Hello all!           Ok, I'm not a proper entrepreneur but I definitely feel like one. Recently, since I have been uploading YouTube v...

I'm an Entrepreneur!

Hello all!

          Ok, I'm not a proper entrepreneur but I definitely feel like one. Recently, since I have been uploading YouTube videos again and my book was released, I feel like I have made myself into a business that I am constantly promoting. Or at least trying to anyway. Being an aspiring performer and actress, getting my name out there is probably one of my top goals for my gap year as it will eventually help me achieve my ultimate goal. Unfortunately, doing so isn't as easy as it sounds and I often find myself sat at my drawer-desk copy and pasting my links all over social media day after day. Sometimes this proves to me a good plan, other times I just end up with no reaction whatsoever. Today has been more of the latter. 
          I am forever talking about all the ideas that I have but over then weekend is my beginning. It is now September and everyone is back to school, college and even off to university. Just as my boyfriend is off in two weeks time which is both an exciting experience and horrifically scary experience for the both of us. I have been looking for jobs (that's a whole other post for you) and forever stuck behind my laptop screen watching as my life drifts away. Wow, that sounds rather depressing. That wasn't intentional. What I mean is that I believe now is the time to get my life sorted out. I need a decent routine. This weekend is when I am going to figure it all out. Here come the lists!
          As you may have noticed, I have completely re-vamped my blog and YouTube design and so far I'm relatively proud of it but it won't stop there. I have more to do, and that includes boosting the amount of posts I do. I'm going to get myself into a routine where I am posting regularly and if I want to post more I will! Personally, I have got a lot to look forward to as I do them and I am honestly pretty excited! Over the next few days I will let you see just a few of the things I will be doing. However, I do need to continue promoting as I can't let the growth of my YouTube channel grind to a halt.

This weekend's posts will consist of lists. Lists of things I will be doing. Lists of my links so you know what I'm promoting. Lists of what is to come in general.

I am going to start with one now. Here is a list of blog posts that are currently being drafted:

  • Review of my holiday to Mexico 2015
  • Lytham Festival Review
  • Gap years things to do
  • A bit more about my book Mission: Blitz
  • Self-Promotion on social media (eg. facebook pages, insta, tumblr, twitter)
  • Reviews of products (including Beauty Formulas' Deep Action Pore Cleanser, Rimmel London lipsticks and more)
I have many ideas all squished up inside my brain at the moment and I can't wait to be writing them doing on paper then getting on with them!

Go like my facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kiralcurtisofficial to see regular updates on what I am doing.

Thank you for all the support I've had so far and I hope you continue to give it :D

- KC xx

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