Regular Blogging Day No.2 Hello everyone!           My regular blogging probably won't continue to be this regular but it's a ni...

Currently Reconstructing My Life

Regular Blogging Day No.2

Hello everyone!

          My regular blogging probably won't continue to be this regular but it's a nice start. Today I just wanted to expand a little on the final paragraphs of yesterdays post. I plan on making some changes. If you follow me on any of my social networking site (Instagram and Twitter) then you may have noticed that my bio's say "currently reconstructing my life" and that I am. Kind of anyway. I spent my entire life sure of exactly what I was doing and when I would do it, and most of the things I wanted to do would get put off 'until I have finished uni'. Obviously I am no longer going to uni, at least not for this year, so I thought it was about time I started doing some of those things I keep wanting to do!
          I have another post planned for gap year goals but for now I just wanted to mention a few changes that are about to take action. Firstly, now that college is finished and I have been on holiday, I need to find a job. It is that time to start earning some money and I am definitely going to need it for some of the things I have planned. I have already applied to a number of places online and been around my town handing in my CV (which isn't really a proper professional one, but it still has everything that needs to be on it and the layout makes it easy to read). So far I haven't had anything back from anyone unfortunately. Luckily I still have my Saturday job to tide me over. Annoyingly, my money is still getting paid out to my driving lessons/test. Hopefully I shall have a job soon.
          I have spent today sorting/boxing my room. I'm the sort of person who doesn't like to stay in the same place for a long time so my bedroom is a key thing that I try to change at least once a year. Last year I got a new shelf put up and desk type thing made to put on top of my set of drawers. This year I hadn't planned to change anything other than possibly getting a new wardrobe but I would have to save up for that. Until my mum got me thinking. I now have plans of using some of my old shelves to create a bunch of smaller ones and place them on the wall where my current wardrobe is. I am then going to save up for a new larger wardrobe to put in place of my old shelves. My TV needs a swivel bracket as I plan of moving my bed round and my drawers are going to become even more of a desk. This has meant that I have to box everything away so I am able to move everything else around as I please. I'm actually kind of excited to make it happen but I have to wait until my parents are back from York and have one all their jobs.
          Once I am finally settled in a new job and have my bedroom completely sorted, I am free to spend any time that I have doing what I want. More YouTube videos shall be coming your way as I've mentioned previously. More blog posts. I began to write a book just before I went on holiday so I shall continue with that. I am going to begin research for a new script. Of course I wish to get fitter and I plan to train for a certain event, whether that's a Race for Life or Tough Mudder, I'm not sure yet. I have a list full of the things I'd like to do. I shall post that list on here once I have properly sat down and thought thoroughly about it. In the meantime though, my head is on overdrive and I'm either incredibly motivated or the complete opposite. Honestly, I just want to be back in Mexico where the word 'job' didn't exist for me. It shall all soon go away, hopefully!
          Finally, I plan to completely reconstruct my blog. New colour scheme, new fonts, new banner, etc. I also need to remember to use more images in my posts. As I post a YouTube video I shall blog about it giving any reasons for why I decided to do it and also just generally for a little advertisement. Summer Weekly vlogs may start up again when I start doing some interesting things and they may even continue throughout my gap year. We shall see. Not much have been fully decided on yet as it is still early days but I plan to enjoy myself as much as possible no matter what I do. Might as well make the most of my year out!

Well that's all for now and I shall be back sooner than normal!
Have a great night, whatever you're doing!

-KC :D

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