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Monday, 13 February 2017

Fundraising Plan

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was an odd one for me... I had a wonderful night with the girls on Friday (a late one though) and the was kept up by all the drunken student walking home from the club until about 5 o'clock. So basically I don't feel like I've had any sleep. Constantly making myself excuses to have a lazy day!

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On the other hand though, I'm feeling quite positive and motivated. On Friday I went to a fundraising workshop and 1-2-1 meeting with our Childreach Officer about our climb up Kilimanjaro. Although I didn't exactly get anything new from it, it left me feeling very motivated and reassured that I can raise the amount needed before the deadline (26th June). It was a time to discuss all sorts of ideas for fundraising with our team mates and then write down how to put them into action. Like I said, I didn't really get any new ideas but something clicked to make me actually want to do them and I figured out how. I've been busy this weekend so I spent most of the afternoon yesterday writing our how and roughly when I am going to do things.

So far I have raised 10% of my overall total which it quite good compared to some people, however others are fortunate enough to have some rich family members who own businesses. A while ago I did a A to Z of fundraising ideas, so now I want to let you know what I shall hopefully be up to over the coming months to perhaps add to that list or see how I'm actually using some of them!

charity, sponsor me, brazil, india, tanzania, travel, fundraising, childreach international, kilimanjaro


Corporate Sponsorship - Write a letter to business asking for raffle prizes or sponsorship.


Send out sponsorship forms - Ask family members and friends to take in a sponsorship form into their work.

Youtube video - VLOGGIN COMING SOON! I shall do a video about fundraising and the challenge!

Go barefoot for the day - It's a common known fact that many in third world countries go without suitable clothing and shoes are often forgotten so I shall will try it out for a day and see how I survive.


Get in touch with old schools - I shall be contacting my primary and high schools, and college to see if I am able to do something. Perhaps a non-unifrom day or asking them to simply bringing in any spare change!


Fitness Fun Day - Initially I wanted to do this over Easter half term but this may change to June. The idea is to get local fitness instructors to do a bunch of one hour sessions. With a tuck shop and raffle. Kids activities will be available too!

Pub Quiz - I have an Easter themed pub quiz planned at a local pub on the 11th April! There will also be a raffle!

Public Collections - When I'm at home, I will dress up and go collecting in my home town areas!

Brazilian Carnival - Since £5 pays for 145 children to attend circus workshops in Brazil, it only seems right that we put on our own sort of circus carnival around campus! I'd like to do this on my birthday if possible (27th April)!


DARES - You know when people say "I'd give you a fiver if you pour a bucket of water over your head", that's the idea.. What would you make me do for money? I've starting advertising this now because I can do some dares over the next few months but in May I'm going to set up a stall outside of the SU and have gunge, eggs, cream, and pies ready for people to throw at me!

Bag Pack - I will be getting in touch with some supermarkets to ask if I can do a little bag pack just to raise that little bit extra!


Pub Collections - Again, just to raise that little bit more, I will try and dress up and go around some pubs to collect spare change!

charity, sponsor me, brazil, india, tanzania, travel, fundraising, childreach international, kilimanjaro

If I can raise what I have estimated for each event then hopefully I will be way above what I need to raise. Now I'm feeling motivated I'm ready to make sure I get all the planning done ahead of time.

If you have any ways in which you could help me, maybe by taking in a sponsorship form into work, or hosting a little coffee morning, or even just donating, everything helps!

You can now text donate by sending UNLOCK193351 to 70007 which will donate £3!

Find out more about my challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Childreach International!

Wish me luck!
- KC xx


  1. Good luck with achieving your fundraising goal - it looks like you have loads planned! x

  2. I think this is a fantastic thing to do, all the best and good luck x

  3. Good luck with your fund raising goal. I think its a great thing to be involved in.

  4. You have thought of so many great ways to get to your fundraising goal! I think you will do great and I wish you much luck in reaching the goal x

  5. This is incredible! What an amazing cause you're working towards!


    Megan at Lush to Blush

  6. What a lovely cause that you are fundraising for, I really wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes to plan xx

  7. Those are brilliant fundraising ideas. Good luck with everything xx

  8. It's so exciting to see your fundraising plan! It must feel more real :) be sure to video your dares and will love to donate. Incredible charity! I dressed as a bunny for easter (like not the playboy kind - properly hot sweating body suit!) and only did it for like an hour after an event and going for pub crawl and got £60. Definitely best to get dressed up either in childreach top or with some sort of theme! x

  9. now this is an amazing plan! love how you've organised and planned it all. hope it all goes well

  10. So many great fundraising ideas, good luck with them all x

  11. Wow- that looks like a packed out schedule! Love the idea of a pub quiz!
    Sorry I can't donate because I am trying to do some fundraising of my own at the moment- although I didn't plan it as well as you so it isn't going very well!
    Good luck :)

  12. Good luck with your fundraising, such a great idea!

  13. It's quite unbelievable what £5 can buy outside of UK. I wish more people were aware of it.

  14. I know it is not easy to do fund-raising projects and I admire you for that. I wish you good luck and I hope many people would sponsor your projects. Will share this to my family and friends too.

  15. Wow this is amazing!! And all for such a brilliant cause. can't wait to see more posts about this

  16. My goodness you have a lot in the pipeline I really do hope that yo can get all others on board and raise the target amount.

  17. Your fundraising efforts are really so very admirable. Wishing you the best of luck on achieving your goals.

  18. Fantastic post and amazing ideas on raising the funds you need! I wish you the best of luck and I know lol you can make it xx

  19. You have some great ideas here so I'm sure you will be able to raise your total.

  20. These are great ideas! I am so pinning this for future ideas!