Wednesday, 1 March 2017


March Goals


Happy March!

Yes, it's March already. The 'already' is going to be the word of the year! Trying to keep up with everything that's going on with how fast this year is 'already' going is getting a little chaotic so I'm very glad I get a little break back home this month! Since it's the beginning of the month it's that time to give myself goals to keep myself on track! So far I've had a busy year but I know it's only going to get busier as the months go by. I turn 20 in April so that's the end of my teenage years. I will of course be finishing my first year of uni and going into my second. I am going to Dominican Republic in June then hopefully, as long as fundraising goes well, in August I shall be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Who know's what else will happen throughout the year! Last's put it this way though, it all looks much better than 2016!

So what were last months goals?

- Do things to fundraise regularly I have been checking what needs to be done and created a full plan for the year!
- Keep up with university reading  Ok, not completely, but I'm doing much better than I was last semester!
- Exercise everyday x I have been to the gym more but typical, I got ill. Time to get back on it!
- Create healthy recipes I created and sent off one recipe a week. Hopefully I can continue this!
- Be more active on social media Definitely managed this! Buffer for twitter is constantly being updated!

I don't think I'm doing too bad. So time to try my best to keep up with these and create some more!

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- Hand in assignments early!
The next essay questions have just gone live so I will start looking at them now instead of leaving it!

- Play more hockey!
I have hockey practice every Monday and Thursday but I can never normally go on Thursday so I would like to fit it in to my routine!

- Raise more money for Childreach International!
I will have another public collection and I want to make sure everything is planned out and ready for when I go home! I would also like to get more people donating via the text donation (Text UNLOCK 193351 to 70007 to donate £3 if you would like to help out!).

- Sort out opticians!
I may be eligible for laser eye surgery this year after thinking for ages I wouldn't be able to get it done until I was 21. I need to go have an appointment and then I can look into it!

- Do more research!
I want to focus on completing my physics course I started and doing more research into this list of things I find interesting!

- Pay off holiday!
The deadline to pay it all off is the end of the month. So far I only have £200 left and Ed has £300. I need to work on earning a bit more money so I can pay it off!

There we are then, 6 things I want to work on by the end of the month! Hopefully I can complete them all. As well as continuing the previous months goals! Got to keep myself busy! As I mentioned, I will be heading home for my friends birthday and because of the way my timetable works on that week, I get a long weekend! Unfortunately I think it also means I have to drive home on my own which won't be fun but at least I get to go home to my double bed. No resting though since I have some home fundraising stuff to sort out while I'm back. Again, busy month. Nearly Easter holidays though! 

Hope this month is good for you!

What are your goals this month? How did you do in February?

- KC xx


UPDATE: I was misinformed about my text donation number, it is actually UNLOCK 193351 (with a space between) so if you have donated and didn't receive a thank you text, then please do try again! Thank you! (I'm going back to update some posts now!)


  1. You definitely had a busy month and it looks like another busy one coming up. Hopefully you will get your holiday paid off and make good progress in your fundraising goals.

  2. Book holiday should totally be on my list! We have our flights, just need accommodation - that is my March goal!

  3. Holiday and fundraising goals are the best kind if you ask me!!! Good luck with that, you are doing so much!

  4. Well done on achieving some of your Feb goals and good luck with getting the rest of your holiday paid for x

  5. If you do manage to qualify for laser it's amazing. Best thing I ever did.

  6. Book holiday is SO on my list - March is going to be a busy one all around... including SEVERAL special birthdays x

  7. Well done for reaching some of your goals, and there is no better feeling than paying your holiday off and then start the official countdown.

  8. I didn't do too badly with my goals, a few things got pushed to March, but I've definitely been knocking off stuff too!

  9. Well done on reaching your goals. Hopefully March will be a great month for you. xx

  10. I dont think I would survive without Buffer at times, it is a god send x

  11. Definitely a busy month for you, but well done for smashing your goals! I really need to look into getting Buffer. Scheduling is THE DULLEST.

  12. Gosh, very organised! I really admire that. I do write daily lists but that's about as far ahead as I can plan

  13. I can't believe we are in March already (and a week in now!). I love that you are setting monthly goals and doing so well to keep at them! xo

  14. Good luck with your goals, it's exciting that you might be able to get laser eye surgery x

  15. I can't believe it's already March - these look like great goals to have, best of luck with them! H x

  16. Awesome that you set yourself monthly goals, I haven't quite got to that stage just yet but its a great way to keep track of where you're at and all you want to achieve!

  17. I don't think I ever handed an assignment in early, so good on you if you can manage it! And good luck paying off your holiday - I hate having things like that hanging over me!

  18. I'm still in shock that it's March too! I want laser eye surgery too!

  19. I love this list of goals for the month, it must make you more focused! I know the feeling about it being March already too!

  20. Ooh how exciting that you'll be paying your holiday off this month! I still need to book mine! xxx

  21. I need to book a holiday too. Have a lovely March.

  22. I think goal setting is such an important way of making things achievable, and of course - being accountable to yourself

  23. Lots of luck with your goals! I havent really set myself many goals this month, I'm going through a really tough time at the moment so just to get by really

  24. Can't believe it is March already, I think you have done well with your goals so far and it is good that you are more on top of your uni work x

  25. Sounds very good. I hope you achieve all your goals for this month.

  26. Your goals are so motivating. I dont remember that last time I raises money for charity. You are selfless. I hope you reach and crush your goals!