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Monday, 20 February 2017

Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder Review

Good Afternoon!

Well it's been a long weekend, to say the least. I got a flat tyre on Thursday so I couldn't go shopping. Luckily I was able to change it and put my spare on to take it to the garage. All fixed now hopefully and I managed to go shopping on Friday. I spent Saturday morning stood out in the freezing cold doing a public collection for Childreach International. I raised £44.16! Not bad for about 2 hours! I had to leave early because the cold was making me ill and I had a hockey match in the afternoon. That match frustrated me slightly! Sunday was spent celebrating a friends birthday by having a Harry Potter marathon which was fun but I ate too much and as the day went on, I was feeling worse and worse. Typical, I've come down with a cold again. I think I managed about 4 days of feeling healthy!

Anyway, it's been a tiresome weekend but on the plus, I woke up this morning to my final grades for my completed modules of semester one being released! I got a first for both modules giving me a first overall! Woop!

Also, I have a Barefoot Day planned for this Thursday to raise money for Childreach! Hopefully that goes well! 

Enough updates now, today I just wanted to do a little beauty review of my new favourite powder: Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Face Powder!

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I bought this a while ago (back when I did a beauty haul) since I was getting a bit sick of using the Rimmel pressed powder. I had used it for years but you can never quite finish the edges off. I did try break it of and at it to a moisturiser but it didn't work at all. Note to self: don't try that again! When doing a bit of beauty shopping online in my lack of spare time, I decided to try a loose powder and it just so happened that it was Rimmel again that was the cheapest. And so it was ordered.

I can't remember the exact amount I paid at the time but I remember there being an offer on so it wasn't too bad, and for what I got I am still pretty impressed!

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It's a small tub with simple packaging. When you take off the lid there's a small powder sponge (not quite sure if they have an official name) and then plenty of powder. Now, somehow I've got myself into the routine of not wearing foundation very often and simply wearing BB Cream but when I do, you can guarantee I will need to top it off with some powder. Using a powder brush I got from Poundland, I put some on the end of the brush and dab it into the inside of the lid to allow anything that's too loose to fall off. This also helps me avoid putting too much on. I then use the powder that's in the lid to reduce the shine on my face.

I am very pale so the translucent has worked perfectly for me. It lightly covers my face and reduces the appearance of spots and redness that I seem to be having more of recently. Because it's so light, it's quite refreshing and there's a pleasant smell to it that reminds me of sweets, similar to refreshers! It definitely seems to keep my face oil free throughout the day too!

It has definitely become a stable in my make up bag and it lasts for ages. I still have plenty left since I first bought it! I would definitely recommend it as a budget powder! Be careful though, because sometimes it can go everywhere!

What's your go to powder? Have you tried Rimmel's Loose Powder before?

- KC xx


  1. This looks really lovely, great review! I have never investigated loose powders before but I love the sound of it :D awww you go girl, congrats on earning so much! That's awesome! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. I really need to give loose powder a go again I actually really liked the finish before xo

  3. Sounds like a great product :) Congrats on raising the money!

  4. I don't have a go-to powder. I'm kind of in the market for one. I'll check Rimmel out. Hopefully they'll have something for my skin tone.

  5. I had a flat tyre yesterday!! Such a pain! I love rimmel, they are cheap and reliable but I haven't tried their powder as i think it ages me x

  6. Don't tend to use powder a lot, as skin can be dry and like a dewy look. I did use a maxfactor one a few years ago which i loved. Good luck with the fundraising - street collection is fab. Did mine few hours and remember getting £60 - amazing you got that for just 2 hrs! x

  7. I don't actually use a powder, but I always see my friends use them and should probably look into how to build them into my routine, haha!

    Shelley xoxo

  8. I have not tried this powder before no. I have actually never used powder at all! :o I really like the colour shade that you have there though. :)


  9. My mummy has been using Rimmels pressed powder and loose powder since she was a teenager! It's a stable in her make-up bag x

  10. I like the sound of this powder. I will look out for it

  11. I usually use pressed powder but have been considering the loose kind recently. My skin is really oily so I need to take the shine off so I might try this on your recommendation

  12. Sounds like a brilliant loose powder, I like to use mine everyday it makes such a difference

  13. I've got some loose powders but it's rare I use them that much. Need to give them another shot x

  14. I need to give this a try, as I have never had much luck with loose powders in the paste, but this looks like a great one.

  15. Congrats on the 1st! I love finding a good face powered so thanks for the review!

  16. Not something I've used before from Rimmel, but do use a similar one from Bare Minerals..