Hello People of Earth,           Since I took the educational milestone of moving into college, I have made some incredible friends. I hav...

My Thoughts On - It's Right in Front of You by Bethany Jane Speight

Hello People of Earth,

          Since I took the educational milestone of moving into college, I have made some incredible friends. I have mentioned previously that some definitely inspire me to better myself, and recently it has actually been beginning to work. I am very grateful for that and for them and I guess I shall tell you more in another post as I have said that I will do an 'update', although I think I've already wrote a bit about college life. I forget, so I guess that I will have to check.
          Basically, this post it about a 17 year old friend of mine who has, as of March, become a published author. Yes, at 17 years old! Bethany Jane Speight, who I share a class with 6 times a week and often many lunches and breaks, has recently published a book called It's Right in Front of You. It is a wonderful easy-read novel written with imagination and definitely shows great potential for the author in the future as I now that already she is currently writing her next book. Despite the spelling and grammar mistakes, of which I blame the editor for (I'll do your next book if you would like, pay me or don't pay me, I don't mind, I passed my GCSE English Language and Literature ;D ), it is a wonderfully charming book containing a cute simple relationship followed by secret, twists and turns that keep you from physically being able to put your phone, tablet, or windows 8 computer down (I say this because it is only available on the kindle or kindle app). I, myself, bought it online and within seconds it was ready for me to read on the kindle app on my iPhone 4. Both my mother and I read this book in a very short space of time and simply loved it. Hopefully one day Bethany will one day be printing thousands of paper copies to sell proving her popularity within the written world.

The synopsis goes as follows -

Lily has been in love with her brother’s best friend since she kissed him at her first college party. Now with him in his last year at college, she can’t help but want things to happen, but one drunken night Calloway confesses that he wants to go on a date with her.

She agrees just to get him of her back. But one date leads to another and another. As her life is going perfectly, an old nightmare comes back into her life which could make everything come crashing down. Can Calloway stay with her through that or will it tear their love apart...

          With plenty of reviews at an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, she certainly has a fan base beginning to erupt; myself being one of many. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially teenagers. The price stands a whopping 77p, so if you can't afford that then I'm afraid that I am terribly sorry about your financial problems. Anyway, yes it is only 77p/£0.77! Please go buy the book. Or else I'll hunt you down. Ok, obviously I won't but it would mean a lot to me if you did. If you do, how about you tweet me @KiraLouella? I know you won't but yanno, worth a try. Still, go buy the book for a good read, good laugh and a good feeling knowing that you've helped out a first-time-published author of 17 years old. If you do buy it, could I ask that you write a review on the amazon website for her and possibly pass it on to your friends, family and pets of any type? That would be entirely helpful.

I shall leave the link at the end but thank you for reading and I hope you decided that my review sort of description thingy that I have just written convinces you to buy this lovely read.

Adios peeps,
          KC xx

(wow, I'm not saying that again-.-)


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