Hi It is currently 10:57pm as I begin to write this post with nothing much in mind. I have spent the day at work and came home to more ted...

Procrastination Documentation - Part 2


It is currently 10:57pm as I begin to write this post with nothing much in mind. I have spent the day at work and came home to more tedious revision. Tomorrow shall be a day of revision too. On the plus side, my last exam is on Tuesday. On the downside, I have an exam on Monday and on Tuesday, both of which are two of my biggest exams: Drama and Theatre Studies and Core 4 Maths. Both A2 level of course.
          Most people think drama is easy and I'd like those people to hold that thought until they've actually tried it... If that's you, then I wish you luck. It's not easy at all. I don't find it particularly difficult either to be honest but there is an enormous amount of work to do in order to feel prepared for the two and a half hour exam. At this late in exam season, I'm not even sure if I can stay awake that long. I know I couldn't last year - I think I fell asleep during my AS Media exam. Either way, I have a lot left to do and one day to do it, amongst Core 4 revision as well.
        Exam and revision season is all about timing, obviously it's always best to start the revision in early months. However, I know many people "forget" to do that during all the procrastination that goes on. That definitely was the case for me. Don't do it! Now I have two exams left and practically one day to revise for them both, it is time to figure out the correct timing for my revision. This most likely won't happen but when I type it out it makes me think that I should so I may, kinda, try.
          Nine days today I go away to Mexico and currently that is all I can think about. I spent tonight promising myself to do a Core 4 past paper then get some drama revision done. I haven't even managed to finish the paper and I've been home since 6pm. In the meantime I have managed to have a 57 minute phone call, look up the inflight entertainment on the plane inbound and outbound to Mexico and watch a bunch of YouTube videos. Round of applause please...
          Many of you who are my age will understand how difficult it is to fit in all the things you like to do. In fact, I think any age could understand but whilst you know you should be doing exam revision, everything comes to the top of your thoughts and not much can be done. It frustrates me.
          And yet here I am writing this post yet again, when I could be getting that revision done or have done it by now. I know it's late but it's what I used to do. During my GCSEs I was revising until 12 but now not so much. By 9 O'clock I am bored out of my mind and just want to lie in bed and do nothing or sleep constantly. I cannot wait until Wednesday when I can do that. Although I still have my driving test to look forward to. That's a different story all together.

Now that I have got whatever that was of my chest, I'm going to lie in bed and do nothing but stress, panic and drink my quick attempt at making a vanilla milkshake (milk and ice cream in a pint glass mixed together using a spoon - I really could not be bothered to get the blender out then wash it).

See you later,
- KC xx

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