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Friday, 18 August 2017

I'm actually climbing Kilimanjaro


Can you believe that tomorrow I'm jetting off to Tanzania?! No, me neither! All the planning for this trip began nearly a year ago but with a large amount of money to raise, it was all a bit up in the air as to whether I would actually be going. After reaching the target towards the beginning of June, the last couple of months have been incredibly hectic!

Since I signed up, I have spent a lot of time asking for donations and support in helping me reach my fundraising goal in sponsorship of my Kilimanjaro climb. Most of that time I had to remain positive and determined so that I could eventually reach that total. With ups and downs, I wasn't sure that I would make it but I kept a smile on my face telling everyone I was going to, to keep the donations coming. Hitting the target was a huge relief but never did I imagine the day would come.

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It's something you see on TV or on Youtube but never believe it's something you will ever do. Even whilst fundraising, it just seemed like something I would keep talking about but never get round to doing it. Reaching the fundraising target made no difference. It still didn't seem real. Every year when I've been travelling, it's been to somewhere like Mexico, usually in an all inclusive resort. I always get out and explore the areas and culture but I have the safety of the beach, pool and buffet nearby. Kilimanjaro seemed like one of those dreams that you put on a bucket list and stare at photos in awe knowing quite well you'd get round to it 'one day'. Well that day has come and I'm still in shock!

Since deadline day planning felt laid back. Normally when I know I'm going somewhere I have plenty of time before I need to buy things and start preparing but this trip was a whole new thing. I've only had a matter of weeks to prepare and it's definitely crept up on me very fast!

tanzania, kilimanjaro, charity, fundraising, holiday, travel, working, feeling, emotions, flying, turkey, zanzibar

So, how am I feeling about it all?

Well, anxious, nervous, excited, scared, worried, amazed, the list goes on. I've been panicking about all the finer details hoping everything I've booked is correct. Triple checking I have enough money and praying that the tablets I have got will keep me healthy! I've been constantly writing and rewriting lists every day and now I have finally packed my main bag ready for our flight to Tanzania tomorrow!

It still doesn't seem real. At the moment I've got my mind on going back to Hull and starting my second year after spending just two days in my new house at the beginning of the week. It feels like that is what is suppose to be my next chapter. Moving into a house with my boyfriend, working, studying and just generally having a decent routine sounds like the dream at the moment. But of course I can't quite start that chapter without finishing this one! It's definitely been a long one and in some ways I am ready for it to be over and I'm excited to go back to uni with all kinds of stories to tell and write about on my blog but at the same time I do not want to wish my life away, especially when I have such an amazing experience just around the corner! I genuinely cannot wait but at the same time, it will be a relief when all the planning fits in to place and I can come back feeling even more excited.

Is that bad? Is it bad that I'm kind of wanting it to be over? It's weird because most holidays I go on I look forward to so much that I can't even think about the after. Yet, for this trip, I feel a mass mix of emotions and for the first time I'm excited for the after. I suppose it's because this trip is the start of what feels like a new life, or at least a new light on life. It's already given me so many new opportunities and I know it's going to continue to! I've also made a lot of new friends both who are doing the climb and from people who have found out about it and are interested in hearing and supporting everything that I've done for it!

tanzania, kilimanjaro, charity, fundraising, holiday, travel, working, feeling, emotions, flying, turkey, zanzibar
Photo cred to Tom, a Hull RAG Kili team member from last year!

It is an amazing opportunity and I can't wait! I'll also be glad when I'm home safe with an incredible story to tell!

I realise this post is basically me blabbing on about the same thing but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest and surely there will be someone out there one day doing a similar things, feeling similar feelings. I will feel better tomorrow morning when our team are fully together for the first time ready to start our amazing journey!

Whilst I'm away there will still be at least two posts a week that I have been writing over the past week and then when I'm back, be prepared for a lot of Tanzania and Kilimanjaro related posts!

Until then...
- KC xx

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