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Monday, 9 January 2017

Aspirations and Career Goals


It's not very often I think about doing a longer, more personal post like this but since it's January and my head is in goal setting mode, I've been having a serious think about what I want to achieve out of life and where I want to be in so many years time. You know, those usual job interview questions. It can often seem daunting to think about the future, especially when it's so far away. A couple of months ahead might not be too bad but a couple of years can seem a life time a way. After 2016, it's been made crystal clear than everything can change in a matter of months or even days in some cases and that's really put things in perspective. 

We all want to be happy and to do the things that make us happy but then there's always that constant saying how sometimes we have to push through all the hard to get to the good. Like working a 9 to 5 retail/sales job for months on end when you really want to be a performer or want to travel. That's basically what I was doing all year until I finally decided to go to university. (Except it was 9 'til half 5, that extra half an hour kills you when you're on your feet all day.) When I go to university I'm then told how I have to do all these extra things before I can simply move on. It's got me thinking about where I actually want it to get me. What do I get at the end of it? A degree. But what in? And how is that going to help?

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I'm studying Drama and Theatre Practice. It's what I've always loved and it's the only thing I could really see myself studying at degree level. I always wanted to perform as a kid and have grown up pushing myself in that direction. I love the thrill of performing and making people feel a variety of emotions from the performance I put on. During college, I discovered my love of directing and actually creating theatre so choosing the degree at Hull University allowed me to branch out from just acting to see other aspects of theatre more deeply. So far I have studied early 20th theatre, had lectures on all sorts, architecture included, and developed my knowledge of being a sound designer within the industry. It's great to give me an all round kind of knowledge but it's not helping me focus on the things I enjoy. That said, we get to choose our modules next year which will hopefully help me follow the directions I wish to choose.

That all makes this year the 'push through' year. Typical that I'd just got out of one to be put straight back into another. It bothered me a lot before Christmas but now that I've got to relax a bit and figure things out, I'm feeling much better about it. In fact, I feel ready to get back into things, but I'm taking things into my own hands. I only have 11 hours of lessons a week (but I have rehearsals, assignments, hockey practice, and dance on top of that) so why should that stop me from trying to find my own way.

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What I want to do in life

Theatre and travel have been the two big things in my life that I've always enjoyed and wanted to learn more about. This idea has always been at the back of my mind but I've never really focused on it too much. Now I've thought about it, I want to do it. The idea I'm on about it merging the two together. History is another interest I've always had, particularly ancient history so why can't I travel and find out more about how theatre was used and has developed since ancient history. That's my plan. To do this I'm obviously going to have to save up to travel but I'm also going to have to get a pretty good background knowledge. My initial plan is to start my research now. I want to do some courses on ancient history this year. I want to focus my degree on theatre of the world or throughout history. I want to explore everything that I can whilst still continuing my life at university.

If I can then pursue this as a career, I could teach what I've learnt at universities. I would like to be able to document my travels by continuing my blog and editing together videos and perhaps one day, I will have my own TV documentary series, a bit like Stephen Fry when he traveled through Southern America.

Thinking about it actually does get me excited for the possibilities of the future and motivates me to start working towards it. Myself and my boyfriend have a little plan to travel as much as we can when we're around 25, and by that I mean across the world, so until then it is just going to be constant saving and researching to learn all that I can. I will add that I'd like to learn more about astronomy and physics too. Perhaps I can even link that into the plans!

Until then,
- KC xx

What are your aspirations in life? Have you managed to reach them or are you on the journey?

Photos are taken from the free library provided by Canva. I wanted something to look at rather than just reading and I just loved these photos.


  1. The course you are studying sounds really interesting, all the best x

  2. I want to travel lots too! All the best to you with your studies. Reach for the stars :)


  3. wow your course is so cool. I would love to work as a marketing executive for a cosmetics company. Hopefully soon

  4. I am totally in a goal setting mood too at the moment! I wish you all the luck with your dreams!

    1. Best thing about January! Thank you :D

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. I personally love tv doc series. I love that you have set up your goals and are working towards them. I wish you the best. I will looking for you one day on TV ☺️

    1. AW thank you very much, this really made me smile! You never know! haha :D

  6. One of the things I wanted to achieve in my life was living in Norway (and becoming Norwegian), which I have achieved already. Career wise, I want to lead a technology company/team, and work on projects that improve people's lives.

  7. Great post, it fab that you've got goals to aim for! I'm 22 and I have no idea what I'd like to do in life, at the moment I'm saving to go travelling and see more of the world! xo

  8. You will do great love!!! Aim high and always stay positive. I also want to travel a lot see bits of this amazing world we live in.

    Leslie xoxo

  9. I find it really exciting thinking of the future 😊 Lovely post to read! Hope you do well with the degree and get into working in theatre. Not something I know a lot about by sounds interesting. I want to travel more so will love to read about your travels x

  10. I've been struggling a lot with my career goals recently. I was working in a nursing home and had been there for a year - with no trouble, until a new girl started. She swore at one of our service users and the service user made a complaint (understandable), however she wasn't sure what the girl looked like, so my colleague told my boss it was me. I ended up leaving my job because I was so embarrassed, I actually got sent home that day! It put me off wanting to be a Nurse, I mean... I was all set to go to University, but it made me think what if I got my degree and then a job, and it happened again? I'd never be able to work in healthcare again... So I took on a cleaning job until I could find something better, but I was unfairly dismissed yesterday (I've been off sick with an ankle injury for two weeks), I handed in all my sick lines and doctors notes, and I had no consultation until I went in to collect my wages, my boss told me not to come back, I was so upset I cried the entire way home. Now, I'm back to applying for jobs... but I'm really concerned that I'm not going to have any form of career... I have been looking into a graphic design and photography course, I'm thinking if I go back to school in September, it might help me make up my mind. In the meantime I'm running a small business doing ironing for people in my town, it makes me some money, but not enough to make it full time. x

  11. I've been working in web development agencies for three years now, it's what I studied in university and I've always wanted to make it my career.. But the 9-5.30pm in a dull office killed my creativity! I'm a bit like you in that I want to be able to explore my passion to its fullest, and not just settle for a job that pays the bills! Thank you do much for this post, it's really hit a chord with me.

    I wish you the best of luck with your course, but also for your future!

    Gemma xo

  12. Oh wow I love that you have such clear aspirations and goals, I think that's so inspiring! I have a few goals for myself but my trouble is nailing down some specific goals and heading toward those.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  13. "What do I get at the end of it? A degree. But what in? And how is that going to help?".

    I'm not 100% convinced my parents ever truly got over the fact I quit university after 'somewhere between a year and two years' because I figured that Social & Economic History was boring and somewhat pointless, and that I'd be better off earning real money in the real world. And you know, I don't think it's made any difference that I didn't graduate because I seem to have ended up in a very similar role to the one I'd probably have ended up in if I had ... It's in no way related to Social or Economic History, mind, which oddly seems to appear much more in my travelling than I'd have expected!

    (I dunno, I suspect I did the "wrong" A-Levels in some respects, but there we go. I'm not sure 15/16 is really the right age to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life!)

    I think your plan is excellent. :) You have the motivation, you have the skills, you have the opportunity. All you have to do is to make it so!
    Astronomy/Physics ... it's hard to link it in to theatre but very easy to link in to history, both ancient (the Greeks were fond of both, as were the Arabs - hence why many of the stars have Arabic names) and modern (Pendle Hill, famous for a barometer experiment as well as witches). It's also definitely quite niche; arts and sciences rarely mix, so it's a good place to develop into a leading authority!

    But theatre is fun ... !!