HELLO!           I wanted to do a quick post today simply about my plans and goals for my blogging over the next few months. I seem...

Blogging Goals


          I wanted to do a quick post today simply about my plans and goals for my blogging over the next few months. I seem to say these kind of things in many posts so in order to stop that I decided it would be a decent idea to tell you about some of my blogging goals and how I plan on doing them and how, ultimately, I am going to get myself organised. Also, this post is a little helper to those who want to start blogging and aren't sure how to do it whilst doing everything else, that was the trouble I had.
Here goes:

 Goal 1 - I need to plan!

I have always planned out a number of blog posts that I could do. Even now, I have a bunch of posts that only consist of a title saved as drafts. At them moment it's my easy way to remind me of the posts I need to do soon. However it's starting to clog up my 'All Posts' page in my dashboard on blogger which is really starting to annoy me. I need to have a well structure plan. To do this I have in fact bought myself a planner! Well, I have only bought the cover (Filofax type cover) off Ebay. Until I am earning, it will do. It is a ring binder which gives me the freedom to add or take away pages as I go. It will probably take me a while before I start to properly use it though as I am firstly going to make myself the insides using Microsoft Office (Excel, publisher, word, etc.). I'm still waiting to receive it in the mail but I'm really looking forward to it arriving as it's a project that I can work on! Once I've started working on it, I will be able to plan when I'm writing posts, what posts are actually going to posted on what week and then feel a lot less like my brain is going to explode because of the information that is being stored up there.

Goal 2 - Write Lists!

In my new planner there will be lists of all sorts, from blog and YouTube ideas to things I need to buy and books that I have or will read. There is something satisfying about ticking off something that you have done on a list especially when eventually you find that the entire list has been ticked off. All those things that have been flying around your head bugging you about getting them done have suddenly flown away. It is very relieving. Knowing me, things wills constantly get added to my list so what I am going to do is have lists for every month and after a certain point, I am not allowed to write any more on there, instead it has to wait until the next month. I already have a massive list of things to do on my phone which needs organising. Once I have got my planner they will be organised straight away as I've found myself putting things off because it looks like there is so much.

Goal 3 - Post Regularly!

My new routine will keep me uploading YouTube videos consistently but it will also help keep the amount of posts I do up. I will plan when I am going to write posts and then I'm more likely to write more. In order to post more often I shall schedule my post as soon as it is written whereas normally I would write a post then upload it straight away. This way both myself and my readers will have more of a routine. I will be able to relax in between writing as I know I don't have to worry so much about getting it done and my readers will have some kind of idea as to when I shall post! At the moment (this may change depending on the job I get and how it goes) the plan is to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am not limiting myself to this, however,  as I have a lot of ideas so it is likely that I will post in between these but I will have at least those three days planned out in advance.

Goal 4 - Schedule my posts!

As I have mentioned, I shall be writing my posts in advance and then scheduling them. I was given this advice by a number of people in the UK Bloggers Facebook group. I had honestly never thought of it before but I have found that it is a must. It really does help arranging your blog around your life and other things. I shall give myself a set time to write and then I don't feel as pressured throughout the week. Not only this, but I am going to schedule in my new planner when certain posts need to be written and when they should be scheduled for. Of course I shall be scheduling it so that there are never two posts from the same topic next to each other during the week. For example, I will only be posting my next Liverpool post next week but in the meantime I have other things related to beauty and books etc.

Goal 5 -Promote my blog more and network with bloggers!

I have found that when I am on Facebook, I spend most of my time trying to promote my YouTube instead of my blog. My blog gets neglected. However, as much as I enjoy posting videos on YouTube, I have felt a lot more excited about my blog recently. I think it's something to do with the upgrade I gave myself. I do want to blog more and get it going a lot more but to do this I need readers but I don't promote it enough or network with other bloggers enough to do this. So my next goal is to make sure I'm sharing my posts, networking with people, getting involved and reading other peoples posts and overall trying to help myself grow a little bit more everyday. I have already found myself doing this a lot more since I got Pinterest and Bloglovin' (Follow me - kiralcurtis).

Comment below what your blogging goals are and your blog URL so I can start interacting with some of you! From now until the end of the year, these are my blogging, and personal, goals. I say until the end of the year because there will always be a New Years Resolution post! I have to admit I'm very excited to share with you all some of my ideas!

Thank you for reading!

See you later!
-KC xx

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