Bonjour!           Today I would like to ask a favour of you. I am doing my EPQ which is short for Extended Project Qualification. If you ...

Could I ask a favour please? (EPQ)


          Today I would like to ask a favour of you. I am doing my EPQ which is short for Extended Project Qualification. If you don't know what that is, it's basically an extra qualification you can do which is heavily surrounded around research but is ultimately a project that is marked about whatever you choose to do. It is a lot of work and very independent but can get you a bunch of extra ums points that could essentially help get you into university. Twenty one of the 24 Russell Group universities strongly approve of the EPQ with at least 8 of them making alternative offers for those students who completed their EPQ. In 2014, almost 35,000 students took the qualification, nationwide. You have the choice of what you do it about too so you can do almost anything (within reason). Personally, I would definitely recommend it. It may be a lot of work but it is enjoyable, or at least it has been so far for me.
          You can choose one of four type of things to be your end piece. I chose to do a performance, being all performingy and stuff. This gives me a chance to look more deeply in what it's like being other things within the performing arts business and not just the acting. Since I have chose to put on a show, I have to make the show first which involves playwriting, directing, costume and set design, sound and lighting design, and the whole business side to it as well. I find it all interesting so I have already put a lot of effort into it. I don't know about other places but at our college we are given a summer starter booklet so we can start it all during our summer holidays, that way the whole thing is finished around March time, not interrupting our exams. Its a great idea because I would have been very very very bored during the summer if I hadn't had that work to do and, you may think I'm weird, but I like doing work because it takes my mind off of things and relaxes me and if you know me then you'll know I can get very stressed out. Overall the EPQ is a good thing!

          Here's where I need that favour. I am going to put a poll up on the side bar of my blog asking for your opinion on what the title should be for the performance. I would like you to choose one so that I do have a title to put on the programmes, tickets and of course posters for advertisement. The title is important. I have a few to choose from but would like other peoples opinions on them first. Here are the titles:

  • Mission: Blitz
  • Elite
  • The Elite
  • Mission Elite
  • Blitz Elite
          Now to give you a bit more information about the play so you can probably understand a little to why those titles.
    A play, set in 1940, about brothers James and Charles living through the war in two completely different ways. Which means more, family or pride?
    Whilst their families back home suffer through the Blitz, six young soldiers are forced to kit up and set off on what could be the mission of their lives, or the only mission of their lives. Not knowing who gave the orders or where they have been sent, should they travel thousands of miles and risk their lives just to take their chance of living up to the highest of ranks, or is it more than that?

          Now that you've hopefully read that, you have some kind of idea about the play and what it's about. So if you could possibly choose which title you prefer on the poll to the right of this post (on desktop viewing) or just leave it in the comments (if you are on mobile viewing). Thank you so much if you do, it will help massively!

Thank you!!
- KC xx

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