HELLO! I really don't know what it is but I've been using a lot of capital letters recently. Moving on...           For quit...



I really don't know what it is but I've been using a lot of capital letters recently. Moving on...

          For quite some time now I have been looking at lamps and decorative lights in particular, mainly because my bedside lamp has somehow managed to fall off the side of my bed at least ten times by now so I have resorted to using an old ugly little thing. (Yes, I may have knocked it off but that's because I don't have a bedside table or shelf.) I spent the most of last night looking in fact, so I thought I would share some of my favourites from Next Home.

1. Wooden Tripod Table Lamp - You can get this in a bigger size as a floor lamp and I absolutely love them! They are so simple-looking yet so stylish, especially with the neutral colours keeping it fitting to all types of rooms. Most lamps will take up a lot of space on a bedside table, this doesn't however because of the tripod stand! Plus, the metallic hinges keep it unisex!

2. Heart Ceramic Table Lamp - Yet another cute and simple design. This is a must have in a bedroom! Imagine this on at night whilst you are all snuggled up, perhaps reading a book, whilst candles are burning elsewhere in your room. The cut-out design really gives of a warm nightly feeling despite the white colour. The white colour is helpful though as, again, it will match any colour wall paper or bedroom!

3. Heart Lit White Rose Tree - These are so adorable, and yes they are actually lights! If only I had a specific place wear I did my make-up because I imagine these would look gorgeous stood on, or next to, a mirrored dresser, not to mention be a great background piece for any beauty guru's or just generally female YouTubers. I'd love them in my background. Again, the white will make it stand out in any room, so they'd even be a nice addition to any living room. Next have really got their colour scheme spot on!

4. Lit Red Berry and Pinecone Garland - For the final two lights that I'm sharing with you I may have got distracted my the Christmas page. However, they aren't necessarily just for Christmas. This Lit Red Berry and Pinecone Garland is very Autumn which I love. If you've read my post, Things I love about Autumn, then you'll know that burgundy and maroon are my favourite colours to wear, so basically berry. I love anything that is a berry colour and this in particular stands out because of how warm it feels, even from simply looking at the picture! Put this up on your door now and it can stay there right through to January, and you can get away with it because it is simply Autumn colours that are "allowed" at Christmas too! It's a secret way to start celebrating Christmas early!

5. 50 Warm White Led Retro Lights - RETRO! Can't go wrong with a bit of retro and how great do these look?! Simple, smart and would most likely be very pretty hung up just about anywhere! From the pictures it looks as though the glass is slightly speckled giving each bulb and slight bit of subtle detail to add to the warm finish. I really like them! They are in the Christmas lights but I do think these could be used all year round, especially at parties and venues!

           Those are my top five lights I found on the Next website (they aren't in any particular order). I need to be purchasing a lamp very soon so the ones I have mentioned here will definitely be on my list to have a proper good nosey at! 

Thank you for reading!
-KC xx

Disclaimer - This post was in association with the Next Blogger Network and is to be put on their noticeboard, however all opinions and writing is my own as I very much enjoying looking at Next products! This is not a sponsored post or affiliate.

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