Afternoon!           As I'm writing this I am currently in a car on my way to Northampton to a university audition so I thought it w...

Desicions to make about Uni


          As I'm writing this I am currently in a car on my way to Northampton to a university audition so I thought it would be a perfect time to write a little post about life at the moment. Basically, it's stressful! (Isn't everything for me though?) 
          I have already done two auditions, both being unsuccessful. I'm not too surprised. For the first one I was very unprepared and felt it which caused me to not be up to my usual standard and the other, most of the people accepted through into the second round were at least two or three years older than me. I now have three left and I'm starting to think that it could be likely that I shall be taking a gap year. Ok, I know that's not exactly 'thinking positive' but having two failures does make you begin to think. Altogether I applied 2 drama schools, one Arts based university and two universities that have there own performing arts department within it. At all of these places I applied for the BA (Hons) Acting course and that is the only course I want to do. I am very determined to get into Uni but at this point I'm starting to wander whether or not, if I were to get into the actual universities and not the drama schools, I should take up their offer or whether it would just waste £27000 for the three years when I want to go to a drama school. I suppose you could say that if I'm determined enough to get a job within the industry after finishing the degree, I will get one no matter where I go to study. However many people say, including myself, that this course and industry is the hardest to get into no matter what your grades are or how high your skill level is. The majority of the time it's all about who you know and not what you know, and how much money you have got.
          Money is an issue for a lot of us. For me, it stops me from being able to actually apply for more drama schools that would give me a larger chance of getting a place on the course. Sometimes I wish I had just splashed out on applications but at the moment money is being paid out to many other things as well. I have two drama resits at £35 each and two maths ones and I don't know how much they are yet. Also for drama we have to go see a theatre production which is at least £20 and then there are Performing Arts trips and I have props and costume to pay for, for my EPQ play. Money is the answer to a lot of problems it seems and I'm sure that's the same with many people. Oh, I have my driving lessons and test to pay for too. Luckily I have done my theory test now, as of last Thursday night, and I passed first time! I've still got two and a bit months left until I turn 18 as well so no pay rise yet, if I even get one...
          So as I mentioned, I am currently on my way to Northampton for my third, out of five, audition. This one is at the University of Northampton and I do like the place, the only problem about it is that it isn't a drama school that is accredited by Drama UK and there are less contact hours. Before making any final decisions, I'm waiting until after the audition so I can get a real feel of what the place is like because I could like it and possibly more than a drama school. There are so many things to take into consideration and it all turns my brain into mush. I would love to know now whether I could make it and whether it would be worth it but I have to wait and in the meantime I have a thousand other things on my mind. Worst part is having all your friends going on about how they have been accepted into their top choice, posting it all over Facebook. There is no consideration towards people like me and others who are applying for courses like mine. I have to audition which is much more than others have to do but, not only do I have to audition once, most times there are rounds after rounds before I even have a chance. It's a nightmare. Well, it is something I have to do!
         I think that is enough rambling on for now...
         If you have any advice for me or other people in a similar situation, comment on this post or tweet me (@Kiralouella).

Have a nice day everyone!
- KC xx

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