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Monday, 17 April 2017

What Inspires You? - Moving forward


It's amazing how somethings can inspire you so much!

I have really been thinking, mostly to myself, this weekend about life and where I want to be in such and such years and the same answer keeps cropping up: EVERYWHERE! I've been doing so much fundraising lately, completely forgetting about uni work, and focusing on my trips abroad coming up this year. I am unbelievably excited for them, despite knowing how much work I have left to do before I can get on that plane.

In June I am heading off to the Dominican Republic and so far we have a pretty good idea of what sort of trips and exploring we want to do and trust me, it will be amazing. I can't tell you about them just yet as I'm saving it for another post but I will say that it involves a bit of history, a bit of fitness, and most of all, a lot of adventure! I think it will be my most adventurous holiday yet. That is until I head to Tanzania in August to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! (Please sponsor my climb!) Other than the climb, I have 6 days of independent travel time whilst I'm there and absolutely cannot wait to start properly planning that. I already have a rough idea but need to run it by a few others soon to see if they want to join!

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So yeah, whilst doing some fundraising, particularly public collections, I keep getting asked why I'm doing it and whether or not it hasn't anything to do with my course at uni. My answers are that I have always loved to do my bit for charity since I was a kid and to be able to do something like this is an incredible opportunity which I never believed I would do in my life. Second answer is no. It has absolutely nothing to do with my course. Which makes me wonder. I have enjoyed doing the fundraising and working hard towards being able to fly out to Tanzania and climb the worlds tallest free-standing mountain. My course... not so much. I have had constant ups and downs when it comes to my course. Don't get me wrong, it's a good course and I have been getting mostly firsts so it's not like I'm finding it too difficult or anything (I will add that I have worked my ass off for those grades). But when thinking more and more about it lately, what is it that is keeping me at university. I think I have genuinely come to the conclusion that it's simply so I can say I have been and got a degree, and I'm close to my boyfriend. It does make me worry if that should be the reason but either way, I plan on sticking with it.

Both Edmond and I have been talking a lot about our ideas and plans and we've both decided that as soon as we can, we want to explore the world, take photos, film, blog, edit, etc. That seems to be the current dream. Again, nothing to do with my degree but yanno. I'm not majorly sure where this post is going - I just felt the need to write. When it comes to blogging I want to be able to do what I have always aimed for with this blog - to do more travel posts. Obviously it isn't always possible because I'm not going anywhere but the long term plan is to always write about the world! Until then, I'll continue with the odd post here and there, and try step things up!

Back to the inspiration thing. I have been watching so many travel documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading books and magazines and everything is leading me in that direction. So from now on, you may see little changes here and there towards becoming an official travel blogger, if that is ever possible, but in the meantime I am still me and will still be doing my usual kinds of posts until I can get to that point. It's going to be hard work but right now, I am all for working for it!

What inspires you?

- KC xx


  1. Oh wow it sounds like you have an amazing travel ahead of you. Your plans sound great please do blog it all when your back.

  2. Super jealous of your travel plans! I will definitely check back to see how you're getting on.

  3. Your trips sound amazing! I've been fortunate enough to spend some time in the Dominican Republic and it was fantastic!

  4. You are certainly doing it right! Visiting the very adventurous and fun parts of the world. Don't get me wrong holidaying in the UK & Europe can be amazing but it'll be hard to beat somewhere like the Dominican & Tanzania

  5. What a wonderful life .. getting to travel as much as you do. I can't wait to read all about the places you go and see all of the pretty pictures you'll post!

  6. There is so much to inspire us, and travel and experiencing different cultures inspire me to see the world. I can't wait to see what you share with us from your travels.

  7. You can find inspiration in so many places, it is good you have been inspired to travel and raise money.

  8. Your travel plans sound amazing , especially climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Brst of luck with the fund raising.

  9. What inspires me? Why do I travel how I travel, where I travel?

    Maybe in part it's just my being curious about the world. It just seems a waste to spend your whole life in the same small town or suburb when even in like a 20 mile radius there could be so much of interest, never mind on other continents!

    I'm inspired by history, by other humans (in both a good and bad way - places where humanity has excelled, as well as those we've blighted); I guess I'm inspired by tales of the past - of traders, fighters, explorers, revolutionaries, dictators, and eccentrics - who have made the world what it is today. From the battlefields that changed the course of history, to the small cafés where decisions were made that had low-key but quirky side-effects. It's all good!

    Anyway, good luck :p