Hello,           I have decided to call today's post 'Procrastination Documentation - Part 1' because, yes, I am currently pro...

Procrastination Documentation - Part 1


          I have decided to call today's post 'Procrastination Documentation - Part 1' because, yes, I am currently procrastinating and the 'Part 1' is because, well let's be serious for a moment here, I am bound to continue doing it, so every now and again I might as well blog about it. I'm not doing anything exciting during this procrastination but I was in the process of looking over my newly created AdSense account and I decided I might as well do something a little productive by blogging. I don't have anything interesting to say, or maybe I do but I am currently too lazy to actually talk/write about it.
          This morning I had my first exam of the year, AS level Core 2 Mathematics. Personally I thought the exam went pretty well, I finished with a hell of a lot of time to spare and was able to go back over the whole paper multiple times and at the end, when everyone has walked out and begun discussing how they thought it went, I had actually managed to answer the questions people had struggled with. To my surprise, some people took so long answering the earlier questions, they didn't have time to finish the final one! It's a 1hr 30mins exam. You are given way more time than is needed, just as you're given way more paper than is needed. I spent most of the exam trying to find the next question among a load of spare lined paper. Overall, I don't mean to sound boastful at all, I am just particularly proud of the revision that I did that enabled me to find the paper so easy. On the other hand, I did find it easy and that worried me. I hate coming out of an exam and saying it is so or even thinking it because then I get my hopes up and come results day in August, I get and B or a C. For some people that is great! But I'm estimated at least an A and all my life I have strived for that in every subject. If I am to get the grades I am estimated then I could end up with enough UCAS points to get into Oxford or Cambridge (shame I'm not applying to either of them) and I pride myself on that. I know I'm not the only person to feel the same way. It's the worst feeling to have thought the exam went swimmingly then you've got a low grade in the end of it. This could be because of everyone finding it easy and the grade boundaries being risen or, most commonly for me, I've actually made loads of stupid mistakes which completely demolish my hopes at getting a decent grade. It's all a guessing game up until that final results day!
          That's something else, this will be my final results day, of this kind anyway. It's quite daunting to think about. Unlike many, I only have 6 exams (1 down, 5 to go) but they are still my final exams and what make up my overall final mark and whatever I get there are no second chances, not like with AS. No resits, no resubmissions of coursework, no going back over anything. I remember a similar thought going through my head at GCSE except this is a little bit more terrifying. Our overall A-level grade could mean the difference of going to university or not, getting an apprenticeship or not, getting a job or not. A lot rides on these results, not to put anymore pressure on a just-turned 18 year old.
          Here's me talking about how important the exams and results are and despite getting home a lot earlier today, all I've done is sit around scrolling through my Facebook, watching YouTube videos and staring at a pile of clothes I still haven't put away. Let's have a round of applause for me. To my parents it sounds like I'm doing a lot of work but really I am sat in bed with my laptop on my knees writing about how I should be doing work. I have another 4 maths exams and a 2 and a half hour written drama exam (for those who think drama is easy, I'd like to see you do the amount of revision and preparation we all have to do and the write essay after essay after essay about it all). Tomorrow I have a drama mock. Given today's efforts, I think I am going to get top marks *Clear Sarcasm*. The closest I've got to actually doing some sort of revision today is putting my work that I should be doing on my bed with me. It hasn't moved in over 5 hours, unless I kicked it a little when I fell asleep earlier. I think a standing ovation is deserved for that one.
          Well there you are, my first documentation of me not actually doing the work that I'm supposed to be doing. If I learn not to procrastinate my blogging, then it is very likely that there will be many more of these to come. Good luck reading many more boring stories of my procrastination. Sometimes I even procrastinate doing some work by doing other work. Wow. How special I am!
          On another note, I do have a lot of things I wish to talk about in the coming weeks but at the moment I am trying to keep my mind focused on the revision for my exams and if I start mentioning these things I will start getting too excited and I will actually start doing them. I'm probably not making any sense but you'll understand, one day.

I better start some sort of revision. I have 1000 words of notes to do for this mock. Wish me luck. I may not be getting much sleep tonight. Here goes...

See you all later,
- KC xx

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