Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Weekend in London (Photo Diary)

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Earlier this year I was supposed to be going for an audition for uni. We booked the hotel and train and had everything paid for. A couple of days before I then decided against the idea but unfortunately we couldn't get refunds. Luckily for us, it was my Mum's birthday so we choose to continue with our trip and make a mini holiday out of it.


hms belfast, hms, boat, ship, ww2, service, navy, museum, london

hms belfast, london, museum, ww2, history, travel, navy, war

hms belfast, london, museum, ww2, history, travel, navy, war

hms belfast, london, museum, ww2, history, travel, navy, war

hms belfast, london, museum, ww2, history, travel, navy, war


british museum, history, national, travel, london, britain, england

british museum, history, national, travel, london, britain, england

british museum, history, national, travel, london, britain, england


london, bridge, tower bridge, boats, travel, history, monument

london, bridge, tower bridge, boats, travel, history, monument

the shard, london, travel, business, monument, building, architecture,

I took all these photos before I got my new fancy DSLR camera but I'm still surprised at the quality and the zoom on these photos!  What do you think?

It was a lovely weekend in London that I spent with both mys parents. I remember the weather (mostly) holding out, despite it being a little cold, and the food being lovely wherever we went, especially at the pub next to our Premier Inn in Essex. I'd love to go back to London as that was my first time properly exploring our capital city.

See you another time!
- KC xx

How often do you explore London? Have you ever been to any of these places?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Summer Bucket List Review

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Whilst I was in Mexico earlier this year, I wrote a post about all the things I wanted to do during Summer. That was all before I decided to go to uni. When I made the decision to go, all my plans had to change stopping me from getting much done. That said, looking at the list, I think I did a good job at getting started. 

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- Go for long walks in the countryside - Myself and Edmond managed to get out quite a bit to go for walks, mainly in parks, but it was lovely when the weather was nice!

- Catch up on my tbr pile to help me in my reading challenge - I didn't quite catch up (I did choose a 700 and something paged book) but it did make a start. Who knows, why I'm at uni I might all of a sudden starting reading much more! I hope so!

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- Go running outdoors - Yes! Yes, I did it! I'm quite proud of myself regarding this one. If you've been following my Fitness Updates then you'll know I joined a 6 week running club. The idea was to gradully increase the distance in which you ran as a group to eventually get to 5K but we were already at 5K by week 3 so it turned into a group 5K run each week. I enjoyed it and it really has got me out running more. I intend to continue this at uni (as you'll know from week 4).

- Spend a couple of days at the caravan - I didn't quite manage this one as I only had one week where my work schedule gave me three consecutive days off and that was the week I decided to go to uni, so all got a little hectic from then on.

- Go trekking/hiking in the Lake District - Kind of. We did drive to the Lakes and go for a lovely walk in and around Grange-Over-Sands.

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 - Host a bbq with some friends - Again, kind of. I did host a few movie nights with friends but the weather was a bit hit and miss for a BBQ. I was lucky enough to go to one though!

- Get some work experience/new job - No need. I'm now at university!

- Post photos on my Instagram regularly to show what I'm up to - Check out my instagram to see what I got up to! I thought I did pretty well with regular posting!

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- Go on days out to at least 3 new places within driving distance - Grange-Over-Sands, Astley Hall, Lancaster's Williamson Park

- Try out at least 5 new recipes - Is it bad that I honestly can't remember? I did make some beef gravy from scratch when we didn't have any juices from the meat or any gravy granules!

- Write some more of my story that I begun writing - I had a look over it but didn't feel inspired at the time. I did however, look at some more research for a play that I want to write!

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- Hire a beach hut with some friends and spend a day by the seaside - I would've loved to but it was a little too expensive.

- Be a tourist in Blackpool (visit the tower, sea life centre, Madame Tussaud's, etc.) - I went to Stanley Park and went shopping but that was about it.

- Go to Go Ape in Rivington - Again, too much money!

- Go canoeing - I wish! Maybe I'll get to go sometime soon.

Not quite as successful as I'd hoped originally but, like I said, I didn't know I'd be at uni now! I worked quite a lot this year and especially over summer on random days which made it difficult to plan things and then have them fit in with everyone else's plans. Hopefully I'll get to do some of the other things at another time or maybe they'll be on my Summer 2017 list of things to do!

Here's to the rest of the year and then onto next summer!

- KC xx

What did you do this Summer? Were there things that you didn't manage to do but you wish you had done?

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Fitness Update - September Week 3 and 4

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Happy Saturday!

I missed last Saturday's fitness update due to it being moving day and I was very busy. So I'm back today with a quick double week update before I'm off out tonight (it is freshers week after all!).

Week 3

I had the final Runhunt session on the Tuesday where we joined with Lytham Road Runners in their weekly Tuesday run. The options were a 1200m intervals or a timed 5K run. I chose the 5k run with the intention of beating my personal best. That I did. My phone died so I could track it on Runkeeper but as it was timed, I was able to manually record it later on. I did the 5K in 31 minutes making that run my all time personal best so far!

Week 4 

Week 4 has been my first week in Hull and it's taken me quite a bit to actually go out for a run since I'm still not fully aware of the area. Eventually I did go out yesterday with a housemate and then Ed joined on later too and we did a starter run. It most definitely was not my best and I did struggle but I'm glad I got out because I'm more motivated to go out at other times now. 

There hasn't been any gym sessions or even home workouts because it's taken me a while to settle in but this week is the start of my course and the Freshers Fairs start where apparently I can get discount on gym memberships. I also have a dance taster session for 3 hours at the end of the week and I'll be beginning my hockey training very soon.

Food wise, I feel like I've been eating very well. Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, healthy snacks throughout the day and salads quite regularly. Not bad for a first week at uni!

Overall, I think I've done pretty well throughout the month and it's been a great starter month into full fitness. I hope to keep on improving now that I'm at uni!

- KC xx

How has your week been? Do prefer running outside or going to the gym?


Friday, 23 September 2016

Uni Room Tour

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So this isn't quite YouTube, although if I can get my self sorted it might end up on there, but I fancied showing you what my room looks like. I have moved into student housing for my first year at university and I'm sharing with 4 other people. I mentioned a little bit about it in my First Impressions post a bit about the house but I'll say most of it again.

I have a large room downstairs with a big rounded window. When his building was an actual house, my room basically would have been the living room. Think traditional London, town house with high ceilings and big rooms. That's basically it. We have a small communal area by the kitchen and a downstairs toilets. Upstairs, there is three other bedrooms where some of my housemates live and a separate shower and toilet. It could do with some work (our landlords only just bought them off the university and haven't had the time to renovate them all but have said if there is anything wrong, ring us up and we'll sort it straight away) but overall it's a nice place to live and we've all been getting along very well.

On to my actual room!

Uni, uni room, university, halls, student housing, house, living, home, books, bookish, bookshelf

bookshelf, uni room, university, uni, halls, hull, books, working, desk

Being a book lover, it was a very tough decision when it came to choosing which books to take with me and which to leave at home. Eventually I chose but then sneakily added more as the packing went on. When I got here, I didn't realise how many I actually had! Oops! Oh well. I have plenty to keep me going. I just hope I find the time amongst everything I plan on doing at uni to actually read as I'm seriously slacking on my Reading Challenge!

uni room, university, walls, decoration, home,living, harry potter

world map, earth, globe, uni room, university, halls, hull

I love travelling so it only seemed right that I bought a massive world map for my wall. Best decision for decoration though! My boyfriend also bought me this large Harry Potter/Hogwarts poster to put up and I think it looks great! I plan on expanding what I now call my 'photo wall' as the year goes on. I have a printer with me so it won't cost to much to print some photos out or I'll look for online printing facilities. I know you can get some good deals. I'll probably end up updating you on this wall as the year progresses!

desk, organisation, home, living, work, blogger, homework, study, uni room

desk, organisation, university, revision, learning, blogger, uni room

Below my shelves is my desk area. I love how big it actually is! I managed to buy some stick on hooks from Tesco to hang up my calendar and shopping list pad and I brought my own brown faux leather desk drawers to store all my stationary. Of course it doesn't all fit in there but I have boxes under my bed for that.

home, uni room, university, living, hull, decoration, dvds, entertainment

I've just realised I forgot to get a picture of my bed, how annoying. I guess the show must go on (I'll do a full house post next week and I'll add it to that). I only have a single bed, that I pushed up against the wall, with a set of drawers at the end. On top of the drawers I have my TV and all my DVDs ready to be watched! I've already had a Smallville marathon and Step Up 3 was on last night! In the wash bag is my shampoo, condition, shower gel, and sponge, ready for my to just grab a towel out of my top drawer, pick up the bag and go for a shower. Sorted. I thought it would come in handy!

What do you think then? I quite like being in a nice large room in student housing compared to a small cramped room in halls. It's been great getting to settle in and getting to know my house mates. It already feels like I've been here for ages. Will be glad when I can get myself into a proper routine once my course starts though! 

Look out for more updates!
- KC xx

(If you went to university) What was your first accommodation like? (If you didn't go) What was you first place where you lived without parents like?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Autumn Home Etsy Wish List

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Hi there!

Anyone noticed that I seem to be lusting over all sorts at the moment. I think it's something to do with having my own place after all these years. I'm also getting very much into the Autumn mood! I love it when the trees turn reds, oranges and browns, and I can get my scarves out and snuggle up in bed and watch movies. I've always loved the idea of decorating my house depending on the season so I keep looking at Autumnal homeware and decor.

Autumnal Wish List
homeware, autumn, home, lifestyle, cushion, bedroom, kitchen, house,

There's something about decorating your home with fall leaves and autumnal colours that instantly warms up the whole atmosphere. It all about keeping cosy in Autumn! Not only that, but Halloween is just around the corner so the pumpkins need to come out very soon and I can't wait to hand up all my ghosts and spider webs as soon as possible. Especially because my room is the front room so my window is going to have to be completely decorated!

home, autumn, lifestyle, decor, living, house, lamp, uk, britain, decorations

If you hadn't realised from the title, all these items are from Etsy which is actually unusual for me because I have never shopped on Etsy before but after seeing some blog posts and having a look for these, my eyes have really been opened to all the amazing products you can buy. So many unique and beautiful things. I need to do some more shopping!

This is only a short post but I've been really short of time since I've moved as I've been settling in. I'm hoping that once my course starts, I can relax a little and catch up on things!

Until then, 
- KC xx

Do you decorate your house in Autumnal decor? How much do you shop on Etsy?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Beauty Haul

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By now you must know that I've moved into my new house and I'm ready to begin my university life. Me being me, that has meant I've been online quite a bit searching for all sorts of things that I need to buy. One of those things has been make up. 

I'm the sort of person who isn't very good at make up. So I've made a point that in my new life here at uni, I have decided to spend a little extra money and get some more expensive make up in hopes that you really do get what you're given.

Here's what I got:

avon, cosmetics, make up, beauty, shopping, amazon, lipstick, concealer

Avon Cosmetics

I got the True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in shades Ravishing Rose and Au Naturale and because they were over £10, I got a free Avon True Colour Starter Kit which included a nail enamel in the colour Naked Truth, a single eye shadow in Satin Taupe, a lipstick in Toasted Rose, and finally a Anew Clean anti-aging 3-in-1 cleansing water. Not bad since I only paid £10!

make up, cosmetics, w7, bronzer, concealer, bb cream, moisturiser,


From Boots online, I decided to spend a little more than usual and get some decent make up compared to the cheap stuff I usually get that's always a bit hit and miss. I chose the W7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer, the Beautiful Skin BB Cream for normal/dry skin, and the concealer in fair. There was a 3 for 2 offer on all W7 products too so even more discounts!

make up, beauty, cosmetics, shopping, contouring, contour, powder,

Also from Boots, I got the Seventeen Contour Kit and transparent powder from Rimmel. These were both a little cheaper but still more expensive than I would normally pay. 

I want to know if you've tried any of these. Are they any good or have I made a mistake buying them? Individual reviews will be coming soon when I've tried them all out! Let's hope they are good!

- KC xx

What cosmetic products have you bought recently? What's your favourite make up product at the moment?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pembrokeshire, South Wales

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Hey everyone!

Today we have a post written by my one and only boyfriend, Edmond! He often goes travelling with his Mum and has been to all sorts of places I've never been to so in the spirit of Travel Tuesday, I managed to get him to do a post for me about his most recent trip to South Wales. (It took a lot of begging and reminding!)

I haven't been to South Wales in such a long time, and even then I've only been once so when he kept sending my the photos he'd took. I desperately wanted to go back to see some of the sights!



st david, wales, travel, britain, europe, travelling, church, cathedral, dragon,

Pembrokeshire: one of Wales' easier place names to pronounce, if not easiest to get to (from where I live anyway). I used to go there as a kid during the summer holidays with my parents. It's a beautiful place, and as someone who was obsessed with insects as a kid, it was ideal. We stayed in a barn-turned-cottage sort of place, overlooking overgrown grasslands. One memory I have of back then was being so excited just to hear some grasshoppers (weird I know right). Maybe it was because that was the only place I could find them!  The last time we visited there was in 2009 when my parents got married, that time going with several members of my family as well. After that, various other holidays came and went. We said we'd go back to Wales but trying to find the time and money, balanced with mine and my parents ambitions to travel to new places, meant that we failed to return after 2009. Sadly my dad passed away earlier this year, meaning that he was never able to return to this magical place we had so often visited during the early years of my life. It was with this that my mum and I decided to return, in memory I suppose, of those years together.
This time we went for a week and went to some amazing places, most of which I hadn't been to previously. We stayed in a little cottage overlooking the seaside town of Broadhaven - a pretty little rural town not far from St. David's.  The cottage itself was basically a small bungalow and faced west so we were witness to some gorgeous sunsets on a couple of nights.

Wales, st david, ruins, church, beach, seagull, nature, animals, birds, wildlife

Some of the places we visited included St. David's, Fishguard and Little Haven. Each of these lie very close to each other and yet each have very different smells sights and attractions. On one hot and sunny evening we even went to see a production of Shakespeare's  play The Comedy of Errors in a ruinous castle.  This proved to be one of the most amazing sets I have ever seen a play performed in and it was a superb use of a "natural" set.

ancient, church, castle, st david, cathedral, wales, travel, travelling, holiday, beach

We also visited Skomer Island. This is known worldwide for being a haven for adorable Puffins during the spring and early summer. Regrettably, there were none to see when I went with my mum but it was still a beautiful place; vastly untouched by humans, remote and quiet (apart from the thousands of gulls). It was so quiet that as a small "parliament" (fancy word for a group/ flock) of ravens flew over us, we could hear the air passing through their wings with each flap they made. It sounded more like someone taking very deep breaths somewhere off in the distance!

st david, wales, travel, travelling, holiday, beach, countryside, ceiling, arts

Overall, the holiday was brilliant and I really recommend visiting some of the places I talked about. The weather was awesome most of the time so I hope if any of you guys go it's as kind to you as it was to us.

 - Edmond


Ed always takes fantastic photos, and these are only a few of what he took! Amongst all the other things I'm currently doing, I have slowly been creating him a website portfolio to showcase his photographs and give them the recognition he needs! Coming Soon! I'm sure I'll tell you when!

See you next Travel Tuesday!
- KC xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

First Impressions - Moving In

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Hey All!

What a weekend it has been! Unfortunately I had to miss Saturday's post due to the incredibly hectic day I had. Hectic probably isn't the right word. Just busy, incredibly busy. I woke early on Saturday morning, with everything ready and packed away in the cars, and before I began to get ready I heard some terrible news about a close college friend. I don't really want to go into it but if you're planning on going to university and/or are 16 to 25, GO GET YOUR MENINGITIS INOCULATION! It's so important.

uni, university, student, fresher, moving out, impressions

A little bit later than we'd hoped, I was on my way to my new home. I followed my dad in my own car throughout the nearly 4 hour car journey and eventually we arrived at my new house in Hull. I was greeted by my landlords and handed a box full of freebies to welcome me to university! My landlords only recently bought the properties on my street so they told us to lower our expectations but when I walked into my room I was quite happy.

My room is rather large! Especially for a first year student. I have a single bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, desk, shelves, bedside table, and a basin. In between all that, I have a lot of floor space! There is an upstairs toilet with a shower next door and downstairs there is a small communal area, kitchen and a second toilet. I share the house with 4 other people, two guys and two girls. We're all a pretty similar age, give or take a year or two, and we seem to be getting along very well so my first impressions of moving in so far have been great.

I don't live far away from my boyfriend now so it's great to be able to see him whenever I want and the university is about a 5 minute walk away. Perfect!

This was just a quick little update while I've been busy getting settled. Since arriving around 1pm on Saturday, it has taken me all weekend and today to unpack. I'm only just nearly finished. I just have a few finishing touches to my room left to make then I'll feel properly settled in! Hopefully tomorrow I can get my student ID too.

Pictures of Hull and my room coming soon!

If you've just moved into uni, good luck with everything!

- KC xx

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gap Year Review

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Now I've moved in to my new house at university and relatively settled in, I thought it was about time to go back over the past year and figure out everything I actually managed to do!

gap year, university, uni, student, freshers, college, a levels, holiday, travel, backpacking,

At the end of A levels I thought it was the best idea to have a gap year to allow me to get a well needed break from education. I'm the sort of person who puts a lot on herself and when it comes to working and studying, it's no different. In my first year of college, I took up the equivalent to 5 A levels, giving my no free periods whatsoever. I did then drop one for second year but clever me then took up an EPQ. The Extended Project Qualification requires you to essentially create something (that could be a dissertation or a physical thing) and do a lot of work, most of which has to be done in your spare time as it's very much an independent study thing. I decided to do a lot of research, write a play, put on the play, and do all the lighting, sound, directing and costume. It was the most amount of work I have ever done in my life, something I'm very proud of. When I was finally finished, including completing an 11,000 word evaluation and a half an hour presentation (it was supposed to be 15 mins but I couldn't narrow anything down because I had done so much), I was physically and mentally knackered, to say the least. I just about pushed myself through the rest of my A levels and then I don't think my brain could handle any more. So I took that gap year.

At first, I had no plans. I knew I was going to Mexico in June and I would then want to go again the next year but I just planned to work. Thinking back on it, I don't feel like I had a proper gap year to "find myself" like most people would expect, I just feel like all I did was work. So, to attempt to prove myself wrong, I'm going to write a list of everything I actually managed to achieve!

Here goes nothing:


  •  I was offered at least two jobs - I spent months applying for jobs and I got offered a job from every interview I went to. I turned them all down though because the job I had then offered me more hours and a pay rise!
  • I published my own script! - I was so proud of my EPQ that I published it onto Kindle and then in paper back! (You can buy it here and here!)

  • I receive 3A*'s and 2B's at A level and a B at AS level on results day! - Results day was during my gap year, so it counts right?!
  • I travelled to Mexico on my first holiday alone (without parents) - And what a fantastic holiday it was! (You can read a bit about it here!)
  • Got to see Scouting For Girls! - One of my all time favourite bands were on at Lytham Festival 2015 and I was lucky enough to get tickets for my birthday!

  • I had a two night trip to Liverpool! - Some of my first travel related blog posts were about Liverpool! I'd love to go back!
  • I got my first item to review for my blog! - I tried and tested InstaNatural products and I have managed to keep things up and I am regularly getting things to review still!
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  • Passed my driving test with 3 minors! - Took me long enough. Third time lucky. (Technically fourth as my first test was cancelled.)
  • I raised money for Stand up to Cancer! - I held a giveaway and did a few other things and managed to raise £101.54!
  • Took a trip to Edinburgh - I didn't get to see that much because we were there for the Christmas Markets but it was a lovely weekend trip!
  • Visited Waltham Abbey and spent the weekend in London - We stayed in Essex but got on the train to see some of London's top attractions. (Can't believe I never did a post about this so watch out for another September Travel Tuesday!)
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  • Got to see my current favourite band X Ambassadors live! - Best present ever off Edmond! Such an amazing gig in Manchester!
  • Bought myself a gym membership - This was a big thing for me because over the past year I've managed to get myself motivated to be fit and this was the first step!
  • Went traveling around Crete! - What a surprise and fantastic holiday to somewhere I had never been to. 
  • Went to Mexico for a second time! - Again, amazing holiday! We got to do so much more!
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  • Drove to Lancaster to see The Hobbit - Set in a beautiful park! What a night!
  • I've been to see a number of other shows too! - Including Joseph, Miss Nightingale
  • Became a blood donor - I have to wait until I'm 20 to actually donate though!
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  • Completed Adrenaline Rush - Considering I was incredibly unfit at the beginning of the year, I was able to complete my first obstacle course race over the summer. It won't be my last!
  • I have done A LOT of walking! - Who knew there were such beautiful places to walk by near me?!
  • Day trip to Grange-Over-Sands - Last minute decisions took us on a drive up north to a lovely little town!

Not too bad, eh?! Listing everything like this really shows just how much I really did. I didn't quite manage to learn the guitar like I wanted to, or write a book, but those were a bit too ambitious for me. I did however get to go out and explore new places both in Britain and across the world. It might not be backpacking across China or anything like that but I did go on a jeep safari up into the mountains of Crete! I will go backpacking one day, maybe even next year. But for the time being I proud to say I did all these things over the past year! Who else, at the age of 19 can say they went to Mexico twice in one year and paid for it all herself (and Crete)!

Oh, I forgot to mention...

I bought my own domain and redesigned my blog into what now is kiralcurtis.com! 

Although I had been blogging on and off (mostly off as it was like once a month) I managed to get myself into a proper routine to write and promote post which has meant my stats have tripled and are ever increasing! When I first got my domain, my DA was 11 and in a matter of months it has jumped up to 18, so close to the 20 mark! All fingers crossed for the next moz update. I'm incredibly proud at how I've kept up my blogging and the quality of my content. I'm starting to receive paid offers and more items to review so it just show how hard work can really pay off!

A photo posted by Kira L Curtis (@kiralcurtis) on


I got into university!

Here I am now in student housing waiting for my first real day at university. If it wasn't for my grades and the hard work I did at college, I wouldn't have got into university so quickly at such a late stage. 

Overall, I'm glad I took the gap year. It was something I needed and although I feel like I got nothing done and I got myself into a rut, looking at this make me feel better knowing how much I achieved, especially with my fitness, travelling and blog. Being able to document my year through my blog has been the best part and I just hope to continue as I'm doing and document my next three years at university! Ideally, I'll also get back in to doing my YouTube videos! 

Here's to the future!

Good luck to those who will be officially starting their gap year now! 

All the best for the next year to everyone!

 - KC xx

Did you take a gap year? Are you planning on taking a gap year?

Friday, 16 September 2016

Running with Asthma

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For a long time now I have struggled when it came to doing exercise. I remember back in high school when I was picked (quite often because I was the only one who would do it) to do the 1500m run on Sports Day and I would never come first, this was mainly because I physically couldn't breathe. I never thought I'd be able to do long distances runs at all. Other times, when I did sprints, I was fast enough and manage to breathe until the end of the race when I couldn't get up off the ground from wheezing. My old piano teacher used to say I had asthma because her son had similar symptoms but when I told my parents and other people, they didn't seem to think that much of it. I think people just thought I was unfit (even though I did a lot of sport). 

As I got older, I continued to do dance but that was about it. I tried getting myself into doing workouts at home but I never had the motivation. Only recently, in this past year, did I get myself a gym membership and I started going quite frequently. I noticed I was still struggling to breathe. I have a blue inhaler that I was prescribed years ago when I had a bad cold and tight chest (my doctor told me it was likely that I had asthma that was making the cold worse) so I used that before I'd do any physical exercise. When my gym sessions started getting serious and I started going out for runs too, I noticed minor improvement in my breathing so I thought it was about time I went to the doctors to get it sorted out.

running, asthma, medical, nhs, doctors, hospital, trainers, fitness

Turns out, there was no recollection in my medical records that I had asthma so recently I've been in and out of the doctors to try and get diagnosed. There's a possibility that what I have, may not actually be asthma because the solution in the inhaler, when I was exposed to it for 5 minutes straight, didn't have any effect to my lungs. So now I'm off to the hospital for a full lung scan and check up. 

None of this really was the point of the post, I just wanted to get it out there to show how important it is for you to go to the doctors if you think you have asthma! I've been told I have all the same symptoms so in hopes I can at least help someone else, on to my post giving some tips on how to improve your running when you have asthma (or something similar)!


1. Take your inhaler - It may seem like an obvious one but ideally you're supposed to take your inhaler about half an hour before physical exercise. That then allows it to get into your system before you start. You shouldn't then need to take it again for at least another 4 hours but keep it on you or nearby just in case.

2. Wear plenty of support - For us girls, running can prove a little difficult if we're not supported in certain areas. I remember once when I forgot to wear my sports bra to the gym and I struggles to do half a kilometer without needing a break. It just proves that wearing the correct strength of sports bra is essential because it can really open your air ways and allowing easier breathing if everything isn't bouncing around.

3. Always have water with you - Some people can manage a 5K run without touching a drop of water until right at the very end. To say I would struggle doing that is an understatement. I always make sure I have my Karrimor Bottle Belt strapped around my waist at all times, especially when I'm on a run. Of course, don't down the whole bottle at once. Only have a few sips when you're feeling desperate!

4. Two in and two out - That means take two breaths in, as deep as you can, and then let two breaths out. It really does help! I've noticed it really helps pass the time too because I get so focused on my breathing that I just keep on going until I don't even realised I've passed the 5k mark. If you can get your breathing into this rhythm, you'll go further than ever before!

5. Keep going! - You can do it! Whenever I used to go for a run, I would tell myself that it's ok to stop when I need to. Which it is but then I'm not really pushing myself. Once you've got your breathing into the right rhythm you won't feel like you need to stop as much, simply slow down a little but don't stop. If you need to, walk a little but don't let that be the end of your run!

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I hope these few tips help others who worry about running with asthma. It can be difficult to get yourself going but I would suggest starting in the gym on a cross trainer then get yourself out one night and try a run outdoors. I found joining a running club very motivating because you can try stick to someone else's pace to keep you going. In the colder months, a buff will come in handy to keep that wind off your face.

Go and give it a go! All these tips probably help others who may not have asthma but may struggle with running too! 

Hope it helps!

- KC xx

Do you have asthma? Do find you struggle when running? Got any other tips?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

My Thoughts On: THE BIG MOVE

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I have two more days left then I'm off. I really cannot believe it's all come around so fast. If you've been keeping up to date with my posts (follow my Bloglovin' for updates) and following my social media, you'll have probably seen my countdown until my moving day! Saturday 17th September, this Saturday, I move into my new house! I then start university on the September 26th! Considering I must've applied about 5 weeks ago, these past few weeks have gone so fast. I've now finished work and had most of my week off, and I'm nearly ready to go.

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My Thoughts On: THE BIG MOVE

If you didn't know, I'm moving to Hull to go to university and study Drama and Theatre Practice. I applied late through UCAS Extra because originally I had no idea what I wanted to do and I didn't really think I wanted to go to university. After a lot of thought I finally applied and got an unconditional offer within three days. If you want to read more about it, check out my Life Changing Decisions post!

Now it's all nearly here and quite frankly, I'm very excited! I finished college over a year ago and although I definitely needed a break from education after I worked my ass off at college, I got myself in a bit of a rut. I applied for jobs earlier on this year, got offered a few but didn't fancy finding my self stuck in retail yet again. Plus, the job I had offered more money for less hours, and it was closer to home. I then decided I did want to go to university so I applied to 8 drama schools but after two auditions I wasn't feeling it and gave up. I got myself into a lot of depression that I've struggled to get out of. More recently, I was spending a lot of time with Ed discussing my future and everything I wanted to do and finally decided going to University of Hull ticked all the boxes for me at this point in my life. After a year out, I feel a lot more open to careers and things I would like to do, whereas before I was adamant I wanted to become an actor in the theatrical industry.

university, home, moving out, student, freshers, college, summer, autumn

I'm excited because I am extremely ready for a new start. Living in Lytham has been the perfect place to grow up but now I need to go somewhere bigger. I've always loved travelling so being able to go somewhere new and unexplored is perfect for me. I will be in Hull to learn and study, but I'm also in a new part of the country with my car so on days off I can go out on road trips and see what the North East holds. Although Ed has already spent a year there, he barely go out of campus so it will be nice for us to explore together!

I will be living in a student house, sharing with 4 other people. So far I have found 2 of those people and they seem really nice and I've been getting along well with them. I have also got to know quite a few people doing the same course and I can't wait to meet everyone and make some real friends. Over the years, I seem to have made some amazing friendships, I've had their back and for the most they've had mine. But all these friendships seem to have fallen apart and I haven't seen anyone in a very long time, despite my best efforts. They say uni is the place you'll find friends that last forever, and I'm really hoping so! If not, I still have Ed and my studying, which is what got me through high school and college!

What I'm looking forward to:

- Making new friends
- Learning about something I love
- Having something education to focus on (I actually like studying)
- Having my independence
- Decorating my uni room
- Experimenting with cooking
- Joining societies and sports clubs
- Writing plays and being in plays
- Exploring the city and local areas

student, university, uni, college, freshers, september, school, study, learn, drama

I plan on joining the hockey team and dance squad and maybe even trying out other sports. I have also got my Parkrun barcodes so I will be heading down to the local park for a 5K run on Saturday mornings (maybe not every Saturday but I'll try). I want to properly get into a fitness routine and luckily I now have a gym buddy which is a first, so hopefully we can motivate each other! There will be all sorts of new places to go for runs and hopefully there will be running events I can take part in!

There's so much I'm looking forward to and I'm sure I will keep you all updated on the latest goings on via my Uni page. Of course I shall really miss my Mum, Dad, and Tequi (my cat) but it will be nice to have a fresh start somewhere new, which I believe is exactly what I need right now. Let's just hope I can get all my boxes and suitcases in the car! Luckily, I'm following my Dad down so we shall have two car to load but I'm still a little worried I won't have enough space. We'll see!

Here's to the future and everything that it brings!

- KC xx

Did you choose to go to university? If you did, what was it like when you went?