Wednesday, 19 April 2017


I got slimed! - Fundraising Update


I think it is about time for another little fundraising update since I've just read back over my last one, my second barefoot day, and a lot has happened since! It was only last month but in my fundraising calendar it seems like such a long time ago. I was close to reaching £600 but since then I have been able t more than double that so much so that I'm now on £1216.59! So how have I done it?

I mentioned a few of the things I was planning in that post, such as the pubic collections and a no sugar month, not all things went to plan but I'll get to that after. I also arranged a few extra things here and there to bump up my total. The 11th of April was our first deadline day. We had to reach £950 by midday otherwise we would have to defer or cancel our place on the trip. There were a few times where I was unsure I would actually make it but in the final week I was able to pull straight through and smash it!

So what have I done then?

The public collections went well. Firstly I took a trip to York to spend the day wearing my Supergirl costume collecting any spare change people were willing to give. Some apparently had a spare five pound note! It was such a lovely day, despite the forecast of pouring rain. Two lovely ladies offered to buy me a hot drink because it was pretty cold but I politely declined knowing I was having a break soon after. Later one though I didn''t really get the choice when a young Yorkshire lad donated all his change and had been to Greggs to get a hot chocolate for me without me even knowing! Not only that, Wagamama were going round offering free samosa samples - I was given two! Overall it was a fantastic day for fundraising and I raised an amazing £100.33!! A massive boost to my total. Not only that, I have done an afternoon in Hull City Centre (people aren't quite as nice and there were a lot of drunks) and most recently a day at Manchester Piccadilly Station together helping me raise at least another £150!

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I organised getting slimed outside my SU before we officially broke up for Easter and it was a slimey success! Initially I advertised it that for every £25 raised, another bucket of slime will be poured over my head, but it is very difficult to get people to donate before an event. Anyway, the time came and I had 4 buckets being poured over my head with quite a lot of people watching! I raised Just over £62 on the day from holding buckets during the event and then a friend who dared me to do it donated another £27.08 (making my total a whole number)! That was at least £50 more than I was planning!

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In the week running up to my deadline, I was only £15 off reaching it and luckily the Ship & Royal Pub in Lytham allowed me to go round with my Grand National Sweepstake getting everyone involved, instead of just my family! The winner took half and the other half made went to charity! Another £40 raised, smashing my first deadline!

Finally, on the night of deadline day, I hosted a pub quiz at the Station Pub and Grill. After quite a few last minute complications, I was able to raise just under £80! It was a lot less than I had initially planned but a good bump up nonetheless!

Here's to continuing to increase that amount!

On the other side, I attempted the no sugar month but nobody was sponsoring me since I have been doing so many other things and the same with the 10K. I struggled to train for the 10K due to a hockey injury so I have given my place to a friend. Hopefully I will do one before I climb the mountain though! The £100 in 100 hours challenge kind of worked and kind of didn't. Again I was doing a lot of other things at the same time. I did do some live videos of me cracking eggs on my head and putting whipped cream all over my face but it didn't get me very far. On the plus side the first live video did create some more awareness!

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It wasn't nice to put whipped cream all over my face or have eggs cracked on my head, even if I did it too myself! All for a good cause I suppose!

I'm nearly half way to my overall target now which is positive and I still have a few ideas up my sleeve so hopefully I will get there! Although any help you can give would be a massive help! (Please donate via!) This week I shall be doing a carboot with lots of donated items from neighbours and I'm selling things on eBay too. Fingers crossed that it will bump me up even more!

Have you got any ideas I could do?

- KC xx


  1. "I did do some live videos of me cracking eggs on my head and putting whipped cream all over my face but it didn't get me very far."

    There's a sentence I never thought would be written ...

    Aw! You seem to do all the ikky charity events! Bath of beans next, or is that too old-fashioned these days?

    Continued good luck anyways! :)

    1. hahah that is a very good point! I will genuinely do anything to raise money (other than dye or cut my hair), I would sit in a bath full of beans too if I managed to raise enough money! Although at the moment I'm focusing on organising a bingo night for 4th May (all booked in) and then hopefully a fitness day (just need the venue)!

      Thank you!!!

  2. Ewwww! That is SO gross but even more awesome of you for fundraising!

  3. Ewwwwwwwwww I don't think I could do that! Well done you though!

    Have you tried having a charity swap? The local ComicCon did one here last weekend, and basically people just came into this cafe, paid a small entry fee, swapped items they no longer needed/wanted, and then donated to a raffle as well. The team managed to raise a good £200 on the day, which I didn't think was too shabby! Theirs was a geek swap, but swishing was quite popular a few years ago!

  4. Congratulations on more than doubling your fundraising amount since the last update, that's fantastic! Getting slimed looked like it was a bit uncomfortable, but it was for a good cause x

  5. Congrats on such a great move from your last update. Things like selling and offering things can work really well as I know how hard it can be to constantly get people to donate x

  6. Wow it is amazing that you exceeded your target with the slime. Well done with your fundraising keep it up x

  7. Well done on doubling the amount you've raised so far! x

  8. Wow! You have made so much progress. I'm so impressed by how much you've raised and how much you've done!

  9. WOAH, that is a lot of different types of fundraising! Well done you lady!!! xx

  10. I am totally impressed with your dedication and perseverence. Goid luck with the fundraising, I wish you all the best.

  11. All the best with your fundraising. Hopefully you will make it x

  12. You have done a lot of things for this fundraiser and i admire you. Now anyone would stand in the cold wearing a superwoman costume or get slimed! I know the temperatures haven't been great and you are wearing just a tshirt...

  13. Well done with your fundraising. Good luck with the rest of it.

  14. I'm so impressed by your fundraising - keep going!! That sliming looks horrible, LOL!

  15. Hahahah being slimed is so 90s I love that!!! Well done for all your fundraising efforts ao lovely!!

  16. So brave to get slimed, haha! Well done on how much you've raised so far x

  17. That slime looks so cold, its great that you're fundraising :) x

  18. Well done on raising so much. I don't think I would mind getting slimmed.

  19. Well done on raising so much. Getting slimed just makes me think of Nickelodeon or Get your own back!

  20. oh wow well done you and congratulations on raising so much money you did a fab thing