Monday, 31 October 2016

Post-Workout with Decibel

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Hello Everybody!

I hope you're doing well! I have a little bit of a fitness update to do very soon which has been a long time coming since my last one, and I'm quite excited for that (I always feel quite proud when I do them). But before that I wanted to kind of showcase my current post-workout friend, Decibel. Not so long ago, I was contacted by a company who kindly offered me some of their protein water in return for a review (as us bloggers do) and of course I agreed!

I have never before tried using any post-workout supplements or drinks as I was always a bit unsure but after doing a little reading, I began to try out Decibel's post-workout Protein Water.

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About Decibel Nutrition

They are a fitness and lifestyle brand aiming to help everyone obtain "a better quality of life and confidence". With a connection to music, they wish to help motivate and train you harder so you can achieve the body you've always wanted. They focus on "finding your rhythm and a balance between hard work and even harder play" (quoting their website and info pack that came with the protein water).

'Train harder, progress faster and start living your life louder.'

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Decibel Nutrition Protein Water

This protein water is an alternative to the usual protein shake that most people will use which stops the post-shake bloating and theres's also no need to for drinking thick milks. Like shakes, it comes in a powder form which you then simply mix in water and drink when it's in a juice form. When I say juice form, I literally mean it is a like drinking juice. They are very light and refreshing, which is exactly what I always want after a workout.

During my workout I will of course drink water but afterwards I never want anything too filling which takes away that great post-workout feeling. In my opinion, Decibel's Protein Water fits in perfectly to my routine, allowing me to continue drink water, but with a flavour and amazingly, I still obtain all the protein I need and would usually (or maybe even not) get from a full meal.

Each serving uses 30g of 97% pure and 'ultra-lean' whey protein isolate. It comes in three different flavours, Wild Berries, Cola, and Watermelon & Peach giving you a fresh fruity taste (except the cola one of course). I've heard of strawberry, vanilla, and banana protein shakes before now but to have found something a bit more unique and tasty, makes that post-workout a bit more exciting!

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Review of the flavours

Wild Berries - I'm not normally one for berry based drinks unless it is just strawberries. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. My first impressions were "wow, this stinks!" (I think it's the whey) but after a single taste, I was amazed at how delicious it actually was!

Cola - I will be honest, this was my least favourite despite being so excited for cola flavoured water. I love cola flavoured anything but it did just taste like flat watery cola. I guess that's basically what is but I was expecting more flavour. It was still refreshing and others would probably like it more than I did but I'd personally choose one of the other two!

Watermelon & Peach - This has got to be my favourite! I always love watermelon flavoured things but this was delicious! It made me want to drink the protein water all day. The mix of the two flavours gave a subtle refreshment, exactly what you need after a hard workout!

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Overall I was really impressed with the taste and how full, but not bloated, I felt after the drinks. I still have some left so I will continue using it. I really love the quirky styled water bottle which I thought had an unusual top compared to most typical 'protein shake' bottles.

Thank you for Decibel Nutrition for sending me your products to try out! Enjoyed working with you on this!

- KC xx

Do you use any kind of protein shakes post-workout? Would you try out protein water?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Night with Professor Brian Cox

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After being at uni a little over 2 weeks, I was due to head home for the night because of a previous arrangement. I was lucky, and thankful, that this managed to fit in with my timetable. Last year, as part of my Dad's Christmas present, my Mum and I surprised him with two tickets to go see Brian Cox, live in Preston. This was his first live touring lecture and both myself and my Dad were eager to go. I may be a drama student but I'm a big science geek and, when I can, I love watching science related documentaries. My Dad on the other hand, watches them all the time so getting to see the Brian Cox was the perfect opportunity for us to have some father-daughter time and to be amazed.

That we were!

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That is nail varnish on my thumb nail there! It's no longer like that, don't worry!
It started off with a radio 4 comedic animation on the projection which instantly got the audience laughing and excited for what was to come. And then he came on stage. The Professor Brian Edward Cox, OBE, FRS. An English physicist. An "Advance Fellow" of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. Yeah. Whatever that all means. Yet somehow he manages to come on stage and immediately inspire the audience and constantly amaze us all at how beautiful and fascinating our universe and the world around us is. I already find space and general physics quite fascinating but somehow he has the power to make me want to instantly pick up some degree level textbook and read it cover to cover 100 times over just so I can learn everything.

Of course, a lot of it can be difficult to understand without a basic knowledge but he does his best, using a lot of visual aspects and analogies to help everyone understand. The photographs and images used were phenomenal. Most were real life photos from space showing starts and planets millions of light years away. It has really sparked an interest of distance galaxies and space photography in me! He also had a fellow physician, and co-writer of his latest book Universal: A guide to the Cosmos (it's now in my Amazon wishlist), with him to answer questions. The Q and A was hosted by Robin Ince, a British comedian best knowing for hosting the BBC radio show 'The Infinite Monkey Cage with the professor himself! Robin Ince helped break up the show giving it more comedy as he recalled times at the pub with Mr Cox and did his best impressions.

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Apologies for the photo quality. No photos were allowed during the lecture so my dad quickly took this on his phone before it started. The auditorium was completely full!

Being a drama student, I also looked at the lecture in a theatrical and creative perspective. I was really interested in the idea of photographing space but I was also interested in how I could possibly combine my interest in physics with drama. Perhaps in performance or in documentary and filming. I'm still yet to completely figure that one out so if you have any ideas, please do let me know. Before looking into this too deeply I, of course, want to continue with my degree ans hope it opens up some more doors. In the future, I would consider doing to open university physics course to give me some more insight knowledge into the world around us. Hopefully I will get myself into astronomy a lot more so in my spare time I shall be watching as many documentaries as I can, reading as many books I can, and just doing as much research as I can to learn more about this fascinating world that we live in!

It just shows how a passionate person makes for an incredibly inspiring lecture! Coming out of the theatre, I truly felt inspired in all that I can achieve!

- KC xx

Have you watched any of Brian Cox's documentaries? What inspires you?

Monday, 24 October 2016

My Next Big Adventure!

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Hello everyone!

I have a very exciting announcement to make! If you follow me on social media then you may have seen little hints or at least know that I had something planned. Well I can finally announce it TODAY! All has been confirmed and it's now up to me to sort things out before next summer. It's weird how excited I actually am to tell you about it...

Here goes...

Next summer, August 2017, I shall be travelling to TANZANIA to 


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I still can't believe it! And I don't think I will believe it until I've done it! Who knew that 4 weeks into my first year at university I would've signed up (and paid my deposit) to go and climb Kilimanjaro in the summer of '17. It was very much one of those moments where I was like 'that sounds good, I'm doing it!'

Thanks to my student loan, I was able to pay the deposit straight away to guarantee me a place and now here I am announcing this amazing adventure that I am extremely excited about (if you couldn't tell already)!

Of course I'm not just going to climb Kilimanjaro for the fun of it, I'm doing it all in aid of charity. I shall be fundraising for Childreach International, a charity that works for child rights in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal and Tanzania to help children reach their full potential.

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Over the next year I wish to raise £3000, some of which will be used to pay for expenses (flights, trip, etc.) but the more I can raise, the more that goes straight to the cause! I have a few fundraising ideas in my head which I'm looking forward to planning, so look out for any information across social media if you want to get involved and to help out. In the meantime if you would like to donate some money and sponsor me, feel free to check out my fundraising page - The page is run through mydonate, a BT service which makes sure all of the money goes straight to the charity and nothing is spent on admin.

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who wishes to donate. So thank you so much in advance! If you don't feel like you can give any money right now, the fundraising page will be available throughout the year until December 2017. Or I would be very happy if you could simply give up some of your time to perhaps do a bit of fundraising for me (maybe hold a coffee morning or do a bake sale) or even if you could simply share the fundraising page for me across your social media. Any help you can give me would be incredibly appreciated! If you are willing to do a bit of fundraising for me then please do get in contact, I'd love to hear your ideas. Any ideas of fundraising events that I could do would be helpful too, as I'm looking to do as much as I can.

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This is most definitely going to be a challenge, both on the run up and the actual climb. I am very afraid of heights and falling so that's one worry that's on my mind. Also, I'm worried I may not be able to raise the amount that I need to be able to go on the trip since this it the biggest fundraising goal I've ever had! That said, I'm up for the challenge!

Please wish me all the luck in my fundraising and the climb itself! I'm going to need it!

Look out for more information about the climb and any fundraising by following my social media:
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Thank you for any help you can give!
- KC xx

Have you got any fundraising ideas? Where's your next adventure?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Be Inspired to Create

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Since coming to university and starting my course, things have been a bit hectic. Both my mental and physical state have been up and down and I've been trying to fit everything in and get used to it all. After having a year out, things are a little more difficult to get back into than I would have originally thought. Let's put it this way, I was always on top of my work but now I'm struggling to keep up with all my reading deadlines. I'll get there. Or I'll learn to figure out which ones should be prioritised. It's all part of uni life I guess.

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In the meantime, I've been given technical inductions in all aspects of theatre and then been asked to put forward any ideas for events night that our department hold. Being so busy, I've decided to wait until next semester before I put anything forward. That said, I've had ideas flying around my head.

Being the blogger that I am, and major social media buff (not an expert but I enjoy it), I decided I wanted to get back into videoing and editing and see how I can involved them into my course. If you didn't already know, I love traveling too so I particularly love filming places I've been to and showcasing that by editing clips together. I've had a few people ask me when I'm going to post another video onto my youtube channel ( which has been a nice little boost to make me finally get off my arse - or, I supposed, back on it with my laptop on my knee - and edit together all the clips I have from any events and holidays I've had this year. I feel inspired!

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I've been talking about it a lot with my boyfriend and we both want to help each other out in doing filming, general recording and editing and hope that we can both be proud of the work we create. So far I have edited together my clips from the Adrenaline Rush we did and it was a great outlet for my creativeness, and stress.

So far, my brain is full of ideas of things I want to edit, places I want to go to film, what sort of filming I want to do, etc. I seriously need to have a sit down and write it all out but for the time being I just wanted to show you my first video that I have done as part of this!

Hope you enjoy this video! It was very much me just wanting to show a bit of the day and play around with my editing software again. If you have time, could you please head over to youtube and give it a cheeky like, comment and perhaps a Subscribe?! That would really help me out!

Make sure you're following me on Twitter and Bloglovin' to catch my next blog post which will have a very important announcement about my next adventure! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

See you there!

How are you creative? Do you have anything that inspires you to create things?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

No7 BB Cream Review

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Hey Everyone!

How has your week been so far?

Back on my Beauty Haul you probably saw that I had been shopping on Boots and actually purchased some of their No7 products. Being a person who lacks knowledge of any kind of make up or skin care I found the best way to find the products I wanted, and in my price range, was to look at the reviews given by the public. I was in search of some BB cream and one of the top products was this No7 BB cream at £13.50. 

Being at university I have days off where I will simply sit around in my student house and chill, perhaps I'll be doing some reading or writing essays but I'll be chilling. From time to time I can get quite self-conscious about my skin as it flares up every now and then. I thought that the best way for me to get around this while I am at home, and don't want to put on a load of foundation straight after a shower, was to simply wear a light layer of BB cream just to even out my complexion.

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What a fantastic job this No7 BB cream has done. It completely restores my confidence! I chose the Normal to Dry skin one as I do get dry patches sometimes, especially in the colder months. If my skin breaks out quite a lot then all I've used is the No7 concealer to top things up (more on that another time). It instantly leaves my skins feeling extra soft and is perfect for those day when I can't be bothered with too much make up (which is more often that not these days). It's become my go-to and I always have it in my make up bag now! I got the shade fair because I am incredibly pale and it does the job perfectly!

The box actually says it gives a light/medium coverage, which is perfect for what I wanted, and in once simple step it will provide a healthy complexion for a beautifully bar make-up look. In my opinion, it does exactly what it says on the tin, or the box in this case. Even my boyfriend pointed out how healthy my skin was looking on a no make-up day!

Thank you Boots for producing such a great range of cosmetics!

On another note, this BB cream is hypo-allergenic which is always a plus (especially for me) and has SPF 15 to give your skin that little extra protection against the suns rays, even on an overcast day!

When you buy online with Boots, there are all sorts of offers on. For example, I actually bought this product as part of a buy 2 get 1 free offer! I do like my bargains!

If you want to try out the No7 BB Cream, you can buy it here. Or click on the images below to go to the page of your specific skin type!

Ciao for now!
- KC xx

Do you use BB cream at all? Have you tried any of Boot's No7 range?


Monday, 3 October 2016

September Review

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Hey all!

When my Blog-A-Day month took a turn for the worse. I was doing so well but then underestimated how difficult it would be to move in to university and get settled. I'm still not settled even now. I've been living here for two weeks so far but I only actually start my course properly tomorrow! It's been difficult figuring out when to do things so in the end I decided to take the last couple of days off. I needed it! I had a few extra posts planned out for the end of the month but none where too important so instead they've just become October's 'ideas'! I am going back to my normal schedule now, (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and if I find myself with extra time, I'll do extras in between. But, until I'm officially got into a proper routine, that's how it will stay.

Firstly, a little update on the past week while I haven't bee blogging. I have received a few items to review which I can't wait to write about! I have also made the hockey team at uni and had a week full of inductions into my course. I also signed up to a bunch of societies and plan on joining the dance squad but after a bit of realisation into the amount of time I actually have, it looks like the societies are going to have to wait a year or so.


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Back at the end of August I did a little over view of what I wanted to achieve in September. Some were a bit ambiguous and others got taken over by trying to fit into my new uni life, but all in all I feel like September was a good month!


I realise now that I was definitely being a bit ambiguous with my social media goals. That said, I've had the largest increase in followers this month, than ever. I'm quite impressed. I didn't quite remember to promote my post on Facebook as much as I had hoped but I definitely managed to work toward receiving more sponsored posts and items to review. It's amazing how one little amount of work can make all the difference. More on the blogging side, with all the hard work I've put into my blog this month, I am very proud to say that my DA has gone from 18 to 22, which many bloggers will know to be a significant increase! I'm so proud of how far I've come in a matter of months!

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Before I came to uni I made a point of settling down for bed around 9pm and then picking up my book. I was so close to finishing it as well, then I moved and everything has been so hectic! Throughout September, I definitely got out and went exploring and walking in parks, as you'll probably know from many previous posts!

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I feel like most of these goals will now carry on over to October. I didn't go running every week but as you can see from my fitness updates, I didn't do too bad on the whole. I'm doing even better now I'm at uni too! I'm been eating a lot healthier, I'm doing hockey practices and matches, dance classes, and I'm debating on joining the gym as well. I've already been out for a run to get to know the local area and have my Parkrun barcodes. Hopefully I can fit in running and gym time around my already hectic schedule!


Of course I pretty much got everything done. The one thing that I didn't do was post any videos onto YouTube! When I have some spare time, I'm going to get started on editing some of my videos! I did get everything packed and moved to uni, and Freshers week has just finished. Word of advice to next year's freshers... don't buy tickets in advance. There will always be something on and the likelihood is, when it comes to the day, you might not want to go to that specific party! That's what happened to me!


Uni life has begun, everything is mad, and I've not managed to have a single night where I can sit in my room and chill. Hopefully I can find more time soon, once my real timetable starts. I now have a rather large reading list to get started on so I guess I'll let you know more at another time!

Hope you September went well!

- KC xx

What did you get up to in September? Did you manage to achieve your goals?

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