Before I get started, you may be able to tell that I have been working on my blog recently and now I am finally happy with it. I think...

Liverpool Day 1 - World Museum

Before I get started, you may be able to tell that I have been working on my blog recently and now I am finally happy with it. I think it looks a lot more professional and stylish and I plan on leaving as it is! The only thing I may change is the banner. I am also possibly working on the size of the pictures on the home page but I'm getting there. I would really like to welcome you to my new blog, I hope you have a look around and leave some feedback in the comments! Obviously there aren't any posts on the beauty and fashion pages just yet but there will be. Thank you!

Now onto the actual post:


          Around two weeks ago now my boyfriend, Ed, and I decided to go on a short two night trip to Liverpool. Since we got back from Mexico we have been dying to go away again and seen as he is off to uni very soon we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time away together. After a lot of research into the cheapest hotels, we finally chose to stay at the Premier Inn at Liverpool One. What a great decision! Honestly, I am so glad we choose to go there. As we both aren't earning enough money, this was the perfect place for us because we found it to be bang smack in between everything we wanted to do. It was £40 per night and so £40 each for the whole trip (not including travel and expenses there of course). We got the train from Preston station to Liverpool Lime Street at around £17 each, so over all it wasn't too bad cost wise. The idea of the trip was to spend as little as possible.

          On the first day, after travelling around an hour on the train, we were able to walk an extremely short distance to the World Museum. Luckily for us, all the museums had lockers where we could store our suitcases if we needed to. On this day, we did need to as we couldn't check in to our hotel until 2pm. 

At the World Museum there are 5 floors so it gave us plenty to do during the day. The main reason I wanted to go to Liverpool was because of the Mayas: revelation of an endless time exhibition that was on because I am in the midst of doing some research for my next play which I hope to be about Mayans considering how much I love Mexico and it's culture. I shall talk some more about the exhibition when I get to that floor. 

          On the first floor there is an aquarium which quite exciting for me to see as I haven't been to an aquarium for at least 15 years. It was no Sea Life Centre and the tanks didn't look the cleanest but overall there was a variety of sea life creatures and it is a place to takes the kids. As you can see from the picture above, the lighting was very dark but I liked it, it set quite a mysterious mood. You really didn't know what fish would be around the corner. Or as we found, an octopus playing with a Pokeball and some large Lego bricks.

          The second floor consists of the Clore Natural History Centre which, according to the website, holds and examine objects including plants, animals and rocks. When we went in there it was basically a bunch of shelves full of fossils. That doesn't exactly make it sound very exciting but it definitely took me back to my nerdy childhood. I used to be obessed with collecting fossils, rocks and stones. I still felt quite nerdy when I could remember the names of most of them. My collection is now in the attic. 
          It may not be one for many people but there was also the bug house filled with creepy crawlies! Don't worry though because they were all behind glass screens. What scared me the most was the giant spider hanging from the ceiling. It was only made out of felt and feathers, to give it the horrific hairy legs, but whenever the ceiling fan was turned on the whole thing would swing and I did not want that thing falling on my head. I was weary and trying to navigate my way around it.

          Onto the MEXICO exhibition (it was just Mexico)! My favourite part, although I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of Coba, the pyramid that we actually climbed. I began by taking picture of all the artifacts and their information then realised I probably would have enough space of the SD card. I did manage to get a fair few photos of the information that will really help me in my research and though that the exhibition was very well laid out with plenty of information. I loved how every piece of information said exactly who it was by and where the artifact had originally come from which will allow me to properly reference those people in my research journal.

What is great about the museum it that every department or exhibition has something for everyone regarding the way they learn. In the Maya exhibition, not only was there the artifacts, there was a screen around every corner showing clips of how the Mayans lived etc. There were large boards of information, interactive games, and of course the staff, well the majority of them, looked friendly enough to approach. I did notice some of the staff showing some kids some artifacts and telling them all about it which I thought was great.

          We're only on the third floor which shows you how much there is to do! On the third floor you'll find objects from different world cultures, more artifacts but this time about the Ancient World. I, particularly, was very glad to see a statue of the Ancient Greek God of Theatre, Dionysus. There is also the Weston Discovery Centre where you can actually touch and physically learn about different objects from around the world.

          After the first three floors, it was past lunch time so it was time to eat. We had taken a packed lunch with us in order to reduce the cost of the trip. I had already checked online that there was a picnic area although when we found it, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. The area was full of children and decorated for children making us feel really uncomfortable. It was a small room with some tables and chairs, none of them very clean and no staff in sight to keep them clean. I had imagined some benches in an area similar to the Natural World part we came to later. Fake trees and a fake grass area so you could literally have a picnic. Maybe with a part outside and a small tuck shop selling snacks and drinks. Instead we had to go up to the top floor to buy an extremely over priced Fanta. (£2 each!!! I have never spent so much on a bottle of pop before!)

Dinosaurs aren't really my thing unless they are in a movie or they are mechanical and moving around. Staring at man-made still versions just isn't very exciting for me. My boyfriend enjoying guessing the names of them all as he went around and any kids we saw were fascinated by them. I love the Natural World though, I love how you could go up to the top of the tree to see what would live up there. It was different and nothing I had seen before. Plus, they had a coati.

It's not exactly the same as seeing the live ones in Mexico sneaking around stealing a child's burger but it was nice to see a mention of one so we could reminisce a little.

          Other than the over-priced drinks in the cafe on the top floor, it stank of baked beans. I honestly hate baked beans and just the smell of them makes me sick. Again, the cafe was full of kids running around and screaming. I would recommend you stick to the ground floor cafe, we didn't go in it but it did look a lot quieter, cleaner and less cramped.
          The final floor wasn't really that interesting, I expected it to be bigger and there to be more about the different planets as it was the space and time section. There was a bunch on stop watches, and clocks showing "watch craftmanship from 1500s to the 1960s" (from the website). Nothing that appealed to me, especially since I wanted to get away from the stench of baked beans.

          Overall I thought that the museum was one of the best museums I have ever been to! There is so much to do and something for everyone. It was great for my research and a great day out! There were a few things I thought that could have been better as I've mentioned, but isn't there everywhere! If I ever go back to Liverpool I would definitely revisit!

          I planned to do one post on my trip to Liverpool but it looks like there are going to be multiple posts. I will do one for each day so be sure to check back for more! If you want to be notified when they are up, follow my blog (button is on the right-hand side) or like my facebook page (button is also on the right-hand side).

          In the meantime, I posted a youtube video with a bunch of clips giving a little insight into our trip so how about you watch that! Please subscribe if you like it, thumbs up, feel free to leave a comment and if you're feeling extra nice, why not share it with your friends (same with this post ;P). 

Thank you for reading and I shall be back soon with another Liverpool post!
See you later!
- KC xx

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