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I'm Kira, a 20 year old drama student longing to travel the world. So far I have been lucky enough to travel to many exotic and vibrant countries on yearly holidays but with my ever growing love for the world, I want to see and explore all that I can! Although for many years I did travel with my parents and family, I now mostly travel with my long time boyfriend, Edmond!

So where have I been in my 20 years?

- Dominican Republic x8
- Jamaica
- Cuba
- Ibiza x2
- Malta
- Majorca
- Crete
- Mexico x4
- Ireland
- Wales 
- Scotland
- Portugal

Where next?

Next -Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro plus 7 days back packing!
After - THE WORLD!

Currently, I am coming close to finishing my first year at university and still have another 2 years left. The overall goal is to finish uni and then simply take off on a world trip. Of course that is going to cost a bit so we've set our deadline to be when we are 25 years old, however the sooner, the better! In the meantime, I know I'm not going to be able to stand not hoping onto a plane to somewhere different to the UK so if we can, a few short breaks would be perfect to break the long wait up!

Look out for podcasts, YouTube videos and of course blog posts all about my travels and travel plans! We've both got so many plans and ideas that we want to do so it's going to be exciting!

See you there!

- KC xx

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In August I'm climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money for Childreach International so I would be very grateful if you could spare a little money and donate to the cause via www.mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/kiralcurtiskilimanjaro

13 countries and counting...


  1. pls check out my blog? gapsemesteradventures.tumblr.com its still a work in progress. your youtube video abt your gap year is really making me consider doing the same (letting my gap sem plans be known so i'll be likelier to stick to it and make it happen)

    1. I will do :D Thank you for checking out my blog! I shall be doing a post on gap year things to do very soon so be sure to check it out! Thank you also for watching my youtube video :D I honestly think a gap year is a great thing to do! It properly allows you to have that break from education to allow you to do what you want and have the freedom to maybe do some of those things you've been wanting to do for years! :D