Hello! I wasn't planning on blogging anything like this today but when I thought about it, I felt I had to. I was scrolling through m...

My Thoughts On - Demons by Imagine Dragons


I wasn't planning on blogging anything like this today but when I thought about it, I felt I had to. I was scrolling through my subscriptions on YouTube when I saw that ImagineDragonsVEVO had posted a new video within the last 20 minutes (this was yesterday). Imagine Dragons is one of my favourite bands so obviously, as anybody would, I immediately clicked open the new video. It was their new Demons video. I sat and watched it and it literally brought a tear to my eye. I love how powerful that song is as it was the whole reason I came to love Imagine Dragons. I had spent all day searching for good Merlin (BBC TV series) fan videos on YouTube when I found one that included Merlin, Morgana, Arthur, Gwen and Mordred. When I watched that I actually cried. I'd like to point out that never in my whole life has a song managed to make me cry. I thought it was that fact that the video showed Alexander Vlahos crying and in pain, but then I watched another video which was an Oliver Queen tribute (from Smallville) and that had Demons as the background music. I cried again. The song makes me so emotional and I love it. Obviously if I'm walking down the street listening to it, I don't cry. When I watched the music video, I felt myself tearing up again. I couldn't help it.

I love the idea that Imagine Dragons were on stage performing the song as if at any normal concert but then the camera zooms in to a few particular people and show us as viewers their background stories. It made me think that a lot of it is quite possibly true. Many of us will go to concerts, for some it's to just enjoy the music but I know that for others it is a way of escaping what is really going on in their life. It really touched me. The song finished, and I already had a tear in my eye, and then writing comes up saying 'In memory of Tyler Robinson (1995-2013) who inspired us as he battled cancer'. I love how a worldwide band will do something as simple as that but it can really make a difference. When a short video came up of Tyler Robinson singing and dancing to It's Time with them I cried of happiness. It was so adorable, if that's the right word. Everyone in the crowd began chanting 'TYLER...TYLER...TYLER...' and the smile on his face was so precious. I don't know much about his background but I know that you should go check out www.tylerrobinsonfoundation.com and you can watch the full video of Tyler at http://youtu.be/mqwx2fAVUM0 . Go check them out and of course, please listen to the song! (I'll leave the video below with a link for the album.)

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               KC x

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