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Friday, 3 February 2017

February Goals


And so we begin discussing how fast the year goes by with the usual, February already?! Valentines day is on it's way, and then Easter and before we know it, I'll be listing my 2018 goals. I have my 20th birthday before that (I will officially no longer be a teen!). In my mission to be more organised this year, I wanted to set myself goals to work at each month.

- Set myself a routine  I have made myseld a daily schedule!
- Meal Plan Started off pretty well then I went home. Now I'm back at uni I will continue
- Prepare for assessments Assessments done (just waiting for results)
- Start Kilimanjaro Training Started but then had to stop because I got ill 
- Get Fundraising Yes and no, started off well and ended well, not much money raised though
- Blogging Blogs written and scheduled

Not too bad to start off the year! Time to set my February goals and see how much I can improve.

February Goals

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- Do things to fundraise regularly 
I have a list of ideas that I want to start working on. I also have a pub quiz to plan!

- Keep up with university reading 
Last semester I gave up with the reading, but I want to keep up with it so I'm not cramming it all in when I'm doing an essay.

- Exercise everyday 
I need to train for Kilimanjaro and I would like to tone up for Dominican Republic!

- Create healthy recipes
I shall be working with Exante doing some posts so look out for those!

- Be more active on social media
I'm forever hearting posts on Instagram and Twitter but I should comment more!

There we are. My top five goals for this month! Normally I would set myself at least 10 goals on a post like this but then I never seem to manage to complete them all. One of my main blogging goals was to make sure I set myself realistic goals, that should really have been a new year resolution, so this is what I'm trying to do now. Bring on the end of the month when I can officially say I have completed them (fingers crossed)!

What are your goals for this month?

- KC xx


  1. Great post lovely, good luck with all your goals!

    Ella xx

  2. I need to create a meal plan and train as well! It's awesome you're going to the Dominican Republic!

  3. I love the idea of setting up monthly goals - it's something I hope I can do more of in 2017. Do you think you cross more things off your list when you DO set up goals :)

  4. Nice idea to have monthly goals. I am just continuing with driving lessons, hoping to start volunteering again and reading as part of a book challenge :) Dunno when your birthday is but i asked for donations instead and raised £300 for that! Training, i just walked in boots to break them in. Get your kit asap :) x

  5. Great goals. I have a year goal for fundraising. And I too do that on Twitter & Instagram! :/ I'm just not great at commenting!

  6. It's good to have monthly goals

  7. Good list of goals. The first two are the same as mine I need to set up a routine to be more productive and I think a meal plan would really help me.

  8. Well done on doing so well in February and you've got some good one for February. My January goals were to grow my social media on all platforms and I did it. This month I'm focusing on improving the small things. Clearing broken links, adding all the background bits and bobs to blog posts and finally using pinterest for my blog more than just pretty pictures x

  9. I did well with going to the gym in January but I'm hoping to do better this month x

  10. It's great you achieved so many of your goals! It's a shame you got ill and couldn't do your Kilimanjaro training though

  11. This is a great list of goals! I can totally identify with the whole "commenting on more posts" thing, haha. It's a surprisingly hard habit to get into!
    Good luck with everything!
    XO Char

  12. This month feels like it's already flying by. It's good to set monthly goals. Hope you succeed with yours x

  13. Amazing how you set yourself monthly goals, I should do the same and well done for achieving them all! xoxo

  14. Being active on social when you are at uni can be difficult but good luck I know you can do it xxx

  15. I just want to be a little more organised this month, have lots of reviews to do before the end of the month so this is my focus.

  16. It's great to see you are able to tick off of the January goals. I hope all goes well for February.

  17. Well done for setting some goals and good luck with the Kilimanjaro training!

  18. I need to make myself one of these goal lists each month, I think it'll really help me!