Hallo! So... IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!... Well not really.           As of tomorrow, it is December, the month of Christmas. I'm su...

It's Christmas Time... kinda



IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!... Well not really.

          As of tomorrow, it is December, the month of Christmas. I'm sure plenty of you will have already put up all your Christmas decorations or if not, they will be up over the next week or two (unless you're some miserable bugger who doesn't put up Christmas decks at all, I know a few of them). Ours went up today. In our front garden we have two bushes covered with netted outdoor fairy lights, but it's the inside where my mum insist we go mental. Although it is just the downstairs that gets decorated, we have garlands above every door, large mirror or picture and across every mantelpiece, and wreaths on every door, baubles hanging from the ceiling, stickers on the windows, fake snow everywhere, one large Christmas tree and a slightly smaller one, etc. I have to admit it takes some effort to put it all up, not including the bringing all the boxes down and back up from the attic, but in the end our house look very cosy and traditional and just plain lovely. I love our house at Christmas! I feel so at home and comfortable. Since my boyfriend is always away for Christmas, I have made it my mission to spend as much Christmassy time with him so today he has actually helped put up all the decorations with myself and my parents. Proper family time. It has been such a wonderful day. Sometimes I put a few decorations up in my bedroom just to make it feel more like Christmas when I'm up there doing work all the time. This year I went a little overboard by putting up yet another tree. That makes it three Christmas trees in the house! To tell you the truth, it is only small but fits nicely in the corner of my room on this little shelf/bench seat I have and since I have finally finished all of my Christmas shopping and wrapped it all, it is now all surrounding the mini Christmas tree in my room. It makes me happy! Ok, I think I'm starting to sound a little weird now.

          Many people will begin celebrating the beginning of Christmas today since it is the first Sunday in advent and for those of us who still have advent calendars (mine is a Marvel one!), we open the 1st door tomorrow. CHOCOLATE! I feel like this month I am going to be such a pig. My mum went shopping yesterday in preparation for the start of December and bought a chocolate roll, ice cream, mince pies, and then  a number of bars of chocolate and two boxes of maltesers to back some malteser cake that she hasn't made in ages. Then my dad came home from the shop with a 'bar and a half' Dairy Milk. Now I have to eat it all. Oh dear. I'll just put a few stones on over Christmas then struggle for the rest of my life to lose it again. So, I'm not really one to turn down food, and I'm not really one with the energy to burn it off. I'm not saying I'm fat but at the rate I'm going with my eating currently, I think my New Years resolution is going to have to be EXERCISE!
          One thing I am unorganised with this Christmas is Christmas cards. These days not many people my age still give them out, plus working in a card shop does make you want to avoid the sight of cards completely. I want to give them out because otherwise it just feels wrong but at the moment I have no time in my life to think, no matter write. About a week ago I started panicking that I wouldn't even have any cards to write on but luckily my mum had been out and bought thousands of them. I'm not exaggerating either!
          The 25th December is 3 weeks away and yet it feels like there has been a build up much longer than any previous year. I'm not sure if it's just the cold weather or the premature decorating or the fact the my mum keeps coming home saying "I've bought a new decoration for Christmas" but either way I feel like everything is happening so fast and yet so slowly. Sadly for me, I have been so caught up with college stuff that I keep forgetting it's even November, well not for long. This Thursday I have my practical drama course work assessment, the Thursday after that I have a dance show which I see no point in since I finish college at half 2 and have to wait until at the earliest 7pm just to be in some of a 7 minute dance, in the meantime I have been trying to fit in driving lessons and EPQ work. My life is currently hectic. Oh and as of next Sunday, I start working Sundays for the Christmas period. I have no time at all. I did talk about my EPQ on my previous blog so I shall give an update on that very soon.

          I have a feeling that I have literally just rambled on in this post, trying to keep the subject based on Christmas. I don't think I did a very good job. I do enjoy blogging so when I have the time I shall try blog more over the next few weeks. Got so much to say, so much to do. I'll have to start using the app on my phone much more.
          Well I suppose I should get going. I fancy reading my book (current read: Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern) because I am surprisingly really enjoying it and now I want to watch the movie.

See ya soon,
- KC xx

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