Monday, 30 January 2017

Toning up with Slendertone

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I love sports and fitness. I have my goals for the year or for the month and I always hope to stick to them but you can guarantee that something comes up and get s in the way. That is what constantly happened last year. I was lucky enough to be sent a Slendertone package to help out my fitness routine. Unfortunately things really did get in the way and I found myself putting off using it (my illness of semester 1, hectic-ness of getting properly into uni life after the illness, Christmas and then just as I was about to start it this year, I ended up back in hospital for something else, ugh!). It has been a nightmare! But now, I'm on a mission to basically sort my life out. I have created myself a daily schedule to make sure I have time to get everything done. I've been collecting together a bunch of recipes and not once have I had a typical student meal. I'm all ready to get fit and healthy. Now that I have a holiday to slim down and tone up for, I'm feeling motivated to work at it. Of course going to the gym is all scheduled in but I'm usually useless at toning up my abs so this is where Slendertone comes in. 

Over the next six weeks I shall be using my Slendertone belt to kick start my healthy lifestyle by doing a half an hour session 5 days a week. Across these weeks I will be keeping you up to date on the progress on my twitter and the odd post. Hopefully we shall be able to see noticeable improvements. A before and after picture shall be shown on the final post!

What's in the box?
- Slendertone Connect
- Slendertone belt
- Adhesive GelPads
- USB cable (charger)
- Instruction Manual

Firstly, after charging the Slendertone Connect, you need to connect it to you phone. It is compatible with Android and IOS via an app you can download for free from the app store. I have an iPhone so that was all easy enough. Open the app, register and simply follow the instructions to sync the two together. I currently have the app on both my phone and iPad so either works perfectly well. 

After syncing, you'll need to answer a few simple questions in order to set up a plan.

fitness, toning, slendertone, holidays, workout, exercise

Slendertone, fitness, exercise, holiday, tone up, abs, workout,

slendertone, fitness, exercise, holiday, travel, workout,

I said that I was lightly active, wanting to look and feel better (although countdown to a big event is also true) to kick start a healthy lifestyle. And so my plan was set up and it was time to begin setting up my belt.

I actually followed the instruction manual to set it up (page 10). It was a very easy guide and there really isn't much to do. The app is also very clear in giving the instructions but the manual is always there for extra help.

Once it's all set up, let's get going!

It's up to you how intense you want the session to be and you can control it on the Connect pad or on your phone/tablet. I started off at 15 and gradually went up to try it out. I must admit, the belt is cold to put on at first and the first impulses are a very weird feeling but as it begins to intensify (follow the tips to know when and what you can do) you can really feel your muscles working (even though you aren't doing anything)!

I can't wait to see the results at the end of the six weeks as I can already feel it working! Best thing is that you can just use it when you're sat at home doing work or reading a book so it's really handy for fitting exercise into a busy schedule! Definitely my kind of workout!

So far, I would definitely recommend using Slendertone! Here's to healthy living and a toned stomach!

- KC xx

Have you ever tried Slendertone? What do you do to fit exercise into a busy schedule?

*The Slendertone Connect Ab Toner Belt was sent to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Keeping your home safe when travelling

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

Now it's not very often I publish posts at the weekend, but I got too excited. I've mentioned this before but...


It was a hard decision to choose against going back to Mexico but eventually myself and Edmond decided that Dom Rep was the better option for this year as it worked out around £300 cheaper for the same deal, different country. I have been there before (this will actually be my 8th time) but I haven't really had the chance to explore or make long lasting memories - I was a lot younger. The plan this time round is to make the absolute most of it, as you should with any holiday, and get out and about seeing the sights and learning more about the history of one of my favourite countries!

In preparation for the holiday, it's time to start thinking about what I need and what needs doing before we jet off in June. One of the most important things to think about when planning to travel is keeping your home safe. Now, at the moment I'm living at uni but in June I will be back home with my parents so luckily I have them to watch over my things and of course, the house. But when we're all away at the same time, it gets a little different.

SimpliSafe have created a handy infographic giving some top tips on keeping your home and belongings safe whilst you're away. They are sharing it to encourage everyone to share their own tips!  Feel free to save it and print it out ready for when you are planning to go on holiday!

list, safe, travel, abroad, holiday, listography, lifestyle, travelling

There are definitely some ideas on here that I've never thought of. It's definitely important to keep your house as clean and tidy as you can whilst you're away; if it looks dirty then people will start realising there is no one currently there! On another note, there are a few things that we do at home not listed! 

How we keep the house safe:

- Make sure all the doors and windows are locked and no keys are in sight
Most people tend to close their windows without locking them properly these days but it's important that, whilst you're away, the keys are properly used. Once we've used them, I know it becomes a habit to just leave them in plain sight on the windowsill so hide them away in drawers or under ornaments. If you have to, write down in your phone (as long as you're taking your phone with you) where you've put them so you don't forget.

- Leave a light on, or the radio
Even if we're just going out for the day or night, we always leave a lamp on. It started off as a way to let the cats see where they are going, but of course they don't need it. Now we always leave a lamp on in the corner of the back room, as from our front windows you can nearly see straight through the house. Leaving the radio on is also a good way to make it sound like people are in, whether or not you can see anyone.

- House sitter
We always ask my best friend to look after the house. She only lives across the road and it's easy enough for her to pop round on the way home from work. Having someone regularly checking up on the house gives you the reassurance that if anything does happen, you can find out quickly. Not only is this great for your house sitter, so they can earn a little bit of extra money or a bottle of wine, but you can ask them you feed your pet and water the plants!

- Lights, camera, alarms
Setting up in and outside house alarms and camera definitely helps. It was said that there had been some break ins around our area and bikes were being stolen from sheds and garages. To prevent this from happening, we've installed a motion sensor light in the back garden and put up a little CCTV camera. Of course a "Smile, you're on CCTV" plaque is a must! Motion sensor alarms are the best burglary prevention for inside your house, as long as you don't have pets that will set them off all the time. If you do, then make sure your pets can't go into the rooms where the sensors are. Another option is to get sensors that are pet-friendly like this wireless security system!

- Keep Quiet!
Don't tell people when exactly it is your going away. Tell family and friends, that's fine as long as they don't go blabbing your address to other people. Avoid posting things on social media that suggests your house is free. Save the holiday photos until you get back! 

How do you keep your house safe when travelling?

- KC xx


Friday, 27 January 2017

Returning to the Kruger

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Over the Christmas period, last year, I was quite happily relaxing knowing that 2017 wasn't too far away. I was extremely looking forward to the new year and a chance for a bit of a fresh start. Whilst I was reflecting on things back home, my boyfriend was sunning it up in South Africa, yet again. Lucky him! This was his 11th time! One day I'll get to go too but until then I keep getting him to write posts for my blog so I can read about his trips. Not much changes each time, which is one of the reasons I think he loves it so much, but the photographs he brings back are always phenomenal. BBC Wildlife 2017 worthy I'm sure (or maybe 2018)!

Here is his post from his most recent trip:

On the 27th of December 2016, I set off on a trip to the Southern Hemisphere, more specifically The Kruger National Park - South Africa. I have been several times before but this time was definitely unique for a number of reasons, making it a very memorable experience to say the least.

leopard, cat, safari, south africa, travel, wildlife, holiday

            First of all the trip there was, without exaggerating, the worst we've ever had. Delays after delays after delays. Heathrow to Johannesburg is a long trip as it is (around 11 hours), and having to sit on the run way for an added two hours whilst they de-ice the wings was a little frustrating. However when they said over the intercom "We should be able to make up the time as it's a longer flight", it made me think twice about being too disgruntled. That was until we turned up at Johannesburg... two hours late!! The next problem we encountered came very shortly after leaving the plane. As an Englishman, I am genetically inclined to be accepting of queues. The border control queue at O.R. Tambo International however tested my resolve to the extreme. Due to their fancy high-tech finger print scanning system they had in place, coupled with the arrival of another one or two international flights coming in at the same time, it resulted in what must have been a further two hours of queuing to get through. Luckily for us, our following flight was delayed too so we did manage to get to the gate in time. This flight was then going to be put back for several hours. So, a plane that was originally due to leave at 10:15am eventually left at 6:30pm.

relax, monkey, south africa, safari, wildlife, camping, travel,

            Aside from this, the holiday was amazing! We went on safari for just over a week and I think we saw more animals than ever before. As I have said on the last post about Safari in South Africa, we go out on two drives a day. Woken up at 5am, the first drive starts at 5:30am. These tend to be about 3 hours long with a drinks/ toilet break half way. The second drive is in the afternoon at 4pm for a further 3-ish hours, with another break in-between.

wild, wild life, holiday, camping, safari, south africa, travelling, travel

cats, lion, leopard, travel, safari, south africa, holiday, camping, tent,

            It's a beautiful place and we saw some amazing animals. I am lover of wildlife and wildlife photography so it's the perfect place to go to hone my skills. As you can see from the photos throughout this post, we saw a huge quantity of animals. We saw a lot - Lions, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo, Gnu (Wildebeest), Impala, Zebra, Giraffe to list just a selection. I really recommend this place to anyone wanting a truly "wild" experience, it's unlike anything else you will ever see. As much as I think zoos do a good job of preserving life and species under threat, it's easy to notice the difference between a truly wild animal and one in an enclosure.  

- Edmond :D


There we go. Amazing right? He did come back with an annoyingly good tan too (so I keep pointing out his funny tan lines to make me feel better). Just shows how disrupted journeys really don't have to ruin your holiday!

Talking of holidays, too make me feel a lot better (although this will be Ed's second time being abroad in 2017), we have finally booked our holiday of the year! 


We are going to a hotel I have been to before and this will be my 8th time to the country so I can slowly catch up on Ed's 11 to South Africa. When I've been previously though I was always too young to go exploring so I intend to see much more of the area's, if not the country's, history and culture. I cannot wait and the countdown begins! Time to start holiday shopping! I'm sure there will be many posts on their way!

See you all soon!

- KC xx

Is there a country or place you always find yourself returning to? What's your next holiday?

Monday, 23 January 2017

Celebrating 3 Years

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There has been a lot of build up to the 14th January over the past couple of months. Maybe not for other but particularly for myself and Edmond, my boyfriend. Can you believe it, we've been together for three years! Seems amazing that it is only 3 years really. To us anyway. We've been together since we were 16 years old and are still very happy together! Even better, we're moving in together later on this year whilst I'm in my second year of university and he is in his third year! Since I'm incredibly busy at the moment with uni assessments, I decided to do a short post with some pictures of our time together. In 3 years we've done a whole lot of things that perhaps most 16 to 19 year old couple don't tend to do. Traveling to Mexico twice being the main thing, and looking forward to this years adventure, whatever that may be!

Before we officially became a "thing"

relationship, lifestyle, photo diary, love, together, boyfriend
Not so long afterwards...

relationship, boyfriend, girlfriend, anniversary, love, lifestyle

Together we finished college, climbed a pyramid in Coba (Mexico), became tourists in Liverpool, stayed in a caravan in Settle, traveled back to Mexico, and now we're both at the same university (although I'm one year behind because I took a gap year). And that's only some of the things we've been able to do together. Hopefully there will be so much more! We've both come along way and I am very glad and proud that I've been able to experience it all with him.

coba, mexico, holiday, travel, lifestyle, playa del carmen, riu tequila, love, relationship, boyfriend

mexico, playa del carmen, beaches, holiday, riu tequila, relationship, love, boyfriend

Ok, ok. Enough of the cringey post now. To be honest, I could go on because we've taken so many photos of our time together because we've been lucky enough to see some amazing things! Here's to the future and even more incredible adventures!

Happy 3 Years Edmond!
(Even though this post is being published a little after the actual date)

- KC xx

Do you have someone special in your life that you like to share adventures with? (Not necessarily an other half, perhaps a best friend or family member?)

Monday, 16 January 2017

Blogging Goals 2017

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So far I've done a bucket list, set myself fitness goals, and general resolutions, but I guess it's time to think about my blog, and what I want to get out of it this year! Last year I set myself so slightly unrealistic goals across my social media, ones that I really didn't try to achieve either. On the other hand, I manage to keep up my blog and it became something I am incredibly proud of. In March, I bought my own domain and since then it had constantly been increasing! One of my main goals for this year is to get myself in to a proper routine, one that does also include my blog as during my first semester at university, I struggled a lot! Now is time to focus on improving everything that I can blog wise and making sure I work on it regularly!

lifestyle, goals, bucket list, blogging, twitter, facebook, social media, job, work

Blogging Goals

- Reach a DA of 27 (Seems like a random number but it's one of my lucky numbers and that only means going up by 5.)
- Make sure I reply to most comments (I always forget or can never find the time so I need to make sure I start doing!)
- Work to do more sponsored posts and product reviews so I can start building up an income
- Schedule posts at least 2 weeks in advance (I'm getting there... I've just got to keep it up!)

YouTube Goals

Actually posting videos would be a good start! I don't want to set myself any specific goals but I would just like to get back into filming and editing. I did the Adrenaline Rush video last year and that was about it so I want to start editing together some travel videos, maybe even do the odd cover or something. We'll see. My main goal is to just upload some content!

Social Media Goals

- Reach 700 Facebook likes
- Reach 1500 Instagram followers
- Reach 2500 twitter followers
- Increase following on Bloglovin' and Pinterest
- Post photos on Instagram more often
- Use buffer more regularly to schedule promotion tweets and facebook posts

There we go, I think these are a bit more achievable! Especially in comparison to last years. I know this year is going to be pretty busy with university, travelling (hopefully), and fundraising so I really hope I can keep everything up. Somethings I do are going to stop to give me more time for other things but it's all going to be a process of working things out. I am feeling pretty motivated so I believe I can do it! 

- KC xx

What are some of your goals this year? Do you find it difficult to fit everything in?


Friday, 13 January 2017

National Railway Museum, York

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In December, my parents were in York for the Christmas markets so because I'm only an hours drive away, I decided to meet up with them for a night. The idea was to spend a day visiting the Christmas markets, having lunch and dinner out and go back to the hotel and have a catch up. That we did but unfortunately there wasn't exactly much to see when it cam to the Christmas markets. In comparison to Manchester and Edinburgh, the York Christmas markets were very poor. There was one bar and a lack of actually Christmas things on the stalls. In Edinburgh, when we went last year, there was even a Christmas tree maze! None of that in York which was a bit disappointing. So on the second day we took a trip to the National Railway Museum which my Grandad assured us would be good.

museum, history, railway, lifestyle, travel, holiday, christmas

I didn't really think about taking my camera with me so I ended up having to take photos on my phone, which didn't really come out all too well. Despite the lack of Christmas in York, it was nice to see a couple of pretty decoration at the museum. The museum is free to enter but, if you wish, you can make a donation or there are guide books you can buy. My mum decided to donate £10 for the three of us but the lovely cashier refused to let us carry on into the museum without taking a book for the money. The staff were so pleasant to meet. Good first impression. 

royal, queen, holiday, travel, train, museum, history, york, england,

The first thing we came to was the royal trains used by the royal familt for what must have been the last 100 years or so, I can't quite remember right now. How very posh they were indeed! I mean, who has a bath on the train, and a full double bed. These people and their luxuries, eh? But seriously, the detail in each of the trains was amazing. You could literally live on the carriages and never at home! What I noticed most was how not much changed for the royals of the years, except the odd advance in technology, like a telephone. Each train was a beautiful piece of machinery. Clearly fit for a king of queen!

gates, travel, lifestyle, holiday, york, christmas, national railway museum,

machine, tickets, holiday, travel, york, national railway museum

What made the museum great was all the little extra bits of detail. The walls were covered in train signs and traditional advertisements. Even the cafe had train-like booths you can sit in. There are areas where you can sit and get photos as though you are on one of the upper class carriages and everywhere, you can see bits of memorabilia. Past the trains of royalty, is the pathway to the engine room, or warehouse. The pictures I took didn't quite come out but I've never been in such a huge rooms absolutely full of trains and engines from all different periods. I was massively dwarfed by every single one of them! The Eurostar included. You can take a ride of the Mallard experience train, watch the Flying Scotsman being restored, visit an exhibition on Ambulance trains and the list was endless. If you really want to, they have their own library full of books all about trains for you to do some research.

harry potter, books, travel, york, national railway museum, holiday, christmas

At the very end, or beginning depending on which route around the museum you decide to take, we came to what seemed to be a collectors shop. The place was absolutely crammed full of even more memorabilia! Everything for door bells, to chairs, to miniature models, and I think we ever saw a toilet at one point. I could be mistaken. Most of it seemed to have a price tag on so we couldn't figure out if the stuff was for sale or if it was just their value. Although I wouldn't have thought putting a value on something was a good idea if it wasn't for sale. I said to my mum that I would be surprised if there wasn't anything to do with Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Express around, and my luck would have it, just above my head was a Platform 9 3/4s sign. Of course I had to get a picture of that! Such a good place to take kids as well, lots of big trains to be amazed at and during nicer weather, there's a kids play area out the back and a mini train ride!

It was a lovely day out and a nice pick me up after the disappointing markets, sorry York. I absolutely love York, and so do both my parents, but I think it's probably best to go at another time of year. Possibly when it's not as cold and the streets are taken up by huts, that way you can see the beautiful old streets as they are! It was great to be able to see my mum and dad again as well. It was a much needed break before the end of the semester at uni! Too bad I couldn't stay for a second night and do some more exploring on the third day. Instead I had to get back to do more work and rehearsals. That's life at uni I guess!

Have you visited York? 

- KC xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bucket List 2017

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How has the very start of 2017 been for you?

I've been feeling quite motivated and I'm ready to get myself into a proper routine and start focusing on the things I want to achieve so now is finally the time to write my 2017 bucket list! I always love writing bucket lists because it gives me something to look back on later to tick off things one by one and see how well I'm doing. It's also a simple way to set yourself little goals that may or may not have anything to do with your career.

bucket list, inspiration, lifestyle, travel, 2017, new year, nye, holidays, book, fitness, bake

- Read 50 books (After failing last year's goal miserably I decided around one a week would do.)

- Do a 10k obstacle course race

- Raise £3000 for Childreach International

- Become at least 30% fluent in Spanish (using Duolingo)

- Learn to play at least one song on the guitar

- Do an online course in ancient history

- Write a play or book (I don't normally complete things like this so the idea is to complete it!)

- Visit at least 5 UK places that I have never been to before

- Start a memory scrap book

- Donate blood! I couldn't last year but since I turn 20 this year I will hopefully be able to.

- Post at least 3 singing covers online

- Film and edit my travels

- Complete a 30 day challenge

- Make my own bath bombs and soaps

- Start an inspiration board

- Reread the Harry Potter series (I started and finished the first two just before New Years.)

- Have a go at Laser Tag

- See at least 20 shows

- Do an online course on astronomy/physics

- Book a trip (Ideally it will to Mexico again but that depends on how much money I can earn and save!)


There we are. 20 things to do in 2017. Seems mad that it's actually 2017 and in only three years time it will be 2020. We all know how fast these years can go so I better get started on working towards my goals and ticking off this list! I know a lot of things will probably get done of the summer holidays when I have much more free time but there are some things, like raising the money, that I have earlier deadlines for so I'm working on them now. 20 shows might seem a lot but with my degree I'm lucky enough to see productions put on my the department. Just last semester I saw around 10 and with it being city of culture this year, I wouldn't be surprised if I see a lot more!

Good luck to all of you on you 2017 bucket lists and all your goals!

- KC xx

Do you set yourself a bucket list? If so, what is on it this year? 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Aspirations and Career Goals

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It's not very often I think about doing a longer, more personal post like this but since it's January and my head is in goal setting mode, I've been having a serious think about what I want to achieve out of life and where I want to be in so many years time. You know, those usual job interview questions. It can often seem daunting to think about the future, especially when it's so far away. A couple of months ahead might not be too bad but a couple of years can seem a life time a way. After 2016, it's been made crystal clear than everything can change in a matter of months or even days in some cases and that's really put things in perspective. 

We all want to be happy and to do the things that make us happy but then there's always that constant saying how sometimes we have to push through all the hard to get to the good. Like working a 9 to 5 retail/sales job for months on end when you really want to be a performer or want to travel. That's basically what I was doing all year until I finally decided to go to university. (Except it was 9 'til half 5, that extra half an hour kills you when you're on your feet all day.) When I go to university I'm then told how I have to do all these extra things before I can simply move on. It's got me thinking about where I actually want it to get me. What do I get at the end of it? A degree. But what in? And how is that going to help?

travel, photography, theatre, lifestyle, career, aspirations, university, college, student

I'm studying Drama and Theatre Practice. It's what I've always loved and it's the only thing I could really see myself studying at degree level. I always wanted to perform as a kid and have grown up pushing myself in that direction. I love the thrill of performing and making people feel a variety of emotions from the performance I put on. During college, I discovered my love of directing and actually creating theatre so choosing the degree at Hull University allowed me to branch out from just acting to see other aspects of theatre more deeply. So far I have studied early 20th theatre, had lectures on all sorts, architecture included, and developed my knowledge of being a sound designer within the industry. It's great to give me an all round kind of knowledge but it's not helping me focus on the things I enjoy. That said, we get to choose our modules next year which will hopefully help me follow the directions I wish to choose.

That all makes this year the 'push through' year. Typical that I'd just got out of one to be put straight back into another. It bothered me a lot before Christmas but now that I've got to relax a bit and figure things out, I'm feeling much better about it. In fact, I feel ready to get back into things, but I'm taking things into my own hands. I only have 11 hours of lessons a week (but I have rehearsals, assignments, hockey practice, and dance on top of that) so why should that stop me from trying to find my own way.

travel, uni, student, college, university, lifestyle, holiday, career, aspirations, theatre

What I want to do in life

Theatre and travel have been the two big things in my life that I've always enjoyed and wanted to learn more about. This idea has always been at the back of my mind but I've never really focused on it too much. Now I've thought about it, I want to do it. The idea I'm on about it merging the two together. History is another interest I've always had, particularly ancient history so why can't I travel and find out more about how theatre was used and has developed since ancient history. That's my plan. To do this I'm obviously going to have to save up to travel but I'm also going to have to get a pretty good background knowledge. My initial plan is to start my research now. I want to do some courses on ancient history this year. I want to focus my degree on theatre of the world or throughout history. I want to explore everything that I can whilst still continuing my life at university.

If I can then pursue this as a career, I could teach what I've learnt at universities. I would like to be able to document my travels by continuing my blog and editing together videos and perhaps one day, I will have my own TV documentary series, a bit like Stephen Fry when he traveled through Southern America.

Thinking about it actually does get me excited for the possibilities of the future and motivates me to start working towards it. Myself and my boyfriend have a little plan to travel as much as we can when we're around 25, and by that I mean across the world, so until then it is just going to be constant saving and researching to learn all that I can. I will add that I'd like to learn more about astronomy and physics too. Perhaps I can even link that into the plans!

Until then,
- KC xx

What are your aspirations in life? Have you managed to reach them or are you on the journey?

Photos are taken from the free library provided by Canva. I wanted something to look at rather than just reading and I just loved these photos.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Fitness Goals 2017

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Welcome to Fitness Friday!

I've always tried doing fitness Friday posts but since I usually only do three posts a week, it's gets difficult to include a variation of other posts. In this new year, however, I am trying my best to post a lot more. I'm not saying that I'm going to be posting every day but so far there have been 5 posts a week and I have the rest of the month planned out! I'm doing this as my most successful blogging month was September last year, my Blog-a-day month. Knowing I have more than usual to do makes me write the posts much further in advance and overall, I am a lot more prepared. With this increased amount of posts, Fitness Friday is becoming a thing. At the beginning of each month I shall give a fitness update from the month before and then the other 3 Friday's can be anything else to do with health and fitness. So here is 2017's first Fitness Friday!

fitness, workout, lifestyle, healthy, exercise, sport, fitbit, goals, new year

Here are some of my main fitness goals I want to accomplish in 2017:

- Run Half a marathon - since I started running last year I had this crazy idea of possibly running a marathon in 2 years (I may push it to 3 years). I know it's possible with the correct training so first off, I want to be able to run half a marathon at least once by the end of the year. That's 13.1094miles or 21.0975km. I need to start working towards 10km for now and if I keep it up and believe I can double that, then I will hopefully sign up for an event.

- Take part in events - I'd like to sign up for 5k and 10k events. Not only that after last year's Adrenaline Rush, I really want to do a 10k obstacle race. Overall, a couple of 5 and 10k runs, an obstacle race, a colour run, and perhaps a cycling event would be good!

- Smash fitbit goals every week! - I did this for nearly two weeks in a row just before Christmas without trying very hard so I know that if I want to, I can do it every week.

 - Swim - There is a swimming baths just around the corner from where I live so it would be great to go there and swim more often. I always love swimming and see myself as quite a good swimmer, other than the fact I haven't properly swam in years. Even if I go twice a month then build it up, it will be a lot better than before!

- Hike - Since I am climbing Kilimanjaro in August and I need to start my training and for that, the best thing I can do is hike. I want to make a point of going for half an hour walks at least 3 times a week just to get fresh air and then once a month I want to go on a more lengthy walk, preferably in the countryside. At the gym, I will spend some sessions simply walking on the treadmill and a steep incline to work those muscles in my legs!

- Lose a stone - I think this will be the trickiest because I seem to put the weight on in muscle. It would probably be better if I said tone up but that's too broad. I'd like to lose a little weight to help myself look healthy and be overall, fitter. I plan on adopting a healthy lifestyle by giving myself a daily routine, that fits around my already hectic schedule, aiming to give myself enough time to workout, work, eat and sleep.

- Try out new exercises- I already play hockey, dance, go running etc. but I'd like to expand that a little by maybe doing trail running for a change or a different type of dance. Maybe even go to one or two fitness classes instead of the gym from time to time!


I think that just about covers everything. I'm feeling quite motivated and since I've been home, I'm dying to just go to the gym, but I don't have a membership here so I have to wait until I go back to university. That's when my fitness training begins! Fitness has always been the best stress reliever for me which is probably one of the main reasons why I love it so much. Playing sports or going to the gym is the only time where I completely forget about my worries and I feel good afterwards, knowing I have done a good thing for my body!

What are you're 2017 fitness goals? Will you be signing up to any events to motivate yourself?

- KC xx

Thursday, 5 January 2017

What to pack when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Since the new year has begun and my next student loan shall be with me very soon, I thought that it's best that I start looking into purchasing some of the items I will need for my trip later on this year. If you didn't know already, then I am climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the world's tallest free standing mountain, in August. It is all in aid of Childreach International, a charity working in lesser developed countries aiming to help children reach their full potential. If you wish to sponsor me, please click here! It is definitely going to be very challenging and I will need to have the correct gear to keep myself protected properly! I can imagine it's going to cost a bit so I better start saving. I want to start buying a bit at a time so that I don't find myself rushing around at the end, bulk buying it all. Ideally, I'd love it if a company or two could even donate some of the things needed! That would be even better!

Because there is so much need, and I was a little bored whilst procrastinating the other day, I made this handy list which covers pretty much all the must-have's that we have been told to buy. The list we are given is a little dull so I decided to make something a bit more appealing and clearer so it's easy to see what is needed. If you happen to be doing a similar trip or have a friend that is, or maybe you're thinking about it, feel free to save the image, or pin it, for that bit of an extra nudge!

Here's what is needed:

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Just a few items then...
Looking at the list like that I realised that I have already got a few things and most will cost under £5 but it's going to be the clothes and sleeping bag that are the more expensive part. That and the sunglasses and I'm unsure whether I will need prescription ones. Hopefully I can get daily contacts before then so I can just get some normal lenses. So much to do!

As I mentioned, if you happen to know of anyone who would be willing to donate any of the items needed then please let me know so I can get in touch with them! On the other hand, if you would like to donate some money to the charity, I would absolutely love that too!

Watch out for fundraising updates!
- KC xx

Is your packing just as hectic when you go away? Have you been hiking before or climbed a mountain? Have you got any tips, for both climbing and fundraising?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chilled Out Fashions

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Good morning 
(/afternoon/evening depending on what time you're reading this!)

So January is here and the party season is over. That means no more sparkly dresses and high heeled shoes (except from on special occasions) and in my opinion, lots more comfy clothes, workout clothes, and relaxing nights in my pyjamas! I'm normally a Converse over heels kind of girl which makes me generally excited for January. With the January sales around it's probably the best time to be getting to great winter deals and stocking up your winter wardrobe, especially since it's likely the money situation isn't quite as good as the rest of the year after Christmas. I'm ready to look for clothes! Jumpers are my favourite! 

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Why not start the shopping online?! As much as I love wandering around shops, sitting in bed shopping online is great too! And that's exactly what I'm about to do. Here are some picks I've chosen, which should I actually buy?



Slouchy Tops

What do you think? Which would you choose? That Avocado t-shirt is cute isn't it? I love lounging around and now is the best time to do that, even if I am writing essays and working hard at the same time! The jumpers and tops also work really well for chilled out lectures and seminars!

Bring on lounging time! Time to look for pyjamas in the sale!

- KC xx


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

January Goals

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Good Day to you all!
Oh how very posh...

Hope you've all recovered after New Year's Eve now and are ready to go back to work, school, college, or university! I'm getting there at least. It had been really nice getting to spend some time at home with my parents and cat. I have had the chance to relax, have some warm baths, get myself a little more organised and prepared for the new semester at university. January is always the month to set yourself goals for the year, which I'm getting round to, but in all that planning, you often forget to plan the actual month. So, today I want to set myself some goals specifically for January and hopefully they will also help me out in the long term too!

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- Set myself a routine 
I shall write out a daily schedule that's flexible so that at each weekend I can properly organise my week ahead.

- Meal Plan 
At the end of last semester I was beginning to eat well but now is time I fully plan what I will be eating for the week so I know when to get meats out of the freezer. It will also make it much easier when it comes to food shopping.

- Prepare for assessments 
On January 13th and 18th I have assessments. Shortly after that I have a portfolio due in, with another essay due in on Feb 1st. I need to make sure I am arranging rehearsals, especially if other people aren't, and working hard to hopefully get another first which will be a great way to finish off first semester.

- Start Kilimanjaro Training 
One of my main 2017 new year resolutions is to train, so off to the gym I go. So far I've been researching best way to train for a mountain climb and I've come to the conclusion that the best thing is to do a lot of walking and hiking so I've been looking at various routes near where I am.

- Get fundraising 
So far I have done a few stalls but they aren't proving to be very successful so I'd like to focus on doing some bigger events starting with a pub quiz then possibly a family fitness day. I have already sent out some emails and even has some responses so hopefully by the end of the month I will have multiple events planned out and hopefully that will be a very big chunk of what I need to raise.

- Blogging
I was doing so well with my blogging until I went to unversity when I found it difficult to find time when I wasn't ill to focus on writing posts and promoting post. As part of my routine, I want to make sure I have the time to regularly work on my blog so I can keep improving.


I really want to get myself into a proper routine of getting up early, going to the gym and then working on the things I need to, like fundraising and blogging. I often have spurts of motivation but at the moment I am feeling motivated more often than not and it's a great feeling. I know it may be hard as I am only spending two weeks at university to then come home for another week, so the routine is going to be a bit of a mess but January is just the start! 

Hope you're all feeling ready for a new start!

- KC xx

What are your goals this month? Willl you be starting fresh?

Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year Resolutions 2017

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Can you believe it's 2017 already? It doesn't seem that long ago since I was writing 2016's New Year resolutions and yet so much has happened. I'm not going to dwell on the past any more as I think I did that enough in my last two posts. It's here though. 2017 is finally here and boy was I ready for it! I am genuinely excited for the weeks to come even though I don't have anything planned, other than assessments. We're all so used to hearing the 'New year, new me' speech but this year I'm truly ready to start working on myself. I want to make sure I'm happy!

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Before writing this I have just checked back on last years resolutions, and thinking about it, I want to pretty much do the same, but, I guess, more developed.

Eat well - I had a horrible illness at the start of semester which made me struggle to get the right nutrients, which continued to knock me back down. Eventually I managed to build my immune system back up again and began eating proper meals. I want to focus on setting myself weekly food plans that give me the right protein and vitamins that I need.

Train - In August I shall be climbing Kilimanjaro so of course I will need to train my body physically (and mentally). I did well last year with fitness so now I want to take it up a notch and set myself a proper training schedule. Going for more runs and walks and doing all that I can to feel ready before the big hike!

Learn - I think I now have a clear view on what I want to do with myself, even after university (I'll explain in another post very soon). To get to where I want to be I need to continue to learn things, outside of my lessons included. I've always liked having projects to work on so now I'm going to give myself mini projects to get researching. I particularly want to learn about ancient cultures. I'd also be interested in finding out more about astronomy and the universe. Learning to play the guitar and a new language would be great to!

I'm hoping the bottom two books will help me learn a little!

Explore - Last year I wanted to see more of the world. So far I already have the trip to Tanzania planned and hopefully I'll be able to book to go back to Mexico. That said, I want to explore where I live some more. I now live in Hull, when I'm at uni that is, and there are so many small towns and cities in East Yorkshire that I've never been to before. Road trips are definitely a must!

Routine - Finally, I want to get myself into a proper routine. I'm working on a daily schedule for myself. I'm going to get up and do some kind of workout or yoga, have a smoothie for breakfast then shower ready for the day! I'm hoping to be all about that healthy lifestyle. I really need to get myself going so I can stay busy and ultimately, happy!

I'm feeling positive about this year and I really hope I can get myself to stick to my goals. I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated the New Year in style! Have a wonderful time in 2017!

See you soon!
- KC xx