Good morning! Well it's nearly afternoon but oh well. The sun is shining, I only need a light jacket to keep me at the right tempera...

Good weather = Good mood!

Good morning!

Well it's nearly afternoon but oh well. The sun is shining, I only need a light jacket to keep me at the right temperature, everybody is out, and overall I'm in a pretty great mood! Despite the pressing fact of a practical drama exam a week on Thursday, I don't seem to have a care in the world at the moment. I just feel happy!

So I woke up this morning knowing I had a late start, parents had already gone to work, and it wasn't even 9 o'clock yet! For me, that's a miracle. I was up before 9! I did some exercises, had a light breakfast, got showered and dressed ready for college, and now I'm sat on the top deck of a bus feeling like my arms are getting burnt through the glass whilst listening to a bit of X Ambassadors. It's all a good feeling! It's nice to see people wearing flowery tops and bright colours whilst we actually can in England! Although there is always still some old guy, where I live, sporting a wooly jumper trying to make the winter last as long as possible. I don't know what goes on in their minds. I've seen people working in their gardens or on their allotments or simply driving their convertible BMW's with the tops down.

It's only Tuesday but so far it feels like this week has lasted a little longer than the average, probably something to do with me having a Decision 1 maths mock yesterday. Monday's are always a long day. It has also probably felt longer for me because I've been constantly wishing the days away. I know people say to not do that but I'm sure next Monday it might stop. That's because IT'S MY 18th BIRTHDAY! Finally! Recently I have been so restricted in doing certain things because I'm not 18, like sitting in a pub in Northampton with my parents whilst they have a beer or two and I have a coke. It's been rather annoying! Mainly, myself and my boyfriend have been trying to book a holiday for months but when we went into Thomsons we weren't allowed unless one of us was 18 or over because when you book it you sign a contract. We even had all the money and parents permission! Plus when we actually go we will be 18! So anyway, we've been waiting for my birthday, because I'm the oldest, so that we can finally book it. I finish at 2:30pm on Monday and tat will be the first thing that we do! I don't care about going out to get drunk like most 18 year olds, I care more about being able to book this holiday. Luckily the price has gone down at the moment and we are just praying it stays down! Fingers crossed! I haven't actually said where we are going. If you know me then you'll know exactly where it is. I have been before. Guessed yet? MEXICO! Caribbean coast of Mexico! I cannot wait at all. End of June we shall be going, when we have both finished all of our exams. It shall be a celebration of finishing college and A levels. I'll talk more about it another time perhaps.

As I shall be turning 18 I am going to being doing as much as I can to earn a bit of money. I am taking a gap year and wish to reapply to university/drama schools next year and it is very expensive to do, so I need the money! I hope to be selling so things I've designed, blog more, YouTube more, and obviously I shall be getting a full time job. I won't be doing the blogging and YouTube-ing for the money, that's more just for fun in my spare time, if I end up earning some money from it then that's a bonus, as is earning any money! I have a blog post where I plan on talking a little bit more about the changes I will be making to my life over the next couple of months.

However, until then I've got to carry on with college and talking of which, I'm about to get off the bus and start on my walk to my first lesson of the day. Thankfully I only have two lessons today with a lunch break in between them but unfortunately that means I won't be home until about half past 5. Oh dear, but go then...

Shall post again soon, see ya later,
- Kira C xx

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