

fitness, sports, athletics, running, tennis, iamteamgb, olympics, rio 2016
Go to do your warm ups!

tennis, sports, running, athletics, fitness, sportfest, lytham, lancashire, iamteamgb
Tennis time!
British pole vaulter Max Eaves turned up to say hello to the kids and encourage everyone to get involved in sport. He spoke about how no matter what ability you are, there is always a club somewhere that you can get involved in. Max himself has competed in many sporting events and only just missed out on the Rio 2016 qualifiers due to injury. He is still very determined and hopes to be competing in next years London World Championships, and we wish him the best of luck. He was a great inspiration to the kids who happily got down and did a few press ups with him in a photo opportunity! The journalist loved it!

athletics, pole vault, running, iamteamgb, rio 2016, olympics, fitness, sports,
Photographer from the newspapers talking with the local school children and Max

Proud member and supporter of the Join In campaign, Clive Barley, was there to promote volunteering within sports. Join In is a charity that works to promote local sports clubs and groups by helping provide them with volunteers. It's all about getting involved with your local community. Currently they are also promoting the #IamTeamGB campaign to help people find sporting events across the country to keep them busy and active, especially on the 27th of August.

join in, iamteamgb, rio 2016, sports, volunteering, intersport, sportengland
The local YMCA, friends of Park View, and general sport fans turned up to support the campaign.
Lytham Sportfest shall be one of the events that you can attend on August 27th as part of the #IamTeamGB campaign and you can find it through Join In too as it is an entirely volunteer run event. #IamTeamGB is brought to you by the likes of the National Lottery and ITV, whilst being supported by the British Olympic Association (and of course Join In). If you watched ITV news on Thursday night, you will know that ITV shall be turning completely off for an hour on that day to encourage people to go out and be active. If you missed it you can watch the Lytham Sportfest coverage here.

Join in, iamteamgb, lytham, sports, fitness, Olympics,rio 2016, running, tennis, pole vault
All together with Sportfest founder, Mark Selby, and pole vaulter, Max Eaves.

Interview time! In came Granada Reports who caught some footage of the children playing their cricket and winning their races and then interviewed 5 children from the different schools. Then it was onto Max Eaves, then Mark Selby, both telling the cameras what you can get up to down in Lytham on the 27th August (Lytham Sportfest is actually a two day event so you can come down on the Sunday too!).

interview, news, granada reports, itv news, sports, fitness, school, park, iamteamgb

Interview, granada reports, news, itv, pole vault, british, olympics, fitness, sport

Interview, granada reports, news, itv, lytham sportfest, sports, fitness, iamteamgb, rio 2016

The entire day was a get success and a fantastic way to launch Lytham Sportfest and the #IamTeamGB campaign!

If your interested in getting involved, head over to Lytham Sportfest to find out what's on! 

Lytham Sportfest
August 27th & 28th

Hope to see you there!
- KC xx

Had you heard of the #IamTeamGB campaign? Will you be getting out to be active on August 27th?


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Stationery Shopping

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Hello everyone!

It's time to admit your darkest secret...

You're obsessed with stationery.

Or at least I am...

Ever since I was a kid, a new set of colouring pencils or pens and funky rubbers were what I wished for at Christmas. Stamp sets, new pencil cases, bendy rulers. I've lost count of how many notebooks I actually own. I can't help it. If I see something bright, colourful and unusual, I have to buy it. Or maybe it's a smart, sophisticated leather-look journal. I have a whole collection that still needs to grow. Of course pencils and pens don't last forever and notebooks do fill up (eventually) so it just makes a fantastic excuse to go buy more.

Hopefully you'll know by now that come September, I am off to university. What could be more of a perfect time to be buying more stationery. I'll been on the look out for some of my favourite items. They've got to be weird and wonderful, completely unique. Stylish comedy is a good way to go. Meaning I like it when I have some things that are pretty stylish and some that make you giggle a little!


I find that notebooks are always needed in everyday life, whether it's to jot down ideas or full on revision and studying. I have a notebook for everything. There's one for blog ideas, book lists, Spanish phrases, general writing, etc. I always make sure I have a stack of unused ones just in case. I prefer to keep different topics of my life separate. I'm all for different designs. It's how one topic stands out from another!

notebooks, stationary, university, student, office, work, notepads, organisation

Magical Notebook - £3.16

I love little quirky sayings and quotes, especially if they link to the topic I plan on writing about inside. For example, I'd most likely write book lists in the JK Rowling quoted "Magical" notebook. I often use actual journals for research of a particular topic. Research journals were my specialty in college and I'm hoping they still are at university!


Ring-binders, folders, stationary, work, office, lifestyle, university

Ring-binders - the staple college-life item. They are the one thing, among books, you will see every high school student in American movies carrying. There is just something about carrying them in yours arms, opposed to in your bag, that makes a person look that bit more intelligent. Am I right? Just me? Oh well. It's always satisfying to have an empty folder at the start of term then having to completely reorganise it at the end of term when it's completely full. No need for something too fancy though as it's bound to get damaged. Sometimes the best folders are the plain coloured ones.

Sticky Notes

organisation, work, home, lifestyle, stationary, shopping, fashion, post-it notes

Reminders - £12.50

My favourite. I have a whole tub full of different types of sticky notes. Index tabs are the most important for studying but general sticky notes come in handy for all kinds of lifestyle. They are handy as quick memo pads that you can stick up on your wall or around your computer to remind you to do things. The ultimate reminder. Quirky sticky notes are always fun to use, plus you're more likely to see something if it's a bright colour or has large bold font on it!

Bits & Bobs (Pens, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, etc.)

stationary, novelty, home, work, office, highlighters, pens, organisation

Flamingo Pens - £3.49

You can't deny that it's always a bit of fun to have some daft, novelty pieces of stationery. Not only are they great conversation starters but it makes organising your life and studying much more fun. Even when planning blog posts I use my fineliners all the time! Writing in alternative colours helps keep me focused and I feel more awake compared to using a black pen all the time!

It's about time we freshen up our pencil cases and stationery organiser and brighten up our lives! It's summer (well it's supposed to be) and we need some colour around us! It's also amazing how much more motivated I get once I bought new stationery. Similar thing happens when I buy new fitness gear too! Let's just all go shopping and we'll be the most productive we could ever be!

Hope you enjoy stationary shopping!
- KC xx

How often do you buy new stationery? Do you feel like buying new stuff helps keep you motivated?

Monday, 11 July 2016

Paris 01 Perfume Review

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I'm not one for spending a lot of money. I'm the sort of person who'd rather save up for something I've been really wanting rather than buying lots of expensive of rubbish. So when buying things I try my best to find the bargains. I mean, who doesn't like a good bargain? There's no exception when it comes to beauty. 

Beauty isn't my specialty but as I'm trying to learn, I've been avoiding spending too much. For instance, I don't want to be spending a lot of money on a perfume when I don't wear them much. Finding cheaper perfumes that I can use whilst I get used to putting them on is the best for me. Granted, they may not last as long as the expensive ones but for the time being that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something that I like the scent of really...

As a result of me buying inexpensive perfumes, I wanted to give a little review on one of the most recent ones I have bought!

Paris 01

paris, perfume, cosmetics, make up, beauty, eau de parfum, review

If you regularly shop at Primark then you may well have seen that they do a cosmetics range now. You can get all sorts. All your basic skin care, foundations, mascaras, make up brushes, etc. Including a variety of fragrances. After a quick sample, and I did actually buy the small £2 roller to try it out, I found myself buying Paris 01.

According to the box, Paris 01 is a "seductive and irresistible fragrance that combines sweet modern caramel and elegant white musk with sophisticated vanilla to create an incredible scent with depth and warmth". I will admit, I don't know where they got that from as I can't really smell any of that but I do quite like the scent. It's strong, don't get me wrong, but I find it to be the perfect fragrance for parties and fancy evenings out. A bit too strong for meals out though. Because it's so strong, you don't need to put a lot on so the 75ml bottle (cost me £6) lasts a very long time! Then again, I still don't use it very often so no wonder it lasts a long time.

paris, beauty, perfume, fragrance, eau de parfum, primark, shopping

There may not be a strong vanilla or caramel scent but there's definitely a sweet smelling hint mixed in with that white musk. For the price I paid, it is great and I'd really recommend it. Or by all means, check out what other scents they have!

That's about all I can say for now!
See you again,
- KC xx

Have you tried any perfumes from Primark? Have you tried any of their beauty range?

Friday, 8 July 2016

Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico

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Hola amigos!

MEXICO POST TIME! (I'm sure it will be one of many!)

I love Mexico. I wonder if you knew that already? This year was my 4th time and I'd quite happy go back right now, if I had the money! We have been thinking about going back next year but we also want to do more of a backpacking trip so we're a bit unsure what will happen. I'm also now going to university in September so that makes holiday plans for next year even more unsure. Let's see what money I have.

So far I have only stayed in Playa Del Carmen. I keep going back there because we've made some fantastic friends at the Riu Tequila hotel. Unfortunately, RIU (a hotel chain) are refurbishing all their hotels, one by one, into these new modern-style grand hotels. Everything is pink, purple and silver, or white and blue. You won't see any oranges and wooden chairs in those hotels anymore. I don't like it at all. I go to Mexico to be surrounded by culture and a tropical scene and not square pools with a lack of shade from the chopped down palm trees. I'm trying not to rant about how much I hate what they are doing because I'm already in the process of writing a very long letter to the company to tell them not to change the Riu Tequila. I don't want to go there if it changes so that's why we went back this year. There were already plans for a refurb which have been postponed due to the amount of complaints and petitions. I'm not going to stop until I know my favourite hotel is safe.

Now enough on the hotel as I'm saving that for another post!

More on to what I got up to whilst I was there and what's available for you to do if you decide to go...

Tulum Mayan Ruins

tulum, mexico, playa del carmen, holiday, travel, history, ruins, culture, travelling

About a 30-40 minute drive from Playa Del Carmen, you come to the beautiful resort town of Tulum on the Caribbean coast. It is most well-known for it's stunning white beaches and the 13th century archaeological site that is the Tulum Mayan Ruins. Wow. I was speechless. I was gutted because the SD card in my DSLR camera stopped working whilst we were in the mini-bus so I couldn't take many photos. Luckily I took some on Ed's camera and film a lot on the GoPro.

We booked the 'Tulum Express Tour' with Easy Tours and it was perfect for us, expect from the hour we spent driving in circles around Playa Del Carmen town centre trying to find someone who didn't turn up. I fell asleep though so I really didn't notice it much.

tulum, mexico, cenote, lagoon, swimming, travelling, travel, holiday, playa del carmen, mayan ruins, history

Half an hour into the journey we stopped off at this beautiful secretive place which was basically a small lagoon. There was a little shop where you could get snacks, drinks and some souvenirs if you wanted and there were toilets nearby. I spent my time taking photos, until I realised my camera wasn't taking any.

We then got back on the mini-bus which took us to the astonishing Tulum Mayan ruins. It was only another ten minutes before we arrived. You are welcomed by your tour guide, there are guides for every language. He shows you the route down to the main site of the ruins and gives you a little basic knowledge. The area is surrounded by mangroves which turn the area into swamps during rainy season. Our guide warned us about the crocodiles that live among the mangroves. After showing us the route it was up to us to then have a wander around the site. We could've stayed with him to get a guided tour but we got lost and much prefer to do it ourselves anyway.

You enter the site through an archway in the guarding wall which hides away how massive it really is. As soon as we walked through the archway, we both had to stop and take it all in. It reminded me of Knossos in Crete but much bigger, greener and hotter. It was beautiful in it's own way.

iguana, animals, nature, tulum, mexico, playa del carmen, mayan ruins

These little fellas and gals were everywhere to be seen. On the first piece of Mayan architecture you come to we counted at least 10 just laying in the sun. I find them to be wonderful little creatures and the most funniest animals to watch run. I definitely need to work on editing some YouTube videos so you can see it for yourself! It was lovely to see how much we really were surrounded by nature, even in the vast open public landmark.

Each section of the ruins had a board just above the ground explaining what each building or wall would've been used for. There are many Mayan cities across Mexico and South America, and each one had a specific purpose. Tulum was built as a port for trading jade and turquoise.

beach, holilday, sun, hot, weather, tulum, playa del carmen, mexico, travel, travelling

Warning: there are steps! If you want to reach some of the highest points then you're going to have to climb some steps. But don't worry, you can go down step to get to this beach! Most people walk around the site in their bikinis and swim shorts because it is often way to hot to wear anything else. Wearing your swimming costumes is advised though because otherwise you wouldn't get the chance to swim in the crystal clear sea or bath on the white sands. What a place to relax by the sea!

relationship goals, travelling, holiday, tulum, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar

Edmond and I both absolutely loved it there. I've had to genuinely thesaurus the word 'stunning' that's how dazzlingly spectacularly impressive it was! If you ever get the chance, I would definitely recommend that you go. Our trip cost $40 (although we paid in pesos, but I can't remember how much that was) which included the entrance fee, tour guide if we wanted one, and transfers.

tulum, mexico, playa del carmen, playacar, holiday, thomson, easy tours, tour, trip, excursion, mexican peso, travel

Oh, our trip also included us getting an hour to spend on the beach a little further down from the main site! Yet again it was stunning. How many times can I say that? The whole place was stunning! It's why I love Mexico so much! Everywhere you turn you'll see culture, nature, and stunning beaches! In the distance you may just about be able to pick out one of the ruins. The beach was so peaceful, aside from some Mexicans trying to sell you their boating and snorkeling trips. You just tell them that you've only got an hour because you're already on a trip and they'll leave you alone if you wish. Us on the other hand, we got speaking to one of them who was being incredibly nice to us. We bought some coconuts, drank the water and then he opened them up so we could eat them. I will admit that I've never drunk such delicious coconut water before, and I actually like the coconut inside!

mexico, tulum, holiday, playa del carmen, nature, coconuts, drinking, playacar, excursion, beach

As you can see, we sat in the shade in an attempt to cool off. It didn't quite work but it was nice to sit down after all the walking we had done!

Advice for visiting Tulum:
- Plenty of sun cream
- Lots of bug spray
- Big bottle of water
- Cap to keep sun off your head
- Sunglasses (Protect those eyes!)
- Look around for the best deal for a trip that you want (this one was good for us because we like to go off on our own!)
- WEAR YOUR SWIMMING COSTUMES! (And take a towel!)
- Take your camera!
- Take a little extra money! (Just outside the site there's a stand where you can buy freshly made smoothies and fruit juices - we had a watermelon one and it was so refreshing, just what we needed!)

What an amazing time we had. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat if I could! As much as I'd love to go see somewhere else, I'd happily go back as see it all again! Hopefully one day I will!

Want to read more about Mexico? Check out these posts:
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Looking Back on Mexico

Thanks for reading! Hope you're now thinking about booking your holidays!
- KC xx

Have you ever been to Tulum before? What excursions do you normally go on?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Life Changing Decisions

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Hi there!

I warn you, this could become a long post but if you do manage to read it all, I'd really appreciate it! If not then skip to the bold, enlarged writing!

Over the past two years I feel like I have been through an incredibly confusing emotional whirlwind. This time last year I had just finished college and been on holiday with my boyfriend, Edmond, and I knew that I was not planning on going to university. At least not until the next year. I've had my blog for quite some time now and although I have only really just started focusing on it, I did post last year and around the time I was going through a lot of struggles. You can read my posts here and here.

university, college, education, studying, work, desk, home life, stationary, photography, drama, theatre

I had always had my life planned out, I was one of those people. I knew what high school I wanted to go to and then expected to stay at my high school's sixth form. That was the first change I made. I went elsewhere to a different college. Cardinal Newman College, to be exact. CNC was placed in the top 1% nationally so I knew that going there would guarantee me the highest of educations and I genuinely think it did. It was the perfect place for me. I made loads of friends, got to perform in some fantastic plays and shows and I really did have the best time. It was the best decision I could have made regarding my A-levels. I still miss not being there and all my teachers!

I then expected I'd go straight on to university, studying drama so I could become an actor. I then begun to realise that to become a fully well-rounded actor and to have the best education, my next step was to apply for drama school, but I knew how difficult it is to even get to the second round. I did apply and went to all of my auditions but I don't believe that my heart was in it. First year of college I took on the equivalent of 5 subjects (the average being 4) and then I dropped one for second year and took up my EPQ (extended project qualification). This required a lot of extra studying outside of college and by the time I had completed just about everything, I was knackered. My body and mind were completely drained. I did spend most of my college life stressed out because I tend to give myself too much work to do. A gap year seemed like the perfect way for me to finally relax and recharge.

office, university, working, desk, home life, challenge, computer, photography, blogging

Considering you're supposed to start thinking about filling in your UCAS application around August/September, I wasn't planning on even looking at it until I had a sudden realisation whilst at work that I didn't want to be stuck at home, late October. I got it all filled out, ready to apply for drama schools again and got everything paid for. UCAS itself costs £23 to apply for 5 courses but some drama schools make you apply straight to them. I applied for 7 altogether. Each one costs between £45 to £65 just for an audition and the with travelling to and from these auditions, it started to add up, immensely. After this, driving lessons, and Christmas presents, I was left with £5 in my bank account. Come February, I was due to go down to London for an audition. The Premier Inn was booked for a two-night stay in Essex but I was having second thoughts. I had done two auditions already but I wasn't feeling ready for my next 5. Eventually I made the decision to not go at all. Instead we went for a day out in London. I much preferred that!

Earlier this year I was going through an incredibly tough time mentally. I often find it hard to talk about because not many people know what went on. I got through it as I started to blog more and began to have more of a clue as to what I wanted to do with my life. I had plans to travel, hopefully get a new job at a travel agents, focus on my blog, and then eventually move to a city like Manchester. The moving out part wouldn't have happened until at least next year but the idea of it helped me stay motivated.

clipboard, office, working, notes, listography, to do, stationary, work, desk

I went to Crete and came back remaining at my current job as I was going away in June too. I would put off thinking about new jobs, new this and that, until I was officially back from Mexico. When I was back and I got the odd day off from work, I realised it was about time I started to think about what I want to do. I enjoy blogging and want to improve and grow my blog so much more but if I got a new full-time job I might not have enough time to continue with my blog. Especially when I was so adamant that I wouldn't get a job unless it would help me in my career (performing or travelling). I was starting to get panicky again.

I rarely get to spend time with Ed as he did go to uni and when he is home, he's living with his Mum, an hours drive away. It all got me thinking about the things I do want in life and the things I have always wanted.

Things I've always wanted in my life:
- A good education.
- Qualifications.
- Something to work on.
- A career I enjoy.

To get into my first choice career (performing) I really do believe that drama school is the best way about it but I don't feel ready for that. You can go at any stage in your life though. Many people who have become successful actors and went to drama school had already been to university and got a degree.

Here comes the life changing decision that I've made:

I have decided to go to university!

You had probably figured out where this post was heading if you read it all but yes, I have officially decided to go to university! If everything goes to plan, then hopefully in September I shall be moving to Hull to study Drama and Theatre Practice at the University of Hull! I feel like it is the best decision I could make right now! Why?

Well, because...

1. I get to study a subject that I have a great interest in.

2. I have great flexibility in the course to choose my study route.

3. I can still go to drama school later if I want to.

4. I get to move out and be independent.

5. It will probably work out that I do around 9 hours a week which leaves me time to get a part-time job and keep on blogging.

6. I shall be getting a degree (a qualification)!

7. Ed also studies Drama and Theatre Practice at the University of Hull

Some of you are probably thinking now that I've only applied for it because Ed is there. I admit that I probably wouldn't have looked at Hull had he not been there but really it's just an added bonus. Originally I was so against his uni and even going to uni because I was worried about using up my student finances before possibly going to drama school but I can work that out later. At first I didn't like his uni because when I went for three nights I got a bad first impression. In particular his halls were horrible compared to many I had seen before. He also lived 3 and a half miles away from campus so had to get the bus for half an hour each way! After a lot of confusion, worry and thinking, I decided to still apply there in the hope that I can try for the on campus, en-suite accommodation, maybe even the brand new blocks that are being built for Sept 2016!

I am actually really excited about all this. I will be getting the education I want and I get to spend more time with Ed so it is a complete win situation. I did apply through Extra which means I am still waiting to hear if I can actually get a confirmed place. I applied on Sunday night and they have until the 13th July to respond to my application. I have more than enough UCAS points and the grades to get in so it should be ok but there is still a chance I may not be accepted but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I applied for my student finance yesterday and I have already had the email today approving my application! Just praying I get in now! If I don't then everything will have to be reconsidered but for now, I'm planning for university! I already have a board going on Pinterest!

I actually can't contain my excitement but I'm trying my best! I shall let you know how everything goes and until then I'm on a shopping ban so I don't buy anything that could jinx it! If I get in then off to IKEA I go! And probably B&Ms! I will need to go clothes shopping too! I will get to do university diaries if I get in, woo!

Wish me luck!
 - KC xx

UPDATE: I got in! 
I had plans to let you know the result in another post but only a few hours after publishing this post, I got an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER. It's only been three days since I applied too! I'm so excited now to be able to spend this summer getting everything ready! Uni diaries will be coming soon, I guess! See you then!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Summer Sandals

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Hey everyone!

When it comes to footwear, I most be the most boring person ever. I have one box that fits under my bed that is full of black shoes. A couple of pairs of black heels (that I very rarely wear), some old boots, work/school shoes, walking boots, two pairs of trainers and some fake Converse. I will admit that my most recent pair of trainers are a bright turquoise colour and my fake Converse are maroon, but I don't tend to keep them in the box as I wear them most of the time. My shoes are boring. Even my sandals, gladiator style, are black. I buy on the basis that black goes with everything.

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So this year I am on a mission to not only brighten up my gym wear and general wardrobe, but I need to buy new summer shoes that I can wear on a daily basis. Or maybe a couple of pairs. Sandals in particular! I only have that one pair of gladiators which I've used to death on holidays so it's time to go sandal shopping!

Flat Sandals

I'd probably choose a pair of flats over heels any day. I just find them so much more comfortable and practical for everyday life. Knowing me, the second I put a pair of heels on, I'd fall down the stairs or trip over one way or another! I always worry though when it comes to buying a pair of sandals that I will never find a pair I particularly like as I used to struggle buying the right school shoes a lot. I've looked many times and never been that impressed, but this year I am really loving some of the latest styles! You can probably tell that I'm into straps! Gladiator style again, I guess. At least these ones are a lot more colourful than black! (You can roll your mouse over the pictures to see prices and where they are from, they are also clickable!*)

Heeled Sandals

I may choose flats for everyday life but I won't deny that I do love a good heel for any kind of event! Wedges are very comfortable if you find the right pair and I haven't had any in a few years now so I think it's about time I dip into my purse and get some new ones. I'm so used to choosing high heels when I'm going shopping for heels that I often forget that a mid heel even exists. It always surprises my how sophisticated a nice, chunky mid heel can look. They really do finish off that smart-casual look!

I have mostly managed to avoid blacks but after looking back at the ones I did choose, I seem to have gone for more nudes and browns. From this and previous posts, you can probably tell I'm loving the light pink nude colours and shades this year. My bank account isn't going to like it though! What do you think of the sandals I've picked out?

Hope you all are enjoying the sun when it decides to show it's face! Let's pray that this summer will cheer up and warm up so those freshly painted toesies can get some fresh air! 

- KC xx

What's your favourite type of shoe? Will you be buying some new sandals this year?

* This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own and all sandals are chosen by me!